August 16, 2016

Liz Cheney Wins GOP House Nomination in Wyoming: AP

Liz Cheney, a lawyer and one of former Vice President Dick Cheney's two daughters, defeats 8 opponents to claim the GOP nomination for Wyo.'s sole House seat, according to the Associated Press. Cheney, 50, will be favored in Nov. election against either Charlie Hardy or Ryan Greene, who were vying in state's Democratic primary With 73% percent of vote counted, Cheney led pack of GOP candidates with 40.3% NOTE: Republican Cynthia Lummis isn't seeking re-election; Wyo. was 2nd-most Republican stat

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DOJ pushes "implicit bias training" for local police officers

(Paul Mirengoff) Conservatives and some liberals have reached a common way to express sympathy (maybe genuine, maybe not) with the police. They like to say that when officers kiss family members goodbye in the morning, they don't know whether they will return home to them that evening. This is true. But here's a concern I have heard mentioned: When officers kiss their families goodbye in the morning, they don't know in what

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Donald Trump pushes law and order agenda in direct appeal to black voters

Republican Donald Trump made his most direct appeal yet Tuesday for black voters in the presidential race, pushing forward an agenda to restore law and order and revitalize inner-city neighborhoods that he said suffer from years of misguided Democratic policies.

In a speech delivered not far from Milwaukee neighborhoods rocked ...

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Federal Judge Declares 'Black Lives Matter' From The Bench

A Bush appointee, no less

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Clinton Cites Team USA Triumphs to Counter Trump Narrative of Declining America

The Democratic presidential nominee has woven in references to the U.S. team into her stump speech.

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Obama administration again underestimates ISIS as Afghan affiliate grows into threat

When reporters asked senior military leaders last summer about the Islamic State franchise in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, the answer was that it was "emergent" — in other words, a fledgling terrorist army.

Last week, the Pentagon issued a statement touting the coalition killing of the Islamic State's leader in Afghanistan. ...

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Memo: Soros' Investments Led To Senate Passage Of 'Gang Of Eight' Immigration Bill

May wage large-scale pro-immigration campaigns in near future

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Journeying from entrepreneur to investor and back again

6256892056_3a7fe5ac26_b Jonah Goodhart started his entrepreneurial journey while still in college at Cornell University. What started out a bit haphazardly with an email list turned into solid learning opportunities that have informed his business decisions along the way. After the acquisition of his second company, Right Media by Yahoo in 2007, Goodhart decided to go in a different direction and started investing… Read More

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Trump Pushing 'Deranged' Clinton Health Conspiracy: Palmieri

"Donald Trump is simply parroting lies based on fabricated documents," Hillary Clinton's Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri says of claims made by Republican nominee and his surrogates surrounding Clinton's health. NOTE: Clinton campaign says Republican allies have been citing fake medical records in alleging Clinton has serious health issues; Trump in foreign policy speech yday said Clinton lacks "mental and physical stamina to take on" Islamic State; see related story Palmieri says Clin

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Fox News: State Dept. May Have Engaged in Favoritism for Clinton Foundation Donor

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Donald Trump rattles Republicans with plan to rack up debt

He has spent the past year mocking President Obama's debt buildup, but Donald Trump let the country in on a secret last week: He would rack up even more red ink before all is said and done.

Mr. Trump, in part of an interview with CNBC that is getting less ...

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Public University Unveils Transgender Bathroom Policy

In Alabama

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Intel will start producing ARM chips to boost foundry business

Intel Chip maker Intel and British semiconductor IP company ARM announced an agreement that could help boost the chip giant's custom foundry business. The deal, revealed today at the the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, will allow Intel Custom Foundry to make ARM processors for third parties. Intel's latest earnings announcement made it clear that the company is in the midst of… Read More

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (08/16/16)

Mark Halperin and Donny Deutsch are joined by former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Republican consultant Rick Davis, National Review's Eliana Johnson, and NBC News' Kasie Hunt on "With All Due Respect."

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Obamacare Is Collapsing, But Democrats Don't Mind

(John Hinderaker) Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes. In state after state, insurers are withdrawing from the ACA exchanges and premiums are rising rapidly. Barack Obama's promise that the ACA would bring down the cost of health insurance has become a bad joke. The latest news is that Aetna is leaving 11 of the 15 state exchanges in which it now participates: Aetna's decision to pull back from ObamaCare is fueling

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Conservative TV Host John McLaughlin Dies at 89

John McLaughlin, conservative political host and creator of the long-running Sunday panel show the The McLaughlin Group, died at 89 Tuesday morning, according to a Facebook post on the program's page.

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Inside the Beltway: Muslim arrivals to U.S. at highest number since 2002

"Nearly half of refugees entering the U.S. this year are Muslim," reports Pew Research Center analyst Phillip Connor, who based his findings on data from the State Department's Refugee Processing Center.

"The U.S. has received 28,957 Muslim refugees so far in fiscal year 2016, or nearly half (46 percent) of ...

