October 28, 2015

1,925 Days After Position Created to Conduct Oversight of the Federal Reserve, Obama Has Yet to Appoint Someone

President Obama has failed to fill a position created by the Dodd-Frank law meant to hold the Federal Reserve accountable for 1925 days and counting, even though he has appointed officials for less senior positions at the central bank during that time.

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Journalists at GOP debate in Boulder invited to tour the local marijuana industry

Just in case they don't have enough to do, journalists attending the third Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday have been invited by the thriving local marijuana industry to pay a call on select retailers.

"Coming to the GOP Debate? Meet cannabis industry leaders and go behind the scenes ...

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Professor Discovers The Hidden Racism In One-Sided Football Games

"They continue a history ... of exploiting black bodies."

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PHOTOS: What a $60,000 First-Class Trip Around the World Looks Like…and How You Could Do It Too for 'Almost Nothing'

"It's just so cool when you see someone not 1 percent crack into the 0.01 percent."

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Have a Look at What the Hockey News Says 'May Be the Goal of the Year' — and It Came off the Stick of a 16-Year-Old

"We have no idea how Pelletier managed to smack this goal home."

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Snapchat Adds Slow-Mo, Fast-Forward, And Rewind Video Filters

Snapchat Video Filters GIF Teenagers have short attention spans, but Snapchat's latest feature could keep them tuned in. Today Snapchat is introducing a new set of filters called "Speed Modifiers" for videos you shoot on iOS or Android. They let you add slow motion, fast-forward, or rewind effects to your video. Just swipe sideways after shooting a video and you'll eventually see them applied to… Read More

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Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert Pleads Guilty in Hush-Money Case

J. Dennis Hastert, who as Speaker of the House was second in line to the U.S. presidency, pleaded guilty to evading bank reporting laws in a scheme to hide payoffs meant to keep secret decades-old sexual "misconduct."

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Blatter chastises FIFA ethics committee for banning him

GENEVA (AP) - Taking a dictatorial approach to his role as FIFA president, Sepp Blatter lashed out at the ethics committee for being "against me" and criticized his 90-day ban as being "total nonsense."

Blatter, who was suspended along with Michel Platini, made the comments during a wide-ranging and stinging ...

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Khloe Kardashian Makes Shocking Announcement About Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian is not back together with Lamar Odom, despite calling off their divorce. "I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it," Kardashian said during an interview with People Magazine from his hospital room. "For medical reasons and a ton of other things, it's just smarter that it's put on […]

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Ronda Rousey's Championship Aspirations Go Way Beyond Just UFC Fighting: 'My Goals Are So Crazy'

"I think if anybody's capable, I think that I am."

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South Carolina Police Officer Who Flipped Student Out of Her Chair During Viral Arrest Expected to Be Fired

The officer has been on unpaid suspension. 

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Speech Fees Went to Charity, Fiorina Aide Says: ABC

Money for speeches the Repulican presidential candidate made "never comes through us, it goes straight to charity," said the Fiorina campaign's press secretary, according to ABC. Fiorina booked the speeches more than a year ago, and isn't accepting new ones, contrary to a speaking firm's solicitation, the spokeswoman said, according to ABC. NOTE: Fiorina had ''limited availability'' for paid speeches according to soliticitions sent by Washington-based speaking firm Leading Authorities Inc., WSJ

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Man Detained After Threatening Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Facebook

The brother of the man who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 20 years ago was detained in Israel on Tuesday following his Facebook posting that appeared to threaten Israel's current president, Reuven Rivlin.

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GOP debate drama: Rand Paul issued a closet with a toilet

The fireworks began early at the Republican presidential debate — with candidates erupting over their greenroom space, or lack thereof.

The Republican National Committee decided to delegate space to the campaigns based on their poll ranking, and that decision left Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ...

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NHL Prospect Gets Ejected After Punching Opponent From The Bench [VIDEO]

The punch got him a four-game suspension

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Confronts Bernie Sanders on Gay Marriage Following His Blistering Critiques of Hillary Clinton

'The state was torn in a way I had never seen the state torn."

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Kansas City Royals, MLB Broadcasters Kept Painful Secret From Royals Pitcher Until After Game 1 of World Series

"I could tell he was devastated." 

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Pro-Clinton Super-PAC Targets Hispanic Colorado Women Ahead of Republican Debate

A super-PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is targeting Hispanic women in a new digital ad in Colorado, offering a glimpse of how Clinton allies intend to go negative on Republicans ahead of the general election.

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This Week On Bullish: Making Sense Of Cybersecurity

BullishLogoSample1 Hello friends, and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch's first talk show, and thing that I have run out of opening jokes for. This week we dug into an issue that is near to us all: Cyerbsecurity. As you might have heard from recent news coverage, even our Congress is working on the matter. You can handicap if that is something good, or not. Here's our own Cat Zakrzewski on a… Read More

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NBC: Obama 'Has Long Struggled to Explain' Islamic State Strategy and is 'Struggling Again'

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Nov. 10 GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee will include 'undercard' forum

Fox Business Network and the Wall Street Journal have announced the format of the Nov. 10 GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, which will include another "undercard" forum for candidates who fail to register an average of at least 2.5 percent in recent polling leading up to the debate.

The prime-time ...

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Pardon This Interruption: Save Tony Kornheiser!

