December 25, 2015

Obama Visits U.S. Service Members on Christmas in Hawaii

President Barack Obama told U.S. military service-members on Christmas that "we never take for granted" the risks they take to keep Americans safe, and that the killing of six troops in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber this week reminded the nation that the dangers were real.

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Panic at Disney World: False Reports of Shooting Sends 'Wave' of Crowds Stampeding for Safety


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Should a Jew say Merry Christmas to a Sri Lankan?

(Paul Mirengoff) I have never celebrated Christmas because I'm Jewish. But Christmas has always been a big day for me. My father and my first-born daughter were born on December 25. For years, we hosted a party on Christmas afternoon to celebrate the family birthdays. Our guests were mostly Jews but with a few Christians. You might be surprised by how many people are looking for something to do Christmas afternoon. During

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Bill Clinton's Childhood Home Damaged By Fire — Here's What Cops 'Suspect' Cause Was

"We have not seen this graffiti before."

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Can Fintech Fix Financial Services?

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 21: People walk along Wall Street on December 21, 2015 in New York City. The Dow Jones industrial average was up over 100 points in morning trading following Friday's huge drop as the price of oil continued its yearly fall. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) A review of the new Michael Lewis movie The Big Short describes a scene during the 2008 financial crisis in which renters were "kicked out of their homes because their landlord didn't pay the mortgage, even though they were making their rent payments in full." It serves as one of many examples of how our malfunctioning financial system produces fundamentally unfair outcomes. Read More

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The Top 15 People Who Have Endorsed Donald Trump For President [SLIDESHOW]

Primary season is almost upon us

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'It's the Police': Ferguson Families Awoken From Bed by Authorities With Unexpected News

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'It's Really Serious Out Here': Alabama Tornado Adds to Christmas Woes

"Absolutely a mess out here."

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Steve Harvey Pokes Fun At His 'Miss Universe' Gaffe With Brilliant Three-Word Christmas Tweet

Well played.

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This Rep Wants To Make Sure That Christians And Yazidis Massacred By ISIS Get Priority Refugee Status

'The fact is the president made some scurrilous remarks'

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A Rare Occurrence That Hasn't Happened Since 1977 Is Set to Occur in the Night Sky This Christmas

A rare occurance.

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Donald Trump Gets Reminded That It Is Christmas Day After Blasting Off This Brutal Set of Tweets

"It's Christmas."

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Donald Trump Continues Jeb Bush Attacks on Christmas

While virtually all of the other presidential candidates gave politics a rest on Christmas, Donald Trump could not resist going after rival Jeb Bush.

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Obama Talks Christian Values In Christmas Address [VIDEO]

'That's the spirit that binds us together – not just as Christians, but as Americans of all faiths'

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'Home Alone' Actor Who Played 'Wet Bandit' Marv Shares 'Most Incredible' Part of Playing Role: 'An Unexplainable Phenomenon'


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Investing In Artificial Intelligence

shutterstock_228897490 Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting and transformative opportunities of our time. From my vantage point as a venture investor at Playfair Capital, where I focus on investing and building community around AI, I see this as a great time for investors to help build companies in this space. Read More

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The myth of over-incarceration

(Paul Mirengoff) 2016 could be a banner year for drug dealers. If the "sentencing reform" tag team of Mike Lee and Dick Durbin gets its way, and it very well might, thousands of drug dealers will be let out of prison and tens of thousands will be facing shorter sentences if apprehended and convicted. Behind the push for leniency is the notion that America — aka "incarceration nation" — has sinned. We

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Late-Night Christmas Earthquake Rattles Pakistan Capital, Afghanistan

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Record Christmas Warmth Continues to Grip the Eastern United States

"That cold air is just not making it down.."

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12 Pictures That Sum Up Obama's ISIS Strategy In 2015

Absenteeism and incoherence

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U.S. Journalist Held Captive By Iranian Government Spends 'Several Hours' With His Family On Christmas

"522 days of tragic, unjust imprisonment"

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Top Syrian rebel killed in airstrike near Damascus

BEIRUT (AP) - An airstrike near the Syrian capital on Friday killed top rebel commander Zahran Allouch, the head of one of the most powerful Saudi-backed insurgent groups fighting against President Bashar Assad's government near the seat of his power Damascus, opposition activists said.

