April 28, 2016

Looking Back at Boulder

(Steven Hayward) The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story out today about the experiment I began at the University of Colorado at Boulder two years ago, now that the smoke (what kind of smoke you ask?) has cleared. The story is behind a subscriber paywall, but here's the lede and a few fun parts plus some additional commentary from me: After 3 Years, U. of Colorado Deems Its Conservative-Scholars Program a

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Campus rape bill draws doubts over accountability

The Campus Accountability and Safety Act, being billed as a bipartisan response to rape on college campuses, is drawing doubts over the matter of "accountability and safety" — for whom.

At a press conference this week, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of 12 Republican co-sponsors, said the bill ...

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CA Lawmakers Rule No 'John Wayne Day' After Reading Past Statements On Race

California lawmakers have decided not recognize the day the actor was born as John Wayne Day after reviewing a past statement opponents say was "racist". On Thursday, legislators reviewed a 1971 Playboy magazine interview with the famous actor, in which he talked about white supremacy, according to reports. "We can't all of a sudden get […]

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EPA accused of collusion after staffer admits he aided foes fighting Pebble Mine

Phil North was no fan of the proposed Pebble Mine, so when he was asked in 2010 to offer feedback on a draft petition urging the Environmental Protection Agency to kill the project, he pitched in with suggested language and edits.

Given that Mr. North was then a staff scientist ...

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Inside the Beltway: Trump and Clinton: It's a tie at last

Trying to follow the match between presidential front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a lot like putting together a mosaic: lots of little pieces.

But patterns emerge. Mr. Trump appears to be closing in on his rival, as a new Rasmussen Reports of likely voters from both parties reveals ...

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Epic Foundation's new app helps donors understand where their money is going

Epic Foundation app Epic Foundation is a nonprofit aiming to improve charitable giving — an approach that encompasses the way people select, monitor and "experience" their donations. Founded by serial entrepreneur Alexandre Mars (among other roles, he was CEO at Phonevalley, a mobile marketing agency acquired by Publicis Groupe, where Mars became head of mobile), Epic is trying to bring a more… Read More

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With All Due Respect (04/28/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, National Review's Eliana Johnson, the Washington Post's Phil Rucker, MSNBC's Katy Tur and Kasie Hunt on "With All Due Respect."

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Gutless in Indiana

(Paul Mirengoff) A reader-activist offers the following thought on the GOP primary in Indiana: Where the hell are Daniels and Pence!? They want Trump???? Bunch of COWARDS. They should be leading and instead they are under the bed. People like that will leave us with Trump as the candidate! I agree. Trump's big loss in Wisconsin was due in significant part to the vigorous opposition of Scott Walker and other Republican leaders

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Illegal immigrant criminals released into U.S. despite thousands of vacant detention beds

Homeland Security is leaving thousands of detention beds empty even as it voluntarily releases thousands of murderers, kidnappers and other criminals, the chief of deportations admitted to Congress Thursday, as she faced families of those killed by released illegal immigrant convicts.

"We strive for perfect but we are human and ...

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#NotAllMuslims Are Amusingly Inept Soldiers

Those ISIS boys like to put out videos depicting themselves as fierce warriors. But according to this footage obtained by VICE News, they're not so much jihadi legends as they are Jerry Lewis. Poor Abu Hajaar. I'll bet he always got picked last when the kids would play Kick the Goat's Head at the Jew. […]

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Employee found dead at Apple headquarters identified

Apple_Headquarters_in_Cupertino The Santa Clara County coroner's office identified the man found dead at Apple's Cupertino headquarters on Wednesday as 25-year-old Edward Mackowiak, Reuters reports. BREAKING: Apple employee found dead at company headquarters identified as Edward Mackowiak- coroner — Reuters U.S. News (@ReutersUS) April 28, 2016 Mackowiak's body was reportedly found in a conference… Read More

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Trump Can Trumpet Mumbai, Beijing, Abu Dhabi Naming Triumph

Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed China for an economic assault on American jobs and wealth. On Thursday, he became the undeniable owner of the trumpbeijing.com domain name.

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Obama to College Journalists Visiting White House: 'I'm Counting On You'

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'Gay' Census not supported by all LGBT people

Lawmakers want the U.S. Census Bureau to start counting gay people — but not all gay people are convinced they want to be counted.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers on Wednesday urged the federal nose-counting agency to start keeping tabs on how many Americans define themselves as gay or transgender.


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WATCH LIVE: Trump Rally In Costa Mesa, California [LIVE STREAM]

Begins at 10:00 p.m. EST

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A Dyson engineer explains why the company spent $71 million and four years developing a high-tech hair dryer

dyson supersonic 1 Hair dryers are everywhere. Gym locker rooms, Open up a drawer in your hotel room. Boom, free hair dryer. It usually requires a lot to get me to really notice a hair dryer. But Dyson has succeeded, and all it took was $71 million and four years of development. Read More

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Carly's Case: Is Fiorina Making an Impact?

