August 14, 2016

Trump Foreign Policy Speech to Focus on Ending Islamic State: AP

Donald Trump to declare an end to nation building if elected president, replacing it with "foreign policy realism" focused on destroying Islamic State, AP reports, citing campaign aides. Trump will say in speech Monday that U.S. needs to work with anyone that shares that mission, regardless of other disagreements: AP AP says Trump to outline new immigration policy proposal that would see U.S. stop issuing visas in any case where it cannot perform adequate screenings; also to propose ideological

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Trump running behind GOP Senate candidates in many key states

(Paul Mirengoff) In this post, I expressed doubt that Donald Trump's candidacy will have a significantly adverse effect on other Republicans running this year, unless Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide (which may happen). My post prompted a reader to send me some polls through which we can compare Trump's standing in swing states with that of the Republican Senate candidates running in them. Here are the RCP averages: Ohio Trump -2.6

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Trump would stop issuing visas if screenings were inadequate

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) - Donald Trump will declare an end to nation building if elected president, replacing it with what aides described as "foreign policy realism" focused on destroying the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations.

In a speech the Republican presidential nominee will deliver on Monday in ...

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Watch USA Basketball Star Kyrie Irving Throw Alley-Oop Lob While Falling [VIDEO]


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Donald Trump's push to repeal Johnson Amendment buoys religious freedom advocates

While calling him a flawed messenger, evangelical leaders have rallied behind Donald Trump, saying he has struck a chord with his vow to repeal a decades-old prohibition on tax-exempt organizations such as churches being able to endorse political candidates.

Mr. Trump's push to repeal the 1950s-era provision named after Sen. ...

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Socialism Has Ruined More Than Venezuela's Economy

Malaria is back

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After the correction comes The Conclusion

That's all folks Winter came, and now it's time for a season of shut downs, sell outs, and saving face. The circle of life includes the stage of death. That doesn't mean these founders did anything wrong, just not quite enough right. Their experiments are coming to an end. Two years ago a bunch of startups raised two years of runway. An abundance of early capital had emerged. Angels and VCs… Read More

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Rand Paul Says Liz Cheney Is Too Pro-Government For Congress

The primary is slated to take place Tuesday.

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Killing technology innovation in the public markets

Reflection of stock market graph in window In 2004, Google finally went public in a long-awaited offering that lit the public markets on fire. But Google's S-1 filing was probably as unusual as anything the technology markets had ever seen: The company promised to not deliver quarterly guidance to investors, and instead promised to invest over the long term to preserve the culture of innovation that the company so fiercely protected. Read More

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Violence erupts in Milwaukee after black police officer kills armed black man

(Paul Mirengoff) Milwaukee is the latest scene of anti-police rioting. Yesterday, rioters set fire to a gas stations, a bank branch, a beauty supply company, and an auto parts store. Three people were in the gas station. All managed to escape unharmed. The rioters also attacked a line of police officers who had been dispatched in response to the lawlessness. When the officers got in their cars to leave, some in the

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Amid a major rift in America, this still applies: 'United we stand, divided we fall'

Sooner or later, American politicians will remember the old adage "united we stand, divided we fall" and act accordingly — seeking to tamp down destructive trends and bolster those that could help our less-than-perfect union. Maybe the press can lend a hand, though that seems doubtful. Meanwhile, new poll numbers ...

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Germany Now Has More Than 1,000 Documented Child Marriages

'Usually between 13 and 15'

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LEADERSHIP 101 – Governor Scott Walker Responds To Riots With National Guard

milwaukee1Walker lays down the law

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Hezbollah Leader: Trump Is Right — Obama Founded ISIS

'I think he was being very serious'

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Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph

CV resume shredder Imagine a future where individuals can illustrate their progression of lifelong learning and training and its links to their real-world performance. In this version of the future, the once-ubiquitous résumé has been ousted by the experience graph. Read More

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NY Times Blasts Obama's Executive Tyranny

(Steven Hayward) I'm sure the New York Times didn't think it was doing what I claim in the headline here with its remarkable story yesterday on Obama's use of executive power, but what else would you conclude from taking in the direct and cleared-eyed prose of Binyamin Appelbaum and Michael D. Shear: WASHINGTON — In nearly eight years in office, President Obama has sought to reshape the nation with a sweeping assertion

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Arab museum working to reflect recent wave of immigration

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - The Arab American National Museum is updating permanent exhibits to boost representation of immigrants and refugees from a broader range of countries.

