February 29, 2016

'Dear Senator Cruz': Rabbi Pens Tough Open Letter to Ted Cruz Making Demands About His Use of the Term 'Judeo-Christian Values' — and There's More

"Your particular brand of Christianity bears little resemblance to the Judaism I practice."

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Retired Marine Helps Police Bust Fiancee in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot

When his girlfriend's pleas for his help in having another man killed became a common occurrence, he began recording her.

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The HTC Vive Ships April 5, Pre-Orders Open Now

HTC Vive HTC's $799 Vive virtual reality headset opened for pre-orders this morning. The headset will begin shipping April 5 in the US, just a week or so after the consumer launch of the the Oculus Rift, which launches March 28. Pre-orders can be placed on the HTC site today for shipment to the US and 23 other countries. The $799 package includes the headset, a pair of controllers and two… Read More

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Sanders Looks to White Working-Class Voters for Bounce Beyond Super Tuesday

The Vermont senator is focusing on the Midwestern states that helped sustain Clinton's failed 2008 campaign.

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Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years

WASHINGTON (AP) - Justice Clarence Thomas has asked questions during a Supreme Court argument for the first time in 10 years.

Thomas' questions came Monday in case in which the court is considering placing new limits on the reach of a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence ...

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Senate Should Only Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Who Will Apply the Constitution

The Senate has an obligation to reject any nominee pledged to enshrine liberal zeitgeist as law.

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If You Saw a Celebrity Wearing One of These Bracelets at Oscars, They Were Making a Subtle Anti-Gun Statement

"A moving tribute to one of the thousands of Americans affected by gun violence every year."

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Sen. Ben Sasse Writes Open Letter to Trump Supporters: 'I Can't Support Donald Trump'

"I suspect I am far from alone."

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Shorthanded U.S. High Court Grapples With Life After Scalia

The Supreme Court has a lot of decisions to make, and not the kind it's used to.

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More Than Meets The Virtual Eye

vr-ads Virtual reality has been around for ages, but it has only recently gotten big and exciting, with every major player on the planet either working on a VR project or rumored to be doing so. It begs the question: Why? And how far it will go this time around? Read More

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CRB: Unsafe spaces

(Scott Johnson) The new issue of the Claremont Review of Books is in the mail and, thanks to our friends at the Claremont Institute, I have read it in galley to select a couple of articles to be submitted for the consideration of Power Line readers. In my opinion, at the heavily subsidized price of $19.95 a year, the CRB affords the most cost-effective political education available in the United States of

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Bernie Sanders revs up the fundraising going into Super Tuesday

If Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont doesn't win the Democratic nomination, one thing is clear: It will not be because of a lack of fundraising.

Mr. Sanders said his backers were aiming to raise $40 million by Monday's end-of-the month deadline, setting the ambitious goal of bringing in more than ...

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CIVIL WAR: GOP Senator Tears Into Trump, Vows Not To Vote For Him

'I will look for some third candidate'

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Saudi Writer Asks How Muslims Would Feel if Christians Were Blowing Themselves Up and Trying to Convert Muslims

"Imagine a Western youth coming here and carrying out a suicide mission in one of our public squares in the name of the Cross."

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Hispanic Anti-Trump Protester Warns White Voters of the Consequences of Electing Trump: 'We Own Texas'

"Y'all don't understand — we aren't the minority anymore."

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With Super Tuesday at hand, Trump looks unstoppable

The realization that the billionaire real estate developer is poised to become the Republican presidential nominee is starting to set in for many in the party who oppose him.

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Researchers Create Matrix-Like Instant Learning Through Brain Stimulation

giphy You know Kung-Fu. Researchers at HRL Laboratories have discovered that when you use transcranial direct current stimulation to send the brain activity of commercial and military pilots into the heads of novice pilots subjects can essentially learn to fly in a realistic flight simulator. The researchers discovered that "subjects who received brain stimulation via electrode-embedded head… Read More

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New Ad: 'Trump Loves Dictators'

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Recent editorials published in Iowa newspapers

Des Moines Register. Feb. 27 2016

Cannabis issue demands comprehensive approach.

There's no question that Iowa's two-year-old law on cannabis oil is an unworkable mess. It doesn't do what the governor and some lawmakers pretended it would do, and has so far generated nothing but confusion and anger.

