May 19, 2016

Indians to Redskins name-change advocates: Get a life

(Paul Mirengoff) Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll. This is basically the same result produced by the last major survey on this matter, conducted by Annenberg Public Policy Center in 2004. Thus, the national movement to force the Redskins to change their name, though successful with many white liberals, has utterly failed to move the needle

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Hillary Clinton ducking final debate with Bernie Sanders in California

Hillary Clinton is ducking her final debate with Sen. Bernard Sanders, brushing off a commitment she made earlier this year to participate in a forum in California ahead of the state's June 7 primary — and analysts say the former first lady is right to do so and could only ...

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Houzz wins "Best App" at the inaugural Google Play Awards

googleplayawards2016 Interior design and decorating resource Houzz is the overall best Android app of the year, according to Google, which this evening announced the results of the first-ever Google Play Awards at its developer conference, Google I/O. While in previous years, the company had rounded up large numbers of apps for "Best of" lists, the new Google Play Awards instead follows… Read More

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Trump: 'Who the Hell Cares if There's a Trade War?'

"These dummies say, 'Oh, that's a trade war.' Trade war?"

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California tribes' casino wealth draws Congress into local zoning disputes

Second of two parts

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. — As far as Rep. Lois Capps is concerned, the ongoing skirmish over development fueled by tribal gambling in her Santa Barbara County district is a local matter — not a platform for lawmakers like U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, who lives hundreds of ...

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Two-Parent Families Get Subsidized Housing By Posing As Single Mothers

'I don't know where the enforcement comes from'

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Clinton Calls Democratic Race 'Done,' Says Trump Unqualified

Hillary Clinton essentially declared the Democratic nomination race over, moving to quash concerns about an uprising by Bernie Sanders's supporters and refocus Democrats on defeating Republican Donald Trump, who she called unqualified to hold the nation's highest office.

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Inside the Beltway: NRA gathering: Absolutely huge and on target

The four-day National Rifle Association's annual meeting now underway in Louisville hosts the likes of Donald Trump, Sens. Rand Paul and Jeff Sessions, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Rep. Trey Gowdy and Govs. Mike Pence and Matt Bevin. The event also draws 80,000 very attentive attendees, who will roam through ...

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Obamacare 'Burden' Is Driving Doctors Out Of DC Health Exchange, Study Finds

'Unreasonable administrative burden'

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Trump Spox Reportedly Gets Into Public Shouting Match With Campaign Manager: 'I Am Done With You!'

"It was ugly."

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Senate Committee Exposes Scofflaw Obama Administration

(John Hinderaker) Today the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest conducted a hearing on declining deportations and increasing releases of criminal aliens by the Obama administration. President Obama's refusal to enforce the law, in violation of his most fundamental constitutional duty, is a scandal. These are excerpts from Senator Jeff Sessions' opening statement: [A]s we will examine in today's hearing, rather than truly prioritizing the removal of certain types of

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Congress Weighs How To Increase Employment Opportunities For Americans With Disabilities

'Overlooked when employment opportunities arise'

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It's time to remove "serial entrepreneur" from our vocabulary

doors-in-out entrance exit In today's tech-driven business world, the title "serial entrepreneur" is a coveted badge of honor. It's easy to understand the appeal of the phrase. It suggests that someone is so full of groundbreaking ideas they can't channel all of them into just one company. Instead, they choose to focus their genius on creating an array of world-changing, money-making… Read More

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Trump Slams Clinton in New Statement: 'Ask Hillary Who Blew Up the Plane Last Night'

"She has bad judgement and is unfit to serve as President…"

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Yen Intervention Wouldn't Spur Growth, Obama Adviser Says

The U.S., heading into a major summit of advanced economies, is warning that currency intervention by countries such as Japan won't help the cause of boosting global growth, reinforcing Obama administration pressure on the nation to avoid weakening the yen.

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The Latest: Officer pleads not guilty to immigration fraud

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The Latest on immigration fraud indictments (all times local):

5:30 p.m.

A Mississippi police officer is pleading not guilty to charges that he created false crime reports to help a group of Indian men qualify for visas.

