November 7, 2015

Secret U.S. Military Operations Have Reportedly Closed Ocean Airspace by LAX Over Next Week (UPDATE: Mystery Light Spotted in Night Sky Is Trident Rocket Test, Fed Source Says)

… a mystery light seen Saturday night was Trident missile test from a Navy submarine.

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Talk Easing Marijuana Laws — but Guess Who Wants to Remove Pot From the FDA's List of Controlled Substances

Both candidates are trying to appeal to liberals ahead of their debate next week.

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News from around Wisconsin at 5:58 p.m. CST

Ethanol leaks into Mississippi River after train derailment

ALMA, Wis. (AP) - Five tanker cars of a BNSF Railway freight train that derailed Saturday in western Wisconsin were leaking ethanol into the Mississippi River, the railroad said.

The train derailed about 8:45 a.m. Saturday, around 2 miles north of Alma, ...

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Triple Crown Champ American Pharoah Has Been Put Out to Stud — and His Fee Ain't Cheap

… one of the highest prices for a horse in his first year as a stallion.

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Ben Carson Raises $3.5 Million This Week Amidst Media Scrutiny

'Their bias will only make us grow bigger, better and bolder'

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Rubio Releases GOP Charge Card Statements From 2005-06

"What I would do differently is that I just wouldn't have done any personal things on it because I would have avoided all the confusion that it's created in the minds of some."

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Another $1 Million Crowdfunded Gadget Company Collapses

20121103175741-Picture18_copy Remember the Robotic Dragonfly? The little drone was an early crowdfunding success story, netting over a $1 million in pledges on Indiegogo in 2012. At the time, it was one of the first crowdfunded gadgets to raise more than a million dollars. The project promised a tiny robot that can fly like a bird and hover like an insect — and for $99, too. Bad news, friends. This little drone is… Read More

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We Live In a World Gone Mad, Yale Edition

(John Hinderaker) The Daily Mail recounts one of the strangest controversies we've seen in a while. It relates to offensive Halloween costumes at Yale. Or rather, the potential for offensive Halloween costumes. The story starts with the wife of Nicholas Christakis, Silliman College's master, sending out an email addressing the subject of Halloween costumes, which, as we have noted before, has taken on a sudden importance at colleges and universities. The email

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Hartford library recognized for efforts to boost citizenship

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - The public library in Hartford is being recognized for its efforts to help immigrants become U.S. citizens.

The Boston-based Project Citizenship nonprofit group has awarded the library a $16,000 grant to help cover the cost of free programs to counsel citizenship applicants and fight immigration services ...

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Disneyland Employee Gets One Year In Jail For Seeking Sex From Minor

He posted an ad on Craigslist seeking women willing to engage in sex acts for Disneyland tickets

Via: The Daily Caller

Legally Blind Man Awarded $100,000 for Wrongful Termination — but the Way He Makes a Living Might Surprise You

"I could wake up someday and be completely blind, but my goal is to have a nice home with a nice backyard for my son."

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Defense Secretary: Russia, China Potentially Threaten Global Order

"Most disturbing, Moscow's nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders' commitment …"

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uBeam Declassifies Secrets To Try To Prove Wireless Power Is Possible

Wireless Power It must violate the laws of physics. It must be dangerous. It must be impossible. This is what critics have concluded despite not actually knowing the details behind uBeam's wireless power technology. So rather than let the rumors swirl, today uBeam revealed a bunch of details about how far, how fast, and just plain how it can charge a phone without wires. "People are saying… Read More

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Check Out Houston Mayor's 'Shameful' Reaction to Criticism in Wake of Failed Transgender Ordinance

"No, actually I called you …"

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Trump, Carson Tied Among Calif. Republican Voters: USC/LAT Poll

Trump has 20% of Calif. Republican vote, Carson 19%, LA Times says, citing its USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. Nationally Trump leads Carson 25% to 21% Rubio is 3rd with 14% in Calif., 12% nationally Poll surveyed 2,009 voters in Calif., 3,035 nationwide Margin of error +/- 3% in Calif., 2.5% nationally Complete poll to be released Sunday

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Gun Test: Coonan Compact .357 Magnum

This is a 1911 engineered for the .357 Magnum - and it hits hard

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Former Putin Aide Who Helped Launch Russia Today Outlet Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room

Although there was no evidence of foul play, homicide detectives were investigating Lesin's death.