The law ...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Down Today on Global Growth Concerns

It's Leap Day… but the only leap that global stocks seem to be making is down a hill. Stocks are under pressure during this final day of February after the G20 meeting concluded on Saturday with no plan by global financial leaders to spur economic growth. Meanwhile, the markets don't seem to like the fact […]

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Even MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Says Donald Trump's Latest Controversy Is 'Disqualifying'

"You don't know about David Duke?"

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Netanyahu Says It's Not 'Despair' That Motivates Terrorists but Something Vastly Different

Explaining away terrorism as a function of desperation "exonerates the Palestinians from being responsible for their actions."

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Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield Applications Close Today, Why You Should Apply Now

Have you always dreamed about participating in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt? Great news! We are still accepting applications for the Battlefield at Disrupt NY 2016, but you're going to have to act incredibly fast, as the deadline to submit your application is today at 9 Read More

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Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Campaign Promises

In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg's Tom Keene examines Donald Trump's campaign promises and where he draws support with the American public. He speaks with Beth Comstock, vice chair at General Electric, on "Bloomberg 'GO'." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Iranian moderates win majority in parliament, clerical body

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian moderates have won a majority in parliament and a top clerical body charged with selecting the next supreme leader, dealing a major blow to hard-liners in the first elections held since last summer's landmark nuclear agreement with world powers.

Final results released by the Interior ...

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Famed Author and Pastor Reveals His True Feelings About Donald Trump — and the 'Tipping Point' That Led Him to Break His Political Silence

"Such insensitivities wouldn't even be acceptable even for a middle school student body election."

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How Does the World View Donald Trump, U.S. Politics?

Shannon O'Neil, senior fellow at Council on Foreign Relations, and Michael Holland, chairman at Holland & Company, talk about the foreign view of U.S. politics and the candidacy of Donald Trump. They speak on "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Scarborough: Donald Trump's Remarks on White Supremacists Are 'Disqualifying'

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Ben Sasse says he cannot support Donald Trump

Sen. Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican, says he can't support GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump for president and that he'll likely look for a third candidate to support if the billionaire businessman ultimately wins the Republican nomination.

"I'm as frustrated and saddened as you are about what's happening to our country. ...

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'For the Record': Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

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Hopscotch, E-Commerce For Mums In India, Lands $13M Led By Facebook Co-Founder Saverin

Screenshot 2016-02-29 18.53.50 Hopscotch, an India-based e-commerce service focused on mums and founded by a former Diapers.com executive, has closed a $13 million Series C round led by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. Read More

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Sanders Campaign Says $36m Raised in February

"With one day to go in the month, Sanders' campaign has raised more than $36 million from 1.2 million individual contributions. That sum already makes the shortest month of the year the best yet in the 10-month-old campaign," Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign says in news release. Campaign says its goal is to raise $40m in February NOTE: Sanders solicited campaign donations in televised victory speech after Feb. 9 New Hampshire primary win

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Why Ted Cruz Probably Won't Drop Out, No Matter What

The Texas Senator may be playing a long game.

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The Donald Trump Experience

Fort Worth, Tx.—Watching a Donald Trump rally on television doesn't do it justice.

That is not to say it's not entertaining to watch on T.V.—I have enjoyed every second of the Trump speeches that have aired on cable networks—but hearing his rap while standing in the middle of a packed crowd of Texans who worship him is a whole different animal.

I was at my first Trump rally in Fort Worth on Friday and the excitement began before I even stepped foot in the convention center.

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Rio's challenges, doping in Russia and Kenya top IOC agenda

With five months to go until the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the challenges keep piling up.

From the Zika outbreak to severe water pollution, from behind-schedule venues to delayed metro lines, from sluggish ticket sales to cuts in services, from Brazil's deep financial crisis to impeachment proceedings against its ...

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Amazon Partners With British Supermarket Chain Morrisons For Fresh Grocery Deliveries

shutterstock morrisons groceries Amazon has signed a wholesale supply deal with Morrisons, one of Britain's largest supermarket chains, to deliver fresh and frozen groceries to Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Pantry customers. Read More

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Leap Day: Does the Punishment Fit the 'Crime' for the Man Who Says 'No' to a Woman's Marriage Proposal?

Leap Day even has a mascot — can you guess what it is?

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RocketClub Lets Early Adopters Earn A Financial Stake In Startups

shutterstock rocket When a startup manages a successful exit, its earliest adopters usually don't get much in return except for bragging rights. RocketClub wants to change that. Read More

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