August 2, 2016

HP's Whitman Says She'll Donate to Clinton to Stop Trump: NYT

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's CEO Meg Whitman says she'll support Hillary Clinton for president and give a "substantial" contribution to her campaign to stop Donald Trump, NYT reports. "I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her," Whitman says in telephone interview with NYT NOTE: Whitman backed Republican Chris Christie before he ended his 2016 presidential bid; then said Christie's endorsement

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Black Lives Matter: from a lie to a revolution

(Paul Mirengoff) The Black Lives Matter movement emerged as a force just about a year ago, following the killing of Ferguson, Missouri thug Michael Brown by a white police officer who was defending himself. The movement was predicated on a lie, namely that Brown was murdered without justification after he declared "hands up don't shoot." The Obama Justice Department would demonstrate the falsity of this claim. The larger lie behind the Black

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Trigger-Happy North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile

'This provocation only serves to increase the international community's resolve'

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Navigating mobile content with app streaming

too-many-apps-fb People are very comfortable streaming movies, TV, music, video games and more. However, the idea of streaming apps on mobile devices, for better or worse, has lagged far behind. Increasingly, however, people are becoming sick of downloading apps; they want content and services instantly. App streaming is relatively new, but has the potential to transform how we engage with mobile content. Read More

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Pence Tries to Calm Outrage as Trump Continues to Court Controversy

The vice presidential nominee and his running mate show off very different styles on the campaign trail.

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Zika virus trackers say threat stirs much more buzz than bite

A small Zika outbreak in Miami is raising the stakes in an election year funding fight on Capitol Hill, though disease trackers say the virus still poses a limited threat to the continental U.S. compared with elsewhere in the Americas, with local cases likely to max out in the "hundreds" ...

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Photos Of Amanda Knox Just Surfaced — See What The Accused Murderer Looks Like Now

She was sentenced to years in prison...

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Donald Trump struggles to keep GOP voters after convention

Republicans rallied to Donald Trump in July, but the good feelings have quickly faded as the billionaire businessman struggles to keep his foot out of his mouth — and to keep GOP voters from jumping ship.

The gains he made in the polls, particularly among self-identified Republicans, have evaporated. And ...

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Clinton's Billionaire Donors Could Fund Planned Parenthood For The Next 120 Years

But they want taxpayers to pay instead

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Our favorite companies from 500 Startups' 17th batch

500startups 500 Startups' 17th round of its incubator is wrapping up, and a total of 42 companies presented at its demo day in Mountain View on Tuesday. It was quite an impressive batch. Companies that came on stage touted their growth and that they were already generating revenue from their operations. It kind of goes to show how the way startups are valued, and what the startups are focusing on… Read More

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (08/02/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by John Dickerson, host of CBS' "Face the Nation," pollster J. Ann Selzer, NBC News' Katy Tur, the Washington Post's Phil Rucker and Dan Balz on "With All Due Respect."

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Immigration: The Issue that Got Away?

(John Hinderaker) America's political, business, media and academic elites have forced on the rest of us a mass immigration regime that we neither wanted nor voted for. When our immigration laws were rewritten in 1965, at the height of the Democratic Party's power, we were assured that the law would not remake America's demographics. (That promise was precisely analogous to the assurance, at about the same time, that the Civil Rights Act

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Obama signs bill overturning Vermont's GMO labeling law

Anti-GMO activists are seething at President Obama's quiet signature last week of a bill governing labeling of genetically modified foods, saying he was "cowardly" for approving it as the country's attention was still focused on the Democratic convention.

Mr. Obama inked some 20 bills Friday, in a late-July signing spree, ...

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Study: 98% Of Head Lice In 42 States Now Resistant To Common Treatments

It's getting kind of itchy

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Review: Leica T serves its purpose as a great artisan tool

DSC_0287 In reality, there are few reasons where you or I would want to have a Leica camera. After all, it's not a necessity: fast-shooting, high megapixel and wide aperture touting cameras all exist from the likes of Sony, Nikon and Canon — all with unique traits that make them suited for different photography styles. Read More

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Trump Video Depositions in University Suit Won't Be Public

Donald Trump convinced a judge that videos of his sworn testimony in two lawsuits accusing his defunct namesake university of defrauding students shouldn't be made public, keeping potentially embarrassing snippets off television and out of presidential campaign attack ads.

