September 20, 2016

Texas With 20 Other States Sues to Block U.S. Overtime Rules

Texas and 20 other states sued the Obama administration to block overtime rules that business groups say will boost employment costs and may force layoffs by effectively setting a federal minimum salary for white-collar workers.

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U.S. Embassy Under Fire for 'Boycotting' Israeli Goods

The Obama administration is coming under fire for supporting boycotts of Israel after issuing an apology for sending its "key contacts" a gift basket that included Israeli-made wine produced in an area deemed a settlement, according to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

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Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton lacks 'moral clarity' to be president

Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton Tuesday for being weak on fighting terrorism, saying she attacks his supporters more viciously than radical Islamic terrorists and supports lax immigration policies that put Americans at risk.

He said that's why she lacked the "moral clarity" to be president.

"She calls the patriotic Americans ...

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One Newark Party Leads To 180 Underage Drinking Arrests

'It was just a normal day-drink'

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Tesla patches exploit that left Model S potentially vulnerable to remote access

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-51-26-pm Tesla moved quickly to patch a vulnerability discovered by Tencent security research team Keen Security Lab that rendered the Model S susceptible to remote attacks, provided the Tesla Model S was currently making use of its in-car web browser, and also physically close to and connected with a maliciously modified Wi-Fi hotspot. Keen's security team had been focusing on Tesla vehicles… Read More

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President Obama Goes All in for Hillary Clinton

Bloomberg's Mike Dorning reports on President Barack Obama's campaign blitz for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Dorning speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Natural and "Unnatural" Citizens

(Steven Hayward) Everyone is skipping right past the deeper meaning of the little detail that the New York "devicer" (I guess "bomber" is now a trigger warning term?—heh) Ahmad Khan Rahami is a "naturalized" American citizen, having immigrated from Afghanistan some years ago. Stop right there, and let's think for a moment about what the term "naturalized citizen" ought to mean, for in the case of Mr. Rahami, his "naturalization" process clearly

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Hillary Clinton Supporter Caught With Illegal Substance

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.) was photographed with marijuana on Saturday in musician Willie Nelson's bus.

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Lawmaker with secret criminal case pressured to resign

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf says a public official shouldn't be in office if they're guilty of a crime, as questions swirl around whether a state lawmaker secretly pleaded guilty to a federal felony.

Wolf's comments Tuesday came four days after a Philadelphia Inquirer report revealed state ...

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Think Tank Claims Attorneys Bilked VW Claimants Out Of Hundreds Of Millions

'it's ironic ... that lawyers in a consumer-fraud suit are misleading the public'

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Instagram rolls out a "Save Draft" feature to all users

instagram icon 2016 iOS Following tests earlier this year, Instagram today confirmed it's rolling out a "Save Draft" feature to all users. As the name implies, this new addition means you're now able to begin working on a post, then save a copy of your changes to be completed at a later point. This option appears when you hit the "Back" button in the app – something that… Read More

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Beer and skittles

It's 49 days until the election, and anything but a slow news day: A cease-fire in Syria is falling apart, President Obama is attending events at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, we may be nearing the end of an era in Hollywood.

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Fraud Reported in Russian Parliamentary Elections

The victory of Vladimir Putin's ruling United Russia party in parliamentary elections over the weekend has been followed by reports of voting count irregularities and electoral fraud at polling stations in Russia.

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Former House speaker joins Washington law and lobbying firm

CINCINNATI (AP) - Former House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'nur) has a new Washington job, joining a prominent law and lobbying firm.

Washington-based Squire Patton Boggs says the former Republican congressman will be a strategic adviser for clients and focus on global business development for the international law firm. It says ...

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Former CIA Director: Political Correctness Kills Our Ability To Stop Radical Islamic Terror

'It's not just a PR matter. It's not a matter of ratings. It's a matter of life and death'

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Google brings non-news AMP links to its mobile search results

google_pipe_2 When Google launched its AMP project for making mobile websites load faster, it was mostly about news sites and you'd only see AMP links in the Top Stories section of the company's search results pages. About two months ago, Google also introduced a new demo site that showed what AMP support in mobile search would look for non-news sites like recipe and lyrics sites. Today, the… Read More

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Obama Takes Dispute With Trump Into His Final Speech to UN

Obama's speech in New York was a defense of globalism and an attack on authoritarians, tribalists and populists in which he never mentioned the Republican vying to succeed him in office, but the subtext was impossible to miss.

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Obama: ISIS Perversion of Islam 'Tolerated' in Too Many Middle East Mosques

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NRA ad: 'Don't let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone'

The National Rifle Association released a new television ad Tuesday warning that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could take away the right to self-defense for people looking to stop intruders into their homes.

