May 11, 2016

University of Texas regents set to approve gun rules

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - University of Texas System regents are expected Thursday to approve rules allowing concealed handguns in campus classrooms and buildings.

The rules are mandated by a state law that takes effect Aug. 1.

The most controversial rules have been at the flagship Austin campus, which would allow ...

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E-Cigarette Company Sues FDA To Save Industry From Prohibition

'For the future of the entire vaping industry'

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Beyond Siri: The AI revolution coming from the web

shutterstock_228897490 From HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey to Samantha in Spike Jonze's Her, for decades we have been obsessed with the idea that artificial intelligence powered-computers will one day be able to interact with people, follow spoken instructions and make decisions independently, like a human would. But while each new generation brings its lot of interesting new features or use cases, they are… Read More

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Donald Trump Is Considering Newt Gingrich for Vice Presidential Role

Trump has sought advice from confidants about selecting the former House Speaker as a running mate.

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Donald Trump meeting with Paul Ryan to raise funds for Republican race against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump's meeting with congressional leaders Thursday isn't about endorsements, it's about the money, Republican strategists and fundraisers said.

The presumptive GOP nominee likely could not care less about racking up endorsements from House Speaker Paul D. Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who are loathed by the party's ...

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The race to the moon is underway as Astrobotic raises $2.5 million

Astrobotic's Griffin Lander / Image courtesy of Astrobotic Astrobotic Technology, the company that plans to deliver payloads to the moon, has completed a $2.5 million seed round led by Space Angels Network. The company was originally spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 to compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP). As of today, they've secured 10 deals from governments, companies, universities, non-profits and individuals for their… Read More

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Senate nears deal for funding for Zika fight

Sen. Roy Blunt said negotiators are nearing a deal that would partially fund President Obama's $1.9 billion request for emergency spending to combat the Zika virus at home and abroad.

The emerging compromise by Mr. Blunt, Missouri Republican, and Sen. Patty Murray, Washington Democrat, would allow senators to vote on ...

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Josh Earnest Dismisses Gov't Waste Report As 'Pretty Pathetic' [VIDEO]

'Do everything we possibly can to protect the American people'

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The Blockchain is the new Google

51tpZCzlYRL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_ The following is an excerpt from The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology by William Mougayar. In it, Mougayar waxes ecstatic about the future of distributed databases. At its core, the blockchain is a technology that permanently records transactions in a way that cannot be later erased but can only be sequentially updated, in essence keeping… Read More

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With All Due Respect (05/11/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by Democratic strategist Anita Dunn, Republican lawyer and strategist Ben Ginsberg, and the New York Times' David Sanger on "With All Due Respect."

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DNC Chair Repeatedly Refuses to Answer Questions on Her Own Reelection

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Donald Trump campaign 'complete opposite' of RNC's 2016 blueprint

Donald Trump is not who GOP leaders imagined when they conducted their autopsy of what went wrong in the 2012 presidential election and laid out their path to retake the White House in 2016, beginning with a gentler approach to women and illegal immigrants.

The post-mortem — dubbed the Growth ...

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Conservatives See Upcoming Floor Battle Over Platform At Convention

'If there wasn't interest and activity around the platform that would be a surprise'

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Treating the healthcare issue with tech

shutterstock_53958034 The healthcare industry, with its maddening inefficiencies and an economic model that incentivizes disease care over health care, desperately needs a Silicon Valley-style overhaul. Why is the nation's $3 trillion creaky, monstrous and convoluted healthcare sector seemingly impervious to technological change? Read More

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On the Trail: Trumps' Taxes, Clinton's E-Mail

Democratic strategist Anita Dunn and Republican lawyer and strategist Ben Ginsberg discuss Donald Trump's reluctance to release his tax returns and the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's e-mail server on "With All Due Respect."

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Lawmakers look to ban GPS tracking of cars without consent

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - The Rhode Island Senate has passed a bill that would make it a crime to electronically track a vehicle without the owner's consent.

The Senate passed it unanimously on Wednesday.

Sen. Maryellen Goodwin, the Providence Democrat who sponsored the bill, says it's aimed at protecting stalking ...

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Ashley Graham Just Posted A Lingerie Video Flashing Her Booty

Dance moves on a yacht

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Paul Ryan: We Need a Real Unification of Our Party

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann preview Thursday's meeting between Speaker Paul Ryan and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump on "With All Due Respect."

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NC Chamber: LGBT law changes should allow some lawsuits

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina's business lobby says it wants changes to a state law that limits protections to LGBT people, but only a provision that blocks workplace discrimination lawsuits from state courts.

The state chamber of commerce said Wednesday it thinks state courts should again consider cases by ...

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What This Filmmaker Just Said About Prince's Will Could Change Everything

'Shrewdest people in the entertainment industry'

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Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week

google_pipe_2 Google is moving beyond Cardboard. The company will reportedly be announcing a standalone Android VR headset at next week's Google I/O event. Tech journalist Peter Rojas has tweeted that Google will launch an untethered Android VR headset next week according to his multiple sources. Android VR will definitely be announced next week, and from what I've heard will be… Read More

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A New Kind of Dragnet

(Steven Hayward) Holy RuPaul Batman! Did you know that smoking is bad for you! The U.S. government must be satisfied that it has reached every teen in America with the message that smoking is a drag, but what about people who dress in drag? How could we have forgotten them? More about the whole ad campaign from Breitbart.

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MIT Lecture Explores Link Between Islamophobia and Global Warming

A recent lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explored the possible impact of Islamophobia on global warming.

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Christie: 'Highly doubtful' he'll be on bridge scandal list

WEST TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he thinks it's "highly doubtful" that he will be included on a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal.

Christie said Wednesday that he doesn't think he's on the list because he didn't know what ...

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Judiciary Committee Approves Bill To Eliminate DOJ Slush Fund

If enacted into law, it would end the Department of Justice's slush fund for left-wing activist groups

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Activists at Disrupt protest Airbnb over listings in Israeli settlements

tcdisrupt_NY16-5276 Airbnb is under fire for allowing hosts on its platform to list homes in Israel's occupied territories. And today the issue became the subject of a protest at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York, after one of its board members took the stage for an interview. Sequoia's Alfred Lin was interrupted by a protester brandishing a banner with the words "Airbnb hosts… Read More

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Feeling Heat on Zika, Senate Republicans Set to Approve Funding

Senate Republicans plan to approve at least $1.1 billion to combat the Zika virus in the next week or so, amid intensifying pressure to combat the spread of the mosquito-borne illness.

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Barbara Boxer Claims She Has Had Negatives As Low As '5 Percent'

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This Is An Actual Lecture At MIT: 'Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?'

'Relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis'

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Watch the final day of Disrupt NY 2016 right here

On this, the final day of Disrupt, we present to you celebrities. Jessica Alba will grace our stage, as will Carmelo Anthony and Soledad O'Brien and the only man to be the director of the NSA and CIA, General Michael Hayden. And that's just a fraction of our Day 3 speaker list. Then we head to the Battlefield Finals, where six awesome companies will pitch their startups to the… Read More

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