June 21, 2012

StopRush’s Own Illegally Recorded Phone Call Exposes OFA, Soros, Van Jones, and 500 Automated Twitter Accounts

StopRush’s Own Illegally Recorded Phone Call Exposes OFA, Soros, Van Jones, and 500 Automated Twitter Accounts

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Matt Edelstein has finally stepped in his fecal-laden cat litter this time. It appears that someone infiltrated his Stop Rush group and punked them all. When they were finally getting wise to the spy, Edelstein thought he would outsmart the infiltrator (Neal Rauhauser would be proud of you, Matt) when he decided to record the call that these excerpts were taken from.  Problem is, Edelstein didn’t realize that when he sent this illegally recorded phone call out to his “trusted” co-conspirators of Stop Rush, this recording would find its way back to “Randy”, the infiltrator. What a coup, Mr. Infiltrator! According to Florida law, which deems Florida a two-party consent state, Randy likely has grounds to prosecute Mr. Edelstein, and possibly the entire Stop Rush group for aiding in a conspiracy against him.
We still don’t know the identity of the infiltrator, but he claims to be a “Blue Dog” Democrat who doesn’t like leftist extremists like Edelstein and his neo-Marxist proletarians. The flunkies in Edelstein’s little circle, which includes Neal Rauhauser, have put a “burn notice” out on Randy. I won’t link the site that posted the “burn notice”, but you can see what they posted to Pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/ymqmvGN3
Note how they lumped Ali Akbar into their burn notice about Randy: “People on Twitter are saying he might be connected to the fraudulent felon faggot, @Ali Akbar and his wingnut circlejerk, the National Blogger’s Club @NatlBloggers. Prove this … For Great Justice.” I love when leftists show their true colors and call a gay/bi man a “faggot”. Their hearts are indeed dark.
Guess what? They’ve just tipped their hand with the Pastebin post. This is an obvious direct link from Matt Edelstein/Stop Rush to Rauhauser/Kimberlin vis–à–vis this “burn notice”. You can see Neal’s telltale indentations in the beginning of the document. (We’ll be exposing and further elaborating on this connection in a upcoming piece).
Edelstein and his friends at Stop Rush have secretly attempted to silence Rush Limbaugh by ginned-up groundswell via social media. Basically, what they’ve done is utilize numerous Twitter sock puppets (fake personas, either automated or managed by a real person) to target Rush’s advertisers and then inundate them with hundreds of accounts for the purpose of creating the appearance of an outcry against Rush amongst the everyman on Twitter, which is an obvious lie. This is a direct violation of Twitter’s TOS.
Considering all the different leftist groups and individuals involved in this drama  – from illegally recorded phone calls to SWATtings and death threats, all for the purpose of suppressing dissenting political speech – I’d say there’s plenty of cause for federal law enforcement to approach this situation from more than a couple angles.

Matt Edelstein (aka @Shoq), The Proprietor of The “Professional”  Stop Rush Organization Knows Van Jones And The Head of OFA Very Well

Sources have reported that Edelstein likes to brag about his relationship going back to the time that Van Jones was working at the White House in the Obama Administration. How high does this cabal of leftist kooks go?
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Randy, I can pick up the phone and call the director of OFA, can you? Can them? Okay. I can pick up the phone and call the battle states – battleground state director of OFA. Can you? Can they? Okay, so I don’t care what somebody at OFA – some flunky level in Texas told you about OFA. I have extremely good relations with OFA. I have extremely good relations with Van Jones and many other people. So whatever people are telling you is bullshit.
(End Transcript)

The Soros Connection

Edelstein doesn’t like his sock puppets to reference Soros or Alinsky. Good call, Matt. When Edelstein says, “Here we are NOT trying to look like George Soros plants”, does he mean that they really are? And doesn’t Stop Rush have its roots with Angelo over at MMFA? Looks like it sure does. But, Soros’ organizations have never given MMFA any money, right? Ahem. Nothing to see here, America.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: What was in Travis’ – I guess, I think you said it was Travis’ mind – what was the logic behind all those demonic account names with old, tortured faces, link(ing) to people like Saul Alinsky and George Soros. What was that about, exactly?
Randy: That was some of my staff being stupid and I told you I had a talk with them, and I did
Matt: But why would they – why
Randy: They were just being silly, Matt! That’s all. They’re young college grads, you know?
Matt: But did you explain to them how that looked?
Randy: Yes, I did.
Matt: It was very damaging! We’re still paying for that! [pause] It looked really bad! Here we are NOT trying to look like George Soros plants – and they’re linking to George Soros’ picture?! And Saul Alinsky’s website?! That is just a little bit nutty, Randy!
(End Transcript)

