November 8, 2016

Barbara Comstock wins 10th District in Virginia

Freshman Republican Barbara Comstock has won re-election in Virginia's 10th Congressional District, fending off a strong challenge from Democrat LuAnn Bennett.

The Comstock-Bennett race was the most closely watched congressional race in Virginia; Comstock started off with an advantage but many analysts rated the contest a tossup in the campaign's ...

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Trump Takes Ohio

Big battleground state

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Marco Rubio: America Will Not Be Saved by Politicians

Senator Marco Rubio was re-elected to his Senate seat on Tuesday. He fended off a challenge from Democratic Representative Patrick Murphy. He called on Congress to set a better example, adding, "We cannot share a country where people hate each other because of their political affiliations."

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Evan Bayh Falls Short in Attempt to Return to the Senate

Democrat Evan Bayh failed in his bid return to the Senate after six years of retirement that was spent racking up millions through positions at lobbying firms and in private equity.

Republican Rep. Todd Young, a former U.S. Marine who has represented Indiana in the House of Representatives, was declared the winner by the Associated Press.

Bayh opened up a big lead in the polls after he surprised the political world by announcing that he would run for Senate in July. Bayh maintained a lead over Young throughout most of the campaign, but the lead slowly eroded due to a successful effort by opponents that labeled him as a Washington, D.C., insider.

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John Kasich's political future linked to rejection of Donald Trump

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's political future is going to be linked to his decision to dump Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, breaking his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, and solidifying his image as a polarizing figure that appears eager to put his imprint on the party.


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Florida Legalizes Marijuana

'A major tipping point'

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13 of the best tweets about the election

twitter-politics The polls for the 2016 election are beginning to close and Twitter is aflame. As the trashfire of this election burns itself to cinders, we got out of fetal position and took a break from counting down to the potential end of days with Twitter. Here are some tweets keeping us sane on #ElectionNight. Read More

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What the U.S. Election Means for Tax Policy and Trade

Stephen Moore, senior economic adviser for the Trump campaign, and James Galbraith, professor at the University of Texas, discuss the economic agendas of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They speak with Bloomberg's David Gura, Megan Murphy and Mike McKee on "Bloomberg Politics: Election 2016." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Erin Murphy Falls in Florida

Florida Democrat Patrick Erin Murphy was defeated handily by incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday, giving Republicans a boost in its effort to maintain control over the Senate.

The Associated Press called the race for Rubio at 8:05 P.M.
Rubio's late announcement that he would run to keep his seat dashed high hopes that Democrats had to gain a seat in Florida with Murphy, who emerged from a weak Democratic field to become the party's nominee. NBC's Chuck Todd said Democrats "really blew it" by selecting Murphy.

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NeverTrump voters cast ballots for McCain, Romney, Pence, McMullin

For Republicans who disavowed Donald Trump's candidacy, the final day of the 2016 general election closed out in much the same way the race started: with them unable to stomach the idea of casting a vote for either Mr. Trump or Hillary Clinton.

So some holdouts turned back the clock ...

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Republican Todd Young Defeats Evan Bayh In Indiana Senate

The future of the Indiana lies with...

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The 2016 Money Game: Cash Wasn't Exactly King

On "With All Due Respect," Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, former Congressman Harold Ford of Tennessee, Republican strategist Dan Senor and Democratic strategist Karine Jean-Pierre discuss the role of money and paid advertising in the 2106 race.

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Special Post-Election VIP Event Tomorrow

(John Hinderaker) Tomorrow at 6 p.m. Central time, we will host a special, private election post mortem for Power Line VIPs. You can watch live and submit comments or questions if you like. If the hour is too early for you or for any reason you are not able to view the event live, it will stay up on YouTube and VIPs can watch it there. If you are a VIP, you

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Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump cutthroat campaign ensures new president will lack mandate

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. — The next president walks into the Oval Office in January without the benefit of a vital political asset: a mandate for a governing agenda.

