June 14, 2016

What Apple's differential privacy means for your data and the future of machine learning

0278 Apple is stepping up its artificial intelligence efforts in a bid to keep pace with rivals who have been driving full-throttle down a machine learning-powered AI superhighway, thanks to their liberal attitude to mining user data. Not so Apple, which pitches itself as the lone defender of user privacy in a sea of data-hungry companies. While other data vampires slurp up location… Read More

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Goolsbee: Trump Proposals Are Ill-Conceived and Dangerous

Austan Goolsbee, strategic partner at 32 Advisors, discusses the outlook for the U.S. presidential election with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn at the 2016 Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago. (Source: Bloomberg)

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House Appropriations Committee Recommends Zeroing Funding for Eisenhower Memorial

The House Appropriations Committee released a report on Tuesday that recommends eliminating all funding for the Eisenhower Memorial for fiscal 2017.

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California Democrats advance gun control bills after Orlando

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Democratic California lawmakers are advancing a sweeping array of gun control legislation days after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The Senate and Assembly public safety committees are considering a dozen bills on Tuesday. All were in the works prior to the weekend shooting.

Among ...

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iPhone and iPad apps will be able to shoot RAW photos with iOS 10

iPhone 6s Phone Rear 2 Good news, iPhone-toting photo lovers: RAW photo shooting support is coming to iOS 10. Read More

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Obama, Clinton Assail Trump Over Use of 'Radical Islam' Label

President Barack Obama launched a broadside rejection of Donald Trump's demand that the U.S. label Muslim terrorists as "radical Islamists," arguing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee risks emboldening America's enemies and antagonizing an entire faith.

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Power Line University (2): Who Reads the Papers?

(Steven Hayward) For our second installment of our Power Line University "Yes, Prime Minister" course, let's enjoy the famous scene "Who reads the papers?" There's an American version of this joke: "The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country; the New York Times is read by people who think they ought to run the country; the New York Daily News is read by people who actually do run

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Judge Tosses 'Defective' Charge Against Activist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Organ Sales

A Texas judge threw out one of the charges against the pro-life activist who captured Planned Parenthood executives on tape talking candidly about selling fetal body parts.

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Tennessee lawmaker receives threats for AR-15 giveaway

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A Tennessee lawmaker says his office has received threats for planning to give away the same type of semi-automatic rifle used by a gunman in the massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub.

Republican state Rep. Andy Holt is a staunch gun rights supporter. Before ...

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Chef's new Habitat project wants to make applications infrastructure-independent

Chef today launched Habitat, a new open source project that allows developers to package their applications and run them on a wide variety of infrastructures. Habitat essentially wraps applications into their own lightweight runtime environment and then allows you to run them in any environment, ranging from bare metal servers to virtual machines, Docker containers (and their… Read More

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Preident Obama Slams Trump For Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

President Obama spoke on Tuesday after meeting with his National Security Council. He laced into presumptive GOP nominee for his proposal to bar Muslims from emigrating to America. "Do Republican officials actually agree with this," he asked.

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Man Describes Once Being Called A 'F—ing F-g' While Live On MSNBC

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Obama blasts critics over his refusal to use phrase 'Islamist extremism'

President Obama said hit back Tuesday at criticism that he's afraid to utter the phrase "Islamist extremism" in the war on terror, saying "there's no magic" to the words that would help the U.S. defeat terrorists.

Lecturing Republicans and presidential nominee Donald Trump, Mr. Obama challenged his critics defiantly, asking, ...

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The OnePlus 3 packs a flagship-sized punch at $399

OnePlus 3 A great phone doesn't need a great back story. But it certainly doesn't hurt. The world wasn't exactly desperate for another player or a new spin on Android when OnePlus partnered with Cyanogen to announce the One in April 2014 (a measly five months after launching the company), but the company managed to build a passionate online following while impressing the pants… Read More

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Russians Hacked Into DNC, Stole Data on Trump: Washington Post

Russian government hackers gained access to information on Donald Trump gathered by DNC, Washington Post reports, citing unidentified cmte officials and security experts who responded to intrusion. Hackers were able to read all e-mails and chats, Post says Some intruders had access for about a year; all were shut off past weekend, according to newspaper Russian Embassy spokesman said he was not aware of the hack: Washington Post

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Mike Thompson: Votes are there to pass gun background check, no-fly list legislation

A Democratic congressman and leading gun-control advocate said on Tuesday that bills to tighten gun-purchase background checks and ban suspected terrorists from acquiring firearms would pass the House if Republican leaders brought them to the floor.

"If you brought up the 'no fly, no buy' legislation, or if you brought ...

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Squarespace introduces new analytics for its commerce-focused customers

Commerce Metrics Website creation platform Squarespace is introducing new analytics features for its e-commerce businesses. As explained to me by Director of Product Natalie Gibralter, Squarespace's Commerce product was originally designed for businesses who saw e-commerce as a "secondary goal" of their website — say, a restaurant selling gift cards or a musician selling merchandise. Read More

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Ryan: U.S. Needs Immigrant Monitoring on Security, Not Religion

"I do not think a Muslim ban is in the interest of our country," House Speaker Paul Ryan says in response to question about proposal from Donald Trump. Says U.S. should have "security test, not a religion test" for immigrants In response to follow-up question about whether a President Trump would be able to bar Muslim immigrants, Ryan says: "that's a question about immigration law," would need to examine statute

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Asia Times: Chinese Espionage and Intelligence Activities at All Time High, Experts Say

Chinese intelligence operations worldwide to steal important information both through human agents and cyber attacks are a growing threat, according to experts who testified at a US congressional commission last week.

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Orlando attack scrambles agenda on Capitol Hill

The push is on to do something on Capitol Hill in response to the Orlando terror attack, with Democrats stepping up their push for gun controls and Republicans countering Tuesday by vowing to re-pass a series of bills designed to shape an anti-terrorism strategy.

But policy quickly took a back ...

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Facebook taps GPS, Square to track your in-store visits and purchases

Facebook Locator Facebook has found the holy grail of advertising in a set of new partnerships with point-of-sale systems like Square and Marketo that will prove who bought what after seeing Facebook's ads. Even if you don't buy something, Facebook will also now know you visited a store based on a new feature that matches GPS, beacons, WiFi, radio signals, and cell towers with brick-and-mortar… Read More

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Clinton Advisers' Mortgage Plan Would Tap Investors for Billions

A closely watched proposal to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would require raising more than $100 billion from private investors, according to its authors who include advisers to Hillary Clinton.

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Chris Stewart on Orlando attack: 'Shocked' if there weren't others involved

A member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said he'd be "shocked" if there weren't others involved in some way with the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando over the weekend, saying radicalization doesn't happen overnight.

"Speaking of myself, I'll be shocked if there weren't others involve with this," ...

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Talkspace online therapy platform raises $15 million Series B

talkspace Talkspace, the startup that offers therapy via an app, has today announced the close of a $15 million Series B funding round ed by Norwest Venture Partners. Other participants in the round include existing investors such as Spark Capital, Soft Bank, Metamorphic Ventures and TheTime. As part of the deal, Norwest Venture Partners managing partner Jeff Crowe will be joining Talkspace's Board… Read More

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