500 Automated Twitter Accounts?!

Leave it to leftists to fully embrace whatever means necessary to silence their opponents’ free speech in America. In this case, they’ve violated Twitter’s terms of service by creating 500 sockpuppet accounts. Imagine an advertiser getting swarmed with varying anti-Rush messages in rapid succession all day long when Stop Rush decided to target them. It would probably be overwhelming to ordinary corporate social media personnel.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Yeah, who are the real accounts you are using
Randy: I can’t – I’m not going to sit here and name every single –
Matt: No, no, I don’t mean – I don’t need their real names. I need their Twitter handles. See –
Randy: Oh, I don’t know Matt. I’d have to go through ‘em. God, we have four or five hundred Twitter accounts.
(End Transcript)

Malkin and Rush Babes

Edelstein is going “crazy” about Michelle Malkin’s counterattack! Here he refers to the Rush Babes as the Stop Rush Babes. He’s worried about their counterattack too. Edelstein’s afraid of chicks! And then he dogs @FeminaziSlut. No wonder he’s afraid of chicks; he treats them like crap behind their backs. Ahem… Laffy…
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Okay, anyway, I’m going to stop – stop raising my voice before I go hoarse but I’m just gonna tell you that I’m getting – I’ve gotten more “tsuris,” an Old Yiddish word, about all of this stuff and it’s making me crazy. Michelle Malkin is launching a new counterattack, the Stop Rush Babes people are launching a new counter-attack; I’ve got to get this group focused and stop wasting time on bullshit.
Randy: Well Matt, just –
Matt: Let me finish, let me finish –
Randy: Okay.
Matt: There’s a lot of bullshit everywhere, okay, whether it’s innocent bullshit like @FeminaziSlut’s, who uses names and memes that aren’t very attractive to anybody.. (phone rings)
(End Transcript)


(Begin Transcript)
Matt: People are afraid of Dana Loesch  –
Randy: You know what I understand – I understand what Molly told me years ago: being
paranoid – being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant: it tends to get worse.
Matt: Right, but we all know what O’Keefe and these people are capable of.
Randy: Oh, for God’s sake Matt.
Matt: Randy, I’m telling you what people say to me.
(End Transcript)

Laffy Fishes For Information?

Edelstein is probably going to make his situation with GottaLaff worse here. Doh! You remember that 20,000 word novel he wrote about their falling out that he published then deleted, right?! I guarantee she does!
(Begin Transcript)
Randy: So, you know –
Matt: (interrupting) Okay, see, but there are these constellations of things that are – like the GottaLaff case, right –
Randy: Well, I don’t – that’s bullshit. I’ve never talked to Laffy ever.
Matt: And I’m willing – I’m willing to chalk that up to Laffy, because Laffy tends to fish for information.
(End Transcript)

Stop Rush Hires An Investigator To Spy On Their Own

Fun! Who doesn’t like an investigation? I wonder who their investigator is. He sounds very thorough and “professional”.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Stop, stop, stop [sic]. You told – you gave Julie an address for a law firm, right? She went ahead and shared that with a private investigator on Twitter.
Randy: That’s fine!
Matt: I know that, okay? I know –
Randy: I own the building! I don’t care what they look into – fine!
Matt: You what?
Randy: I own the building!
Matt: You own whatever it was, 1018, or whatever it is.
(End Transcript)

He Unfollowed Me On Twitter! WAH!!!

Edelstein gets mad about his interaction with a Stop Rush sockpuppet named Allen Cohen. It unfollowed him. Sad panda.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: So tell me this, okay, then tell me this: what of all the stuff that you’re doing and what you own that will at least validate that Randy Hahn isn’t just a guy on Twitter who’s making a lot of connections.
Randy: Who wants to know? That’s what I want to know.
Matt: A lot of people want to know. Lots of people want to know. And they –
Randy: Who?
Matt: T-t-the general meme is you seem to be collecting a lot of information on progressives, and it has people concerned.
Randy: Oh God Matt. Come on –
Matt: Hey – listen to me. Listen to me carefully: the reason why Allen came up is I just made a call, okay? The reason why Allen came up is that Allen’s name in the Google group, right, he’s my name! Now why would that happen, Randy?
Randy: What?!
Matt: I’m telling you the name he supplied was one of my plant names that I use on the web to confuse the Right. Okay, he used my name as his display name – it’s not my name, it’s not my real last name but he used it, okay? Now why would he do that? Then, hold on, at the same time – at the same time, why would he – when I asked the other day; I DM’d him, I said: “Do you know where Randy is, I’m trying to reach him?” and he sniped at me and said: “It’s not my day to watch him!” Okay? And then he blocked me. He unfollowed me on Twitter! That was disconcerting, needless to say.
(End Transcript)

More Investigator Talk

Edelstein forgets he’s already told Randy who got in touch with the investigator above. Oops!
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: The next thing… I, I, I… I’m just looking at some scratch notes I have here. This next thing is this investigator that somebody got in touch with, ok… says that he’s already found that you’ve represented having gone to two colleges. Columbia and another one. And that you graduated two different years. I don’t have the references, but…
Randy: Well…
Matt: On the web.
Randy: Well, that can. Well.
(End Transcript)

Fake Names All Over the Internet

Matt Edelstein loves fake identities.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: So, so you put that up as a distraction like I –
Randy: Yes!
Matt: Like I put up false names. I got fake names all over the internet.
(End Transcript)

People Like Brooks Bayne!

