November 14, 2016

This Supermodel Might Be The Sexiest NFL Girlfriend [SLIDESHOW]

She is stunning

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S.C.'s Harrison Announces Bid for DNC Chairman: MSNBC

Jaime Harrison, chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, tells MSNBC's Rachel Maddow he plans to run for DNC chairman. Says he's taking leave from Podesta Group, where he's a lobbyist Related: Rep. Keith Ellison Formally Announces DNC Chair Run: Politico; Obama Says Democrats Must Rebuild Appeal Where Clinton Lost

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Reporters Spin Furiously Against Trump

(John Hinderaker) In the wake of last week's election, one might have expected reporters to be chastened, with their candidate defeated and their attacks on Donald Trump having proved unavailing if not counterproductive. But they are incorrigible. Trump is nowhere near being inaugurated, and already reporters are spinning madly. Let's take just one example from today's news. The Associated Press (our old friends Jill Colvin and Julie Pace, along with Steve peoples)

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Obama's legacy: Democratic losses, party chaos

Democrats always had the White House — until last week.

As their majorities in Congress slipped away and they ceded the lead in governorships over the past six years, President Obama and his top lieutenants comforted themselves with the changing demographics that they said would make it impossible for a ...

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The Trumped Media's Stages of Grief No. 2: Anger [VIDEO]

No. 2: Anger

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Clinton to Make First Public Appearance Since Conceding Election

Hillary Clinton will be honored by the Children's Defense Fund at event Wednesday, according to release from group. Event marks her first public appearance since her presidential concession speech; Clinton aide confirms she will attend awards ceremony in Washington NOTE: Clinton worked for the group in the 1970s and later joined its board President Marian Wright Edelman in release calls Clinton "tireless voice for children"

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GOP leadership intact, in holding pattern after Donald Trump win: 'Victory heals all wounds'

Lawmakers returned Monday to find that the political earthquake from the presidential election had barely registered on Capitol Hill, where the leadership of both parties remained solidly intact.

The meager agenda for the "lame-duck" session, however, foretold the sea change headed for Washington. Republican leaders threw aside plans for big ...

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Mayor De Blasio Calls For More Anti-Trump Protests

'the more it will change the trajectory of things'

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Meet Impact VC, a new firm from Accel and DCM founder Dixon Doll

Impact Venture Capital partners and cofounders, Jack Crawford, Dixon Doll and Eric Ball. One of the cofounders of Accel Partners and DCM, Dixon Doll, recently formed a new venture firm called Impact Venture Capital, along with Jack Crawford and Eric Ball. Ball previously served as Oracle's Treasurer, where he helped manage $50 billion in assets. And Crawford was previously an investor and founded Velocity Venture Capital. Both are also former Kauffman fellows. The firm… Read More

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Obama Says Trump Seeks to Assure Leaders of U.S.-NATO Commitment

President Barack Obama said Donald Trump told him he can assure European leaders the U.S. won't back off its commitments to the NATO alliance under the Republican president-elect.

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Donald Trump weighs foreign policy, security team

Names are already circulating over whom President-elect Trump will pick for his Cabinet's top national security and foreign policy posts, but there are more questions than answers at this point as uncertainty swirls over who will fill key posts at both the Pentagon and State Department.

While sources say former ...

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DNC Chair Frontrunner Once Compared George Bush To Hitler

'It's almost like the Reichstag fire'

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DroneBase raises from Union Square to pay any pilot for aerial footage

dronebase That drone in your closet could earn you some money thanks to DroneBase, a startup that delivers aerial data and footage to business clients. DroneBase's new Pilot Program lets drone owners find gigs nearby where they can fly 10-minute missions, upload the assets, and get paid if a DroneBase clients wants to buy the info. By connecting idle pilots with needy businesses, DroneBase can… Read More

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (11/14/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by former Congressman Harold Ford Jr., political strategist Mary Matalin, Zainab Chaudry, spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Deutsch Inc. Chairman Donny Deutsch on "With All Due Respect." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Monday in Pictures: The Epic Trumpening Supplemental

(Steven Hayward) I think I've figured out why liberals are losing their minds over Trump's stunning upset: It's starting to sink in that the Clintons have torpedoed a second presidential election. But for Bill's peccadillos, Al Gore would very likely have won the electoral college contest in 2000. And but for Hillary's baggage, they might well have won this one. There may be some karmic justice after all. Meanwhile, the memes and

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Death Cab for Cutie continues denunciation of Trump, promises fans its shows are 'safe place'

In a statement released via Twitter on Monday, the alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie said its concerts "will always be a safe place for people of all colors, all genders, all sexual orientations and all beliefs."

"[W]e remain resolute in our commitment to creating music and ...

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Chicago Mayor Rejects Unity, Defies Trump

'very nervous and filled with anxiety'

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A real teen's take on Snapchat's hot new Spectacles

spectacles-warhol I like to think of my new Spectacles first and foremost as sunglasses. They're significantly cheaper than a pair of Ray-Bans ($129 for Specs vs. around $169), come with nicer lenses, the frames are beautiful, and they weigh only slightly more. And the image quality from the camera? Spec-tacular. Read More

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Lena Dunham Leaves Paul Ryan a Voicemail Complaining About Steven Bannon

Actress Lena Dunham left a voicemail with House Speaker Paul Ryan's office on Monday complaining about Donald Trump hiring Steven Bannon.

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Voters return lawmaker to Capitol despite felony guilty plea

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A state representative who was just re-elected despite having pleaded guilty to a federal felony returned to the state Capitol on Monday but would not say much about her status.

Rep. Leslie Acosta, a Democrat from Philadelphia, declined to talk about her future, including the prospect ...