The stark divisions in the country only deepened as a result of the cutthroat campaigns waged by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, ...

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Trump Adds 'Election Issue' Reporting Page To Website

'Voting machine problems across entire country'

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GoPro is recalling the Karma drone after just 16 days on the market

gopro-karma-7-of-7 GoPro just issued a press release announcing the recall of the Karma drone. It just happened to be while the United States is watching the election results roll in. Press release below. The Karma drone was on the market for 16 days. Developing… Read More

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Sailor Gives Away Russian Ship's Position With Selfie

A Russian sailor appeared to give away his ship's position in the Mediterranean Sea by taking selfies while on deck.

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St. Louis police chief withdraws from mayor's race

ST. LOUIS (AP) - St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has announced he's withdrawing from the mayor's race.

Dotson said in a statement Tuesday he believes that he can best serve the city as chief of police. Dotson said in the statement that crime is "the number one issue" in ...

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63 Percent Of Voters Say Trump 'Made Them Proud'

You won't believe how many voters said Clinton was stubborn

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Wurk raises $1 million to help cannabis companies manage their people

Cannabis A "pottech" company called Wurk has raised $1 million in seed funding to help cannabis businesses such as dispensaries or growers to comply with all the different regulations coming into play around the burgeoning, legal cannabis industry. The seed deal closed before various ballots are voted on today in the U.S., that could make the sale and use of marijuana legal for… Read More

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Concession Speeches: A Brief History of Keeping it Classy

If tonight's loser wants to uphold election-night tradition, he or she will need to overcome the unprecedented vitriol of the 2016 campaign.

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Government May Use Sensitive Taxpayer Information to Market Obamacare

Cause of Action, a public interest law firm, is filing a Freedom of Information Act requesting more details on how the federal government may be using sensitive taxpayer information to market Obamacare.

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Voters remember women's suffrage advocate Susan B. Anthony with cemetery pilgrimage: Report

On a day which may well see the election of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president of the United States, voters in New York have been paying a pilgrimage to the Rochester grave of Susan B. Anthony.

When the women's suffrage activist died in 1906, only four ...

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Today Will Pave The Way For Either Prosperous Markets Or Prosperous Government

We must move from Clinton-Obama regulatory environments and reform to revive our free markets.

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How our next president can usher in the next wave of job growth

rising-american-flag Both candidates talked about creating jobs. One wants to cut taxes and the other wants to increase them. While they debate whose plans will make America great and whose will make America broke, here is an innovation plan that will guarantee to not cost America any money, and will usher in the greatest wave of innovation since the industrial revolution. Read More

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The Final Push: U.S. Voters Head to the Polls

Bloomberg Politics' Sahil Kapur discusses the latest election news with Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Scarlet Fu on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Follow Tonight's Returns at Power Line Live

(John Hinderaker) Tonight's election promises to be a nail-biter. Can Trump pull off an upset? Will Republicans retain control of the Senate? Will conservative stalwarts like Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson go down to defeat? And will the Republicans continue their winning streak at the state level? To share the ecstasy (or agony) with a few hundred or thousand of your fellow conservatives, join the gang at Power Line Live. You can

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Long Lines, Raised Voices, One Trump Lawsuit on U.S. Election Day

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Voters reported long lines, malfunctioning equipment, and isolated cases of harassment at polling places in Tuesday's U.S. presidential election as fears of bigger problems did not appear to be materializing.

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American Indian Takes $20K From Her Own Tribe, Plus Money To Pay Mortgage

She's not the only one, either

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Alexa, who is winning the presidential election?

Amazon Echo Dot My own personal method for following election results mostly revolves around curling up in the fetal position under my bed with a bottle of whiskey and a security blanket. But for those who want to be a little more engaged without having to immerse themselves fully the 24-hour cable news cycle, Alexa's got a few tricks up her sleeve that are good for the next few hours. Along with a… Read More

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Iraqi Man in Bulletproof BMW Rescues 70 People From ISIS Snipers

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter used his bulletproof BMW to rescue dozens of civilians who came under fire by the Islamic State in northern Iraq last month.