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Live From New York, Donald Trump Will Soon Be Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

… booking a presidential candidate to host the NBC sketch-comedy show is almost unprecedented.

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Rubio Campaign Releases Summary of 2005-06 Credit Card Charges

The campaign of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio released summaries of eight personal purchases totaling more than $7k that campaign says he made on his Republican Party of Florida American Express card during 2005-06 and paid directly to Amex. NOTE: Florida U.S. senator, who was then in state's House of Representatives, has faced resurgence of accusations he inappropriately used card from co-contender Donald Trump "The Republican Party of Florida did not pay for any of Marco's pers

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Not Your Grandfather's Immigrants

(John Hinderaker) The mass migration from Islamic countries including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others, continues apace. Around three-quarters of a million migrants have entered Europe in the current wave. They generally travel through some combination of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, but very few migrants come to rest in those countries. Almost all head for the richer nations of northern Europe. So far, Germany and Sweden have been

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Noise Heard in Last Second of Russian Plane's Cockpit Recording

… bolstering U.S. and British suspicions that the plane was brought down by a bomb.

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Clinton Campaign Says She Announces New Marijuana Policy

"Today, @HillaryClinton announces support for reclassifying marijuana as schedule II drug under Controlled Substances Act, to allow research," press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted Saturday. NOTE: Marijuana currently schedule I drug, meaning it's considered more dangerous and less useful than schedule II drugs and research and state legalization is curtailed Clinton previously said federal govt shouldn't interfere with states that legalized recreational marijuana and that those states should act

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Napout: New president not enough to solve FIFA crisis

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - The head of South American football said Saturday that simply electing a new president will not dig FIFA out of the worst crisis in its 111-year history.

"I don't think that any candidate or situation can change everything," Juan Angel Napout, president of the South American ...

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Germany's Vice Chancellor Says Syrian Migrant Asylum Proposal 'Finished'

The plan was "without consultation, and it is smart that it was taken back again."

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SFMTA Rolling Out MuniMobile Transportation Payments App Nov 16

MobileTicketComingSoon Out of beta and ready for the masses of San Francisco's public transportation commuters, MuniMobile will roll out November 16, 2015. MuniMobile is the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's (SFMTA) app enabling city riders to load payments for their trip on their smartphone instead of fumbling for change and waiting in line to buy tickets at the station. Nearly one… Read More

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Syrian-American who confronted Jeb Bush speaking at URI

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) - A Syrian-American activist who gained notoriety after confronting Jeb Bush at a recent campaign stop is speaking at the University of Rhode Island later this month

Nora Barré will talk about the Syrian civil war during a Nov. 18 speech that's part of the university's ...

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Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Pens Touching Tribute to Twin Brother: 'He is the Definition of Never Quit'

"It's been an honor being your twin brother…"

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Glenn Beck Asks Media Harsh Question About Ben Carson: 'I Am Sickened by the Media'

"It will end up only making him stronger."

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Gillmor Gang: Notification Rap

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Dennis Crowley, Om Malik, John Borthwick, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Monday, November 2, 2015. The Gang of Four reprise the Notifications Summit and fill in some of the blanks of the Case of the Missing Session 3. Plus, the latest G3 (below) with Halley Suitt Tucker, Mary Hodder, Rebecca Woodcock, Francine Hardaway, and Tina Chase Gillmor. @stevegillmor @dens… Read More

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The Iran deal for dummies

(Scott Johnson) MEMRI's Yigal Carmon has what he calls a Daily Brief summarizing leading aspect of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action among Iran, the United States and others regarding Iran's nuclear program. It is a most peculiar deal. Carmon calls his summary "The emperor has no clothes." John wrote about it here. Carmon's exposition opens with these observations (footnotes omitted): What is mistakenly perceived as an agreement under the title of

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The Four-Letter Words Aren't The Worst Thing About Deport Racism's Ad

The implied support for hate speech laws is uglier than the vulgarities shouted by the kids

Via: The Daily Caller

See the 'Disgusting' Banner Alabama Fans Hung Prior to Game Against LSU

"We're having a banner weekend."

