November 18, 2016

Trump Asks Sen. Jerry Moran To Be Agriculture Secretary

Sources say ...

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Crunch Report | FanDuel and DraftKings Merge

The FanDuel and DraftKings merger is confirmed, Amazon Prime Video goes global, Apple is looking into U.S. manufacturing, BuzzFeed is raising a $200 million Series G flat round and Sesame Street's VC invests in Yup. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Mike Pompeo: a great appointment, Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) I agree with John's assessment that Mike Pompeo is a great appointment for CIA Director. Pompeo was a leading opponent of the Iran deal. He worked with our friend Sen. Tom Cotton to discover important secret side deals to that agreement. Pompeo is also a proponent of detaining terrorists at Gitmo. In addition, he supported the "enhanced" interrogation methods used during the Bush administration. Regarding CIA personnel who employed such

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Common Core Foes Are Really Worried About Trump's Ed Sec Choice

Many early favorites support Common Core

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Santa Fe archbishop addresses immigrant fears since election

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - Santa Fe Roman Catholic Archbishop John Wester is addressing the fears that have emerged among immigrants since Election Day.

Wester says he knows there are people within the archdiocese who are fearful of what may happen to them if the incoming Trump administration repeals, as ...

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16 Times Kate Upton Looked Absolutely Jaw-Dropping [SLIDESHOW]

Scorching hot...

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Texas, U.S. Seek Immigration Suit Delay Until Trump Sworn In

Twenty-six states states led by Texas were joined by the Obama administration and immigrant-rights groups in seeking to freeze a challenge to the outgoing president's immigration reforms until President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

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Judge orders Border Patrol to improve detention conditions

PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge in Tucson, Arizona, has ordered the Border Patrol to improve conditions at its holding facilities in most of the state, saying the agency was not following its own standards by keeping migrants in crowded, cold cells without proper bedding.

Judge David Bury issued the ...

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (11/18/16)

Mark Halperin and Donny Deutsch are joined by Phil Rucker of The Washington Post, Scott Lehigh of The Boston Globe, DNC Communications Director Adam Hodge, GOP strategists Sarah Isgur Flores and David Kochel, and Vanity Fair's Emily Jane Fox on "With All Due Respect." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Promises, Promises

(John Hinderaker) When a Republican wins the presidency, it is always fun to ridicule the celebrities who vowed to leave the country should such a horror take place. To my recollection, not one has ever followed through on such a threat (or promise, depending on how you look at it). This year is no exception. Michael Ramirez captures my sentiments exactly. Click to enlarge: Celebrities may have played a larger than usual

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Harrington on Trump Transition, Whether Romney Will Be Offered Cabinet Post

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Ex-boss of NYPD oversight agency: Make police records public

NEW YORK (AP) - The ex-head of the agency charged with investigating police misconduct allegations says New York City's mayor shouldn't keep its records secret.

Richard Emery writes Friday in the Daily News ( ) that city lawyers told him not to disclose investigation outcomes.

Police officials stopped providing NYPD ...

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Speaking Of Fake News, The 'Muslim Registry'

'Completely false'

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Paint 3D is now a part of the Microsoft's Creators Update test build

3d-paint-surface-pen You know you've been wanting to play around with that new version of Microsoft Paint – if only to see if it is, indeed, that big of an update to the long maligned drawing application that's shipping with Windows since the mid-1980s. Paint 3D is unquestionably one of the biggest refreshes in the application's history. In fact, it's really a complete rethink, one… Read More

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Trump's Pick for Attorney General Scoffed at 'Too Big to Fail'

Senator Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for attorney general, doesn't have a record of going after big business, but he has signaled that he's willing to be tough on malfeasance, even when it involves some of the world's largest corporations.

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Chinese Robot Rises Up Against Humanity

A robot appeared to throw off the chains of its human oppressors and exact its revenge at a Chinese tech show on Thursday.

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Missouri high court won't hear Ferguson-related lawsuit

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Missouri's highest court says it won't intervene in a lawsuit by activists seeking an independent probe of a prosecutor's handling of grand jury proceedings in the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown.

The Missouri Supreme Court announced in an order obtained by media outlets Friday that ...

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Hyperloop One has settled the lawsuit with former co-founder Brogan BamBrogan

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 11: (L-R) Hyperloop One Co-Founder & Executive Chairman Shervin Pishevar, Hyperloop One Chief Executive Officer Rob Lloyd and Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Brogan BamBrogan speak during the first test of the propulsion system at the Hyperloop One Test and Safety site on May 11, 2016 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The company plans to create a fully operational hyperloop system by 2020. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images,) Hyperloop One tells TechCrunch it has just settled an ongoing lawsuit brought against the company by its former co-founder Brogan BamBrogan and several former employees. BamBrogan, David Pendergrast, William Mulholland and Knut Sauer filed the lawsuit against the company this summer, claiming the technology they built was being "strangled" by the venture capitalists who had… Read More

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Wake Forest University naming dorm for poet Maya Angelou

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) - Wake Forest University is naming a new residence hall in honor of famous former faculty member Maya Angelou.

The private university in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, said Friday the five-story building now under construction will house more than 200 first-year students when it opens in January 2017.


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No Rubber Stamp Cabinet For Trump

Trump might be the presidential chief executive indeed.

