May 5, 2016

Sheldon Adelson to Support Donald Trump: New York Times

Sheldon Adelson says he will support Donald Trump now that he has become the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, New York Times reports, citing an interview with Adelson on Thursday night. "He won fair and square,": report cites Adelson as saying Link to NYT story

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Trump To WV Voters: Don't Bother Voting In Primary [VIDEO]

'The primary is gone'

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Hillary Clinton Yells That We Need To Stop Yelling At Each Other

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Rodrigo Duterte, the 'Filipino Donald Trump,' leads presidential contest

MELBOURNE, Australia — To his many critics, he is an uncouth braggart with a penchant for politically incorrect jokes and a populist dislike for Western allies, but when Filipinos go to the polls Monday, they are widely expected to elect Rodrigo Duterte as president and initiate a political shake-up with ...

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Race Will Probably Play A Decisive Role In The General Election

Race looking to be deciding factor

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I've got a few questions for virtual reality filmmakers

16017605340_e3984082bf_o So, I'm sitting aboard a flight to Boston at the moment. I just finished a bout of midterms at Northwestern University that allegedly went well enough for me to make it through undergrad. I have an $8 beer in my hand that Spirit Airlines is using to subsidize their garbage service, but more importantly, I'm grappling with a lot of questions surrounding reality and stuff. Where… Read More

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Obama Intensifies Push for Broader Onshore Ownership Disclosure

The Obama administration renewed its push Thursday to make it harder for people to hide money in the U.S., jumping on momentum created by the release of leaked Panama legal documents to pressure Congress on proposals that have been languishing for years.

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Hawaii plans to take up police reform, health care in 2017

HONOLULU (AP) - The 2016 Hawaii legislative session has ended, and Hawaii lawmakers have passed dozens of bills including those to ban sex trafficking and combat homelessness.

But hundreds of other bills didn't survive, including one to regulate fantasy sports and another to allow patients to try experimental drugs. A ...

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Teachers Union: Trump Is To Blame For School Bullying

'It will take decades to overcome'

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The Trump Uniter-Divider Index: Bad Day Thanks to Paul Ryan

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the difficulties facing Donald Trump in trying to unite the Republican Party on "With All Due Respect."

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Illegal Immigration Booming

(John Hinderaker) The Hill headlines: "Illegal immigrant numbers skyrocket at Mexican border." The numbers are simply staggering: The number of families and unaccompanied children apprehended on the southern border has skyrocketed this year, according to new figures from the Obama administration. … Through the first six months of fiscal 2016, which ended on March 31, border officials apprehended 27,754 unaccompanied children, the CBP reported — a 78 percent jump from the 15,616

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Teacher Mocks Common Core During Jeopardy Appearance

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Libertarians court #NeverTrump Republicans as Trump nomination looms

DENVER — Krista Kafer first registered as a Republican in 1992, but she switched parties hours after Donald Trump became on Tuesday the all-but-certain GOP presidential nominee.

She's now a Libertarian and plans to support the party's nominee for president. At the same time, she says she will vote Republican ...

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Students Warned Against Racist Sombreros, Tequila On Cinco De Mayo

'Refrain from using Spanish in a disrespectful manner'

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Obama's Ex-Speechwriters on Hillary, Bernie,Taco Bowls

Jon Favreau, former director of speechwriting for President Obama, and Jon Lovett, former Obama speechwriter and sitcom writer, discuss Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's latest tweet and the 2016 race on "With All Due Respect."

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Former Obama Speechwriter Compares Electing Trump to a Plane Crash

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Kansas trial nears end in anti-abortion activist's threat

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Jurors have gone home without reaching a verdict in the trial of a Kansas anti-abortion activist accused of sending a letter suggesting someone might place an explosive under the car of a doctor training to perform abortions.

Deliberations will resume Friday in the trial of Angel ...

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Trump: 'I'm Not Ready To Support Ryan's Agenda'

'I'm just not ready to do that at this point'

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Why Mary Matalin Is Registering as a Libertarian

Republican strategist Mary Matalin discusses Donald Trump and her decision to change her party affiliation on "With All Due Respect."

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U.S.'s Oldest WWII Veteran Dies

America's oldest living World War II veteran Frank Levingston Jr. died this week at 110 years old.

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Diane Black, Tennessee Republican, pans Justice decision to cease using words 'convict' and 'felon'

The decision by a Justice Department office to cease using the words "convict" and "felon" in official communications ignores "the personal responsibility that these ex-offenders must assume for themselves," said Rep. Diane Black.

Responding to Wednesday's announcement that the Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs would no longer use the ...

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Saudi Security Forces Kill Four ISIS Terrorists Near Islam's Holiest City

Crackdown on suspected terrorists in the Kingdom continues

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Skoog 2.0 brings wireless connectivity to the multi-use educational musical instrument

photography of Skoog music machine "The key was to create an instrument for all children," explains Skoog co-inventor Dr. Ben Schögler. "That includes kids with disabilities, whether physical or learning disabilities. It was made to be an inclusive instrument, because musical instruments are beautiful, they're fantastic, but they're difficult to play." Born out of Edinburg University in… Read More

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Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (2)

(Scott Johnson) First NBC News managed to wangle an interview with Guccifer in a Romanian cell. In the course of the interview NBC extracted the "bombshell" (as NBC calls it) that Guccifer hacked Hillary Clinton's private email server. Had NBC reported it, its "bombshell" would have been a scoop. Having extracted the "bombshell," NBC sat on it. It chose to leave it to FOX News to report the story of his hacking

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Jon Keyser Signs Term-Limit Pledge

Combat veteran and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jon Keyser vowed to only serve two terms if he is elected, saying "career politicians" such as Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet are part of the problem in Washington.

