November 25, 2016

Celebrate Rivalry Weekend With These Gorgeous Football Fans [SLIDESHOW]

They aren't covering up much

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Journalist Tricked Into Spreading Hoax Trump-Inspired Attack [VIDEO]

'white is right'

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Black Friday online sales to hit a record-breaking $3 billion, over $1 billion from mobile

shutterstock online shopping e-commerce Black Friday online shopping is continuing to grow, and this Friday was another record-breaking day. According to a new report out this evening from Adobe, which has been tracking e-commerce transactions throughout the sales holiday, Black Friday is on track to set a new record by surpassing the $3 billion mark for the first time. It's also expected to become the first day in U.S.… Read More

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Jill Stein Has Filed For A Recount In Wisconsin

Is seeking a recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan

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How to recruit, hire and retain female engineers

femaleengineer Leaders at tech startups are alarmed by the absence of women from mission-critical roles — software engineering, especially. This article is a how-to guide for finding and hiring women software engineers who will get the job done. Front-end or full-stack, QA or customer success specialist, it doesn't matter. These steps to success apply to hiring women into any coding or… Read More

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Medical Journal Freakout

(John Hinderaker) The Lancet, founded in 1823, is one of the world's leading medical journals. Like pretty much all institutions, it has been taken over by the Left, and in recent years has not hesitated to opine on politics as well as medicine. Still, the journal's editorial titled President Trump is pretty jarring. It begins by quoting from a speech by one David Stuckler at the European Public Health Conference in Vienna,

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Jeb Bush Praises Donald Trump's Proposals In Latest Op-Ed

'I pray he governs inclusively, with humility and with purpose'

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Siren Care makes a "smart" sock to track diabetic health

Siren Socks Diabetic health tracking startup Siren Care has created smart socks that use temperature sensors to detect inflammation — and therefore injury — in realtime for diabetics. Co-founder Ran Ma was working on growing biomass to grow back skin that had been damaged while at Northwestern University when she started learning how to treat diabetic feet and thought of making a… Read More

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Green Party's Jill Stein files for Wisconsin recount: 'We deserve election we can trust'

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein filed for a recount of the election votes in Wisconsin, submitting the paperwork just before the Friday deadline, according to state election officials.

Ms. Stein said earlier in the day that she had raised the estimated $1.1 million to pay for the recount, although ...

Source: stories: Politics Is Looking To School Walt Disney Co (NASDAQ: AMZN) is making a big play for live sports. According to the Wall Street Journal, the e-commerce giant has been in talks with professional leagues large and small, from the NBA, NFL, and MLB all the way down to college conferences and even organizations like the World Surf League, about streaming live sports content. It's […]

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No Man's Sky's upcoming update paves the way for building bases

nomanssky The sci-fi universe wandering game No Man's Sky got a vocal and sizeable negative reception after a portion of players felt it overpraised with hype and pre-release advertising but didn't deliver ultimately with actual gameplay. I genuinely liked the game, but it might be because I didn't pay very much attention to the actual promises being made by studio Hello Games after… Read More

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Green Party raises $5M for presidential recount in key states over hacking suspicions

Complaints about election fraud almost inevitably hail from the right, but Republican Donald Trump's unexpected presidential win has left-wingers raising millions for recounts in key swing states to make sure the race wasn't hacked.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein plans to file Friday for a recount in ...

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Giving corporate innovation a jolt

lightning storm Today's competitive business world demands innovation. Corporations need to innovate to inspire, compete and survive. However, the burden of innovation has largely rested on startups. Large corporations and established businesses are expected to out-think their rivals, but more often we see that they rely on minor product updates or acquisitions in place of home-grown innovation. Read More

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Veterans Are Slamming The FDA's Plan To Smother Vaping Industry

'Service members deserve the right to a tobacco alternative'

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Trump's Stock in Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Company Raises Concern

President-elect Donald Trump holds stock in the company building the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline, and pipeline opponents warn that Trump's investments could affect any decision he makes on the $3.8 billion project as president.

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Democrat Richard Blumenthal calls for special counsel to prevent Trump-tainted probe

One Democratic senator wants the Obama Justice Department to leave behind a watchdog independent of President-elect Donald Trump, calling for the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to continue a probe into the 2008 financial crisis.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, said Mr. Trump's own financial ties to Deutsche ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Black Friday Discount For 'HILLARIOUS' Clinton-Themed Stocking Stuffer

Hillary's Hammers 25 percent off with this code

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Salesforce serves as training ground for SaaS startup execs

Salesforce logo on Mosconi Center at Dreamforce 2016. When startups go looking for executive talent, they want someone with some experience working for a successful organization. When it comes to the cloud, there is a dearth of expertise — with one notable exception — Salesforce. Perhaps, that's why Salesforce, by far the most successful pure SaaS company ever, has become a pipeline for executive talent. The company launched… Read More

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Reward offered for information on Whiteclay woman's death

WHITECLAY, Neb. (AP) - Activists looking to end beer sales in Whiteclay have been collecting money to offer a reward for information about a woman's death.

The Lincoln Journal Star ( ) reports that the killing of 50-year-old Sherry Wounded Foot remains unsolved. Wounded Foot was found beaten and unconscious ...

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'Brady Bunch' Cast Members Mourn Loss Of Florence Henderson

So sad...

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Videos of the Week: Just Because

(Steven Hayward) We've debated for a long time whether to supplement our Saturday Week in Pictures with a weekly offering of the best videos that have popped up in the ether, but generally demurred for the simple reason that it takes a lot more time to us to review videos than photos (we have the Saturday photo gallery down to an assembly line science by this point; in fact don't tell Trump

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Mobile and enterprise are the keys to VR/AR scale

vr wireframe humans Though PC and console VR are the sexier formats we're all excited about, is mobile where VR will really scale in the near term? This is a question I've been posing to investors and innovators. Read More

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