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss Carly Fiorina's first full day as a hypothetical vice presidential candidate on "With All Due Respect."

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The Future of Journalism Gets Super Excited When Obama Walks Into Briefing Room

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Defense secretary investigating accuracy of sex crimes cases

WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday he's investigating whether his department misled Congress in an effort to derail a contentious bill that would change the way the military handles allegations of sexual misconduct.

During testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carter assured the bill's sponsor, Sen. ...

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Poll: GOP Unfavorables Reach Highest Point Since 1992

A four point jump from October 2015.

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COVR Photo is perfect for stalkers and street photographers everywhere

children Ever wanted to grab your smartphone to grab a cheeky photo? Covr Photo has you covered with a freshly launched iPhone 6 case that includes a tiny periscope. The accessory enables you to use your phone as usual most of the time, but if you want to slip into sneaky, spying sleuth mode, you slide the mirror assembly across the lens, and you'll be able to pretend to text while snapping… Read More

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FBI Computer Searches Expanded Under New U.S. Supreme Court Rule

The U.S. Supreme Court adopted a rule making it easier for the FBI to access computers remotely when their locations are unknown, a move privacy advocates say gives the bureau the power to hack into thousands of computers.

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Poll: Trump 37, Cruz 35 in Indiana

(Paul Mirengoff) According to a survey by Clout Research, Donald Trump holds only a two point lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana. It's Trump 37, Cruz 35, and Kasich 16. I'm not familiar with Clout Research. However, FiveThirtyEight, which obsesses over pollster reliability, gives good weight to Clout's Indiana poll. In addition, my look at its polls during this election season did not indicate that Clout shouldn't be taken seriously. For example,

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San Bernardino Terrorist's Brother, Others Arrested on Federal Charges

Three individuals with family connections to Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the terrorists who opened fire on a San Bernardino, California, holiday party last December, have been arrested on multiple charges.

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Appeals court upholds conviction of ex-NYC councilman

NEW YORK (AP) - A New York City councilman's bribery and fraud conviction and 10-year prison term was upheld Thursday by an appeals court that rejected various arguments, including that the First Amendment protects some bribes.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected claims by Daniel Halloran ...

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This NFL Draft Prospect Has A Girlfriend You Need To See [PHOTOS]

Star player, star girlfriend

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Past, present, and pending photography meet in Leica's screenless M-D

leica_back Footloose and LCD-free — that's how Leica made the M-D. The new camera is actually old in several ways: it's essentially 2015's M packaged in the chassis of the limited, and also screenless, Leica 60. But the very fact that Leica is pursuing this almost absurd form of digital purism is suggestive of the future of photography. Read More

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Puerto Rico's Likely Default May 1 Not Fazing House Republicans

Ahead of a one-week recess, House Republicans are showing little urgency to act on a bill to help Puerto Rico deal with its debt crisis as the island hurtles toward a potential default Sunday on a $422 million payment. "They got into this mess over the years. I don't think we need to add to their bad decisions," said Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho, a Republican who was born in Puerto Rico. "I think we have to do this bill right." Labrador is a member of the House Natural Resources Committ

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The Latest: 3 linked to San Bernardino shooter set for court

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Latest on warrants served in a marriage fraud investigation stemming from the December terror attack that killed 14 in San Bernardino (all times local):

12:40 p.m.

Three people connected to one of the San Bernardino shooters are set to appear in federal court on charges ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Carly Reveals Her Creepy Side

The Night SHE Came Home

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The MacBook Returns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For many, the Steve Jobs manila envelope trick was enough. Sure, it seems a bit silly with the benefit of nearly a decade's worth of hindsight, but when Apple's late CEO unwrapped the standard bit of office stationary to reveal what he'd enthusiastically declared "the world's thinnest laptop" onstage at Macworld back in 2008, the crowd, predictably, went… Read More

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Bobby Knight on Donald Trump: 'That Son of a B---h Could Play For Me'

Legendary Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight joined Donald Trump on the campaign trail today. Knight said Trump was "not a Republican, he's not a Democrat, at heart he's just a great American."

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Shotgun-Toting Woman Defends Self, Daughter From Intruders

A Georgia woman and her family are safe thanks to her quick thinking and her 12 gauge shotgun during an attack on her home on Monday.

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Brother, others related to San Bernardino shooters arrested

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The brother of one of the San Bernardino shooters was arrested with two other family members Thursday in Southern California in what prosecutors say was a marriage scheme to fraudulently allow one of them to remain in the United States.

Prosecutors say they uncovered the sham ...

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ICE Director: We've Released Violent Illegal Aliens

'Yes, they were some who had been convicted of violent crimes'

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Apple's loudest activist investor just dumped his stake

tim cook Carl Icahn, one of Apple's biggest activist investors, told CNBC he has exited his position in the company. He was known for basically trying to pressure Apple into bumping up its efforts to return value to investors. At the he declared his position, Apple was in the process of a $100 billion several-year capital return program that included buybacks and dividends, but that… Read More

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