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'Making A Murderer' Subject Freed By Judge

Will be free pending appeal by prosecutors

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GoodLands partners with ESRI to launch the Catholic Geographic System

pope Religion and technology are not two phrases that often go hand in hand. Molly Burhans is looking to change that. Growing up Catholic in upstate New York, Burhans had the intention of becoming a nun. However, after studying landscape and ecological design in graduate school, she discovered a different calling. In her coursework, Burhans begin using geographic or geospatial information… Read More

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Obama Says Trump Shouldn't Force Undocumented Children to Hide

President Barack Obama urged President-elect Donald Trump not to deport hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children who have enrolled in a program to temporarily protect them from being removed from the country.

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Trump, Putin Speak Over the Phone

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke over the phone, according to statements released on Monday.

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The Latest: Kansas gun law snares 2 in federal prosecution

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - The Latest on criminal case that indirectly involves a Kansas law seeking to prevent federal prosecution of anyone owning firearms made, sold and kept in the state (all times local):

3:30 p.m.

A defense attorney has told jurors that his client is "caught in the crossfire" ...

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Trump Could Also Make Other Nations Great Again

He may enhance, not subvert, our trade agreements and defensive alliances.

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Obama Says Democrats Must Rebuild Appeal Where Clinton Lost

President Barack Obama offered veiled criticism of the Democratic Party after its loss in last week's elections, arguing that it must rebuild its appeal across the country, particularly in Midwestern states that were overlooked and lost by Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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Drunk Driver Blames…Donald Trump

(John Hinderaker) The response to Donald Trump's election by disappointed Democrats has included riots, assaults, play-doh sessions and cry-ins, among other irrational outpourings. Here in Minnesota, one voter responded in a manner that–while we certainly can't recommend it–made a little more sense: Lino Lakes police: Driver at .33 BAC blames crash on anger over Trump's victory. A day after Americans voted for president, an extremely drunken motorist rammed into two vehicles stopped

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Former Senior CIA Official Urges Trump to Bring Back Waterboarding

The former CIA official who led the agency's clandestine service under the George W. Bush administration said he hopes Donald Trump reinstates now-illegal interrogation methods, including waterboarding and sleep deprivation, when questioning terrorist suspects.

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College conservatives congregate at Young America's Foundation forum

Hundreds of young conservative activists converged on Washington over the weekend, still pleasantly stunned from Donald Trump's election victory but ready to discuss ideas and values at a two-day conservative forum.

"I still can't believe it," said George Washington University freshman Diego Rebollar, one of about 200 students who attended ...

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Department Of Defense Bureaucracy Is Delaying A Better Radar System

The importance of reliable advanced sensor and radar capability cannot be underestimated.

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xAd raises $42.5M more, buys WeatherBug to boost location-specific marketing

pin-in-map xAd, the ad network that serves you ads in apps and mobile web pages based on your location, is today announcing another hefty round of funding, as well as its first acquisition in the world of consumer apps to grow its audience and dataset: the company has raised $42.5 million, and it's buying WeatherBug, the popular weather app that competes with the likes of the Weather Channel App… Read More

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Sessions Expects to Stay Senator, Would Be Proud of Cabinet Nod

Asked if he is interested in cabinet position in President-elect Donald Trump's administration, Sen. Jeff Sessions says he expects to be in Senate, and "if I'm asked to do something, I would be proud to consider that." "I'm excited about the administration," Sessions, R-Ala., tells reporters after meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell "I think the conference, both House and Senate, will back good leadership from the president-elect" NOTE: Sessions is an adviser to Trump transition

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Trump Victory Sparks Mental Health Crisis Among Dejected Dems

Liberal voters psychologically disturbed by the election of Donald Trump are seeking out care from mental health professionals, while colleges across the country seek to help students facing similar mental health crises in the wake of Trump's surprise victory, according to interviews and reports.

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Trump starting to sound like Obama on immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) - President-elect Donald Trump's is starting to sound an awful lot like President Barack Obama on immigration.

In his first postelection interview, Trump says he'll focus on deporting criminal immigrants and not everyone living in the United States illegally. He says as many 2 million to 3 million ...

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Pipeline Protesters Force North Dakota Capitol Into Lockdown

Refused orders to leave

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India's tech bubble is about to burst

Water bubbles, underwater view, close-up Editor's note: Dileepan Siva is chief revenue officer at Moovweb. The Silicon Valley "tech bubble" is a popular topic of discussion among business pundits, entrepreneurs and analysts who have dissected and predicted the upcoming "burst" for nearly the last decade. For all the talk of winter is coming and a slowdown in private capital markets, it's hard to… Read More

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Young 'Dreamers' See Peril as Trump Plans for Deportations

The undocumented youth temporarily shielded from deportation by President Barack Obama are worried they might be next in line after President-elect Donald Trump said he would immediately move against immigrants convicted of crimes.

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Seen Entering Liberal Dark Money Meeting

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Mayor says Chicago will remain sanctuary city for immigrants

CHICAGO (AP) - Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the outcome of the U.S. presidential election won't impact Chicago's commitment as a sanctuary city for immigrants.

Chicago has been a sanctuary city since the late 1980s. That means authorities and city officials aren't allowed to ask residents about their immigration status during ...

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The Mississippi-Wisconsin Pipeline Could Sink Trump's Presidency

Reince and the Barbours campaigned against Mr. Trump. They've proven they'll do anything to retain power.

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NHTSA adds safety sound requirement for new electric and hybrid vehicles

Electric Car Charging Electric cars and hybrid vehicles can be incredibly quiet – so quiet that a populace used to cars that make noise can be hurt when sharing space with them. New NHTSA standards for automakers aim to help fix that with audible alerts hat are required on all new hybrid and electric going forward beginning September 1, 2019. The new sound requirements applies across the U.S., and should… Read More

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