October 26, 2016

Democratic Party Sues GOP Alleging Voter Intimidation Plot

The Democratic National Committee asked a judge to block the Republican Party from supporting efforts to discourage minorities from voting based on Donald Trump's claims that the presidential election is "rigged."

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Donald Trump's antics harming Ivanka's clothing line, family hotel business

Donald Trump's children say his presidential run isn't hurting the family business, and Mr. Trump once said he might be the only person who could make money off of a White House run.

But there are indications the Trump brand is taking a hit. Ivanka Trump's clothing line is facing ...

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University Requires A 5-Week 'Cult-Like' Orientation For Some Students

It's designed just for disadvantaged students

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Donald Trump Proposes 'New Deal' for Black America

On Tuesday, Donald Trump pledged what he called a "new deal for black America" during a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. The GOP nominee spelled out a plan to provide safer communities, improved education and better jobs for African-Americans. He said that "illegal immigration violates the civil rights of African-Americans."

Source: Bloomberg Politics

The post-Trump GOP

(Paul Mirengoff) Unlike Steve, I'm convinced that, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will win this election. Assuming she does, and that the race isn't very close, what will happen to Trumpism? To answer this question we must identify Trumpism's main characteristics. In my view, there are five: (1) the unbridled egotism of its leader and his whiff of authoritarianism; (2) gratuitous nastiness; (3) a strong stance against illegal immigration; (4) intense skepticism about the

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Republican poll watchers sign up in droves

County-level Republican Party officials in several states are reporting a surge in the number of citizens signing up to be poll watchers on Election Day amid concerns over voter fraud and intimidation.

At the Arizona Republican Party's 2012 poll worker training, 50 to 60 people showed up, said spokesman Tim ...

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Sean Hannity Praises Michael Moore: He 'Gets' Trump Voters

'They are screwed over by the elitistd, by the globalists, by Republicans that want cheap labor'

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Designing mindful machines

machinelearning Facebook recently fired the entire Trending Topics team of human editors amid accusations they were promoting specific agendas and biasing what news was deemed "important." Now the company is relying on machine learning algorithms to manage Trending Topics — and finding that keeping the results free of hoaxes and fake news isn't always easy. Read More

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Trump Has No Doubts About Winning White House

"We are gonna win," the Republican presidential nominee told Bloomberg's Mark Halperin on Wednesday.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Hundreds protest bake sale parodying affirmative action

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A conservative students group's bake sale parodying affirmative action has drawn a crowd of 300 protesters at the University of Texas in Austin.

The Young Conservatives of Texas mounted the anti-affirmative action bake sale on campus about 11 a.m. Wednesday. Items were priced in three tiers, ...

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States Find Food Stamps Work Requirements Too Hard to Implement

The policy is just too complex

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Musk on Tesla Network: "It's not Tesla vs. Uber, it's the people vs. Uber"

Tesla Fleet When Elon Musk revealed Tesla's plan to ship all Tesla's made going forward with all the hardware they need to achieve full autonomy, the company noted that car owners would not be able to use their future self-driving Teslas to drive for Uber or Lyft. Instead, they'd be able to rent out their cars on demand using Tesla's own Tesla Network for ridesharing. On… Read More

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Backyard Brawl 2016: Biden vs. Trump

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the war of words between Donald Trump and Vice President Biden.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

State Dept Says It Isn't Changing Law on Cuba, Just Policy With U.N. Vote Abstention

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Paul Ryan's defeated primary foe announces bid to unseat him as House Speaker

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan easily defeated Paul Nehlen in his Republican primary race and apparently will have to outdo the businessman once again if he wants to reclaim the top post in the lower chamber.

Mr. Nehlen announced Wednesday that he will challenge Mr. Ryan, who has emerged as ...

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Dirty Bathrobe Found In Trump's New Hotel


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A maturing OpenStack looks to the future

img_20161025_084640 OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that allows enterprises to essentially run their own version of AWS in their data centers, was founded by NASA and Rackspace in 2010. Today, it's being used by the likes of Comcast, PayPal, Volkswagen, CERN, AT&T, China Mobile and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the U.K. The OpenStack Foundation's bi-annual… Read More

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Donald Trump: I Think We're Going to Win

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics' Mark Halperin for Showtime's "The Circus," Donald Trump discussed the opening of his new luxury hotel in Washington. The Republican nominee dismissed recent polls and expressed confidence that he will win on November 8.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Your Guide to a Trigger-Free Halloween

(Steven Hayward) Richard Epstein notes the pathetic hypocrisy of Yale University's president Peter Salovey, supposedly upholding free speech on campus while remaining silent about the shameful treatment of Nicholas and Erika Christakis, who were forced by the mob to resign their positions last year for the mere offense of suggesting people chill out about "offensive" Halloween costumes. Imagine how the Yale community will respond to this six-minute video guide to a trigger-free Halloween:

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Report: Bill Clinton's Ex-Lover Says He Nicknamed Hillary 'The Warden'

Bill Clinton's long-time mistress Dolly Kyle candidly spoke about her relationship with the former president, revealing his sex-addiction as well as Hillary's temper and "shocking" body odor, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

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Ay, caramba!: Did NY Post catch Hillary Clinton telling little white lie about her favorite food?

