November 25, 2015

Black Student Leader Says She Told Campus Police About Death Threats Against Her. Here's the Response She Says She Got.

"… I know my safety is not a priority."

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Federal Officials Are Warming Up To Self-Driving Cars

Google car As self-driving cars rapidly develop, federal officials are beginning to rethink their stance on the technology. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced yesterday that an update would be coming to the nation's self-driving car policy in coming weeks. "I want the posture of our agency to be obviously vigilant on the safety front, but I don't want our agency to be… Read More

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Donald Trump Is Hitler In New Kasich Ad: 'You Better Hope There's Someone Left To Help You'

kasichOhio Gov. John Kasich's campaign released a new attack ad Wednesday comparing GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to Hitler. The ad, titled "Trump's dangerous rhetoric," features Col. Tom Moe, who served in the U.S. Air Force and was a POW in Vietnam, warning voters about Trump as headlines about the real estate magnate's controversial comments ...More

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Karl Rove on Jeb Bush's Struggles, Stopping Donald Trump

Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, discusses the race for the 2016 Republican nomination on "With All Due Respect."

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Chicago Officer Charged With First-Degree Murder Had History of Complaints Against Him: 18 Over a 14-Year Span

None of the complaints resulted in disciplinary action.

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Intralist Is A Site For Everyone Who Just Can't Get Enough Top Five Lists

intralist Lists! Everybody loves 'em, right? I mean, even if you pretend that you don't, I'm guessing you find yourself furtively clicking on "top five" or "top 10" articles every once in a while. So what about a site that's built entirely around lists? That's Intralist, in a nutshell. John Jaxheimer (formerly creative director at Sports… Read More

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Why America Loves the Debates

On "With All Due Respect," Bloomberg's Will Leitch examines how debates are driving the 2016 election cycle.

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Houston Zoo reinstalls signs prohibiting guns

HOUSTON (AP) - The Houston Zoo has reinstalled signs that prohibit carrying firearms into the zoo, three months after they were removed due to threat of legal action.

The Houston Chronicle ( ) reports Attorney Edwin Walker with Texas Law Shield sent a demand letter to the Houston Zoo, its ...

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Chief Rabbi Of Brussels: 'No Future For Jews In Europe'

'There is a sense of fear in the streets'

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Man Battling ALS Tells Glenn Beck Why He'd Rather Live With the Devastating Disease Than Return to a Life Without It

"I'll keep what I have."

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Despite Gripes Over Gitmo Staying Open, Obama Signs Defense Spending Bill

"I am, however, deeply disappointed that the Congress has again failed to take productive action toward closing the detention facility at Guantanamo."

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Rove: Trump Could Win Key Early Contests, Still Lose Nomination

Karl Rove postulates that Donald Trump, the frontrunner in polls in the Republican presidential race, could win the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and still lose the party's nomination. NOTE: Rove, former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, makes comments in interview to air later Wednesday on Bloomberg Politics' "With All Due Respect" "What happens is not that he blows up but that the other 70 or 75% of the party" that doesn't back Trump in natl' pol

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Apology Accepted

(John Hinderaker) I wrote here about a former journalist named Gary Gilson who libeled me in a letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That post included my email exchange with Mr. Gilson, in which I requested a retraction and apology. (Gilson's letter responded to Scott's review of the movie Truth in the same paper. Scott commented on that aspect of Gilson's letter here.) Mr. Gilson has now apologized to

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South Carolina editorial roundup

Recent editorials from South Carolina newspapers:


Nov. 23

The Post and Courier of Charleston on state tax refunds:

This time the tax collector really is bringing good news. South Carolina will reduce the amount it withholds from residents' paychecks.

Many people have had the same experience: At tax time, ...

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CO2 Emissions Dropped In 47 States Due To Natural Gas

Natural gas emits about half the CO2 of coal power and is already cost competitive.

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Marco Rubio: 'God's Rules' Always Win When There's a Conflict With U.S. Law

"We cannot abide by that because government is compelling us to sin.."

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Box's Diversity Strategy Could Use Some Work And Transparency

Eng Diversity Scholarship 2015-1 Last week, Box announced the winner of its third annual engineering diversity scholarship, Amanda Sopkin of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of the scholarship, Box awarded Sopkin a $20,000 scholarship, and four female and/or minority students a $4,000 scholarship, a trip to Box HQ and a potential opportunity to intern at the company in the future. "I think… Read More

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Marco Rubio Pushes to Defund Obamacare Bailout

2016 Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio campaigned in South Carolina on Wednesday. He called the Affordable Care Act "a complete and utter disaster" and called for the repeal of an Obamcare provision allowing for the potential bailout of health insurance companies that have lost money.

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Judge hears testimony in case of St. Louis Zoo gun ban

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A judge has heard testimony as he considers lifting the St. Louis Zoo policy that prohibits patrons from entering the zoo with guns.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( ) reports that St. Louis Circuit Judge Joan Moriarty issued a temporary order on June 12 upholding the ...

