May 29, 2016

Brexit: "An off ramp from the road to serfdom"

(Paul Mirengoff) Next month, Great Britain will vote on whether to exit the European Union. One of the main arguments against a "Brexit" seems to be that Germany and company will punish Britain economically if it exits in order to deter other states from following or perhaps just out of spite. For some, though, this reality may be an argument in favor of leaving. Why remain attached, and cede more and more

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Trump At Biker Rally In DC: Illegals Get Better Treatment Than Vets

'We're with you 100 percent'

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Marco Rubio confidantes not sold on Senate run despite GOP push

Sen. Marco Rubio cracked opened the door to running for re-election to the Senate, offering a definite "maybe" last week when asked if he'd be up for another term in the chamber he spent the last year lambasting.

Top Republicans have seized on the opening. The chairman of the Senate ...

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Robots add real value when working with humans, not replacing them

handshake In the popular media, we talk a lot about robots stealing jobs. But when we stop speculating and actually look at the real world of work, the impact of advanced robotics is far more nuanced and complicated. Issues of jobs and income inequality fade away, for example — there aren't remotely enough robots to affect more than a handful of us in the practical sense. Read More

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Gary Johnson-Bill Weld 2016 Libertarian ticket offers 'third way' in divisive election

The Libertarian Party put forward Sunday the strongest presidential ticket in its history, throwing down the gauntlet in an election that has the two major parties poised to nominate divisive candidates with soaring unfavorability ratings.

Delegates to the Libertarian National Convention chose in separate votes a pair of former Republican ...

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These Historic Photos Are A Stunning Reminder Of World War II For Memorial Day

You need to see this

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Trump: GOP Can't Allow 'Spoiler' Independent White House Bids

If Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol "actually does get a spoiler to run as an Independent, say good bye to the Supreme Court!," Donald Trump says in Twitter post. NOTE: Kristol told Bloomberg Politics earlier this week that 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is "thinking seriously" about a third-party run this election Trump says Republican party has to be "smart & strong" to win general election "Can't allow lightweights to set up a spoiler Indie candidate!": Trump NOTE: Earlier

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Inside the Beltway: Memorial Day according to Betty Cantrell, Miss America

Not everything is alarming and annoying in a year rife with change and uncertainty. Witness a reassuring moment with Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell, who is in the nation's capital Monday for Memorial Day — specifically, the National Memorial Day Parade which this year honors the veterans of World War ...

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Two Arrested After Georgia Sheriff's Deputy Shot In The Face

'Doing much better'

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Donald Trump candidacy gets tepid response from GOP incumbents

There are signs that the "ostrich effect" is spreading inside the halls of Congress, where Senate Republicans running for re-election in tight races are putting distance between themselves and Donald Trump — with some wary of even mentioning his name.

While rank-and-file voters are lining up behind Mr. Trump, some ...

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Netherlands Hands $11,787 Furniture Bonuses To Migrants

'Discrimination' against Dutch people

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Human obsolescence: Are we ready for an artificially intelligent future?

2708124956_82c2da0fea_b "Enjoy your com-FORT-able stay," says a robot front-desk clerk at Japan's Robot Hotel. Do you thank the robot for its awkward salutation? Or maybe you hesitate for a moment before shuffling off in silence. If our digital screens are separating us from human interaction, you better believe AI will further tear that tenuous social fabric. Read More

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Libertarian Party chairman candidate strips on stage at national convention

Something you'll never see at a Democrat or Republican convention: A candidate for Libertarian Party chair on Sunday danced and stripped down to his thong before leaving the stage amid a chorus of boos.

The large, bearded man announced immediately after his striptease, which was performed to music, that he ...

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Flint Water Pipe Fix Nearly Doubles In Price — Michigan Gov Is None Too Happy

'Isn't it odd that the city is charging so much for permits, pavement cuts?'

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Loose Ends (1)

(Steven Hayward) I stumble across lots of little items in my eclectic reading pile that don't rise to the level of deserving a whole item on Power Line (especially when they are about metaphysics, my weekend hobby), but which might be worth a sentence or two in a grab bag of things. So I'm going to start a new recurrent series called "Loose Ends." Though I'm sure many readers will think it

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Analysis: La. governor, attorney general repeatedly at odds

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Attorney General Jeff Landry says he doesn't consider Gov. John Bel Edwards his political foe. He says they get along just fine.

You couldn't tell that by watching the political maneuverings at the Louisiana Capitol, where the Democratic governor and the Republican attorney general have ...

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Green Energy Doesn't Work Without Energy Storage That Doesn't Exist Yet

It is currently impossible to economically store power for times when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing.

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Trump Makes Appeal to Bikers, Veterans at Rolling Thunder Event

Donald Trump stopped by on Sunday to address a mostly welcoming audience of bikers marking the Memorial Day weekend, telling supporters that the U.S. treats "illegal immigrants" better than its military veterans.

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Supreme Court May Decide Transgender Bathroom Issue Once And For All

'We further inform you that ...'

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INNOVATE2016: How the blockchain will clean up American politics

bitcoin-eagle The fundamentally transparent nature of blockchain technology – with its unalterable public ledger – will force politicians to be more honest about themselves and their intentions. Blockchain, they promise, will eventually disinfect the American political system – exposing dishonesty and triggering a more accountable political conversation. Read More

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Ready or Not, Republicans Prepare for Standard-Bearer Trump

The former reality TV star will lead the party against the Democrats for the White House, Congress, and thousands of other elective offices.

