April 9, 2016

Clinton hurls static at curious reporters

(Paul Mirengoff) Reporters outside a Colorado fundraiser for Hillary Clinton were unable to listen in on her remarks because staffers sent static noise their way. Judges use static noise machines at times during trials when they want to keep the jury from hearing their conversations with the lawyers. However, I've never before heard of such devices being employed by political candidates. The event in question was, to be sure, a private fundraising

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Ted Cruz says Donald Trump would lead to a GOP 'bloodbath'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ted Cruz is saying Donald Trump would trigger a "bloodbath" for Republicans in the general election.

He is trying to persuade a group of Republican donors and Jewish leaders in Las Vegas to support him. Cruz has detoured from next-to-vote New York to speak to the Republican ...

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Is Capitalism Set To Carve Up Florida's Highly Subsidized Solar Industry?

'Solar panels are a great idea, Malave said. "They just have to be able to work on the market without subsidies'

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5 things to know about G-7 foreign ministers' meeting

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) - Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized countries are meeting in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima on Sunday and Monday.

Here are five things to know about the annual gathering of the top diplomats from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United ...

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GifGrabber re-emerges as Giphy Capture

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 17.34.07 It looks like some of the $55m Giphy raised recently was burning a hole in its pocket: GifGrabber is now part of the Giphy family, and the new version of the app turned up in the Mac App store today. Along with a name-change, the new version has a new capture system for high-definition GIFs, new editing controls making it easy to caption, resize and trim GIFs, and a revamped user interface. Read More

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Cenk Uygur Wins Contest For World's Biggest A**hole

A flight delay gets the YouTube host totally unhinged.

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Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential caucuses in Wyoming

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont on Saturday won the Democratic presidential caucuses in Wyoming, adding another state to his victory total in his race for the nomination against front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Sanders has won seven of the last eight caucuses and primaries, although he still trails Clinton ...

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Villanova Theology Course: Catholic Church 'Instrument Of White Supremacy'

'This course will explore the way in which the church has operated as an instrument of not racial unity and justice but racial segregation and white supremacy.'

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The future of the car is not about propulsion

pexels-photo-54278 I'm impatient to see breakthroughs in cars. I have high expectations for what Apple will do and respect for what Tesla has already done. I agree with Peter Thiel on the we-were-promised-jet-cars-but-got-140-characters thing, and with Larry Page who worries that Silicon Valley doesn't throw the ball down the field enough. Read More

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Sanders Wins Wyoming to Keep Momentum Rolling Before New York

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders secured his seventh consecutive nominating-contest victory after voters caucused in Wyoming to keep the momentum narrative rolling for his once long-shot campaign.

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Meanwhile in Israel

(Scott Johnson) The Times of Israel reports a story of Israeli devotion to the sanctity of life in "Israeli doctors, spies rally to save 5-year-old Syrian girl." If you follow the news from Israel, you may be familiar with Israel's dedication of resources to save casualties of the Syrian civil war, but this story of a young girl adds a novel wrinkle: Some two weeks after she arrived at the hospital, after

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The Latest: Andy Richter recalls Hastert's locker room chair

CHICAGO (AP) - The Latest on former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's hush-money case (all times local):

3:05 p.m.

Dennis Hastert's lawyer has responded to a new filing by prosecutors that alleges the former U.S. House speaker abused at least four former students.

A statement emailed Saturday on attorney Thomas ...

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New York Teachers Boo Hillary After She Praises State's Governor [VIDEO]

Teachers union not happy with Hillary's pal

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Red Sox Player Pablo Sandoval Nearly Swings Himself Out Of His Pants [VIDEO]

His 'belt just explodes'

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The delayed revolution in digital financial services

money-earth Technology has transformed how we work, communicate and travel. In contrast, modern digital technology has not yet transformed financial services. Open data is the key to change in this sector of the economy. The time has come for the financial services industry to join the open data revolution. Read More

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'NeverTrump' Looks to Stunt Billionaire on His Home Turf

Conservative forces working against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in New York aren't expecting him to lose the state's April 19 primary -- they're just working to keep him from getting 50 percent of the state's vote.

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BuzzFeed Whines About Content Stealing (Yeah, Seriously)

It's a little late for this dontcha think?

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13 Republicans line up for West Tennessee congressional race

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Some 22 candidates have lined up for the Tennessee 8th Congressional District race to replace Stephen Fincher in Congress, while Diane Black faces a challenge in Tennessee's 6th Congressional District. Scott DesJarlais is again seeking to hold on to his 4th District seat.

Candidates for Tennessee's ...

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Cruz Sweeps Colorado Congressional Delegate Take

'This is Cruz country'

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Ohio State Swiftly Ends Students' 'Occupation' With Promises Of Arrest, Expulsion [VIDEO]

'Our police officers will physically pick you up and take you to a paddy wagon'

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Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler's Best Score Is His Smoking Hot Wife [SLIDESHOW]

She is a dime...

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