August 11, 2016

Report: Forced Child Marriages Skyrocketing In Switzerland

'There is unfortunately a link with migration.'

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Blendle clocks up 1M signups for its pay-per-article journalism platform

Blendle Pay-per-article journalism startup Blendle, which aggregates the written work of different publishers onto a single, ad-free platform where readers can pick and choose which stories to consume, paying a few cents per article, is touting passing one million registered users. Read More

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Trump Says Americans Could Be Tried at Guantanamo: Miami Herald

"I would say they could be tried there, that would be fine," Donald Trump says in Miami Herald interview when asked if he would allow Americans accused of terrorism to be tried in Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. Trump says of trying American terror suspects in civilian courts: "I don't like that at all" NOTE: Under U.S. law, trying U.S. citizens at military commissions is illegal, Herald says; Congress would need to change law Trump didn't specify whether he'd again allow terrorism suspects c

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Halperin: Clinton Doesn't Give Off a Sense of Understanding How the Economy Works

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Group to honor Detroit activists Scott, Kish posthumously

DETROIT (AP) - Two longtime city activists will be honored posthumously at the "Thank You Detroit Festival."

The inaugural event is scheduled Saturday at Campus Martius Park downtown.

Organizers say Ron Scott and Charlotte Kish will receive the ARISE Detroit! Angelo Henderson Community Service awards.

Scott died in November. He ...

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Did The FBI Nearly Investigate The Clinton Foundation Because Of This Mysterious Chinese Billionaire?

FBI wanted to investigate suspicious donor; DOJ vetoed the idea

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After China, India looms as Uber's next battleground

didi-uber1 Earlier this month the ride-sharing world faced its first major shakeup when Uber announced that it would sell its China business to primary competitor Didi for an ownership stake of 18% in the combined China entity, valued at $35 billion, with Didi also buying a $1 billion stake in Uber. While some may focus on the terms of the deal, the crux is that Uber was in a no-win situation in… Read More

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Congressional Leaders Briefed Last Year on DNC Hack: Reuters

U.S. lawmakers were unable to tell targets about the hacking because information was so secret, Reuters reports, citing three unidentified people familiar. Leaders briefed last summer included Republicans Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senator Richard Burr and House Rep Devin Nunes; Democrats included were Senator Harry Reid, House Rep Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, House Rep Adam Schiff NSA, other intelligence agencies sometimes delay informing

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Excerpts from recent South Dakota editorials

Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan, Yankton, Aug. 8, 2016

West Nile is still a health threat

While the Zika virus has become a major topic in the national conversation, the West Nile virus has not gone away at all - and in fact, is seeing a disturbingly busy year in ...

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LeBron James Signs New Contract For INSANE Amount Of Money


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How digital has redefined go-to-market strategy

Businessman using computer in virtual server room By using technology and finding the right collaborations, companies can disrupt new markets, solve customer pain points and distribute value across the chain. Here are the top four marketing principles of today's disruptors. Read More

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High on Foggy Bottom

(Scott Johnson) State Department press director Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau returned to take questions at the State Department press conference yesterday. Based on the latest Clinton email revelations, she had prepared. She arrived with a script geared to questions on the Clinton Foundation nexus with senior State Department officers attached to Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary of State. There was only one problem with the script; it didn't answer the obvsous

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Evan Bayh boosts Democrat hopes for retaking Senate

Former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh's entrance into Indiana's U.S. Senate race has given Democrats fresh optimism that they can net the handful of seats needed to retake control of the Senate, with recent surveys showing Mr. Bayh in a position to win a race the GOP had considered safe just ...

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Court Upholds Rights Of Adoptive Parents Of Indian Child

'We're very grateful that the court has laid this case to rest'

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Reddit is currently experiencing a major outage

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.54.25 PM I've gotten so much work done in the past 90 minutes or so that Reddit has been down. Like it's almost hard to believe. I returned some calls, responded to a bunch of emails and worked on writing out some thoughts for another story. I did all this while refreshing Reddit's home page that highlighted the "emergency maintenance" currently occurring over at the site.… Read More

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Pro-Trump Evangelical Outreach Stalled by Uneasy Donors

Many key donors are either withholding funds altogether or insisting their money goes only to support House and Senate candidates.

