June 18, 2016

The defense rests in Caesar Goodson's case

(Paul Mirengoff) Testimony has concluded in the case of Caesar Goodson, Jr., the police officer who drove the van that held Freddie Gray. The defense rested on Friday without putting Goodson on the stand. Closing arguments will take place on Monday, with a verdict from the judge (Goodson waived his right to a jury trial) expected later in the week. Goodson faces the most serious charges of any defendant in this matter,

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For more diversity in the workplace, start with technical roles

diversity The lack of diversity in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and age is well documented in the technology industry. Public data shared by major tech employers show that women only represent 25 to 45 percent of their entire workforce. The disparity gets worse in technical roles; for the past five years, women have been stuck at 21 percent of technical roles. Other underrepresented groups face… Read More

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The Latest: Orleans parade honors Orlando victims

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Latest on New Orleans gay pride parade (all times local):

8 p.m.

More than a hundred people led off a New Orleans gay pride parade holding aloft hand-scrawled posters for LGBT rights and pictures of the Orlando nightclub victims pasted on pieces of colored paper. ...

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VR skateboarding at E3

D-Box Skateboard I've been skateboarding for longer than I care mention, and I still had to hold onto the damn railings. I'm going to blame it on the screwy sense of orientation one experiences in virtual reality, but it probably owes just as much to my fear of falling off a mechanical skateboard simulator in the middle of the crowded E3 show floor. The exhibit was created by D-Box to promote… Read More

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Iran: We Can Walk Away From Nuclear Deal

(John Hinderaker) We have pointed out repeatedly that, while Iran likely will cheat on its nuclear agreement, it doesn't have to. Its incentive to enter into the deal was the end of sanctions. That objective has now been achieved. Iran has gotten something like $100 billion in cash, and has entered into numerous development agreements with Russia and other countries. Having gotten what it needed from the deal, Iran can walk away

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Contact CI's Exotendon system brings touch to VR

Contact CI Sometimes the coolest demos at a convention are tucked away in the back corners, far from the bright lights and big booths industry stalwarts. One of the hidden gems of this year's E3 arrives courtesy Contact CI. The small Cincinnati-based startup was showing of its developer kit for the first time at the event, featuring a complex glove designed to offer more lifelike VR… Read More

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Will the next Siri be empathetic?

ai-assistant-empathy Humans have forever personified their technologies. We engage emotionally, have expectations and establish a trust-based association with our technology. Technologies that are truly important to our well-being and happiness transcend their status as just "stuff." If we have an emotional bond with our technology, wouldn't it be smart to design systems that feel empathetic to… Read More

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Trump Girds for 'Illegal' Republican Pushback at Convention

Donald Trump hit back at forces within his party who may attempt to stop him from formally capturing the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention, calling their reported plans "illegal."

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When nonsense becomes the party line

(Paul Mirengoff) Surfing past Fox News this morning, I heard someone report on a poll about what caused the massacre in Orlando. Apparently, most Republicans believe it was caused by Islamic extremism, whereas most Democrats believe it was caused by "domestic gun violence." But the massacre was domestic gun violence. Democrats might just as well say that murder caused of murders. I learned in philosophy class that causation is, to a considerable

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US immigration agency arrests dozens in Kansas, Missouri

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Federal immigration authorities recently arrested dozens of people in Kansas and Missouri as part of a monthlong operation.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says in a release that the agency arrested 31 people in Kansas and 34 in Missouri during the investigation, which began in May ...

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Obama Calls for Protection of National Parks, Envy of the World

President Barack Obama, standing before the backdrop of the iconic Yosemite Falls cascading from soaring mountains, extolled the virtues of the country's national parks on Saturday and urged Americans to cherish and protect the country's natural beauty.

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Flipping the office telepresence model

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 14: Toronto Star reporter Jonathan Foryani uses a telepresence robot in the offices of PwC in downtown Toronto. (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images) What if I told you that you could visit three continents in one day without leaving your office and truly feel like you were there in person? That you could move down a hallway or across a stage, make eye contact and feel, well, more like a human being than just a face on a screen? Read More

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Loose Ends (6)

(Steven Hayward) • "See Russia like no one else has"?? This is the email subject line from The Nation magazine, flacking for their September Russia excursion. And it is the most perfect subject line ever, or perhaps truth in advertising at least: It is certainly the case that The Nation has seen Russia like no one else has for decades now. Here's my favorite part of the trip description: Throughout the trip,

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Editorials from around New England

Excerpts of recent editorials of statewide and national interest from New England newspapers:

The Hartford Courant (Conn.), June 14, 2016

A question being asked in the heart-wrenching aftermath of the Orlando, Fla., mass murder is: Could a civilian with a gun inside the nightclub have stopped the tragedy before dozens ...

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Gillmor Gang: M & A

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — John Borthwick, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, June 17, 2016. You'd think, and John Borthwick did, that this Gang would be all about WWDC and actionable notifications in iOS 10 and Apple TV's deep link reboot of the set top box. We did get there by the very end, but not before the big acquisition news from Microsoft… Read More

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Syrian militants capture government-held areas, dozens dead

BEIRUT (AP) - Militants have captured two villages from Syrian government forces and their allies in the northern province of Aleppo after days of heavy fighting that left scores of fighters dead, Syrian activists said Saturday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the four-day offensive by different militant ...

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New York has passed a bill legalizing daily fantasy sports

NewYorkAssemblyChamber Early this morning, on the last day of the current session, The New York Assembly passed legislation legalizing daily fantasy sports throughout the state of New York. While the bill still needs to be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, its passing is a big win for the entire industry. The Battle Ends Due to the large concentration of daily fantasy sports players in the state (about 10 percent of… Read More

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