Ivory Lee Harris was among seven people to plead ...

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Intel Analyst: OPEC Still Calls The Shots, Even After Natural Gas Boom

'Has not fundamentally changed this dependence on other countries'

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FireChat Alerts could help spread vital information in offline and disaster-stricken areas

firechat Decentralized chat app FireChat is adding a new feature that could help disseminate critical info like storm warnings, health advisories and so on when the normal communications grid is down. Truth be told, Alerts aren't terribly different from the normal chat function, which passes data from phone to phone over an ad-hoc network that doesn't rely on cellular signals. In the case… Read More

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Sanders Campaign Responds to Clinton Declaring Herself the Nominee: 'Millions of Americans Have Growing Doubts About the Clinton Campaign'

"There is no way that I won't be."

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I Challenged a Terrifying Navy SEAL to a Grappling Match — and the Time Came to Face the Music

"I already regret this decision."

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Trump Taps Lawyer to Help Vet Potential VP Picks

On "With All Due Respect," Bloomberg Politics' Jennifer Jacobs discusses Donald Trump's choice of lawyer A.B. Culvahouse to help vet his potential running mates.

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CHARLES HURT: Shenanigans of Clinton's husband will be major liability in fall campaign


The general election isn't even officially underway yet, and already the leading front-runners of both major parties are in lockstep agreement on one major point: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree that disgraced former President Bill Clinton will play a huge role in the upcoming campaign.

For entertainment ...

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Comedian Without Jokes In Mag That No Longer Has Naked Boobs

"I had to learn early on that I couldn't be the anger for people."

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Chemists create an app that can tell if your beer is skunked

zywiec-88y87fyewf Bummer, dude! That's what you say when you find out that your whole keg of Heiney is totally skunked but it doesn't matter because you'll totally still drink it after you finish the pony keg of Sammo's Irish Red. But what if I told you that folks in Spain have figured out a way to use an app to tell if your beer is a mess? Whoa, right? Whoa, indeed. Chemists at the… Read More

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Not Gonna Call These Gals, Part 2

(Steven Hayward) Back in March we noted that the trailer for the forthcoming high-estrogen remake of Ghostbusters looked dreadful, and subsequently YouTube viewers marked down the trailer by a massive margin. There's a new trailer out yesterday, and it looks even worse: Another sign, as Ed Driscoll and Glenn Reynolds like to point out, that Hollywood not only lacks news ideas, but now is losing its ability to re-do the better old

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Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack on Electric Grid

American power companies are studying ways to protect electric grids against a high-altitude nuclear blast and other directed energy attacks that could severely disrupt electricity transmission, an industry representative told a Senate hearing Wednesday.

The post Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack on Electric Grid appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Zenly proves that location sharing isn't dead

Zenly - 1 Now that you are giving up on check-ins and sharing your location with your friends, a French startup is coming up with better technology and new use cases to make location cool again. Zenly has been quietly working on location for years, and teenagers are now getting addicted to this app. SoLoMo is back. Zenly couldn't be more straightforward. When you open the app, you see a giant map… Read More

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California Senate to vote on sweeping gun-control measures

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Democrats in the California Senate plan another attempt to outlaw the sale of assault weapons with easily detachable ammunition magazines known as bullet buttons as part of a wide-ranging slate of gun control bills scheduled for votes on Thursday.

Nearly a dozen measures would significantly reshape ...

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Dojo Madness raises $4.5M to turn your mobile phone into an eSports coach

dojomadness-team Berlin-based eSports startup Dojo Madness is on a mission to help gamers level up. It does this via a mobile app, initially targeting League of Legends, that essentially turns your phone into an eSports coach, offering tips on strategy before and during gameplay, and analysis afterwards based on data culled from your in-game performance. Read More

Source: TechCrunch launches app to make event management less horrible

Check in Those of us who've found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being in charge of an event will welcome with open arms's new Event Assistant app. Launching today, the new software — available for Android and iOS — is designed to help organizers of events big and small keep some semblance of sanity as the crazy world of event management rages around them. Read More

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