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Sanders on Clinton Email Scandal: Superdelegates Will Keep It in Mind

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Bernie Sanders: IG Report Was 'Not…Good' For Hillary [VIDEO]

Says Democrats should take the report into consideration

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Technological innovation is often simply an innovation in how we think about technology

ideas_1 It may slip our notice, but technological innovation is often reducible to an innovation in the marketing and conceptualization of technology. While there are undoubtedly many technological breakthroughs that can't be reduced to linguistic and conceptual changes, it's surprising how often apparent innovations depend on shifts in terminology and discourse. Read More

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Why the "scar tissue" excuse for Hillary's document destruction fails

(Paul Mirengoff) Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post offers a familiar excuse for Hillary Clinton's insistence on using a private email server. According to Marcus, "the scar tissue built up over years of politically motivated attacks and endless investigations reinforced Clinton's instinct for the protective crouch." Marcus' explanation sounds plausible, but it happens to be false (except for the part about "instinct for the protective crouch"). We know the explanation is false

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Libertarians nominate Gary Johnson for president in second ballot

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party 2016 presidential nomination on Sunday, capturing 55.8 percent of the delegate vote on the second ballot in what could be a banner year for the nation's largest third party.

Mr. Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate, easily cleared the majority ...

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Report: Marijuana Smuggling Crashes After States Legalize

'The number continues to decrease'

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Trump aide slams suggestion of third-party run by conservative Republican

A conservative, third-party run by 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney or another Republican would be a "complete disaster" and ensure victory for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, one of Donald Trump's top aides said Sunday.

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that Mr. Romney is a "failed candidate" who would fall ...

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WATCH LIVE: Trump's Speech At The Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Event [LIVE STREAM]

Begins at 2:30 p.m. EST, 11:30 a.m. PST

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Wallace Tells Schiff: 'I Expect More From You'

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Bernie Sanders says 'dumb' primary process is hurting his Democratic presidential campaign

Sen. Bernard Sanders said Sunday that a "dumb" primary process is hurting his grassroots campaign.

The Vermont independent faces a narrow path toward seizing the Democratic nomination from the front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But he's gunning for victory in California on June 7, and said his previous ...

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Dem. Rep. Keeps Bringing Up Colin Powell While Discussing Hillary's Emails And Chris Wallace Has Had Enough [VIDEO]

'Hillary Clinton was operating in a different world.'

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360-degree camera maker Jeffrey Martin talks about what it takes to film for VR

0b7b5dd5c5701577148e91251cbc4d6a_original This week on the Technotopia podcast I interviewed Jeffrey Martin, the creator of 360Cities and the maker of the Sphericam. Martin is a skilled 360-degree camera operator and has created amazing panoramas of cities around the world. "I've been working with VR since the days of CRT monitors," he said and he explained the challenges and changes coming to us thanks to new… Read More

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Trump Celebrates Memorial Day Weekend at Huge D.C. Biker Rally

The presumptive Republican nominee holding a Memorial Day weekend visit with one of his favorite constituencies.

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Daily News to Hillary: Drop out

(Scott Johnson) The reality of Hillary Clinton's serious and repeated lies about Clinton's use of a private server has even penetrated the precincts of MSNBC. Viewing the segment below, Shaun King opines in the New York Daily News: "Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign." King writes: "From the very beginning of the segment, it was clear that the report issued by inspector general of the State

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Panel: IG Report Proves Poll Numbers That Clinton is Untrustworthy

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New Jersey family comes full circle at Ellis Island

METUCHEN, N.J. (AP) - One hundred years ago, Dotty Epstein's mother, grandparents and uncles arrived at Ellis Island after a long and arduous journey. Coming from Salonica, Greece, the family- which never spoke much about the experience -traveled together to the new world. Of Sephardic Jewish descent, life in Salonica ...

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Feinstein: Hillary Wanted To Email Without 'Somebody Looking Over Her Shoulder' [VIDEO]

Clinton just 'wants a little bit of a private life'

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Why do chatbots suck?

chattering teeth Chatbots have been in the news a lot this year. First there was Tay, Microsoft's racist love child, who just couldn't keep herself under control. Then came Facebook with its messenger bots, which, by most accounts, didn't start well. And now there's news coming from Viv, which at first glance seems like Siri 2.0. Not surprisingly, it was built by the founder of Siri. Read More

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Veterans Memorials Damaged In Four States As Nation Marks Memorial Day

'This is an affront to the memory of people who fought and died....'

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Memorial Day DISRESPECT: Two Tragic Stories – Is It A Sign Of The Times?

vandals5Disgusting lack of honor to those who deserve it.

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Guns & Politics: The German That Taught Us How To Fight The British

General George Washington and Ambassador Ben Franklin saught a Prussian Baron named Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben

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When Wyler came back

(Scott Johnson) When I walked into Spaulding Auditorium to see The Best Years of Our Lives as an undergrad, I had never even heard of the film. When I walked out three hours later, I couldn't believe I had never heard of it. It is a great film with a lot of truth and a big heart in it. Tonight TCM is carrying the film as part of its Memorial Day lineup.

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Guardians of the Revolution

In August 2013, Esmail Ali Taqi Heydari and Hadi Baghbani were preparing to defend a base in Syria held by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad. A rebel detachment was approaching to take the base, which was close to a strategic hill that, if captured, would allow the rebels to control southern Aleppo. Most of the pro-Assad side was made up of Syrian militiamen, but Heydari and Baghbani were members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC.

After a rebel ambush, both men were killed and returned to their hometown in Iran to be buried with full honors. State media covered the funeral, and Heydari and Baghbani "were hailed as martyrs who died 'defending the holy shrine of Sayyida Zaynab' in Damascus," a revered site in Shia Islam.

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Group seeks to bring 100 refugees to Arkansas yearly

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas took in about 1 out of every 1 million refugees who sought shelter worldwide last year - 13 of the 14.5 million refugees accounted for by the United Nations.

A local group called Canopy NWA wants to raise that number despite a contentious atmosphere about ...

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