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Trump Nomination Would Make Independents More Likely To Turn Out, GOP Base Less Motivated

'We lose if our voters stay home'

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Clinton: Family of Chicago Man Shot by Police Deserves Justice

As criminal charges proceed in case of Laquan McDonald, who was fatally shot by police officer in Chicago, "we also have to grapple as a country with broader questions about ensuring that all our citizens and communities are protected and respected," Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says in statement. "The mothers I met recently in Chicago are right: we cannot go on like this. All over America, there are police officers honorably doing their duty, demonstrating how to protect th

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Pennsylvania attorney general ups ante in porn scandal

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The Pennsylvania Senate is closer to a vote to remove the state's top prosecutor as she raises the possibility that she'll seek criminal charges in a scandal involving public officials exchanging explicit or offensive emails.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane's announcement came hours after a Pennsylvania Senate ...

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This Legislative Rider Could Save 99 Percent Of The E-Cigarette Industry From Prohibition

Congress has a chance to save e-cigarettes from the FDA

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After Email Leak, Rand Paul Campaign Demands CNN 'Address This Bias and Lack of Journalistic Integrity'

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Rep. Steve King on Muslim Refugees: 'They Bring With Them Shariah Law … It's Incompatible With Americanism'

"If they're willing to reject sharia law, then we can talk."

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Trump Plans Monday Press Conference With Black Pastors

Donald Trump on Nov. 30 "will be joined by a coalition of 100 African American evangelical pastors and religious leaders who will endorse the GOP frontrunner after a private meeting at Trump Tower," his campaign says in a statement. Earlier: Trump's Family Makes First Appearance on Campaign Rally Stage

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What manner of deal is this?

(Scott Johnson) Rep. Mike Pompeo has elicited the letter below from the Department of State explaining the nature of the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. What manner of deal is this? According to Assistant Secretary of State Julia ("If that really is your name") Frifield, the deal is not a treaty. The deal is not an executive agreement. The deal is not even a document signed to represent the

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Help TurboRoo & His 3D-Printed Pawsthetics Project

unnamed (5) Some of us, four legged friends included, hit some bad luck once in a while. Some have it harder than others. A good friend of mine, TurboRoo, has an interesting story to share and a new campaign to help others in his situation. Turbo was brought into a vet in 2014 to give up for adoption. He was 4 weeks old and was born without his front legs. Luckily, he was adopted by the awesome people… Read More

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Evacuation of German Soccer Stadium Due to Warning by Israeli Intelligence

JERUSALEM—The sudden evacuation of a soccer stadium in Hamburg last week less than an hour before the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was due to a warning by Israeli intelligence of an imminent terrorist attack, according to the German magazine Stern.

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Obama: No 'credible intelligence' of imminent attack on U.S. over Thanksgiving

Saying U.S. counter-terrorism officials haven't uncovered any credible threat of pending attacks, President Obama urged Americans Wednesday to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland," Mr. Obama said after meeting in the White House situation room with ...

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Does George Stephanopoulos Even Know What Gun Laws We Have Now?

Even if we put people on a list and prohibited them from legally purchasing guns, it's not really that hard to get a gun.

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32-Second Video of a Hardback in a University's Rare Books Collection Goes Viral — See What's 'Hidden' in Its Pages

"This particular book…is unique."

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Glenn Beck Tells the Little-Known Story Behind FDR's Decision to Change the Date of Thanksgiving

"The only reason why we changed…"

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Uber Chases The Perfect Ride With Back-To-Back Trips

shutterstock_6701266 There's a secret equation Uber is constantly trying to optimize, where Uber and the driver earn the most money possible while the passenger pays the least. Internally, I've heard Uber refers to this as "the perfect ride". It might seem like the two halves of the equation fundamentally clash, and in a way they do, but the trick is in maximizing efficiency of every part… Read More

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Hotel, Cars for Biden's Thanksgiving Trip to Italy and Croatia Cost $307,118

Hotel rooms and car service for Vice President Joe Biden's Thanksgiving trip to Rome and Croatia cost over $300,000, according to recently released government contracts.

The vice president, his wife Jill Biden, and other relatives are spending the holiday abroad. Biden is first making a stop in Zagreb, Croatia for meetings, before heading to Italy on Wednesday.

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Thousands of children crossed US-Mexico border in October

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics show nearly 5,000 unaccompanied immigrant children were caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in October, almost double the number from October 2014.

Immigration experts say the numbers, released Tuesday, show that the flow of immigrants from Central America has remained ...

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DC Pot Activist Fought The Law And … Got A Mistrial

'How could I have taken this photo if I was disrupting?'

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Professor's Surprising Predictions About the Future of Atheism and Faith — and Which System He Believes Is Really 'In Decline'

"It's stale, dull and incredible."

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Watch the Latest Viral Internet Challenge That 'Almost Suffocated' One Young Woman

There have been no reports of injuries stemming from the challenge thus far. 

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Deezer Introduces Family Plan, $16 For Up To 6 People

deezer Shortly after indefinitely postponing its IPO, music streaming startup Deezer just announced a new family plan to keep up with the competition. You can now subscribe to a family plan for €14.99 per month ($16). For this price, you get six different profiles so that you can get sepratate playlists and music recommendations for each profile. Read More

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New Survey: 97% Of Americans Aren't Worried About Climate Change

obama climatePresident Obama has routinely stated that climate change –something Earth has done for millions of years — is a bigger threat to the world than terrorism, despite the horrific display of evil people that recently left 129 people dead in France and the countless number of people getting wiped out thousands across the Middle East, today, ...More

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