November 10, 2015

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Asks: Whither Islam?

(Steven Hayward) Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new article up in Foreign Policy magazine with the totally non-controversial title, "Islam Is a Religion of Violence." Here she repeats several of the themes of her most recent book, which she dilated in her speech and conversation with me out in San Francisco last month. Despite this categorical title, she holds out some hope for an Islamic reformation that will lead to Islam adapting

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Google Will Stop Supporting Chrome For Windows XP, Vista And Older Versions Of OS X By April 2016

Chrome lapel pin Earlier this year, Google announced that it would still support Chrome on Windows XP through the end of 2015. The end of 2015 is getting closer and as Google announced today, so is the end of Chrome support for Windows XP. Starting April 2016, users who still use Chrome on XP (and at this point, there's really no excuse for running Chrome on XP) will no longer get updates and… Read More

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Michelle Obama Took $4,945 Videographer With Her to Qatar

First Lady Michelle Obama brought a $5,000 videographer with her when she traveled to Qatar last week.

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Ben Carson's son says dad 'isn't perfect,' but lived 'exemplary' life

GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson tapped his son, Ben Carson Jr., to push back against new questions over the candidate's background, with a new fundraising email Tuesday in which the younger man says his dad is "isn't perfect, nor does he claim to be."

Acknowledging a "tough" past couple of ...

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MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Can't Name What Mizzou Leaders Did To Be Forced Out [VIDEO]

'I don't know what those specifics are'

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Barack Obama Is the First Sitting President to Be on Cover of This Magazine

"Out" magazine describes this is a "historic moment." 

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Oscar-Winning Actor's Powerful Message About Gratitude, Grace and God

"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. Until you change it, you're not going anywhere."

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Christie Super-PAC Says It's Raised $4 Million Since Second GOP Debate

America Leads, super-PAC supporting Chris Christie, raised $1m since it was announced he didn't qualify for primetime GOP debate, according to group. Super-PAC has $2.9m in TV ads booked in New Hampshire beginning Nov. 16; $4m to run in Boston starting Dec. 1, says America Leads spokesman Tucker Martin NOTE: Lineup for tonight's Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal debate announced Nov. 5; Christie will appear in undercard session

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Rhumbix Wants To Be The Palantir For Construction

rhumbix1 Two former Naval Engineers are trying to turn construction management on its head. Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni Zachary Scheel and Drew DeWalt are behind Rhumbix, a company whose product optimizes construction management and labor payment as well as divining best practices out of user data. The company's platforms is centered on a phone app with different iterations… Read More

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Failed Co-Op Now Under Investigation for Underreporting Financial Straits

One of the 12 failed co-ops created under Obamacare is now under investigation by regulators after the co-op was found to have downplayed its poor financial condition in official filings, the Daily Caller reported.

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Hillary Clinton: 'We need to secure our borders'

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that she supports securing U.S. borders as well as enforcing labor laws for immigrants already here.

Mrs. Clinton was asked Monday by a voter in New Hampshire about her thoughts on illegal immigration and securing the Mexican border.

"Well look, ...

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Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Get Flirty On Live TV [VIDEO]

It's the first time on the show as an official couple

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Read the Jaw-Dropping 'Hateful and/or Hurtful Speech' Email Sent to Students by University of Missouri Police

New police guidelines for hurt feelings.

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Congress Passes Defense Bill That Would Ban Moving Guantanamo Detainees to U.S.

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Clinton Leads Sanders 69% to 21% in South Carolina: Monmouth Poll

Hillary Clinton has support of 69% of likely S.C. Democratic primary voters, compared with 21% for Bernie Sanders, according to poll by Monmouth University. Martin O'Malley gets 1%; 8% of respondents had no preference Clinton leads Sanders 53%-35% among voters identifying as independents NOTE: Nov. 5-8 poll of 400 likely voters had error margin of +/- 4.9 ppts

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After Insane Startup Journey, Pillow Talk Hits Kickstarter To Let Long-Distance Lovers Share A Heartbeat

Notification When I first heard about Pillow Talk, the wearable device that lets you stream the sound of your heartbeat to a loved one's pillow, I couldn't decide if it was bonkers, genius or somewhere in between. But after talking to Joanna Montgomery, founder of Little Riot, the company behind the product, what is clear is that the startup's journey is just a little insane. Read More

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Hillary Clinton: 'You Have to Control Your Borders'

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Sochi activist to be conditionally released from prison

MOSCOW (AP) - A Russian activist who had drawn attention to the environmental fallout of the Sochi Olympics will be conditionally released from prison.

Yevgeny Vitishko had been sentenced to three years in prison in February 2014 as the Winter Olympics were taking place in the southern Russia resort region. ...

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Retired Police Officer Smokes Bank Robber [VIDEO]

'What he didn't plan on was a citizen giving chase like he did'

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Mizzou Mob Harasses, Pushes Student Journalist — but It's the Stunning Identity of One of the 'Protesters' at End of Video That's Making News

"Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here! I need some muscle over here!"

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If You Start Seeing Green Lights Pop Up in Your Neighborhood, Here's What They Mean

"Honor the service and respect the sacrifice."

