June 8, 2016

New Cloud Studies Are Another Blow to Climate Extremism

(John Hinderaker) Climate science is in its infancy, and just about every proposition is controversial. The idea that climate science is in any non-trivial sense settled is ridiculous. One area where this is obvious is clouds. Clouds play a huge role in the Earth's climate, but the dynamics surrounding the various types of clouds are simply not understood. When climate scientists developed the models on which all global warming alarmism is based,

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Hillary Clinton's 'historic' campaign yet to resonate with millennials

Millennial voters largely shrugged off Hillary Clinton's feat of becoming the first woman to claim enough delegates for a major-party presidential nomination and continued to stand by far-left rival Sen. Bernard Sanders — underscoring the challenges she confronts to unify the Democratic Party.

The former secretary of state must secure ...

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In Socialist Venezuela, Dumpsters Are Literally The New Grocery Stores

Mass shortages have led to total desperation

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Crunch Report | Big Apple App Store Update

Apple App Store is getting a huge and badly needed update, Google Fi Adds US Cellular as one of it partners, Tonsser is looking to discover the soccer star of tomorrow, Job search App Jobr gets acquired by monster.com and Amazon plans to invest 3 Billion more into it's Amazon Marketplace. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Puerto Rico Bill Faces House Vote Despite Uncertain GOP Support

The U.S. House is set to vote Thursday on a bill to address Puerto Rico's deepening debt crisis, but Republicans will likely need robust support from Democrats to pass the measure.

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Gary Johnson sets sights on 15 percent in polls, crucial spot on debate stage

With an electorate totally disenchanted with the two major parties' offerings, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson has a unique chance to make a splash this year — and he's determined to do things differently than in his 2012 campaign.

Gone are the low-yield interviews with "internet radio" shows, and ...

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Experts: New Bill Could Stop Executive Overreach

This bill could stop regulatory abuses, experts say

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Georgia editorial roundup

Recent editorials from Georgia newspapers:


June 2

The Augusta Chronicle on the criminal conviction of an Augusta VA Medical Center staffer:

There are two stark, valuable lessons for all of us buried in the recent criminal conviction of an Augusta VA Medical Center staffer.

Cathedral Henderson, 51, a former ...

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Richard Simmons Responds To Rumors He's Becoming A Woman


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Biden Says Sanders Should Have Chance to Decide Exit Strategy

"We should be a little graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own" when to exit Democratic presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden tells reporters in Capitol, according to CNN. NOTE: President Obama to meet with Sanders tomorrow; congratulated Hillary Clinton yday on securing delegates needed to clinch Democratic nomination

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Republicans Unveil Financial Choice Act to Repeal and Replace Dodd-Frank

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R., Texas), the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has introduced new legislation called the Financial CHOICE Act that would repeal and replace the Dodd-Frank Act.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 was signed into law by President Obama after the financial crisis of 2008 to "promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system" and put an end to "too big to fail" banks.

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GOP shut out of California Senate election as Democrats take both ballot slots

Predicting election results can be tough, but here's an easy one: A Democrat will win the November contest to succeed Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat.

For the first time in California history, there will be no Republican Senate candidate on the November ballot thanks to Tuesday's primary, which saw Democrats ...

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Climate Chaos! Did The White House Fib That India Would Join UN Climate Deal This Year?

'Indian officials said this was not the case'

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Monster snaps up 'Tinder for jobs' app, Jobr

jobr-app Monster.com announced this morning it has acquired the San Francisco-based startup Jobr, which had been developing a job-finding app the company described as a Tinder for jobs, thanks to its use of swipe-based gestures. Deal terms were not disclosed, but Jobr had raised $2 million in seed funding in 2014. The app is not being shut down, but will rather be integrated with Monster's… Read More

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Steyer Endorses Clinton, Calls to Fight 'Unfit' Trump

"Hillary Clinton is an experienced leader who will lead us to victory because she embodies the best values of our country," billionaire Tom Steyer says in statement. "Sen. Bernie Sanders is a great progressive leader who has ensured that solutions to climate change and economic inequality remain at the center of the Democratic platform": Steyer "Now is the time to come together to defeat Donald Trump, who is utterly unfit to be our next president" Earlier: Climate Activist Steyer Pledges $25 Mil

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75 years from now

(Scott Johnson) In the the Gram Parsons song "One Hundred Years From Now," the singer observes: "Nobody knows what kind of trouble we're in." Looking on the bright side, however, he doubts that one hundred years from now people will "still feel this way." That must be the theory behind the State Department's approach to the Freedom of Information Act. CNN reports that State Department lawyers argued in a filing last week

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Lincoln Chafee: Most Dems Are Voting Against Trump, Not For Clinton

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Editorials from around New York

Recent editorials of statewide and national interest from New York's newspapers:

The Times Herald Record of Middletown on the New York Senate ignoring climate legislation.