Edelstein’s still suffering butt-hurt about me outing his real name. Since leftists love transparency so much, I was just trying to help him with that. He’s registered in Florida under the name “Matt Edelstein” as a Democrat. I sure hope he’s not lying about that name. Isn’t illegal voter registration a crime? Matt would never commit a crime though. Well, I mean other than illegally recording phone calls. In this excerpt, he’s upset about a Stop Rush sockpuppet who used his real name.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: He unfollows me and he’s using one of my weird plant names that only people like Brooks Bayne has used. People like Brooks Bayne are always calling me Matt Edelstein, which is NOT my name.
Randy: Matt, hold on.
(End Transcript)

My Name Is Matt Edelstein

Edelstein takes umbrage with a sock puppet named Cohen who calls him by his name. Matt likes to lie about his name.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: What I’m saying is he keeps using my plant name, which I use with a lot of people. I use it with you, I use it with most people until I absolutely meet people face-to-face and know who they are. They’ve been using that name for years and all of the sudden he starts using it. That’s what tells me, right, that people are connecting with – usually with right wingers, or looking on the web and looking for information (on) me. So what kind of message is he trying to telegraph to me? Why does he use that fake name of mine? It makes no sense.
(End Transcript)

Really Odd Comments About Krystal Ball

Edelstein is very defensive about the Allen Cohen sockpuppet insulting Krystal. In fact, he’s dismayed that the sockpuppet would suggest Krystal isn’t a serious commentator (the seriousness of “if you multiply that by a factor – by several factors…”). DAMN YOU ALL! DON’T YOU DARE IMPLY THAT FACE DILDO SUCKER KRYSTAL ISN’T A SERIOUS COMMENTATOR!!!
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Then he made some odd tweets about Krystal that alerted her, okay? He made some strange tweets that you could read as almost insulting to Krystal. I – I don’t know what they were, but they were strangely worded.. almost suggesting that she wasn’t a serious commentator – if that’s how you could take it, okay. But he does seem to have a good sense of humor and it’s hard to read him sometimes, okay. But really (garbled)
(End Transcript)
I Need To Focus On Rush Babes
Edelstein’s sad about having to deal with being infiltrated. He’s getting “killed” by Rush Babes!  He needs to focus! What’s that? Angry Black Lady? On Hal’s show? Shiny things! Focus!
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Okay, but again, the issue comes down to this, okay. I need to be – I am too busy to be dealing with allegations about various people when we need to be focused on challenging Rush Babes which is my priority, right? That’s – that project is killing us right now and I need to address all my attention to that – Oh Jesus, Angry Black Lady is on the Hal Sparks and I’m missing it. umm.. the uhh..
Randy: What?
Matt: She’s on Hal Sparks. Anyway, so –
(End Transcript)

What The Fuck Are You Talking About?

I may use this as a ringtone. The hilarity. Matt’s pissed. He sounds like a brony even when he’s mad.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Well Randy you have to stop saying shit like that, because you say you don’t play around with social media – I met you on social media! So what the fuck are you talking about?
(End Transcript)

Gila Jones Is a What?

More on Gila Jones’ political ideology. She’s the odd peanut in the bunch. It looks like she came from Texas oil money and moved to conservative Orange County, CA. Anyone who could align with this neo-Marxist bunch of misfits is NOT a conservative, regardless of what she claims. She did run for California state senate as a Democrat.
(Begin Transcript)
Randy: Well, Matt, we didn’t trust those people.. and I certainly don’t trust Gila.
Matt: And why don’t you –
Randy: We know Gila a hell of a lot better than you know Gila, trust me.
Matt: And why don’t you trust Gila again?
Randy: Why?! ‘Cause of her politics and her family! Because of her politics and her family situation she had here in Texas for years and years and years. She goes there and tries to masquerade as a liberal?
Matt: She’s not masquerading. That’s not – that’s incorrect. She doesn’t masquerade as a liberal. She clearly maintains that she is a conservative Democrat who really doesn’t think that Rush Limbaugh is very helpful. So that’s not true. It’s actually quite cautious to say that she’s not a liberal. So that’s incorrect.  She’s very – she discloses quite clearly –
Randy: I could’ve given her some really good campaign information. Moderate will never win anything.
Matt: Well that’s a different issue. That’s – you know that that’s discussing politics. The point is she does not represent herself as a liberal Democrat, or liberal at all. So – and she works very, very hard, and a lot of the effectiveness of the organization –
Randy: Well, let me ask you something Matt. Do you think a lot of the Progressives in that group want to hear that she’s running around, that she thinks it’s a great idea that her Republican – her quote “old Republican friends” – Mormon, her “old Mormon Republican friends” – people don’t wanna – progressives don’t want to hear any of that crap.
Matt: Who, who – you lost me – who are her “old Republican friends?”
Randy: You didn’t see the group email that she sent?
Matt: (pauses) Which one?
Randy: The one that she sent about her “old Mormon Republican friends.”
Matt: You mean two weeks ago?
Randy: I guess so, yeah!
Matt: Yeah, but she’s just like that. (Talking over Randy) She’s just talking about the need to be a moderate, in the middle, that’s all she’s talking about.
Randy: Oh, we need a moderate like we need a hole in the head.
Matt: Well, either way, that’s a [different] matter – she’s adamantly against Rush Limbaugh. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what her personal politics are. We’re trying to be an all- inclusive big tent in the Stop Rush movement; and there are a lot of people on the left AND the right who don’t like what Rush is doing.
(End Transcript)