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CNN: Cheryl Mills Interviewed Candidates for Clinton Foundation Position

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Chinese billionaire says US arrest was politically motivated

NEW YORK (AP) - A Chinese billionaire arrested in a United Nations bribery scandal says the United States charged him to block construction of a U.N. center in China and slow the progress of Chinese influence over developing nations.

Lawyers for Ng Lap Seng made the assertion in papers filed ...

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At Least 23 Refugees Have Been Implicated In Terrorism In The U.S Since 2010

'America will not isolate me from my Islamic duty'

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Facebook jabs back at Adblock Plus saying it's hiding content now too

adblock-general Today's AdBlock Plus workaround to Facebook's adblock bypass ham-handedly removes posts from friends and Pages, not just ads, according to a new statement provided by Facebook to TechCrunch. "We're disappointed that ad blocking companies are punishing people on Facebook as these new attempts don't just block ads but also posts from friends and Pages. This… Read More

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Anthony Weiner Continues to Sext Women, Says Former Flame

Sydney Leathers, one of many women who exchanged sexually explicit pictures with disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, told Page Six on Thursday that Weiner is back to his old ways with a new woman.

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Donald Trump sends Mike Pence to Pennsylvania in effort to salvage support

Just about everything is going wrong for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, and to fix it this week he sent Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, his staunchly conservative running mate who has roughly zero appeal to disaffected Democrats and swing voters that they need to turn the state red.

The deployment of ...

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Trump's Lawyer To Wolf Blitzer: 'I'll Always Come Back For More Abuse' [VIDEO]

'You're missing the point here'

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Simplenote, the planet's most useful piece of software, is now open source on iOS, macOS, and Android

oss_simplenote If you're not using Simplenote, you're missing out. This… well, simple note app has been a standby and lifesaver for me for years, though occasionally I have worried about its future: will it survive if Automattic, which bought it back in 2013, goes under or gets bought itself? What if the servers go down? Is there a god, and if so, does he or she use Simplenote too? Read More

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Stranger Things: Trump

Donald Trump held two rallies on Wednesday -- one during the day, and one at night. They were starkly different... nighttime Trump seemed more willing to say stranger things. By Alexander Trowbridge and Matt Negrin.

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The ABA sets forth a de facto speech code for lawyers

(Paul Mirengoff) The American Bar Association has long been a leftist outfit. So it's not surprising to see its leftism manifested in a new provision in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct — rules that, as Eugene Volokh says, have been adopted by many states as binding on lawyers practicing there. Here is the new provision: It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to . . . engage in conduct that

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Man Pulls Gun on Intruders After They Stab Family, Dog

An Illinois man fought off a group of knife-wielding intruders after they stabbed him, three others in the house, and a dog on Wednesday.

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West Liberty University proposing campuswide gun ban

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (AP) - West Liberty University is proposing to ban firearms and other deadly weapons on campus after a recently enacted state law allowed the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit.

The university's Board of Governors voted unanimously Wednesday to seek comments on the proposal from students, ...

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NFL Denies Dallas Cowboys' Request To Wear Decal Honoring Fallen Police Officers

This is a huge development

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Morrissey thinks his gory new anti-meat mobile game is more important than 'Pokemon Go'

 Songster and perpetual master of subtlety Morrissey has teamed up with pals at PETA to produce This Beautiful Creature Must Die, a mobile and desktop browser-based app that turns saving cuddly 8-bit farm animals from a gruesome death into a fun, Tetris-like puzzle game. Morrissey believes his bloody new anti-meat mobile game is more important than 'Pokemon Go' The game… Read More

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