February 20, 2016

Sanders' $21.3m Jan. Haul Tops of Presidential Contenders: FEC

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders spent $34.9m in Jan., leaving his campaign with $14.7m at month's end. Donors to him during month included musicians Norah Jones and Jackson Browne; actors Susan Sarandon, Joaquin Phoenix, Zach Galifianakis NOTE: Sarandon has campaigned with Sanders NOTE: Hillary Clinton raised less than Sanders in Jan. but ended month with $32.9m, more than double his cash-on-hand About $13.3m of Sanders' Jan. donations, or 63%, came from those giving less than $200 Among don

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Blatter era ends as scandal-hit FIFA elects new president

GENEVA (AP) - The Sepp Blatter era at FIFA is set to finally end Friday when soccer's scandal-scarred world body picks a new president after nine months of crisis.

An election meeting designed to give FIFA a fresh start with a new leader could yet be overshadowed by its criminally ...

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Despite Last-Place Finish in South Carolina, Ben Carson Doesn't Want Out Just Yet: 'This Is…Just the Beginning'

"We'll leave the rest up to God."

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Homicide Suspect Killed in Police Shootout on Washington State Freeway

No officers were injured in the gunfire.

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How To Train Your Human: Designing For Healthier Habits

Cues, such as boredom, hunger, an activity, a time, or an emotion trigger us to do certain actions or routines. When we complete that routine, we get a physical or an emotional reward. Doing this often enough gets us into a habit forming loop. Read More

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Clinton Pulls Out Narrow Nevada Win After Late Surge by Sanders

Hillary Clinton was projected to pull out a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders in Nevada's Democratic caucuses that will help right her campaign but also illustrated her vulnerabilities in the nomination race.

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Hillary Clinton Notches a Win After New Hampshire Loss

Hillary Clinton was projected the winner of the Nevada Democratic Saturday. Fox News and NBC called the race in favor of Clinton at about 2:15 P.M. local time. Clinton was capturing 52 percent of the vote with 62 percent of precincts reporting Saturday afternoon. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) followed behind with 48 percent of the vote among Democratic caucusgoers.

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Chicago seeks control of long-vacant old Post Office site

CHICAGO (AP) - The city of Chicago is taking steps to seize control of the massive old main Post Office, which has sat vacant and deteriorating for more than two decades.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office said in a news release Saturday the city is seeking to take control of the ...

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Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses

Thirty-five delegates are up for grabs in Nevada.

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18-Year-Old Poses as State Senator, Tours School, Speaks to Class, Gets Car and Driver for the Day. Weeks Later Officials Learn They Were Duped.

"This was an extremely elaborate scheme and not as simple as walking through the door."

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Kickstarter-Backed FOVE Delays VR Headset Ship Date, Begins Offering Refunds

FOVE FOVE, an eye-tracking VR headset company, announced today that due to unexpected difficulties in part-sourcing it will be delaying the expected ship date of its Kickstarter-backed HMD to fall 2016. Likely to be more upsetting to many of the developer backers, the HMD is losing support for HTC's Lighthouse system and instead will be utilizing its own positional tracking system. The… Read More

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Who's More Pathetic, Rutgers or Brown?

(John Hinderaker) No, I am not talking about the Rutgers and Brown cellar-dwelling basketball teams. I'm referring to their student bodies. Earlier today, Scott noted the physical and mental breakdowns that reportedly are endemic among Brown's social justice warriors. These people seemingly wouldn't be able to run a Girl Scout cookie stand without psychiatric help. But still, they might not be as pathetic as the Rutgers students who were traumatized by the

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Green Civil War: Environmentalists Fight Each Other Over Fracking [VIDEO]

The activists repeatedly chanted 'climate leaders don't frack'

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Officer Dead, Three Wounded as Six-Hour Standoff With Gunman Ends in Mississippi

"He was just a really good guy, and he wanted to make the world a better place."

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Missouri lawmakers' effort to win trust hurt by resignation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri lawmakers' efforts to regain public trust have been hampered by the latest lawmaker resignation.

Republican Rep. Don Gosen, of Chesterfield, resigned Wednesday after acknowledging he had an affair.

His departure came amid a push to revamp ethics laws and change what a political scientist ...

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Can I Still Get A Gun Trust?

President Obama's Executive Orders On Firearms Will Change Everything - Here is what you need to know to set up a Gun Trust

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Miami Woman in Coma With Critical Injuries After Craigslist Roommate Brutally Attacked Her

"I can't comprehend that someone can do this to someone, mutilate them in such a way and try to kill them."

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Japan Launches Observatory To Study Black Holes And Dying Stars

jaxa feature image This week the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a new space observatory designed to study black holes, dying stars and the history of galaxy clusters. The X-ray Astronomy Satellite, known as ASTRO-H, will be able to detect X-rays more than 10 times fainter than its telescope predecessor, Suzaku. ASTRO-H was launched on the Japanese launch vehicle H-IIA from… Read More

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Will Ferrell campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Nevada

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell urged Nevada voters this weekend to caucus for Hillary Clinton, saying that an "amazing turnout" will be key to a Clinton victory in the state.

In a video posted to Mrs. Clinton's website on Saturday morning, Mr. Ferrell and former President Bill Clinton urged casino ...

