October 10, 2015

The Phony Rebels In Charge

Liberals like to imagine themselves raging against the machine when they are the machine

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Officer's Shooting of Boy With Pellet Gun Was Justified, Reports Say

"It is my conclusion that Officer Loehmann's use of deadly force falls within the realm of reasonableness under the dictates of the Fourth Amendment."

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Check Out What Rev. Jeremiah Wright Says About Jesus During Pointed Speech About 'Palestinian Justice'

"Please remember, Jesus was …"

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Star College Football Player Told By NCAA He Couldn't Auction Off Jersey For Charity, Now Says He Can [VIDEO]

'I would like to auction off my game jersey'

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#VATMESS Is About To Get Much Messier

vattax Indie developers were rightly up in arms at the recent changes to the place of supply rules for B2C sales — deftly coined #VATMESS by Twitter wags. The rules were well-intentioned — it was not right that Apple, Google and Amazon could set up shop in Luxembourg, thus gaming the tax system and disadvantaging EU competitors. However, the implementation was cack-handed Read More

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Jeremiah Wright: Jesus Was a Palestinian!

(John Hinderaker) For years, people have puzzled over Barack Obama's motivation: is he trying to be a good president and failing, or is he deliberately undermining the United States? The jury is still out on that one, but there is no doubt where he stands on Israel, our chief Middle Eastern ally. It's not as though we needed more evidence, but let's listen to Jeremiah Wright, the notorious anti-American and anti-Israel preacher

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Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on Semiautomatic Weapons

But the self-described socialist has also voted to allow guns in national parks, to shield firearms manufacturers from liability for shootings and against a five-day waiting period for gun purchases.

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Michigan Rally Against Radical Islam Attracts Protesters Who Carried More Than Mere Signs

"as this invasion of Muslim colonization continues unchecked on American soil …"

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Sanders stresses gun control, calls for assault weapon ban

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday called for an assault weapons ban in his second straight day of talking about an issue - guns - where he has sometimes deviated from the Democratic Party's consensus.

In a campaign appearance ahead of next week's Democratic presidential debate, ...

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Obama's Advice For Kanye: Don't Get Off Message When You Run For President [VIDEO]

Kanye should think about running for Speaker of the House as well

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Woman Uses Medieval Combat Skills, Sword to Subdue Home Intruder

"I definitely don't need to work on my aggression, I guess."

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What Los Angeles Is Missing

Los Angeles L.A. tech has clearly hit its growth inflection point, but the City of Angels has yet to get its startup wings. Here's the good news: In 2014 alone, we raised more than $3 billion, saw more than $5 billion realized capital across over 80 exits and became the fastest growing startup region in the U.S. Read More

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Police: Immigration officer impostor robs man

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Police say an impostor posing as an immigration officer handcuffed a man and robbed him of his passport, visas and cellphone.

The Des Moines Register reports (http://dmreg.co/1JZpmBj ) that police were called by the man's wife from Arizona to check on her husband's welfare.

The ...

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Army Officer Recommends No Jail Time for Bowe Bergdahl, Attorney Says

Defense attorney Eugene Fidell said Lt. Col. Mark Visger has decided a civilian system should handle Bergdahl's case.

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Dropping Protections For Internet Platforms Will Result In Greater Harm

tapedmouth Online harassment is a serious problem for every member of the online community, including companies like Change.org. While the majority of petitions are deeply inspiring stories of people power, we occasionally get a sobering reminder of the worst of the Internet when we see petitions calling for acts of suicide, or petitions used by students to bully their classmates. We also hear… Read More

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"Early signs of Russian intent"

(Paul Mirengoff) That's the front page headline of today's Washington Post (paper edition). The story is about signs in August that Putin was mobilizing for a military offensive in Syria. Despite these signs, the Obama administration was "caught flat-footed" when the Russian offensive materialized two months later. In a larger sense, "Russian intent" has long been clear. Putin has said he consider the fall of Soviet power a geopolitical catastrophe. He wants

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Q&A: A look at Idaho's plan for handling shooters on campus

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A state law went into effect In July 2014 clearing the way for retired law enforcement officers and people with Idaho's enhanced concealed-carry permit to bring firearms to campus.

The law bans weapons in dormitories and buildings that can hold more than 1,000 people.

A spokesman ...