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Eighth Grade Math Questions About Sexual Abuse, Prostitution Raises Eyebrows [VIDEO]

School district apologizes for "inappropriate" questions

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Lone Adult Survivor of South Sudanese Plane Crash Recounts Story of How He Saved a Baby's Life

"The baby I grabbed…"

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Christie Approaches Drug Issues From a Pro-Life Position: 'We Gotta Be Pro-Life Beyond That First Nine Months'

"I'm pro-life for the 16-year-old teenage girl who's lying on the floor of the county lock-up addicted to heroin."

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California Is Winning The Digital Privacy Fight

shutterstock_317154074 Starting in 2016, tech companies can tell law enforcement in California to come back with a warrant for access to digital data. That's because California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA), a landmark digital privacy law that requires California police to obtain a warrant from a judge before they can access electronic… Read More

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Gutter balls with Bill [With comment by Paul]

(Scott Johnson) Last night I touched on the demented highlights of Bill O'Reilly's wild interview with George Will in "O'Reilly projects." I've watched the video now a few more times. If you haven't seen it, you may find it of interest. I'm not entirely sure I understand all his points, but I think each point O'Reilly makes is haywire. O'Reilly begins with Will's failure to call O'Reilly before publishing his "provocative column."

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Gary leaders consider plan for immigration detention center

GARY, Ind. (AP) - Some city council members in Gary want more information about an 800-bed immigration detention facility proposed for property near the Gary Chicago International Airport.

The (Munster) Times reports ( the GEO Group, wants a zoning variance to build the facility. Council President Kyle Allen and Vice ...

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Snowden Says Clinton And Sanders Are 'Refreshing,' Give Him Hope To Return

'In two years it's a remarkable transformation'

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America's 20 'Worst' Small Cities Have One Curious Thing in Common — Can You Spot it?

Experts analyzed 1268 different cities to come up with their findings. 

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Obama Announces Obamacare Competition: 'This is Reality. This is Healthcare in America.'

"This country's at its best when we look out for each other."

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Levin: The Liberal Media Is Racist

FotorCreatedRadio talk show host Mark Levin sounded off Friday night about the mainstream media's aggressive effort to smear GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson. Politico accused Carson Friday morning of lying about being offered a scholarship to West Point, the latest instance in a series of bombardments by the liberal media against the retired neurosurgeon. The ...More

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Police: Texas District Judge Shot Outside Her Home

"We are all praying for her."

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The Week in Pictures: Jeb Can't Do It Edition

(Steven Hayward) I'm almost starting to feel sorry for poor Jeb Bush. His cluelessness seems to run as deep as his dad at his dad's worst. Adopting "Jeb Can Fix It" as a slogan at a time when the party grassroots, and many independent voters, want not a "fixer" but someone who will smash Washington to its foundation and start over is the height of political incompetence. And finally. . . in

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How to Lose a Hundred Million Dollars Without Really Trying

There are, broadly speaking, two ways to reform institutions: from the top down, via an alliance of elites; and from the bottom up, with the impetus coming from those who are affected by the system and want to see it altered. Elites pushing social change ought not to forget that the legitimacy that will sustain their reforms will come from the bottom.

The Prize is a meticulously reported case study of one elite alliance's attempt to reform public education in an American city. The alliance in this case is comprised of Mayor (now Senator) Cory Booker, Governor Chris Christie, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

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Immigration financing fuels part of city's revitalization

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - Allentown developer City Center Investment Corp. has been credited with resurrecting the city's struggling downtown business district.

Several hundred thousand dollars of publicly subsidized office, retail and apartment construction situated around PPL Center, the city's signature arena, has created new jobs, an invigorated restaurant scene and ...

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Leaders of Taiwan, China Hold Meeting for First Time Since End of Civil War 66 Years Ago

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