June 7

There's an impressive list of legislation piling up as the term ends in Albany. The problem is, the list is full of bills ...

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Adam Carolla Movie Takes Aim At The Perpetually Offended [VIDEO]

Liberals will hate this movie

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Only a few days left to save $1,200 on extra early-bird tickets to Disrupt SF

startup alley Disrupt SF 2016 is only a few short months away, and soon thousands of innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts will make their way to the lovely Pier 48 for the best startup show in the Bay Area. Read More

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Clinton Invokes Historic First in Victory But Knows Her Best Argument Is Still Trump

The Republican had by far the worst week of his campaign at the very moment the nation saw Clinton reach her milestone.

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Mitchell: Obama Ready to 'Make Sure' Clinton Succeeds Him in the White House

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Tom Cotton says he's urging Trump to campaign on upgrading military

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said Wednesday that he's advised presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to campaign on beefing up military spending.

"That's a very important policy we need to pursue," Mr. Cotton said at a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation. "It's also a winning political issue ...

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Guess What Happened After The Orioles' Shortstop Got Beaned With A 99 MPH Fastball [VIDEO]

SPOILER ALERT: a massive bench-clearing brawl

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Is HTML5 the new Windows?

html5 If you are as old as me, you remember the transition from MS DOS to Windows in the early 1990s. Might the arrival of new cloud-based apps that run in a web browser and store their data in the cloud create enough of an advantage over the common desktop environment to cause a similar shift? There are many parallels between the arrival of cloud-based apps and the arrival of Windows 30 years ago. Read More

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Clinton Says It's Unknown If Racism Is In Trump's Heart: ABC

"Well, I don't know what's in his heart," Hillary Clinton says when asked if Donald Trump is a racist, according to ABC News interview transcript. "But I know that that comment about the very accomplished federal judge who was born in Indiana to parents from Mexico was a racist attack," Clinton says Earlier: Clinton Says U.S. 'Maybe' Ready for Two-Woman Ticket: ABC

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CNN Host: How Can Clinton Ask for Republicans' Support When She Called Them Her Enemies?

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Garland woman helps settle 2 refugee families in Texas

GARLAND, Texas (AP) - When a rocket attack killed his 7-year-old nephew while he was playing outside late last year, Nangialai Hamidee realized that he made the right decision in getting his family out of Afghanistan, even if the road has been bumpy.

The Dallas Morning News (http://bit.ly/1TYxgGD ) reports ...

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School Board Will Petition Supreme Court To Decide If High School Girl Can Use Boys' Bathrooms

'This case is one of national significance'

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GOP Senator: Trump's 'Self-Inflicted Wounds' Will Hurt Support

"The longer these self-inflicted wounds continue, you know, the less support he's going to get," Republican Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan said Wednesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "I think it's a racist statement and he should retract it": Sullivan on Trump's comments on judge overseeing lawsuits against Trump University "On the issue of whether he's fit to be president, the American people are going to decide whether he's fit to be president in the next several months, and they're also going to de

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Can We Take A Joke?

(Steven Hayward) Further to Ralph Nader's comments noted here yesterday that political correctness is killing comedy (Ralph Nader!), I'm delighted to see leading comedians coming together to join the attack in a new documentary, "Can We Take a Joke?" Here's the two-minute trailer, just out yesterday:

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Donald Trump: Republicans angry at me have to 'get over it'

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump says Republicans who might be angry about Mr. Trump's recent comments invoking the Mexican heritage of a judge overseeing a case against Trump University need to "get over it."

"I don't care where the judge comes from or where judges come from - I ...

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Accel appoints ex-Facebooker Nir Blumberger as Venture Partner to focus on Israel

Nir print-101 VC firm Accel's London office has appointed a new Venture Partner to focus on Israel. Nir Blumberger has joined from Facebook, where he was a Corporate Development executive, and, we're told, was involved in M&A and strategy in areas such as virtual/augmented reality, messaging and video. He'll be based in Tel Aviv, giving Accel a much more formal presence in Israel,… Read More

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Midokura raises $20M Series B round for its network virtualization platform

2016-06-07_1519 Network virtualization specialist Midokura today announced it has raised a $20 million Series B round with participation from Japanese fintech company Simplex and existing investors like Allen Miner and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan. With this round, Midokura's total funding has now hit $44 million. As enterprises move away from expensive proprietary networking hardware… Read More

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Looking for Early Victories, Sanders Lost Chance to Expand Base

A decision after his Nevada loss set up a dynamic that would haunt the campaign for the rest of the race.

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Steve Kornacki Loves Numbers and Drawing Circles

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Fujitsu signs deal to integrate Box cloud storage into its enterprise software

Box CEO Aaron Levie Box just inked one of its biggest deals in Asia so far as it focuses on international growth. Fujitsu, one of Japan's largest IT services providers, announced today that it has made a strategic partnership with the cloud-storage company and will integrate Box into its enterprise software. Read More

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