April 4, 2016

Princeton Decides to Keep Wilson's Name Alive

(John Hinderaker) The controversy over Woodrow Wilson at Princeton is considerably more substantial than nearly all of the petty disputes that have roiled other campuses. After all, Wilson achieved fame as President of Princeton; he was not merely some long-forgotten donor like Isaac Royall. Princeton's prestigious school of international relations is named after Wilson, and he figures prominently in the university's history. We have written several times about Wilson's virulent racism, e.g.,

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Prosecutors seek 12-15 years in prison for ex-Senate leader

NEW YORK (AP) - A judge should sentence a former state Senate leader for his extortion conviction to about 12 to 15 years in prison, federal prosecutors said in pre-sentencing submissions filed Monday.

Prosecutors said Republican ex-senator Dean Skelos and his son, Adam Skelos, should each face prison terms approaching ...

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On Donald Trump's Rise: The Case For Personality And Brand Over Issues

That persona and brand have taken him pretty far in the GOP primary

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WESLEY PRUDEN: The unexpected peril of a brokered convention

This may be the year they gave an election and everybody wanted to stay home. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a front-runner anybody likes very much, and there's nobody on the bench who can hit a curve ball.

Donald Trump's shtick of insulting everybody and complaining that, like Rodney Dangerfield, ...

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Senator Blasts ICE's 'Bureaucratic Nonsense' In Case Of Killer Illegal Alien Fugitive

Fugitive was an 'unaccompanied alien minor'

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An insider's handbook for IoT startups

iot-handbook Tips are everywhere. There's an abundance of generic advice available for how to build teams and culture, how to fundraise, how to be productive, how to stay above the noise… But what about specific advice? Specific tips for what differentiates the leaders from the followers. And even more specifically, a guide to differentiate and succeed as a hardware startup. Read More

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2016 presidential campaign becomes most expensive, surpassing $1 billion

The 2016 presidential aspirants and outside groups have already crossed the $1 billion fundraising mark collectively this campaign, blowing by previous election cycles.

At this point in 2012, candidates had collectively raised about $314 million, according to data compiled by the Campaign Finance Institute. In 2008, the last time an ...

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Bath Time

From The Prophet's Tablet (Wise — sometimes pretentious — words from the high minded.) "Prospect theory and associated fallacies is one of the better predictive behavioral models. I return to it a lot." — Commentary's Noah Rothman.   Scottie Nell Hughes shed tears over the SNL spoof portraying her as a 'nutjob'  Trump supporter Scottie Nell […]

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NASA partners with Microsoft to launch "mixed reality" Mars exhibit

Buzz on Mars NASA has collaborated with Microsoft to create a new mixed-reality exhibit known as "Destination: Mars", allowing the public to explore the red planet with holographic tour guides. The exhibit will open this summer in Florida at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Featuring the second person on the moon, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, and guided by Curiosity Mars Rover driver… Read More

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Clinton, Sanders to Debate in Brooklyn on April 14

CNN will host a Democratic presidential debate at Brooklyn Navy Yard with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the network announces in e-mail statement. CNN host Wolf Blitzer to moderate debate NOTE: New York holds primary on April 19

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Is the GOP Going to the Doves?

(John Hinderaker) In the New York Times, Ross Douthat argues that the United States and Europe seem to be reversing their roles with respect to defense policy. The adage that Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus, he suggests, no longer holds true. Europeans have gotten more serious about security: Nationalism is returning, border fences are going up. The center is weakening, the far right is gaining power. The Mediterranean

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Charles Grassley to meet with Merrick Garland

Sen. Charles E. Grassley will meet with Judge Merrick Garland, but only to tell him why he won't get a full hearing before the Judiciary Committee nor have his Supreme Court nomination considered by the Senate this year, Mr. Grassley's office said Monday.

The meeting alone is significant since many ...

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The Frat Site That Helped Ignite #TheChalkening Speaks Out

'We hope it opens a dialogue about the suppression of ideas on college campuses'

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In Time For Opening Day, Cities Ban Chewing Tobacco At Ballparks

chewing tobaccoThe Nanny State, Major League Baseball edition

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Bernie Sanders' Message Resonates With Wisconsin's Progressives

Ruth Coniff, editor-in-chief of the Progressive Magazine, and MSNBC's Alex Wagner discuss Bernie Sanders' campaign and the state of the Democratic race on the eve of the Wisconsin primary on  "With All Due Respect."

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WATCH LIVE: Trump Rally In Milwaukee, Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Begins at 7:00 PM CST (8:00 PM EST)

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NASA's new sea level site puts climate change papers, data, and tools online

nasa_displaydata NASA took the wraps off a new website on Monday dedicated to tracking global changes in the sea level. It's packed full of free online resources that will likely be useful to teachers, the climate-change-curious, and anyone just looking to dig into publicly available data. Read More

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Is the Democratic Race Over If WI Doesn't Feel the Bern?