The New York Post may have caught Hillary Clinton in a little white lie told on a Spanish-language network program.

Asked for her favorite food while appearing on Wednesday's edition of Univision's "El Gordo y La Flaca," the former secretary of state said "I think it would be Mexican food."

Aside ...

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Russia And NATO Engage In One Of The Largest Military Build-Ups Since The Cold War

Russia and NATO troops poised for war

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Microsoft's Surface event and Apple's Mac event preview: Listen to TCBC 7 with Romain Dillet

tcbc-draft5c This week's TCBC podcast is all about events: Microsoft's and Apple's, both of which happen this week and both of which will be covered by Romain Dillet, who joins as my guest for the episode. We're fresh from watching and writing about Microsoft's event earlier today, where it revealed its Surface Studio PC and a host of software improvements coming to Windows… Read More

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Pilot Error, Lack of Training Caused Deadly Marine Helicopter Crash

The deadly helicopter crash that killed 12 Marines off the coast of Oahu earlier this year was a result of pilot error, a lack of training, and command problems, according to a Marine investigation into the incident.

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Abortion rights group NARAL promotes 'Gender Cards' to celebrate Hillary Clinton's birthday

NARAL Pro-Choice America is celebrating Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's birthday on Wednesday by promoting a pack of playing cards featuring Mrs. Clinton and other prominent women from U.S. history.

"Celebrate @HillaryClinton's birthday with a deck of Gender Cards—she's the Ace of Hearts! http://bit.ly/2eGG0Pp #ImWithHer," the abortion-rights interest group Source: www.washingtontimes.com stories: Politics

Hackers Are Pretending To Be Customer Support For Banks On Twitter To Steal Personal Info

'Phishing' for money

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Airbnb's female employee representation down since last diversity report

FILE - In this April 19, 2016 file photo, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky speaks during an announcement in San Francisco. Airbnb on Thursday, Sept. 8 apologized for its slow response to accusations of racism and outlined new policies to combat the problem, including reducing the prominence of photos in the booking process.  Airbnb recently released its 2016 diversity report, showing a 57% white workforce (last year, Airbnb was 63% white) and 43% female workforce — a 3% decline from last year. Although Airbnb lost some female employees, the company noted that it has doubled the number of women in senior leadership roles and increased the number of women in technical roles. Regarding underrepresented… Read More

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Christie Aide Says 7 Witnesses Lied, Mistaken at Trial's End

The George Washington Bridge traffic jams trial is wrapping up after a former top aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said seven prosecution witnesses lied or had faulty memories in testifying against her.

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Thanks Obama … for Making Los Angeles Traffic Even Worse

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Kentucky editorial roundup

Recent editorials from Kentucky newspapers:


Oct. 21

The Daily Independent on ending panhandling:

In the interest of promoting public safety, the Ashland Board of City Commissioners has given first reading approval to a proposed amendment to the city's solicitation ordinance that would further discourage panhandling.

While we have no ...

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Paige Spiranac's Latest Trick Shot Is Absolutely Mind-Boggling [VIDEO]


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YouTube launches mobile-friendly "End Screens" feature to keep viewers watching more video

endscreens-youtube YouTube today officially launched a new feature for video creators called End Screens, which are designed to keep users engaged with the YouTube app and creators' content. The feature, which places thumbnails at the end of the video, can be used to prompt viewers to watch more of the creator's videos when they finish watching the first one, or take other actions, like subscribing… Read More

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Hillary Clinton: Trump's New DC Hotel Is 'Same Old Story'

At a campaign rally in Lake Worth, Florida, Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for relying on undocumented workers to cut down on production costs for his new luxury hotel in Washington. "He has stiffed American workers," the Democratic nominee said.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Meet Ilhan Omar, City Pages style

(Scott Johnson) Twin Cities alternative weekly City Pages has just posted a long, glowing profile of Ilhan Omar by Cory Zurowski. Omar has studiously avoided interviews with reporters covering her story. She has declined interviews with the Star Tribune's Patrick Coolican, KMSP 9's Tom Lyden and KARE 11's John Croman. But she gave it up for Zurowski. Let's just say that Zurowski doesn't delve too deeply into the facts when he comes

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Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps Unveils Naval 'Suicide Drone'

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled a new drone on Wednesday that could potentially be used by its naval units to crash into ships, serving as a kind of maritime suicide attack.

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OBAMA LEGACY: A quiet mission to export gay rights overseas

WASHINGTON (AP) - While the world was watching America's gay rights transformation, the Obama administration was pursuing a quieter mission to export the same freedoms overseas to places like sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe.

The U.S. has deployed its diplomats and spent tens of millions of dollars to ...

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CNN Host: WikiLeaks Showed 'People Who Love And Support' Hillary Really Think She's 'Nuts' [VIDEO]

'... and she's secretive.'

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The darker side of machine learning

Privacy While machine learning is introducing innovation and change to many sectors, it also is bringing trouble and worries to others. One of the most worrying aspects of emerging machine learning technologies is their invasiveness on user privacy. Read More

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