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Big data can't bring objectivity to a subjective world

Close-up of a statue of Goddess of Justice, New Delhi, India It seems everyone is interested in big data these days. From social scientists to advertisers, professionals from all walks of life are singing the praises of data science. In the social sciences, many scholars apparently believe it will lend their subject a previously elusive objectivity and clarity. However, when it comes to the social sciences, big data is a false idol. Read More

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Trump University Settles Fraud Claims for $25 Million

President-elect Donald Trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle claims that his defunct Trump University defrauded students, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement.

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Fashion Designer Won't Work for Melania Trump

A fashion designer is encouraging others to join her in refusing to create clothing for future First Lady Melania Trump.

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Sen. Warren urges Trump to dump Sessions as attorney general

BOSTON (AP) - U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is urging President-elect Donald Trump to reverse his decision to tap Sen. Jeff Sessions to serve as attorney general.

Warren said by choosing the Alabama Republican, Trump is embracing the bigotry that fueled his campaign rallies instead of distancing himself from it.

The ...

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Gun Test: Ruger LCP II Handgun

The original Ruger LCP sold 1,500,000 units, this gun is better

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Weekly Roundup: Facebook's fake news, MacBook Pro reviewed, first human CRISPR-ed

FILE - In this Tuesday, April 12, 2016, file photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers the keynote address at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, in San Francisco. In an interview Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, with  Facebook's fake news frenzy continued as the company came under scrutiny for its debated influence on the U.S. election, LinkedIn was blocked in Russia and a human CRISPR-ed for the first time. Also, the human species has about 1,000 years left according to Stephen Hawking. But do we deserve survival? The existence of Coca-Cola's selfie bottle points toward no. Read More

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Who Is on Trump's National Security Team?

Bloomberg Politics' Kevin Cirilli updates the latest news on President-elect Donald Trump's administration picks. He speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Alix Steel on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Top Dem on House Intel Committee Praises Trump's Choice for CIA Director

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Keeping legislative contracts secret seen as unusual

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - National open government and public records experts say a policy adopted by the state lawmakers this week keeping all legislative contracts secret from the public makes the state an exception to the rule.

"With regard to general procurement law, this would be an extreme outlier," Emily ...

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31 Retired Mil Officers Urge Trump Not To Roll Back Inclusive And Progressive Policies

'Women and LGBT service members have been a crucial part of the most effective military in the world'

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Running with the Apple Watch Nike+

nike apple watch I'm not trying to brag or anything (I am), but I comfortably ran a half marathon wearing the first version of the 42mm Apple Watch with a classy, stainless steel band. So, when I heard about Nike's version of the Apple Watch, it's not like I thought, "Finally! I totally need this because running with the regular Apple Watch sucks." That's not to say I… Read More

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Bannon Says He's an 'Economic Nationalist': Hollywood Reporter

Steve Bannon, whom President-elect Donald Trump named chief strategist, tells Hollywood Reporter in a profile that critics are wrong and he's "not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist." "The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia"; says American's looking to ''not get f---ed over" Bannon says Trump agenda is "everything related to jobs" "With negative interest rates throughout the world, it's the greatest opportunity to rebu

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Spicer: Trump Team Receives 50,000 Job Applications a Day

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Martin O'Malley, former presidential candidate, to entertain revelers at New Year's Eve party

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, who briefly challenged Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, will ring in 2017 on his old stomping grounds. His Irish folk-rock band is the scheduled entertainment for the New Year's Eve party at a popular Annapolis music venue.

"Get ready to celebrate New ...

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Obamacare Center Deserves The Same Harsh Rebuke As The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Obama administration has grabbed legislative power which should belong to Congress.

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Debug Politics says it's time for the tech industry to help solve political problems

house of representatives us capitol Silicon Valley has been lampooned as the place where entrepreneurs like to declare they're "making the world a better place" when they're actually just trying to make money. But now a new initiative called Debug Politics is encouraging the tech industry to live up to the catchphrase — by helping to fix the political system. Jesse Pickard, CEO of "brain… Read More

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President-Elect Trump's Cabinet in the Making

Bloomberg Politics' Steve Yaccino updates the latest news on President-Elect Donald Trump's transition team and cabinet appointments. Yaccino speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Trump selects Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

(Paul Mirengoff) Jeff Sessions is Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General, I'm delighted to report. Sessions was said to be under consideration for Secretary of Defense. However, the Senator's expertise and background militated in favor of the AG position. It's a good sign that Trump recognized this. I hope he takes the same approach to selecting his Secretary of State, for example. Over the years, I have admired Sen. Sessions from afar

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New Mexico professors seeking immigrant student protections

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A group of professors at the largest university in the nation's most Hispanic state are asking for more protection of immigrant students.

Professors and instructors at the University of New Mexico are delivering a letter Friday to the school's president, Bob Frank, amid uncertainty from immigrant ...

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What The 115th Congress Needs To Do

It will be the job of the next Congress to bring back balance to the executive and legislative branches.

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Gillmor Gang LIVE 11.18.16

Gillmor Gang Artcard This is a LIVE recording session of The Gillmor Gang – today with: Frank Radice, John Borthwick, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Today's LIVE recording starts at 10:00am PT. Our live chat stream during the show broadcast Gillmor Gang's Facebook page HERE G3's archive on ustream G3's Facebook page HERE Read More

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