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss how the contours of the Democratic race change if Hillary Clinton wins in the Badger State on "With All Due Respect."

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Bill Clinton Mistakes Garland For Srinivasan Two Days In A Row

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GOP Congress' incomplete: Stalled bills, no court nominee

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress increasingly is being defined by what it's not doing this election year.

The Senate returned Monday with a strong majority of Republicans saying no to any consideration of President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court. No hearings, no vote and, for some lawmakers, not even ...

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Key Figure In Petraeus Case Says Justice Dept. Won't Indict Hillary Over Emails [VIDEO]

The Florida socialite whose 2012 complaint to the FBI led to the investigation of Gen. David Petraeus' mishandling of classified information said on Monday that she does not believe that Hillary Clinton will be indicted for mishandling sensitive government information on her private email server. In an interview with Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg, Jill Kelley […]

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Auka brings Google Cloud-powered banking to Europe

Auka Norwegian startup Auka is setting its sight on hitting two birds with one stone: Helping banks lagging behind compliance with EU regulation, and rolling out high-tech banking to customers across Europe. The company is a white-label service aimed at retail banks, and is the first fully licensed and regulated payments infrastructure running on Google Cloud Platform. Read More

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U.S. ELECTION WRAP: Trump Faces Highest Hurdle Yet in Wisconsin

Donald Trump faces the toughest test of his Republican presidential bid in tomorrow's Wisconsin primary, with a possible loss intensifying doubts about his long-range prospects. Ted Cruz has overtaken Trump in the state's polls, with the RealClearPolitics average showing the Texas senator ahead of the businessman by about 4 ppts Even with Trump favored to rebound in N.Y.'s April 19 primary a Wis. loss would reduce his chances of easily reaching the GOP's 1,237-delegate threshold by the time the

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Could An Imaginary Candidate Beat Hillary?

(Steven Hayward) I'm starting to think that Hillary is so bad as a candidate that someone picked from the phone book might be able to beat her. Like this guy: Because—did you see Hillary on Meet the Press yesterday? She was beyond awful. You can watch the whole painful 14-minute segment here, but this short clip of her answer on abortion is simply mind-blowing: First all, "an unborn person doesn't have constitutional

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TSA Spent Millions of Dollars for a Randomizer App

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) paid IBM $336,413.59 for an app. An app that randomly selects right or left when tapped by a TSA agent.

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Missouri GOP combs past for Planned Parenthood censure rules

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Republicans are looking back more than a century for guidance as they consider holding a Planned Parenthood official in contempt of the Senate.

A Senate panel is scheduled to consider proposals Tuesday that would summon regional Planned Parenthood CEO Mary Kogut to the Senate ...

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Talk Radio Wars: Seismic Struggles In Talk Radio As Hosts Battle Their Listeners

Many hosts are engaged in open warfare with their audiences.

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Salesforce Acquires MetaMind

salesforce-metamind MetaMind, a Palo Alto-based AI startup founded in July 2014, is being acquired by Salesforce. According to a new post published at the company's website by CEO Richard Socher — a Stanford PhD who studied machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision — Salesforce plans to use its technology to "further automate and personalize… Read More

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Bernie Sanders: I Don't Want to Get Hillary Clinton More Nervous Than She Already Is

At a campaign event in Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders said he thinks he'll win the state's primary if there is a high voter turnout. While not wanting to "get Hillary Clinton more nervous than she already is," the Vermont senator said he thinks a win in Wisconsin would propel him to a victory in New York.

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Hillary Clinton Loves to Debate Everyone But Bernie Sanders

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Entrepreneurs must learn to negotiate, or they can lose everything

handshake Successfully taking an idea to market involves many more negotiations than most entrepreneurs realize. First, they must figure out whether to share credit with any partners or advisors who helped them along the way. Then, they need to determine who owns what, and who controls what, as they make their way through multiple rounds of investment. Read More

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Planned Parenthood Charged $20K for Luncheon VIP Seating

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, charged $20,000 for "VIP seating" at an annual awards luncheon held in Dallas, Texas, Monday.

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Hillary Clinton praises New York minimum wage, calls for national raise

Hours after the state enacted a historic minimum-wage increase, Hillary Clinton on Monday praised New York's move to raise the wage to $15 an hour by 2018 and said the federal government must follow suit.

Mrs. Clinton's rally in New York City, which comes two weeks before Democrats in the ...

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PGA Golfer Credits Trump With Helping Him Earn His First Win On Tour

'Shot in the arm'

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Samir Arora is stepping down as CEO of Mode Media

Samir Arora Samir Arora, the longtime CEO of Mode Media, is stepping down, replaced by interim CEO Jack Rotolo. Rotolo has spent more than a decade serving in a number of roles at the company, most recently president of global sales and business operations. "Mode Media is poised to redefine social content for brands thanks in large part to Samir Arora's dedication and vision," Rotolo said… Read More

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