June 9, 2016

Obama Says Clinton is More Qualified For President Than He Is

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Google accused of burying negative Hillary Clinton stories

An explosive report released Thursday suggests that Google manipulated its search engine to boost Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by burying unflattering stories about her.

A video posted by SourceFed, a news and pop-culture website, accused Google of attempting to boost secretly Mrs. Clinton's candidacy.


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Crunch Report | First Project Tango Phone

Phab 2 pro is the first project tango phone to hit the market, Moto Z is a modular phone that can be everything form a loudspeaker to a projector, You can now leave video Comments on facebook, If you're under 18 years old you're no longer allowed on Tinder, and Microsoft offers a Free trial of Minecraft for Teachers. All This on Crunch Report Read More

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Hillary Clinton's email practices ignored by State Department staffers

Even after the now-infamous photo of Hillary Clinton using a BlackBerry device appeared, the State Department didn't try to figure out why none of her emails was showing up in their systems, a top official said in testimony released Thursday.

Karin Lang, the department's designated expert on Mrs. Clinton's email, ...

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TV Hair Of The Day: MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers' Iman Shumpert

TV Hair of the Day is a serious tossup today. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviewed House Speaker Paul Ryan. During her interview, the camera panned to a weird zoomed shot from the back of her head that could be called this by an artist's rendition of the moment: Unwashed dog. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, […]

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Huckle brings Twitter group chat to a browser near you

HUCKLE - holding phone2 For people who think Slack is just a little bit too formal, there's Huckle. The platform makes kicking off a group chat with your friends, fans and followers as easy as composing a tweet, hitting send and tapping away until your fingers go numb. Until recently, the platform was only available on iOS, but that's changing today with a brand new browser-based interface. Read More

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Bernie Sanders Sticks in Race After Meeting With Obama

Bernie Sanders said Thursday he would take his campaign to the final Democratic primary election in Washington, D.C. next week following an Oval Office meeting with President Obama aimed at unifying the party.

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Nancy Pelosi: Give Bernie Sanders space to decide next move

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Sen. Bernard Sanders knows what's on the line in the presidential election, but that he should be given space to make his own decision about his next steps.

"He knows what's on the line, and he should be treated no differently than ...

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Former LAPD Officer Believes O.J. Simpson Will Confess

'It was horrific...'

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Uber's Scheduled Rides feature lets you request cars up to 30 days in advance

uber-app-ios Less than a month after Lyft launched scheduled trips, Uber is doing the same thing starting today with the worldwide roll-out of Scheduled Rides. Now, you can schedule your car 30 minutes in advance up to 30 days in advance — but only for uberX. Lyft, on the other hand, only lets you schedule rides up to 24 hours in advance. I personally don't see when I would ever schedule a… Read More

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What Donald Trump Is Watching

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Women Vote Trump super PAC launched at National Press Club: 'We're not going to keep quiet'

Donald Trump has a new group of allies.

Women Vote Trump, a new super PAC, was launched Thursday at the National Press Club by former tea party leader Amy Kremer, veteran Republican strategist Ann Stone, actress Stacey Dash and video bloggers Diamond and Silk, the wildly popular team ...

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Check Out This Top Secret Project To Build Flying Cars

Built on Marine Corps tilt-rotor tech

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Deepak Chopra launches Jiyo, a wellness-focused mobile app

Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra, a leading figure in the alternative health movement, is moving into the mobile app business with the launch of Jiyo. Chopra and his co-founder Poonacha Machaiah have been talking about Jiyo for a while, but today the app is generally available on iOS and Android. We got a quick demo yesterday, with Machaiah explaining that one of the goals is "no typing". Using data… Read More

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Hillary…You Are A Liar, But You Aren't The First Woman To Run For The Presidency. Meet Victoria Woodhull (1872)

Woman PresThis is the first woman to run for POTUS

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Honest, Earnest style

(Scott Johnson) To rewrite history the Obama administration is toying with the devices that George Orwell depicted in 1984. The party line that Orwell attributed to Ingsoc provides this rationale: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." Today's New York Post editorial comes up with another example, this one involving the oxymoronically named White House spokesman Josh Earnest. At the May 9 press briefing, Kevin

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American Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Remains Depressed

American satisfaction with the direction of the nation remains at a nine-year low.

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John Kasich: 'Hard to say' whether I'll support Donald Trump

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he still isn't there yet on supporting presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and didn't rule out walking into the party's convention in Cleveland next month having not endorsed the party's standard bearer.

"Hard to say," Mr. Kasich said when asked if he will support ...

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Virginia-Born Terrorist Would Rather Face Justice At Home Than Stay One More Minute With ISIS

terrorist couldn't hack it in ISIS

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Avast expands beyond security with new storage-optimizing app called Photo Space

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.47.57 AM Avast is a company best known for its security software, but the days where everyone's first download to their Windows PC is an anti-virus program are fading into the past. The 25-year old software maker still claims 230 million individuals and businesses using its security applications for mobile and PC, including anti-virus, VPN utilities and other programs, but today it's… Read More

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United Church of Christ Says "If You're White, You're A Racist"

kkkJust admit it...you're a white racist.

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New Jersey's Suspension of Cost-of-Living Pension Boosts Is Upheld

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Legislature acted legally in suspending cost-of-living adjustments for retired public workers, the state Supreme Court ruled in a case that might have cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

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Dr. David Allison Comments on Deceptive Editing by Katie Couric

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Obama meets with Sanders in push for party unity

President Obama is meeting with Sen. Bernard Sanders Thursday morning in the Oval Office, hoping to give the populist presidential candidate a tactful push toward a clear surrender to Hillary Clinton in their hard-fought battle for the Democratic nomination.

With some Sanders' supporters urging their candidate to keep pressing on ...

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Snoop Dogg Threw Out First Pitch And It Was Almost As Bad As 50 Cent's [VIDEO]


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The social side of autonomous cars and technological disruption

A kid learns how to build a video game using code on an Apple Inc. iPad Mini during the Hour of Code workshop at an Apple store in New York, U.S., on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015. Hour of Code, a free one-hour introduction to the basics of computer programming, is a special event for kids ages six and up hosted by Apple Inc. in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images In my recent travels through Singapore, I witnessed all that this city-state is doing to become a "Smart Nation." My trip was instructive on many levels, but the primary point that became ever more apparent to me is how big of a cultural shift — rather than a technological shift — we all still need to go through to reach the future in a positive, rather than… Read More

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Hillary Clinton doesn't rule out all-female ticket

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn't ruling out the possibility of an all-female ticket, saying what's important is that her vice presidential pick can do the job.

"I'm looking at the most qualified people, and that includes women, of course, because I want to be sure that whoever I ...

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Clinton Warns Brexit Could End Peace In Northern Ireland

'Important not to minimise the benefits of EU membership'

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Uber fined $900,000 in France for running illegal transportation operations with UberPOP

uber Black_Car_Driver_BW Nearly a year after suspending UberPOP in France, Uber will now have to pay a fine. A criminal court in Paris has sanctioned Uber for its UberPOP operations between February 2014 and July 2015. The court is asking for $900,000 (€800,000) — half of it is a suspended sentence. Two of Uber's executives are also getting fined. Read More

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