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Amazon Brings Restaurant Delivery To L.A., Will Expand To All Prime Now Markets In U.S.

amazon-prime-now-app Amazon's debut of its restaurant delivery service through its one-hour delivery app Prime Now, is no longer looking like an experiment. Since its debut in Seattle this September, the company has been adding support for new cities at a rate about one per month. Last month, restaurant delivery arrived in Portland, and today it's going live in L.A. We understand that Amazon is planning… Read More

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Clinton Reveals Plan for Veterans; Opposes System Privatization

Calling support of U.S. military veterans a "sacred responsibility," Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton revealed her plan for the health and welfare of military personnel, according to a stmt from her campaign. In stmt, Clinton criticizes "systemic failures" of the Veterans Administration to uphold its core mission, calls for "new Bradley Plan" similar to post-WWII veteran initiatives Opposes privatization of medical system, saying it would undermine veterans' ability to get the "un

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Bibi Brings It

(Steven Hayward) Last night Power Line's roving correspondents (that would be me and Scott—you can see how handsome we are nearby) turned up for the AEI dinner honoring Prime Minister Netanyahu with AEI's Irving Kristol Award. And he did not disappoint. Rather than a formal speech, the Prime Minister had a conversation with AEI's Dany Pletka. I was especially struck by his forthright embrace of the dilemmas of the responsible statesmen: "Most

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Four Arrested For Running A Daycare Drug House

OVI-DAYCARE-DRUG_HOUSE_-_11Four people were arrested for allegedly selling drugs out of Florida daycare center. The manager of Ponder Family Daycare in Oviedo Virginia Ponder, her son Jordan, daughter Madison and family friend, Jesse Pryor each face a long list of drug-related charges. From WOFL: The daycare is run out of a house on River Birch Avenue.  ...More

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Appeals Court Blocks Obama From Moving on Immigration Executive Actions

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that President Obama cannot move forward with his executive actions on immigration that would allow up to 5 million illegal immigrants to remain in the United States.

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Chris Christie: Money rolling in from people who want me on main debate stage

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that getting bumped from the main stage at Tuesday's GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee has resulted in campaign donations flowing in from people upset with the development.

"We've raised more money," Mr. Christie said in an interview that aired Monday on Fox News' "The ...

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Why Is The University Of Missouri Racist Against Asian-Americans?

If you haven't kept up with what's been happening on American college campuses recently, here's a quick recap: A bunch of children who've never known a world without the Internet have suddenly realized that life doesn't have a Block button, and they don't like it one bit. This past week, some football players at the […]

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Rubio Takes Pre-Emptive Action Against Bush Negative Ad Blitz

"I'm a huge Marco fan."

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Professors to Consider 'Hail Mary' Lawsuit if University Complies With Texas Law and Allows Campus Carry Next Year

"What they do influences what schools like mine decide to do."

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Rubio Campaign Hits Back at Bush Super-PAC Attack Plan

"How is that the kind of 'joyful' campaign that Jeb claimed he wanted to run?!?!" Marco Rubio's campaign said in e-mail to supporters in response to New York Times story that Bush super-PAC might spend up to $20M to discredit him. "Honestly, it's something we'd expect from Hillary and the mainstream media, but the fact that the Republican establishment believes this is what they need to do to take down Marco is astonishing," Florida Senator's campaign for president says Campaign also released vi

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500 Startups Is Raising A Microfund Of $15M For 500 Nordics, Out Of Oslo

500 nordics Just ahead of the Slush tech confab in Helsinki this week, 500 Startups has revealed plans for its latest regional fund that will be based out of Oslo, Norway: the startup investment group is raising a new microfund of $15 million for 500 Nordics. A Form D filed with the SEC today lists 500's Dave McClure, Christine Tsai and Sean Percival as executive officers, but it will be Percival… Read More

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Donald Trump Does Terrific Bernie Sanders Impression, Like You Wouldn't Believe

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Recent Kansas Editorials

The Wichita Eagle, Nov. 7

State finances a mess:

Last spring's record-long legislative session and historic tax hike have failed to put Kansas' fiscal house in order. It's time for Gov. Sam Brownback and GOP legislative leaders to clean up the mess, which was of their making.

Friday's downward revision ...

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Newly Elected Muslim Councilman: 'Today, We Show The Polish And Everyone Else'

'I'm shocked that he said that'

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Wave of Palestinian Terrorism Has Reportedly Produced Its Youngest Assailant — a 12-Year-Old

"I shouted at the guard, 'Shoot. What are you waiting for?'"

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Major Media Outlet Casts Serious Doubt on Yet Another Ben Carson Story — Then a Key Witness Comes Forward

"When I read about the story in the Wall Street Journal, I immediately said to my wife and friend…"

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Offline Navigation Comes To Google Maps

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.45.22 AM It's 8am and you're in your garage. You have to head into a different direction today, but you can't fire up Google Maps until you've left the garage, because you're offline. You probably pull off to the side of the road until your phone gets connectivity. Not anymore. Starting today, Google Maps will make itself available offline (search and navigation) for… Read More

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Kaine: Obama Made 'Mistake' Insisting Assad Must Go

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Tim Kaine downplays veep talk: I actually love being in the Senate

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, whose name has been floated as a possible ticket-mate for former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, downplayed such talk Tuesday and said he's focused on his current job.

"I actually love being in the United States Senate," Mr. ...

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Conspiracy Theories Swirl as Navy Launches Second Trident Missile Test Off California Coast: 'Unreal Blue and White Cloud'

"The government doesn't want to admit that we are not alone."

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Egypt's Antiquities Minister Doesn't Even Want to Dignify Ben Carson's Theory on the Pyramids With a Response

"I don't know what that was based on."

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Gett, On A Mission To Take Down Uber, Launches "Surge Sucks" Campaign

gettmain Gett ride-sharing platform has spent years now trying to gimmick its way into the same competitive ring as Uber. Last summer, Gett offered flat $10 rides anywhere within Manhattan. But today the gloves are coming off. Rather than undercut their biggest competitor on pricing, the Israel-based company is looking to show users the most integral differentiating quality between Gett and Uber:… Read More

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