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Report: Pro-Palestinian Group Compiling Names Of U.S. Jewish College Students

'Jewish students are the most persecuted minority on campuses in the US'

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The next $1 billion startup acquirer won't be a tech company

GM Headquarters, Detroit Acquisitions starting with a "B" are not uncommon in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Roughly two to four billion-dollar deals have gone down each quarter (on average) over the last few years. The recent purchases of Cruise Automation by General Motors and Dollar Shave Club by Unilever turned heads for another reason —  the buyers were as non-techie as you can get. Read More

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Roger Ailes Said to Be Assisting Donald Trump With Debate Prep

On "With All Due Respect," former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford and Republican consultant Rick Davis discuss reports that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is advising the Republican nominee and Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's financial dealings in Russia and Ukraine.

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House Committee Releases Video Showing Clinton Contradictions

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Donald Trump called toxic, demented by NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt

LOS ANGELES — The chairman of NBC Entertainment slammed Donald Trump, the network's onetime "Apprentice" star, as "toxic" and "demented" in a private Facebook post that became public.

Robert Greenblatt's post refers to a "sad state of affairs thanks to a pompous businessman turned reality TV star" who thinks that ...

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Study: 65% Of White Americans Would Love A Trumpist Third Party

'Clearly, Trump's allure is bigger than Trump himself'

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Univision wins auction to acquire Gawker Media

GOOD MORNING AMERICA -Nick Denton of Gawker is a guest on  Univision has won the auction to acquire Gawker Media's websites and business. Recode broke the news, reporting the acquisition price was $135 million and would cover all seven of Gawker's websites. The company's founder Nick Denton confirmed the deal in an email to reporters: Gawker Media Group has agreed this evening to sell our business and popular brands to Univision,… Read More

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Against All Odds: Can Trump Be the Comeback Kid?

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and Donny Deutsch discuss what Donald Trump has to do and what he needs to have happen to get back in the race.

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Congressman: Clintons Are 'Pathological Liars'

Rep. Tom Marino (R., Pa.) said that the Clintons are "pathological liars" in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

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Aetna's move slims NC options for often-subsidized coverage

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina consumers buying broadly subsidized health insurance policies on the online marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act will have fewer options after a major insurer pulls out.

State Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said Tuesday health insurer Aetna's decision to drop out of the ACA ...

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Activists Suspect Baltimore Police Illegally Use Cellphone Trackers

Another potential blow to the Baltimore PD

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Intel unveils a ready-to-fly drone, the Aero, to win over developers

Intel's Aero Ready to Fly quadcopter. At the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday, Intel unveiled a new, hardware product — a ready-to-fly drone; specifically, a quadcopter, aimed at software developers rather than casual hobbyists or commercial drone operators. Intel's drone is a fully assembled unit that runs on Intel's Aero Compute Board with a Linux operating system, RealSense for vision and comes with Santa… Read More

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Paul Krugman: Clinton, Trump Don't Care About Deficits

Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, comments on the economic plans of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He speaks during an interview with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Joe Weisenthal and Oliver Renick on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

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Russian Lawmaker Praises 'Anti-Terrorist' Cooperation With Iran, Syria

A Russian senator on Tuesday praised the "anti-terrorist coalition" of Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, after Russian warplanes deployed from an airbase in Iran to bomb targets in Syria.

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FBI defends Hillary Clinton's handling of classified material, says markings weren't conclusive

The FBI went to bat for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, saying that handling emails with classified information — even when it's marked — isn't enough to prove she had "knowledge or intent" to break the law.

In a letter to congressional investigators, the FBI's chief liaison to Capitol Hill said ...

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Colorado Pot Industry Tops $1 Billion This Year

'The rate of growth in this industry never ceases to astound us'

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In Japan, Priuses can talk to other Priuses

2016 Toyota Prius While the US waits to get Super Cruise in Cadillacs next year, Toyota has already rolled out a pretty robust V2V, or vehicle-to-vehicle, system in three models available in Japan. The latest version of the Prius, the Lexus RX, and the Toyota Crown, a luxury sedan sold in Japan, all have the ITS Connect system available as an option. The cars communicate using a channel abandoned by analog… Read More

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The No-Pivot Election: Candidates Appeal to Party Base

With less than three months to Election Day, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump is shifting to the ideological center, a break from modern presidential campaigns that's being driven by the decline of swing voters. Bloomberg Politics' Sahil Kapur has more on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Prosecutors Reject 'Clinton Treatment' for Sailor Who Took Submarine Photos

Federal prosecutors denied a U.S. Navy sailor's appeal for leniency after the 29-year-old compared his decision to snap classified pictures inside a nuclear submarine to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

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California bill would restore voting rights for some felons

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A bill restoring the voting rights of convicted felons serving time in county jails is headed to California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Democrats in the Senate approved the measure in a 23-13 party-line vote Tuesday.

AB2466 stems from California's criminal justice realignment, which led to some people ...

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Despite Two DC Homes Worth Millions, Dem Sen Hopeful Evan Bayh Insists He Never Left Indiana

But back 'home' in the Hoosier State he stays at hotel and charges campaign

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Samsung swings for the fences with the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 While not quite a flagship (an honor that goes to its more mainstream sibling, the Galaxy S), Samsung's Note line is undoubtedly one of the most iconic handsets around, with a strong enough following to redefine the way in which the industry at large approaches screen size. That first generation's 5.3-inch display transformed the word "phablet" from similar tech… Read More

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