November 20, 2016

Obama's Doubts on Trump Seep Through Somber Facade on Last Trip

Barack Obama once expected his last foreign trip as president to be a farewell tour to a world enjoying the fruits of a foreign policy he thought would last: an outstretched hand to peaceful Muslims, a strengthened alliance with Europe, a deal to curtail Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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Gigi Hadid debuts Melania Trump impression at AMAs

Model Gigi Hadid used her co-hosting gig at Sunday's American Music Awards to mock another model — incoming first lady Melania Trump.

After turning away from the camera to "prepare" her imitation of Mrs. Trump, she put on a mock Eastern European accent to which social media did not take ...

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The Simple Reasons Americans No Longer Listen To Reporters

Panicked clamors instead of measured reporting, shrill cries disguised as honest evaluations, and a level of hyperbole that is simply astonishing.

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Mike Pence takes the high road

(Paul Mirengoff) John has written about what happened when Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" yesterday. First, members of the audience booed Pence when he and his family took their seats. Then, when the performance was over and the Pences were exiting, a member of the cast read a harangue against Donald Trump, on behalf of the cast, that was addressed to the vice president-elect. In response, Trump went on

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Haitian illegal immigrants pouring into U.S., exploiting Obama policies

Haitian illegal immigrants are pouring into the U.S. at a rate of some 3,000 a month, blazing new paths and exploiting special policies and lax Obama administration enforcement to gain a foothold in the country, according to a secret government intelligence assessment.

Thanks to advice from family members already in ...

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NBC News Complains About Fake News And Then Posts The Most Misleading Headline

Makes it seem Reince Priebus is in favor of Muslim registry

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There is no IoT

London, England, United Kingdom There's a general malaise growing around IoT. After years of hype, more hype and even more hype, people are now starting to wonder: Where is this shiny, artificially intelligent, fully connected future of things we were promised? Read More

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Review: Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge' Is About Heroism, Not Pacifism

'I don't got no problem wearing my uniform, saluting the flag and doing my duty'

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Trump Swells Shipping Costs as Infrastructure Spree Seen: Chart

The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of commodity shipping costs, surged to a two-year high following the election of Donald Trump, who campaigned to invest as much as $1 trillion on infrastructure in the U.S. The spending would be a boon for owners of vessels ferrying iron ore and other commodities around the world, accelerating the Baltic index's recovery in the past two weeks. A Trump presidency would see a recovery in infrastructure spending, which would benefit bulk-shipping companies carrying r

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India-Pakistan 'tinderbox' to test Donald Trump's foreign policy

VARANASI, India — Aiina Shah lost her brother to the latest surge of violence to engulf Kashmir, the India-controlled province that is also claimed by Pakistan.

He was blinded by pellets that the security police fired on demonstrators, she said. He died a few weeks later from wounds to the ...

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The War on Cops Comes to San Antonio

(John Hinderaker) San Antonio police officer Benjamin Marconi was writing a traffic ticket outside police headquarters earlier today when a motorist pulled up behind him, got out of his car, approached Marconi and shot him twice in the head. The murderer got back into his car and drove away. The perpetrator has not yet been caught, so we don't know whether he was inspired by the Black Lives Matter anti-police movement. What

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Paul Ryan to drive Donald Trump agenda during first 100 days as transition team lags

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is relying heavily on the staff of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan to put together a legislative plan for the first 100 days in office, hoping for major steps on both the economy and Obamacare.

While they were uneasy allies during the campaign, Mr. Ryan ...

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Why nature is our best guide for understanding artificial intelligence

robot, technology, future, futuristic, business, high tech, cyber, cyber, sky, fly, blue, technology, data, artificial intelligence, 3D, metal, blue background, studio, science, sci fi, hand, gesture, robotic, tech, illustration, innovation, shiny, chrome, silver, wires, concept, creative In living organisms, evolution is a multi-generational process where mutations in genes are dropped and added. Well-adapted organisms survive and those less fortunate go extinct. This is Natural Selection. Resilience is great, but if you don't grow gills in time for the flood, then tough luck. Read More

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O'Hare Airport Workers Announce Intent To Strike During Holiday

Potential holiday airport workers strike is part of 'fight for fifteen'

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Harmony Space win top prize at MIT Hacking Arts for music learning app that feels like Pokémon GO

Developers and designers at work at the MIT Hacking Arts 2016 hackaton in Boston. In Boston this weekend, software developers, hardware engineers, artists and entrepreneurs gathered for the Hacking Arts 2016 conference and hackathon at MIT. Of twelve finalists, the following teams took top honors. Best All-Around Hack: Harmony Space Best All-Around Hack, First Runner-Up: Revive Best All-Around Hack, Second Runner-Up: möbel Hackers' Choice: Inkfinity A list of… Read More

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Buckingham Palace Reportedly Wants A Visit From President-Elect Donald Trump

Prepare to meet the Queen, President-elect Donald Trump. That's the word that first came from the prestigious Sunday Times, the upper-class daily that is also known as the voice of the royals. According to sources within the prime minister's office and Buckingham Palace, the Queen will formally invite Trump to Britain for an official state visit […]

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Rhodes scholars for Class of 2017 announced

VIENNA, Va. (AP) - This year's class of Rhodes scholars from the U.S. includes students who have used data to visualize sea level rise, some who speak several languages and the son of undocumented immigrants.

The Rhodes Trust announced the 32 American men and women chosen as scholars early Sunday. ...