Allouch's death a month before expected ...

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This Is Why George W. Bush Never Left D.C. Until the Day After Christmas

bushWhether you agree with everything this honorable man did while he was in office or not, George W. Bush is a class act, as is Laura. From The Blaze: Like many Americans, U.S. presidents often take time off around the holidays. However, according to journalist Joseph Curl, who previously covered the White House, former President George ...More

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Armstrong hopes 'truth comes out' at federal tax trial

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - State. Rep. Joe Armstrong says he hopes the "truth comes out" when he goes to trial on federal fraud and tax evasion charges.

The Knoxville Democrat has a Feb. 23 trial date on charges in connection to an increase in the state's cigarette tax.

A June ...

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Twitter Tidings: Presidential Candidates Tweeted Christmas Greetings, But They Weren't All Nice

Inspiration, insults and "How the GOP Stole Christmas."

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The 10 (or so) Best Films of 2015

If 2015 will be remembered for anything, cinematically speaking, it's for being the year of strong women. So many ladies in so many good movies with so many good roles! From the party girl who realizes that she won't be happy until she finds a good man to settle down with (Trainwreck) to the scantily clad harem of models fleeing through the desert (Mad Max: Fury Road) to the greatest Mary Sue who ever Mary Sued (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), it was a fantastic year for strong female characters. Here's to many more like them!

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Carson's many faces: Doctor, author, speaker - and candidate

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ben Carson's name and face adorn the walls of dozens of schools in the U.S. and a medical school in Nigeria. Mayors have handed him keys to their cities. His charity, founded in 1994, created a national day in his honor each year, celebrated by the children ...

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NY seeks comment on proposed use of air rifles for big game

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking public comment on proposed regulations allowing the use of big bore air rifles for taking big game, starting in the Fall 2016 hunting season.

The agency enacted regulations in 2010 allowing air-powered firearms for hunting small game.

Air-powered rifles ...

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Alibaba To Invest $1.25B In Restaurant Delivery Service, Says Report

alibaba Alibaba will reportedly invest $1.25 billion in, a food delivery service based in Shanghai, says financial news site Caixin (link via Google Translate). The deal would Alibaba the startup's biggest shareholder, with a 27.7 percent stake. Read More

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Las Vegas pastor, a new US citizen, dives into politics

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Pastor Paul Marc Goulet, leader for 23 years of the nondenominational International Church of Las Vegas, was announced Dec. 1 as state campaign chairman for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.

The selection marked the culmination of a gradual political awakening for Canadian-born Goulet, who became an ...

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Halfway Into Airline's 'Christmas Miracle' Video, It Becomes Very Clear Why It's Gone So Viral: 'Goosebumps'

"This is amazing!"

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Obama reportedly contemplates deportations; how will Hillary respond?

(Paul Mirengoff) The Washington Post reports that the Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year. This plan isn't exactly draconian. According to the Post, it would target only adults and children who have already been ordered removed from the United States by an immigration judge. Even

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News year: Platte tragedy, Delmont tornado and Obama visit

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - A hard-hitting tornado in Delmont and an aborted attempt to launch a marijuana resort were big news in South Dakota in 2015, but the year's top story may have been a tragedy in Platte.

Six members of the Westerhuis family were found dead in the ...

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'Wet Bandit' Marv Records Plea for Help to Old Partner Harry After Seeing Kevin McCallister Video

"Harry, Harry, Harry! Come find me, I'm scared! The kid is back. I saw it, I saw it on the Internet."

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Logistics Is Sexy

logistics shipping cargo shutterstock Convincing people that the development of the logistics industry is a scintillating topic is difficult. I mean, just look at this stock photo. The artist had to layer together at least five (possibly seven) pictures to make a single image about logistics even somewhat interesting. But logistics don't just go round the world—it also makes the world go round. Read More

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FedEx Confirms Christmas Eve Delivery Delays — Here's What's Being Done to Help Customers

"FedEx is doing everything possible…"

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