Racist tea party sign
Nothing says "uniting Americans" like the GOP
Did you see Mittens' latest?
Hours before the caucuses, [Mitt Romney] made his final pitch to Iowa voters in an ornate ballroom at the Temple for the Performing Arts in Des Moines.
Democrats will "poison the American spirit by pitting one American against another and engaging in class warfare," Romney said. "I believe in an America that is one nation under God, and I will keep it that way."
As always, Republicans only hyperventilate about "unity" when protecting the privileges of the wealthiest. They certainly don't seem so concerned about "pitting one American against another" when demonizing gay Americans, or brown Americans, or Americans who live in Chicago, Massachusetts, or San Francisco, or Americans who aren't Christians, or Americans who vote Democratic, or Americans who exercise their reproductive freedoms, or Americans who value Social Security and Medicare, or Americans who prefer to breathe clean air and drink clean water, or Americans who don't want to see Miami below sea level, or poor Americans who are taking your money, or ... you get the point.
Their entire schtick is predicated on pitting Americans against Americans. Without such demonization, they would be unable to function as an ongoing concern. But if someone points out that perhaps the wealthy should pay a few percentage points more in taxes to balance the nation's finances, or that Wall Street should be reformed to keep them from destroying the world economy again? Pass the smelling salts!
Mitt, get this right—this isn't pitting one American against another. It's pitting the over 99 percent of Americans (including a healthy chunk of the one percenters) who still believe in an America in which everyone can have a chance at success against a tiny selfish greedy fringe that wants to hoard all wealth for themselves.