A couple years ago, I wrote a fairly extensive piece on how the Left is taking over sports. Once the last remaining bastion for the patriotic gun rack crowd, liberalism and political correctness about things ranging from overt patriotism (how dare we support the troops!) to the Washington Redskins (gasp!) are running amok. … Which is exactly […]

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Stunned Greta Van Susteren 'Hardly Knows What to Say' After Hearing MSNBC Host's 'Hard Worker' Rebuke: 'That's Really Out There'

"If she's suggesting that the description hard worker might be racist?" 

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Stephen Colbert Grills Hillary Clinton on Her 'Young Republican' Past and Vow to Let the Big Banks 'Fail'

 "I need to think about this some more."

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Call For Robust Privacy Legislation In Wake Of EU Safe Harbor Strike-Down

shutterstock_146383358 A group of U.S. and EU digital rights organizations and consumer NGOs — including the EFF, the U.S. Center for Digital Democracy, the European Consumer Organization and Privacy International — have issued a statement calling for a "meaningful legal framework" to protect fundamental privacy rights in the digital era. Read More

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'Let Me Win Iowa,' Trump Asks Sioux City Crowd


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Cloakroom Confidential: Tiberi–A Solid Choice for Ways and Means Chair

c3a38a69-78dc-426f-ba14-d62be8cf906a  Now that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is on the verge of becoming the new Speaker of the House, the Chairman slot at House Ways and Means is up for grabs. There are three candidates vying for the job as top tax writer in the House: representatives Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio), Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Devin ...More

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Live from Sioux City, it's Donald Trump

(Scott Johnson) Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Yesterday Dave attended the appearance of Donald Trump in Sioux City, Iowa. The Omaha World-Herald's report is here; Dave's is below. If there was any doubt, Donald Trump is in it to win it. Other than the Ted Cruz rally for religious liberty in Des Moines, Trump had the largest and

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Ben Carson is the best-liked GOP candidate heading into debate: Gallup poll

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is easily the best-liked Republican presidential candidate heading into Wednesday evening's debate in Colorado, according to new Gallup polling.

Sixty-eight percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents have a favorable impression of Mr. Carson, compared to 8 percent who have an unfavorable one, for a net favorable ...

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'Captain Underpants' Book With Gay Character Booted From Grade School Book Fair

'I support the decision of the parent group and the principal for handling it this way'

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Homeowner Hears 'Kaboom' — and Is Flabbergasted When She Discovers the Cause on Her Roof

"I was just watching TV inside. I had it up pretty loud – but this was much louder." 

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Wedding Venue Was Forced to Close After Furor Over Refusal to Host Gay Ceremony — but Here's What Has Left Former Owners Feeling 'Pretty Tickled'

"Ain't [God] awesome?"

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Singpost Is Developing A Futuristic Shopping Mall To House Online Retailers

Artist impression Weeks after revealing plans to use drones to deliver the mail, Singpost — Singapore's postal service provider — has unveiled another futuristic e-commerce concept, a mall that marries online and offline shopping together under one roof. Read More

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Including Platini, FIFA accepts 7 in presidential race

GENEVA (AP) - Seven men are in the running to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president, with Michel Platini's candidature pending because of his suspension from soccer.

FIFA published the list of valid applications "proposed in due time and form" on Wednesday. It did not include former Trinidad and Tobago ...

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'A Boom and Sparks': Drone Crash Downs Electrical Line in California, Hundreds Lost Power

"All the sudden you just see a flash."

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Poll: Americans Slightly More Inclined to Favor Stricter Gun Control

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Now You Can Design Your Own Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Hardware startups building atop the Raspberry Pi microprocessor — of which there are plenty already — can now order custom tweaks to the hardware to better tailor the Pi to fit the needs of their business. Read More

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The Sanders Brain Trust Insists He Can Beat Clinton

Top aides Tad Devine and Jeff Weaver lay out his path to victory. Step one: take the gloves off.

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HP Launches Version 2.0 Of Its Helion OpenStack Platform

8736800084_7bdf993ae3_o It's no secret that HP is about to sunset its public cloud business and that it has conceded that side of its business to the likes of AWS, Microsoft and Google. Instead, the company is now focusing on its private and hybrid cloud business. When it comes to private clouds, OpenStack is currently the only real option and with Helion OpenStack, HP has offered its own OpenStack platform… Read More

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Donald Trump Has a Ben Carson Problem in Tonight's Debate

In the six weeks since the last debate, the friendly relationship between Donald Trump and Ben Carson has soured.

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Obama Anti-Islamic State War Strategy Failing

The Obama administration's strategy for Iraq and Syria came under harsh criticism from senators on Tuesday as key defense leaders outlined the latest shift in strategy from earlier failed policies and programs.

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GOP debate No. 3: A guide to candidates on the big stage

WASHINGTON (AP) - There's an angry young man who matured into an eternally mellow surgeon and politician. A Hispanic firebrand who is most at home in English, and an Anglo who speaks fluent Spanish at home. And that given-to-preening reality show guy.

Some birds of a different feather will flock ...

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Household Expenses App Splittable Raises $1.2M Funding

Splittable_AllSquaredMeter_NoLogo Splittable, the London-based startup that makes an app to help manage and share household expenses, has raised raised $1.2 million in new funding to further build out the software and increase marketing. Read More

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