February 21, 2016

Obama jokes with governors about Supreme Court battle with Republicans

Meeting with the nation's governors, President Obama made a joking reference Sunday night to his feud with Senate Republicans over allowing a confirmation vote on his upcoming Supreme Court nominee.

"Tonight, I plan to fulfill my duty and give you an indisputably qualified set of remarks," Mr. Obama told the ...

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Chapo's Wife: Rolling Stone Video Was Not Meant To Be Public

Says she does not know if Sean Penn interview led authorities to El Chapo

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Watch the 'Slashin' Blues' Song Inspired by New York City's Slashing Trend

"There's a new fashion in New York town…"

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Trump Gains Super Tuesday Momentum as Rubio Wins Second Life

Donald Trump won a decisive victory in South Carolina's Republican presidential primary on Saturday to boost his chances of winning the nomination, as Florida Senator Marco Rubio earned a second campaign life with a strong showing and later scooped up an important endorsement heading to the next state contest.

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Samsung Reveals The Gear 360 Camera: The Next Step In Its Virtual Realization

Gear 360_KV_03 The future will be filmed in 360 degrees. Samsung joins LG and others in announcing at MWC 2016 a new and compact camera that's capable of filming everything thanks to two lenses. Called the Gear 360, the little sphere is designed to sit on a table or tripod or even hung from a drone and capture 360 degrees of video — you know, content perfect for viewing on your Gear VR. The… Read More

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Clinton: Two-State Solution, Support for Palestinians in 'Best Interest' of Israel

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Texas private colleges are saying no to guns on campus

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - When Texas' conservative Legislature passed a law requiring public universities to allow concealed guns on campus, it also gave the state's private institutions of higher learning the chance to follow suit. None has so far.

More than 20 private schools have said they won't lift their ...

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Trump: 'Planned Parenthood Does Some Very Good Work' [VIDEO]

Planned Parenthood does 'a really good job in a lot of different areas but not on abortion'

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Pope Restates Desire for 'International Consensus' for 'Abolishment of the Death Penalty'

"The commandment 'do not kill' holds absolute value and applies to both the innocent and the guilty."

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Check Out the Islam-Themed Homework Assignment One Newspaper Is Calling 'Bizarre'

Students were asked to include in the letter, "How you're feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice."

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HP Announces Yet Another Mobile Product That Will Fail

HP Elite x3 Dock HP clearly didn't get the memo that Windows Phone is dead. Meet HP's first smartphone since the Palm Pre 3. HP calls Elite x3 a "revolutionary mobile platform" but it's not. It's just another also-ran from HP. HP says a device like the Elite x3 has never been done before and that's clearly wrong. Android and Motorola tried it with Atrix. Palm nearly… Read More

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Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential contender, denies that he's a single-issue candidate

Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders fired back Sunday against Democratic presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton, denying charges that he's a "single-issue' candidate concerned only about reining in Wall Street and enacting financial regulations.

Mrs. Clinton made the accusation in a victory speech Saturday, following her win in the Nevada caucuses. She ...

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Rubio: 70 Percent Of Republicans Won't Vote For Trump [VIDEO]

'And as long as that 70 percent is being divided up by five people, of course [Trump's] the frontrunner'

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'Sissyfication of Millennials': Ivy League Students Complain of Mental Stress and Failing Grades Due to Their Campus Diversity Activism

"Silly little babies."

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Cruz Explains Why Trump 'Ignores Every Other Candidate in the Race'

"I think we need a clear, meaningful, substantive policy differentiation with Donald Trump."

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Live From Samsung's Galaxy S7 Unpacked Conference

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.44.24 PM It's time to see what Samsung has been cooking up for the past year. After weeks of speculation, Samsung is taking over the CCIB in Barcelona right in time for Mobile World Congress. This year's Unpacked conference is a big deal. The company wants to make a splash and make Samsung great again. Samsung has plenty of competition when it comes to Android devices with many brands… Read More

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Sanders Pins Nevada Loss to Clinton on Low Voter Turnout

Democrat Bernie Sanders said his loss to Hillary Clinton in Saturday's Nevada caucus reflected low voter turnout, and that his surge to lose by five points after recently being down by 25 points was still a plus. "We actually won the Latino vote yesterday, which is a big breakthrough for us" Sanders spoke on NBC's "Meet the Press" Says campaign did "phenomenally well" with young people Says has "good shot" in Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Vermont Clinton got 52.7% to Sanders's 47

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Hillary Wins In Nevada: Was It More Card Tricks?

acesIs it better to lucky than loved?