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House again rejects bill targeting immigration penalties

PHOENIX (AP) - A bill that would stiffen sentences for immigrants in the country illegally has been rejected by the House for a second time in two days.

The House failed to adopt the proposal on a 31-29 vote Thursday after lawmakers reconsidered the bill under House rules.

Republican Sen. ...

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Transphobes Torment TX Target Customer For Walking Into 'Wrong' Dressing Room

Last week, the Target Corporation announced that customers can use any public facility they want in any Target store, regardless of their chromosomes, genitalia, or any other unfortunate fact of biology. Target has openly rejected our society's cisnormative bigender bigotry, and it's about damn time. But not everyone is so enlightened. Just look at what […]

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House Speaker Ryan Not Ready to Endorse Fellow Republican Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he isn't ready to endorse Donald Trump for president, saying the presumptive Republican nominee needs to work to unify the party before the speaker will be willing to offer his support.

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Paul Ryan Not Prepared to Endorse Donald Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan will not yet endorse Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for president.

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Illinois GOP lawmakers want auditor spending answers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - A group of Republican lawmakers attempted to turn up the election-year heat Thursday on the state's chief fiscal monitor, demanding that Auditor General Frank Mautino answer questions about his campaign spending as a legislator.

First-term Rep. Grant Wehrli of Naperville, who faces a Democratic challenger in ...

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What Makes A Men's Restroom A Men's Restroom?

Without a reference to sex organs or traditional gender roles, gender can only be defined subjectively

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Only humans, not computers, can learn or predict

artificial intelligence In late January, Nature magazine announced that a computer designed by Google's DeepMind defeated a human master in the ancient Chinese board game, "Go." This impressive achievement once again raised the expectations for a predicted future in which computers will have artificial intelligence. No matter which side of the debate one falls on, DeepMind's achievement… Read More

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Big-Spending Fracking Family Behind Cruz Won't Back Trump

Add the conservative Wilks family of Texas, among the biggest spenders in the presidential race so far, to the list of donors who won't support Donald Trump in the general election.

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Syria Cease-Fire Extends to Aleppo After U.S., Russia Talks

The U.S. and Russia reached an agreement extending a "cessation of hostilities" in parts of Syria to the besieged northern city of Aleppo as diplomats try to salvage talks aimed at resolving a five-year-old civil war.

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Historic black fraternity forms New Mexico undergrad chapter

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A historically black fraternity is expanding in New Mexico, joining other black fraternities and sororities that have formed in the state in recent years.

Seven University of New Mexico students chartered this week an undergraduate chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi - one the nation's oldest Greek-letter ...

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Donald Trump Is Betting the White House on His One-Man Show

The presumptive Republican nominee is poised to launch a radical—and brutal—campaign against Hillary Clinton.

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NH Lawmaker: Asking Hassan Appointee to Investigate Hassan Hubby 'Not Politically Realistic'

A New Hampshire lawmaker says politics may have poisoned her request for a state investigation of Phillips Exeter Academy's hush-up of sexual misconduct scandals.

Republican State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien said that she considered it a long shot when she requested the state get involved in the boarding school's response to allegations of sexual misconduct by its teachers given its political connotations. The scandal has proven a public embarrassment for Gov. Maggie Hassan.

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Remittance startup Azimo raises $15M from Viber owner, e-commerce giant Rakuten

money-earth Azimo was once in talks to be acquired by WhatsApp and Messenger owner Facebook. And while may not have gone anywhere, today it is announcing funding from another big tech company in possession of a major messaging app. Viber owner Rakuten is putting $15 million into the London-based remittance startup. It's a strategic investment: the funding will be used to help Azimo… Read More

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Gov. Bentley's prison plan fails on session's final day

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's massive prison construction proposal - the centerpiece of the embattled governor's 2016 agenda - failed late Wednesday night in the final minutes of the legislative session.

Lawmakers concluded the session at midnight before Bentley could get a scaled-back bill $550 million bill, ...

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Foreign investors in fizzled development at wit's end

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Foreigners who had been banking on their investments in a biomedical research facility and a hotel and rental cottage project in northern Vermont to get green cards are scrambling to find a backup now that the project's developers are accused of misusing hundreds of millions of ...

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Bill Clinton Says It's Been 'A Long Time' Since 'A Girl' Complimented His Looks

Bill goes off the reservation again

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Islamic State Fears Lead U.S. Foreign Policy Concerns in Survey

With the U.S. presidential election campaign firming up, four out of five Americans say the Islamic State is their top international concern, even as many remain wary of their country's role overseas, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

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Ecuadoreans in US seek immigration help after quake

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Ecuadorean immigrants are asking the Obama administration to allow their fellow citizens in the United States illegally to stay here and work while the South American country recovers from a magnitude-7.8 earthquake.

A group of Ecuadorean activists in Los Angeles on Wednesday joined similar calls by ...

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Baller Babes: These Gorgeous Women Love Basketball [SLIDESHOW]

They are stunning...

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