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Navy Veteran Describes Finding WW2 Veteran Freezing in Snow: 'Divine Appointment'

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Solving The H-1B Visa Problem

visa In this corner: A number of employers, particularly tech companies, who claim they have a large number of unfilled positions and can't find enough skilled American workers to fill all their needs, and thus need to attract skilled foreign workers through an expanded H-1B visa program. In the opposite corner: Immigration skeptics, including probably every unemployed programmer in the… Read More

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A wide open college basketball season

(Paul Mirengoff) As we enter this weekend's action, college basketball looks as wide open as I can recall it being. The top ten-10, and even the top-five, is populated mainly by teams with at least four losses. No team looks ready to dominate. Earlier this week, number 3 Oklahoma lost at Texas Tech; number 4 Iowa lost at Penn State; and number 5 North Carolina lost at home to Duke. That was

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Marshall University Faculty Senate opposes guns on campus

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - The Marshall University Faculty Senate has taken a stand against a piece of state legislation that would allow licensed citizens to carry a concealed gun on college campuses.

The Herald-Dispatch (http://bit.ly/24ht6fq ) reports that the senate on Thursday voted to stand in opposition to House Bill ...

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Lawmakers Now Demand Gov't Investigate Shell For Ignoring Global Warming

'We ask that the DOJ similarly investigate Shell for participating with ExxonMobil's sustained deception on climate science'

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Rubio Slams Breitbart After Publishing Scathing Remarks By Immigration Union President: 'They're Basically Conspiracy Theories'

"We don't even credential [Breitbart] for our events."

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Critics Suggest Race, Religion and Politics Shaped Obama's Decision Not to Attend Scalia's Funeral

 Many were not happy with Obama's decision to skip Scalia's funeral, voicing their discontent on social media and other online mediums.

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Rubio Slams Anti-Cop Rhetoric Despite His Own Statements On Police Racism

'We have a problem, and we have to address it'

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Iranian Media Outlets Join to Place New Bounty on Head of British Author, Salman Rushdie

The new bounty, set at $600,000, is largest organized effort to take Rushdie down in nearly three decades.

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EquiPay: "Reparations, One Meal At A Time"

equipay EquiPay, a bill-splitting app that accounts for racial and gender income inequalities, is on its way to becoming a reality, after starting as a joke at Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day. With EquiPay, the idea is "reparations, one meal at a time," so instead of splitting meals equally among friends, it's about splitting them equitably. In March, the plan is to make… Read More

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Scalia Mourned as Late U.S. Justice's Funeral Draws Thousands

Thousands of mourners gathered for the funeral of Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court justice whose conservative views and outspoken nature made him one of the country's most recognizable and controversial legal figures.

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Man Photographed And Filmed During 1963 Arrest Is Bernie Sanders, Campaign Says

Images bolster Bernie's civil rights credentials

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It's Time For Edtech Entrepreneurs To Throw Out Stale Business Models

oldschool We hear it again and again: The U.S. K-12 education system is in crisis. In its 2015 report, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, otherwise known as "The Nation's Report Card," revealed that just one-third of eighth graders and one-quarter of twelfth graders performed at or above "proficient" in math. In reading comprehension, the performance was… Read More

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President Obama Pays His Respects: Gotta Bounce…Tee Time

Obama Visits Mosque. Takes the Opportunity To Lecture America. Which Side Is He On?Obama pays his respects?

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Stress takes a toll at Brown

(Scott Johnson) Natan Sharansky is one of the great men of our time. Charged with fabricated crimes as a citizen of the Soviet Union, he suffered for years in the gulag until his eventual release and emigration to Israel. He tells the story in his moving memoir Fear No Evil. He has turned his experience to good use in thinking through issues of human rights, as in The Case for Democracy (with

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Saoirse Ronan makes her stage debut on Broadway's 'deep end'

NEW YORK (AP) - Not too long ago, Saoirse Ronan found herself face-to-face on a red carpet with mega star Jennifer Lopez.

"She didn't have a clue who I was," said the young Irish actress, who has earned her second Oscar nomination in the haunting and sweet immigrant film "Brooklyn."


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Congress May Finally Fight Obama's Campus Sexual Assault Policies

It's just legally-binding guidance, which is totally different

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Watch How This Little Girl Reacts When She Hear's Obama's Presidency Will be Over Soon

This woman knew that when she told her granddaughter Obama would soon be leaving the White House, there would be waterworks. 

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Sanders Fan Attempts to Submit Hillary Clinton Obituary to Las Vegas Paper

The man listed Clinton's date of death as Saturday Feb. 20, 2016—the same date as the Democratic Party presidential caucuses.

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He's Called The Cajun John Wayne: This Sheriff Calls Out Thugs In The Most Awesome Way

higginsI'll meet you anytime, anywhere, light or heavy...you won't walk away.

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For Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, momentum at stake in Nevada caucuses

For Sen. Bernard Sanders, a win in Saturday's Nevada caucuses would offer an opportunity to not only seize momentum and boost fundraising in the Democratic presidential primary, but also to put another sizable dent in Hillary Clinton's narrative of inevitability.

Political analysts say the outcome in Nevada is as much ...

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Jacksonville Torpedoes Rule To Let Transgender Men Into Women Bathrooms

'Any man claiming a female 'identity' would have gained unchallenged access to women-only bathrooms'

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We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Cyberpunk Dystopia

JHNMNEMNC-CTIT-CT-5160 Apple will lose this battle with the US government. Maybe not this year, or next, but soon enough, and for the rest of our lives. It is folly to pretend otherwise. Most ordinary people, and most powerful people, don't care about abstruse theoretical arguments against back doors and weakened security. They care about—or want to exploit—the raw visceral fear of terrorist violence. Read More

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