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Donald Trump files lawsuit in Nevada over polling place 'anomalies'

It could be the first lawsuit of Election Day. Donald Trump's campaign is alleging polling place "anomalies" during early voting in the Las Vegas area last week.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Nevada court asks that records from four early voting spots that allegedly stayed open too late last Friday ...

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This Arianny Celeste Video Is Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

It's scorching hot...

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Need some good news today? A mutant snail just found love via Twitter

snaillove This day will be a stressful one for many Americans, so naturally we turn to the internet: to paraphrase Homer, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. Luckily, today brings a heartwarming tale — or should I say tail? — from across the pond. A mutant snail who once thought hermself alone in the world has found love, thanks to online dating. Read More

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Trump Sues to Set Aside Nevada Ballots He Says Filed Late

Donald Trump sued the county registrar of voters in Las Vegas because a polling station at a market stayed open until 10 p.m. on Nov. 4, the last day of early voting in the hotly contested state.

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Clinton Campaign Demands Media Pull Ads Claiming She's Under Investigation

The Hillary Clinton campaign has issued cease-and-desist letters to TV stations demanding that they pull ads from pro-Donald Trump PACs that say the Democratic nominee is "under investigation by the FBI."

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Obama hits airwaves in final push for Democratic turnout in big cities

President Obama waged an Election Day blitz of radio interviews Tuesday to spur Democratic voter turnout in big cities amid generally long lines at polling places nationwide in the contest to choose his successor.

The president went on the airwaves on three radio stations alone in Philadelphia, as well as ...

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Voters Say Trump Votes Switched To Hillary 'Before Their Eyes' In Pennsylvania

'Defaulted to Hillary'

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The insurance impact of self-driving cars and shared mobility

self-driving-car "We're going to see more change in the next five to 10 years than we've seen in the last 50," said Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, on record. While that statement is now a year old, it continues to ring true. Vehicle ownership is changing and self-driving cars will be implemented in the next decade. What will affect the insurance industry more: self-driving cars… Read More

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Trump Seeks Court Order Against County Registrar in Nevada

Donald Trump's campaign files suit in Las Vegas. Campaign alleges polls were kept open 2 hours beyond closing time, according to CNN reporter Jim Sciutto on Twitter Trump spokesman Jason Miller refers questions to campaign's legal staff, when asked about lawsuit on conference call Related: Stocks Advance, Bonds Fall as Americans Vote; Dollar Fluctuates

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"Stronger together" under Hillary Clinton? I don't think so

(Paul Mirengoff) I'm out of words when it comes to this election. So I'll take the liberty of re-posting something I wrote last month. Along with this post from last night, it captures my view of the person we're likely to elect president today and, in the final paragraph, my view of how we should respond to her election: "Stronger together" is Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan. Like most of what comes out

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Man Put Dead Grandmother in Freezer, Barrel to Collect Her Social Security

A Virginia man hid his dead grandmother in a freezer and a barrel for nine months so he could collect her Social Security payments.

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Virginians share stories behind their votes

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - Virginians are sharing the stories behind their votes:

Joseph Gatlin, 56, a Republican who moved to the U.S. from Israel 30 years ago, said he's voting for Donald Trump.

"I think the country needs to give a chance to a businessman," said Gatlin, who owns ...

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These Were The Top 10 Moments Of The Campaign, According To Facebook

Will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton walk away victorious?

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Deliveroo riders in North London push to unionize

Deliveroo on Phone A group of Deliveroo riders in North London is pushing for improved pay and conditions by taking legal steps to obtain union recognition. To achieve that they will need a tribunal to judge at least some of them to be workers, rather than self-employed contractors as Deliveroo describes them. Read More

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