The 30-second ad shows a woman frantically scrambling out of bed trying to grab a ...

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There's A Huge Uncontrolled Fire At The Air Force's Space Base [VIDEO]

The fire has already burned 4,500 acres near the base

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Subscription clothing service Stitch Fix expands to Men's, still can't figure out how to take my money

sfmen2 Stitch Fix can't figure out how to take my money, but they're expanding to include men's clothing now. Good luck with that! Oh, am I going to write a blog post on TechCrunch about my personal issues with a startup? Yeah, maybe? (You may now click into the comments below and commence your trolling.) Here's the thing: I haven't been as obsessed with a new startup as… Read More

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Trump Said to Use Charity Money to Settle Legal Problems: W.Post

Donald Trump allegedly spent a total of $258,000 from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved his businesses, Washington Post reports, citing legal documents and tax records.

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Midnight Regs, Part 2

(Steven Hayward) No sooner are the pixels posted on my note yesterday regarding "midnight regulations" than The Hill reports this: GOP Mostly Powerless in Stopping Obama 'Midnight' Regulations . . . Republican lawmakers and independent experts expect more [regulations] to come. But Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas told Roll Call that his party cannot do much because "the framers of the Constitution didn't give us a lot of tools that didn't

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Kevin McCarthy: Obama Paid Ransom to Iran to Free Hostages

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Harry Reid: Trump is 'fraud' who's built empire on scams

Stunned that Hillary Clinton is struggling against a man with no political experience and a checkered business record, Sen. Harry Reid accused Donald Trump Tuesday of being "a fraud" who's not worth anywhere near his claims.

The Nevada Democrat said the billionaire businessman has abused other people's money, and in ...

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For Dr. Oz, Pseudoscience Trumps Reality

Yet by appearing on his show, Trump legitimizes Dr. Oz and his crackpot theories.

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When every company is a tech company, valuations go insane

LOS ANGELES, CA. - MARCH 12, 2014: Blue Bottle Coffee shot in the Los Angeles Times Studio an item from the Natural Products show in Ananheim that Mary will talk about on March 12, 2014. (Photo by Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) Users, subscribers, growth, global expansion, minimal marginal costs, the promise of future success; this all sounds a bit like the verbiage of a tech company — and that's because the industry has fallen in love with the idea that every trendy fast-growing company is a tech company. Read More

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Debt and Death Bind Chicago as Emanuel Seeks More Cops

In Chicago, the cost of living goes up to pay for pension promises made long ago, while the cost of dying provokes alarm in a city that this year has seen an almost 50 percent spike in homicides.

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George Soros pledges $500 million to Obama's drive for refugee aid

Liberal billionaire hedge-fund founder George Soros pledged Tuesday to spend up to $500 million on President Obama's campaign to benefit refugees resettling.

The White House announced the commitment from Soros Fund Management and 50 other companies ahead of Mr. Obama convening a refugee summit Tuesday afternoon at the United Nations ...

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Sarah Silverman: Hillary Captured Bin Laden So We Owe Her 1,000 Purple Hearts

You may know Sarah Silverman from such films as… um… Well, okay, you may not know Sarah Silverman. It doesn't really matter. But she's someone who's in the public eye for reasons I can't fathom, and she just said something that's perfectly emblematic of 2016 America. Strap on your thinking caps, people, 'cause here comes […]

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Spiri's prototype 200-mile EV is made for on-demand carpooling

spiri_prototype_front Danish startup Spiri revealed their on-demand carpooling service in late August, and is now ready to show off its first prototype vehicle. The company decided to build its own all-electric car from the ground up, using an engineering team with talent from Aston Martin, Tesla and more, in order to arrive at a final product that best suits the needs of frequent, multi-passenger urban… Read More

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DHS ticks up in job satisfaction, still worst among all federal agencies

Homeland Security has ticked up in job satisfaction, though it still brings up the rear as the least favorite place for federal employees, according to the latest annual survey of workers.

Overall, the department rose 2 percentage points in satisfaction, from 47 percent to 49 percent. And some of the ...

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Hillary Clinton Will Be Featured In 'Women's Health' Magazine Next Month

Bad timing...

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CloudFlare adds lots of new encryption features

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - SEPT 29, 2010 Photo by Max Whittaker CloudFlare is encrypting its corner of the internet. The company announced today that it has rolled out new encryption features for all the websites it protects: TLS 1.3, automatic HTTPS rewrites, and and opportunistic encryption upgrades. The technical upgrades will occur behind the scenes, so CloudFlare's customers won't notice much of a difference (except perhaps a slight uptick… Read More

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