May 16, 2015

Conservative Intellectual: Progressive Ideology 'Dehumanizes The Population' [VIDEO]

Conservative Intellectual: Progressive Ideology 'Dehumanizes The Population'

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MSNBC Posts Tweet Mocking Cop Dragged by Driver — Then Deletes It Apparently After Getting Called Out

"Does it count as a police chase if you drag the cop along for the ride?"

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Iranian Ayatollah: U.S. 'Hallucinating' About Access To Our Military Nuke Sites

Iran will never allow Western powers or the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its military bases, Iran's Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi-Kermani said Friday in an address to Tehran University students. The West, and particularly the United States, "are hallucinating" if they think that Iran would allow inspection of its military apparatus, Kermani said. ...More

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Bodies of Six U.S. Marines, Two Nepalese Soldiers Recovered From Chopper That Crashed During Relief Mission

The wreckage of the UH-1 "Huey" was found Friday following days of intense searching in the mountains northeast of capital Kathmandu.

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After Students Start Brawling in His Classroom, the Teacher Isn't Having It — and He Unleashes His Belt to Prove It

As the shocked students settled down amid their completely trashed surroundings …

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3 anti-nuclear activists released from federal prison

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - An 85-year-old nun and two fellow Catholic peace activists who vandalized a uranium storage bunker were released from prison on Saturday, their lawyer said.

Attorney Marc Shapiro says Sister Megan Rice was released just hours after 66-year-old Michael Walli and 59-year-old Greg Boertje-Obed also were let ...

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Man Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter By 'Atomic Wedgie'

Booze, a fight, and deadly underwear.

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BUSTED: High School Teacher Caught Showing 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' In Class

'An extreme lack of judgment from an otherwise very capable teacher'

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Conservative Actor's Sharp-Tongued Response to Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence

"The truly troubling thing about the Tsarnaev verdict is …"

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Brownback has used private email to communicate with staff

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback uses a private email address to communicate with his staff and others, a newspaper reported Saturday, raising concerns about the availability of much of his communication under the state's open records law.

The Wichita Eagle ( ) discovered the governor's private email ...

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American Pharoah Win Preakness Stakes in Driving Rain, Keeps Triple Crown Bid Alive

American Pharoah needs a win in the Belmont Stakes to become the sport's first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978.

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'Our Goal Is Killing Obama and the Worshipers of the Cross': Islamic State Supporter Vows Revenge for Deadly Raid, Report Says

"We have attacks coming against you."

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Scott Walker rips Obama's foreign policy: 'draw a red line in the sand and allow people to cross it'

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says a recent trip to Israel reinforces his belief that the United State must aggressively deal with terrorists abroad.

The potential 2016 presidential candidate spoke Saturday to Iowa Republicans in West Des Moines. Walker has just returned from a five-day trip ...

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Tennessee's Big Common Core Review Ends Up Mostly Favorable

Majority of citizen reviewers say standards should be kept

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Texas Mother Finally Reunited With 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Was Taken to Mexico 8 Years Ago Without Consent

The cross-border case had mistakenly sent another girl to the U.S. against her will.

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'The Hangover' Comedian RIPS Rolling Stone During UVA Speech [VIDEO]

'A rolling stone gathers no verifiable facts'

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Hillary and Bill Clinton report combined $25M income for speeches since Jan. '14

Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton collected over $25 million combined in speaking fees since January 2014.

The figures were reported in a personal finance disclosure report that Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission Friday night. All White House candidates are required to disclose a ...

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Amtrak Ordered to Expand Speed Control System at Derail Site

The system notifies the engineer when a train is above the speed limit and automatically applies the brakes if the engineer doesn't respond.

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Under Cross Examination Ed Schultz Says MSNBC President Phil Griffin Was Wrong

Admitting your boss is an idiot is never easy

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10 Things You Didn't Know About The M1 Carbine

We still have these guns sitting in South Korean warehouses

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Pope Calls Palestinian Leader 'Angel of Peace'

"…destroying the bad spirit of war."

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'You're Not Getting Served Here!': Starbucks Worker Gets Fired After Viral Rant — and the Whole Thing Apparently Started Because of What She Thought the Customer Was Doing on Her Phone

"Bye! Bye! Bye!"

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Egypt Just Sentenced Islamist Ex-President to Death

Egypt's first freely elected president, a Muslim Brotherhood stalwart, given a death sentence.

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US says decade-old Gulf oil leak could last another century

WASHINGTON (AP) - For more than a decade, oil has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico where a hurricane toppled a drilling company's platform off the coast of Louisiana. Now the federal government is warning that the leak could last another century or more if left unchecked.

Government estimates ...

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News briefs from around Tennessee at 1:58 a.m. EDT

Attorney: Court orders release of anti-nuclear activists

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A federal appeals court has ordered the immediate release of an 85-year-old nun and two fellow Catholic peace activists who vandalized a uranium storage bunker, their attorney said Friday.

The order came after the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of ...

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Trump Defends His 100k Donation to Clinton Foundation: 'They Kiss My Ass'

The billionaire mogul Donald Trump said Thursday night during a New Hampshire campaign swing that both Bill and Hillary Clinton personally approached him about making donations to the Clinton Foundation. Unlike foreign governments and companies at the center of the Clinton scandal, Trump said he never received any special government favors for his money and was never ...More

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'Blaming the Victim': The One Issue Bill Maher Says Many Liberals He 'Used to Respect' Just Don't Understand

"I don't know why it works with liberals."

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