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Shia LaBeouf Arrested AGAIN [VIDEO]

'He came down here, he acted up and APD doesn't put up with that'

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The White House Backs Down On Phone Encryption

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In a victory for tech firms, the Obama administration will not force firms to breach the security of their products in order to provide information to law enforcement. The decision comes after a year after encryption introduced on iPhones and some Android phones sparked a debate between law enforcement and tech companies over access to phone data. With iOS 8, most data stored on the phone… Read More

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Kansas universities prepare for law allowing guns on campus

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A mass shooting at an Oregon college earlier this month has added urgency for Kansas universities that are studying ways to implement a new law that allows most people to carry concealed guns on campus without a permit.

The Personal and Family Protection Act, approved in ...

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Civil Rights Activist Has a Message for Those At Million Man March Rally: 'That Common Enemy Is White Supremacy'

"Every Islamophobe's worst nightmare."

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Million Man March Speaker Leads Chant of 'Down, Down USA'

"They're out there killing the indigenous people spiritually."

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Kibo iOS App Lets You Hide Messages In Your Messages

Kibo Just when you thought the wonderful world of digital messaging couldn't get any more rich and layered, along comes another app to prove there are more ideas in the digital sphere than can be contained within the average web user's philosophy… Just don't call Kibo a messaging app. Read More

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Civil trial against Wisconsin gun shop enters final week

MILWAUKEE (AP) - The trial over a civil lawsuit brought by a pair of seriously wounded police officers against a Wisconsin gun shop that they say has sold hundreds of weapons used in crimes is nearing its conclusion.

The potentially precedent-setting case hinges on whether gun shop owners should be ...

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New Data Show Feds Are Paid 78 Percent More Than Rest Of U.S. Workers

New Bureau of Economic Analysis finds civil servants' total compensation far ahead of private sector

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O'Malley Campaign Va. Chair Arrested on Child Porn Charges: WaPo

The volunteer chair of Martin O'Malley's Virginia presidential campaign was arrested this week on child pornography charges, and the Democratic former Maryland governor has "severed all ties with him," according to the Washington Post. Michael C. Teegarden was arrested Thursday and charged with two felony counts, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch "We're horrified by these allegations, and if he is found guilty he should be punished to the full extent of the law," an O'Malley spokeswoman,

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The Times Backs Off on Temple Trutherism

(John Hinderaker) The New York Times provoked widespread dismay when it published an article yesterday titled Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem's Holiest Place. The article claimed that it is an open question whether the first and second Jewish temples ever existed at Temple Mount. This assertion is an explosive one because some Arabs allege that the temples, if they ever existed at all, were located somewhere other than Temple Mount, and

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Donald Trump, brash New Yorker, picks up Southern campaign

ATLANTA (AP) — Donald Trump is a brash New Yorker who knows the path to the Republican presidential nomination runs through a swath of Southern states where residents pride themselves on graciousness and gentility.

He leads many state polls in the region just as he does nationally. In the last ...

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Clemson University Apologizes For Offending Mexicans By SERVING TACOS

'A couple balloons, sombreros, and some tacos'

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Michigan Police Officer Shot With Crossbow During Traffic Stop

"This is an unfortunate, tragic situation."

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Four Reasons Why Sports Startups Are Scoring Big

sportsunicorn When a professional sports team wins a title, it makes the front page of The New York Times. When Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, controversially may (or may not) have deflated some footballs during a crucial game against the Indianapolis Colts, it was reported by every news media and became a trending topic on Twitter. Sports are a major part of our culture, and its… Read More

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Secret Service Agent Who Saved President Reagan After Shooting Has Died

"One of my true heroes."

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College Students Throw Party Themed After Famous Rapper That Left Hundreds Protesting For 'Black Lives Matter'

One protester likened the party to that of the deaths of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

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A word from their Supreme Leader

(Scott Johnson) We have yet to see the fatuous fatwa allegedly promulgated by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameni denouncing the development of nuclear weapons. Yet it has repeatedly been cited by President Obama and others in support of the deadly arrangement into which we have entered with Iran regarding its nuclear program. See, e.g., MEMRI's reports here and here. The foreboding John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival song could be put to good use

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Series A 101

In my prior life as a seed investor, I helped many companies raise Series A, some raise B and a few raise C.  First time founders often ask about the process, once it's clear there's likely to be one, and while I always had a view from the outside, alongside or sometimes with the Venture firms, now that I'm a VC with my own Series A Term Sheet (TS) signed, I thought… Read More

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