The museum based in the heavily Arab Detroit suburb of Dearborn says it's making the changes with a $45,000 grant from the National Endowment ...

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Jerry Jones Needs Only Two Words To Explain Why The Cowboys Don't Need Johnny Manziel [VIDEO]

Is he correct?

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Report Finds VA Shoved Thousands Of Patients Onto 'Ghost Panels'

'The use of ghost panels at any Veterans Administration facility to misrepresent the true panel size is disconcerting'

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Blab shuts down, but founders promise new product on the way

Livestreaming app Blab, which amassed 3.9 million users in just one year, shut down this weekend, its CEO Shaan Puri announced with a post on Medium late Friday. The app, which competed with Twitter's Periscope, Facebook Live, IBM-owned and other media companies in the livestreaming game, was created at Monkey Inferno, a tech incubator self-funded by the founders of Bebo,… Read More

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Trump Echoed Again by U.S. Foe as Hezbollah Cites Obama-IS Theme

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group cited Donald Trump in accusing the U.S. and President Barack Obama of creating Islamic State, becoming the latest American adversary to quote or praise the Republican nominee.

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Mike Pence: Public has a 'right to know' if Hillary Clinton engaged in pay-to-play at State

Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence insisted Sunday that the public has a "right to know" whether Hillary Clinton engaged in pay-to-play by granting State Department access to top Clinton Foundation donors during her tenure as secretary of state.

Asked if recently released emails show the Democratic presidential nominee traded access ...

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The IoT threat to privacy

IOT As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread, consumers must demand better security and privacy protections that don't leave them vulnerable to corporate surveillance and data breaches. But before consumers can demand change, they must be informed — which requires companies to be more transparent. Read More

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VP Nominee Pence Suggests He Will Release His Tax Returns

"When my forms are filed and my tax returns are released, it's going to be a quick read," Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said in a Saturday interview with New York City radio station WABC. Trump, he said, has "made very clear he's going through an audit at this time and will release the taxes when that audit is completed" An audit doesn't prevent disclosure, IRS has said Trump's campaign has resisted the disclosure, which is unprecedented for a presidential nominee since Richard

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EXCLUSIVE: Guccifer 2.0 Hack Includes Democrat Files All The Way Back To 2005

One folder is titled 'Chelsea'

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Ex-Bush Commerce Chief Says Trump Trade Plan Invites 'Disaster'

A Republican and former Cabinet secretary said he's supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton to be president partly because Donald Trump's economic plans are the types of strategies followed by "very poor countries" and don't fit the world's largest economy.

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Unorthodox ballot names: A winning strategy?

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) - Candidates for political office typically want to show voters who they are and where they stand. But if they don't belong to a traditional political party, demonstrating their ideology and political principles on the ballot can be a challenge.

A mayoral candidate in Pawtucket, Rhode Island ...

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Georgia Police Officer Shot And Killed, Suspect On The Loose

He was not wearing a camera at the time

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A brief history of Niantic Labs, the makers of Pokémon Go

niantic-nintendo Niantic Labs, a small gaming company previously owned by Google, has gone from a somewhat obscure gaming shop to one of the most prominent developers overnight. The company launched Pokémon Go in July 2016, the first very long-awaited smartphone version of a Pokémon game. After holding out for nearly a decade, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have finally unleashed one of its most… Read More

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Panetta: Given the Campaign, 'It's a Wonder' Anyone Could Support Any of The Presidential Candidates

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Judge rules against Phyllis Schlafly in beer trademark case

ST. LOUIS (AP) - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has sided with the maker of Schlafly beer in its trademark dispute with conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.

Phyllis Schlafly sought to block St. Louis Brewery's effort to trademark the brand's name, an effort that began in 2012 as its sales ...

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FLASHBACK: Salon Hailed Socialist Basket Case Venezuela As 'Economic Miracle' 1,257 Days Ago

Leftist goofballs proudly suggested 'lessons to be learned from Venezuela's policies'

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I want a companion ship

newdrone-buddy-depth-01 It's time: We need a drone with automated follow features that not only includes a camera for cataloging your many feats, but also has an on-board voice assistant to and a cellular connection to get stuff done for you while you're out and about. It's time for friendly flyers; it's time we each had a companion ship. I don't know who gets this done –… Read More

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