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Dem Throws Support Behind Romney For Secretary Of State

'It's a total head fake'

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Pence: Mitt Romney Under 'Active Consideration' to Be Secretary of State

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'Hamilton' Can Lecture Mike Pence Thanks To Citizens United

The lecture was actually corporate political speech

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GOP sweep heightens anxiety for many transgender Americans

NEW YORK (AP) - Anxiety is high among many transgender Americans after the sweeping Republican election victory. They fear stronger resistance to their push for civil-rights protections, including broader access to public restrooms, and wonder if their newly won right to serve openly in the military is in jeopardy.

Transgender ...

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55-Year-Old Man Likely Oldest Ever D1 College Football Player To Hit The Field

'It was the happiest day of my life'

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Obama and Putin Meet Briefly at APEC Summit

A four-minute meeting between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Lima may stand as the final dialogue between two leaders amid deep tensions over Ukraine, Syria, human rights, and the U.S. presidential election.

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Cracks Among the Culturati?

(Steven Hayward) "Politics is downstream from culture," Andrew Breitbart liked to argue, and given the near-monopoly of the left on America's cultural scene (Hamilton hecklers anyone?), the ballot box is the only place where the American people get to fight back. So it is worth taking in instances when the cultural world seems to get it, like this sketch on Saturday Night Live last night about the liberal "bubble." Just 2:20 long

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Presidents Obama, Putin meet for 4 minutes at international summit in Peru

President Obama on Sunday held his last meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a four-minute-long chat that seemed to resolve none of their well-known differences.

During an unscheduled encounter at an international summit in Lima, Peru, Mr. Obama spoke to Mr. Putin about the need for the Washington and Moscow ...

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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Page Still Up And Running, Little Sign Of Defeat

'Chip in today'

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Pence on Hamilton Controversy: I Wasn't 'Offended' by What was Said

Vice President-elect Mike Pence told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday that he was not 'offended' by the comments made by one of the "Hamilton" cast members after he attended the hit Broadway show on Friday evening. As Pence was exiting the theatre after the show, Brandon Victor Dixon, who played America's third Vice President ...

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Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator: Trump should lift up workers, but 'no compromise' on bigotry

Sen. Bernard Sanders said there will be "no compromise" with President-elect Donald Trump on climate change or issues that smack of bigotry, though he's ready and willing to work with him on issues that lift up working-class voters who supported President Obama but rejected Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

The Vermont independent ...

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China's War On Smog Includes Cracking Down On Outdoor Barbecues

a desperate effort to reduce the country's crippling smog levels

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Spectacle-selling Snapbot deployed at the Grand Canyon

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-17-12-am Not even 24 hours after we got the last Snapchat Spectacle vending machine location, there's a new one: near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, closest to the small town of Meadview. The new spot is striking distance from Las Vegas, and should provide a beautiful road trip for anyone adventurous enough to make the drive. The Grand Canyon location follows hot on the heels of the Rose Bowl… Read More

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VP-elect Mike Pence: All is well in Trump transition

Vice President-elect Mike Pence exuded confidence Sunday about Donald Trump's transition, saying Sen. Jeff Sessions will be confirmed as attorney general and that the president-elect is bringing "energy" and "leadership" to a busy round of meetings with potential Cabinet picks at his tony golf club in New Jersey.

Amid reports ...

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Trump Supporter Disrupts Chicago Performance Of 'Hamilton'

And so it begins

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Trump Appears to Zero In on 'Mad Dog' Mattis to Lead Defense

James Mattis may have the inside track to become U.S. defense secretary after President-elect Donald Trump gave the retired U.S. Marine Corps general a big thumbs-up for a second day.

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A session on Jeff Sessions

(Scott Johnson) The Democrats and their media adjunct played the race card over and over in the campaign that concluded with the election of Donald Trump on November 8. They aren't about to give it a rest now. They have done a superb job of devaluing the charge. One might reasonably infer that the equal treatment of men without regard to race means nothing to them. Rather, they treat the issue of

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Pence On Being Lectured By 'Hamilton' Cast: 'I Wasn't Offended By What Was Said'

'When we arrived, we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers... I nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like'

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Trump: James Mattis, Considered for Def. Secy, Was 'Impressive'

"General James ''Mad Dog'' Mattis, who is being considered for Secretary of Defense, was very impressive yesterday. A true General's General!" President-elect Donald Trump says on Twitter. Related Story: Nov. 17, Trump Said to Consider Former Generals for Defense Post

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Photographer captures images of immigrants from all nations

BOSTON (AP) - A photographer has made it his mission to photograph two people from every nation who have settled in Massachusetts.

Mark Chester is well on his way to achieving his goal.

Since 2011, he's photographed people from 185 of the world's 196 countries, all of them immigrants who ...

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Trump Spends Saturday Meeting With Potential Cabinet Picks

'These are really, really talented people'

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China Flips Roles With U.S. in Trump Era With Rebukes on Policy

China is moving swiftly after Donald Trump's U.S. election win to claim the mantle of the world's champion of free trade and the fight against climate change -- a role reversal that appeared barely imaginable just a month ago.

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Beyond Nokia: A love story

nokia-love It was October 2011. Verena Rentrop and Elsie Parumog, two Nokia staff stationed on opposite sides of the world, were having a routine work chat when something more pressing came up. With another wave of restructuring underway, which would see Nokia lay off thousands of employees over the next few years, the close but remote relationship that the two had established might soon come to an end. Read More

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When 'Everything Becomes War,' Call the UN?

America's recent foreign policy failures, notably though not exclusively the inability to win in either Afghanistan or Iraq, have precipitated a good deal of soul-searching about grand strategy, the role of military versus civilian power, and internationalism versus national self-interest.

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