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Obama Meets With The PM Of Singapore, Looks To Boost TPP Agreement

'Litmus Test' of U.S. dedication to Southeast Asia

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Tableau Software's Q2 earnings fall short of estimates

Tableau Data analytics provider Tableau Software reported second quarter earnings after the bell today. The Seattle-based company posted a loss due to higher than expected expenses for the quarter, while still beating analyst's expectations in terms of revenue. For the three months ended June 30, Tableau posted total revenue of $198.5 million and non-GAAP net earnings came in… Read More

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Trump Surrogates Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss Donald Trump's woes and the campaign's surrogate operation.

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Trump Not 'Yet' Backing Paul Ryan, John McCain Reelection Bids

Donald Trump said Tuesday he wasn't yet prepared to support House Speaker Paul Ryan in his upcoming primary, and indicated he is not supporting Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) in his own primary race, bucking GOP efforts to mend party divisions.

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Obama speaks of what he knows, being 'unfit to be president'


Donald Trump is "woefully unprepared," President Obama said Tuesday. "Unfit to be president."

Well, at least this is one area where the president is a bona fide, qualified expert.

If ever there was a man who entered the White House woefully unprepared and unfit to be president, it was ...

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Samantha Hoopes New Bikini Photo Is The Best Thing You Will See All Week [PHOTOS]


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Watch wall-walking spiderbots weave 'impossible' structures with carbon fiber

spiderbot stuttgart Normally, the notion of setting a pair of spiderbots free in your house would seem alarming. But if you knew that they were weaving you a strange and mathematical hammock while you were gone? Suddenly that fear turns to wonder — and eventually, a nap. Read More

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Trump Withholds Backing From Ryan, McCain in Apparent Payback

Donald Trump threw out another stunner to his own party on Tuesday by declaring himself unready to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest-ranking elected Republican, and two other prominent Senate Republicans.

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Mixed Messages

(John Hinderaker) I received the following two emails five minutes apart, earlier this afternoon. Click to enlarge: Things change fast in a presidential race! Of course, the bottom line is always the same: whether ahead or behind in the polls, politicians want you to contribute to their campaigns.

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FBI Arrests Detroit Man Accused of Purchasing Weapons Arsenal

FBI counterterrorism agents have arrested and charged a Detroit man on accusations that he illegally purchased an arsenal of weapons and discussed carrying out an attack.

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The US Olympic Committee Is Actually Banning Retweets

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) sent out a letter last week warning non-sponsor companies against using the Olympics' intellectual property. Individuals, the media and official sponsors are (for the most part) able to post about the games and the participating athletes, but businesses and brands that do not have an agreement with the USOC are blocked from […]

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High-tech updates to the retail experience

mobilecommerce Once upon a time the milkman delivered milk directly to your home. The Avon and Tupperware ladies had private parties in the comfort of a neighbor's house. The Hoover salesperson demonstrated the vacuum cleaner on your living room carpet. It was a high-touch, well-informed, personalized and customer-friendly experience. What changed all that? Read More

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TRUTH BOMB: The ATF Does Want To Put Gun Owners On A List…WHY?

second-amendment-rifleman-1aPut every gun owner on a list!

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Trump Says He'll Spend More Than $500 Billion on Infrastructure

The proposal would amount to a massive new government program.

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Democratic National Committee CEO Resigns Amid Email Leaks

The CEO of the Democratic National Committee resigned Tuesday amid fallout from the recent email leak that appeared to show the party actively favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary.

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Indiana senator wants tougher penalties for officer attacks

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - An Indiana state senator says he wants tougher penalties for those convicted of attacking on- or off-duty police officers and their families.

Republican Sen. Jim Merritt of Indianapolis said Tuesday state law should be updated because of recent targeted violence against police officers. He cited the July ...

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Why Hillary Is More Like Obama Than Bill – And Why It Matters

If you cannot relate to people, you cannot lead them – you can only rule them.

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Watch 500 Startups Demo Day here

500startups TechCrunch is pleased to bring you 500 Startups Batch 17  Demo Day today, August 2nd, starting at 1:00pm PT. 500 Startups is a global seed fund and startup accelerator founded by  Dave McClure and Christine Tsai. 500 has invested in a wide variety of technology startups all over the world and maintains regional funds focused on Korea, Thailand, Turkey and North Africa among other… Read More

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