Matt Has a Delaware Corporation

Perhaps this is where the Stop Rush domiciled their organization. We are still compiling our research on this.
(Begin Transcript)
Randy: Neither does yours.
Matt: Yes it does! My company does exist! It absolutely exists! It’s a Delaware corporation!
(End Transcript)

Let Me Watch Krystal Ball

In hilarious conclusion, it seems Edelstein’s finally had enough of Randy when Krystal is on whatever he’s watching. (I’m guessing MSNBC!)
Later Randy, Matt’s already in a trance two seconds into Krystal’s segment. Beat it, Randy, or whatever the hell your name is, you scruffy Texan – Matt’s got his hand full.
(Begin Transcript)
Matt: Yeah, alright, that’s good enough for now. We’ll chat on Monday morning. Let me watch Krystal; it’s important. Thanks Randy.
(End Transcript)
Are any of you Stop Rush people starting to feel uncomfortable? Now is your time to bail. Don’t let the neo-Marxist scumbags drag you down with them on their rapidly sinking ship. Tick-tock…

Updated: Meet Matt Edelstein AKA Shoq – Leftist Douchebag Who Runs StopRush.net

Updated: Meet Matt Edelstein AKA Shoq – Leftist Douchebag Who Runs StopRush.net
Time for some Grecian Formula, Edelstein.
Nice popped collar on your Polo shirt, Matt.
Update #1: Matt’s location. He lives with his mom. Awesome.
Update #2: Added the email screenshot (directly below) that Matt sent to his people today. My reason to post this screenshot is to prove to the dupes that surround Matt that our information is legit and that Matt’s still lying to them. Couple of points. I outed Matt’s name before anyone else. It wasn’t a year ago. It was a couple years ago. I’m not an anti-Semite (my grandmother would be shocked if that were the case. lol!). Finally, Matt, you are a clown. More updates to follow!
Update #3: Douchey pics of mamma’s boy Matt (below), that he took of himself with that super-cool popped collar.
Here’s Matt Edelstein (Edelstein? That’s German, right?). AFAIK, no one has posted pics of Matt online before. You probably don’t know him. Only those of us on Twitter who mock ruh-tards on the left know who this omega male is. He uses the handle @shoq on Twitter and a black cat as his avatar, because he’s a pussy. I outed his real name a few years ago on Twitter, and he didn’t like it one bit. In fact, he even lied publicly and said I was wrong about his identity. Poor bastard. He’s 56 and lives in VA now lives in Florida with… his mom. Lol. Anyway, he “runs” a website called StopRush.net. I’m not implying Matt has any business accumen by my use of the word “run”. These anti-free speech leftists try to hound Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, via social media, into dropping ads from Limbaugh’s show. I don’t listen to Rush, but apparently these twerps think Rush is an existential threat to neo-Marxism. Dumbasses, without your ilk, Rush has no show – maybe you should boycott yourselves.
There’s a rumor that Matt’s banging Krystal Ball via Skype. Remember Krystal Ball? She’s the one who ran for office and sucked off a dildo attached to a man’s face. Not kidding. Check it out. Online sex… Lol. With Matt? Krystal, have you no standards? Wait… doesn’t Matt have a girlfriend? Doh! This might get awkward for Matt. At least Krystal is consistent in her interaction with dildos.
We’ll have more about this cheesy old guy and his little StopRush crew this week. It’s a funny little story. You’ll love the lengths that Matt and his tyrannical friends, bent on silencing the dissent of  people who share many of the views of our founding fathers, will go to push their neo-Marxist, anti-capitalist, agenda.
Matt reminds me of this winner, but older, and less hispanic:

Bellum Letale