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After last night

(Scott Johnson) Hillary Clinton's narrow win in the Nevada caucuses yesterday suggests that she has resumed her death march toward the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. For me, Clinton's possible upset in Nevada represented the only sliver of hope in what figured to be an otherwise dismal day. As it proved to be (a dismal day, that is). On the Republican side Donald Trump won in South Carolina with 32.5 percent

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GOP sets another turnout record, Democrats' numbers slide

SPARTANBURG, S.C. | Republicans' turnout streak continued, with GOP voters shattering their South Carolina primary record Saturday night.

With almost all precincts reporting, more than 737,000 votes had been counted. That was more than 20 percent higher than 2012, when about 603,000 voted.

It follows record GOP turnout in Iowa's ...

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Trump: The Only Way Hillary Will Be Stopped Is If She Gets Indicted [VIDEO]

Trump vs. Clinton will be the 'largest voter turnout' in history

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Rubio Camp Denies Report of a Romney Endorsement: 'I Don't Know Where Those Report Are Coming From'

"That report is false."

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Trump Predicts 'Greatest Voter Turnout in History,' Says He'll Win States Republicans 'Don't Even Think of'

"I mean, if it's Hillary against me, that's gonna be a tremendous turnout."

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SOUTH CAROLINA: Trumpocalypse Wins! Rubio and Cruz Follow

trump winsIs the Trump Train unstoppable?

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Romney Said to Have Not Changed Thinking on Endorsement: Washington Post

Mitt Romney hasn't yet decided on whether to endorse Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Washington Post reporter says in Twitter post, citing unidentified person familiar (http://bit.ly/1RUWKlL). Related Story: Earlier, Romney Said to Endorse Rubio for President, Huffington Post Says

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Male Teen Files Lawsuit After He Had Lots Of Sex With Biology Teacher And She Bought Him An Xbox

Teen's 'irreparable harm' included traumatizing trip to Disneyland

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Man Parades Around University of Arizona Campus Holding 'You Deserve Rape' Sign

"I have never felt so offended and unsafe in my life."

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Watch The Samsung Galaxy S7 Unpacked Conference Live Right Here

Samsung Samsung's unpacked press conference at MWC in Barcelona is about to begin. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). We'll have a live team on the ground to cover all of Samsung's announcements. Rumor has it that Samsung is about to announce not one, but two new flagship phones. Like last year, Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Read More

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Romney Said to Endorse Rubio for President, Huffington Post Says

Mitt Romney said to endorse Sen. Marco Rubio for president, Huffington Post reports, citing two unidentified Republican sources. NOTE: Earlier, Jeb Bush Says He's Giving Up Race for Presidency

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Ace Beats Six: Card Draw Tie-Breaker Lands Clinton Nevada Delegate

After one Nevada precinct had a split vote of 15 to 15, precinct chairwoman Peggy Rhoades reached for a deck of cards.

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'It's All a Complete Ruse' — How British Authorities Discovered a '12-Year-Old' Migrant Is Probably in His Twenties

"These people come over here and get preferential treatment by claiming they're 12 and no one wants to call them out."

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LG Announces Modular Android Phone, VR Headset

g5-family (2 of 1)-2 LG today at Mobile World Congress 2016 took the wraps off its flagship mobile products for the coming year. Chief among them is a the G5 smartphone, a handsome device that feels fantastic in the hand and sports an expansion-type system that can utilize accessory packs. It's fun. The company also announced a lightweight VR headset and a 360 VR camera because VR is all the rage at MWC… Read More

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How To Use A Book Club To Turn Your Startup Into A Learning Machine

Book Club - ALICE - pic For me and my co-founders, building our first tech company from the ground up has been both an exhilarating and humbling process. Coming from a corporate background, we had limited experience in scaling a business — and there was a lot of learning to do. As the team grew, the challenges multiplied; many of us were adjusting to the shifting needs of a startup. There was an anxiety to… Read More

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