February 17, 2016

These Are The Greatest Movies About Killing Nazis [SLIDESHOW]

Which one is the best?

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'We Have a Problem': Rubio Says Country Should Address Contentious Race Relations to 'Fulfill Destiny as a Great Nation'

"I do believe that as a society we have to confront this issue in a responsible way."

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'Something's in the Wall': Fox News Host Suddenly Halts Show When He Hears Strange Noise

"Fox security, would you get on that please?"

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Obama Said to Plan Historic Trip to Cuba Next Month

President Barack Obama will travel to Cuba next month in a history-making reset 55 years after the U.S. broke diplomatic ties with the Communist island nation amid the angst of the Cold War, according to an administration official.

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Rubio Is More Of A Bush Than Jeb — And That's His Problem

Rubio's refusal to admit the 2003 invasion was a mistake speaks to a dangerous obstinacy and lack of judgment

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When Cops Try to Cuff Him for Marijuana Misdemeanor, He Pulls Out a Gun and Starts Shooting — and It's All Caught on Police Dashcam

"I could feel the bullet beside my head."

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Palestinian Mufti Says One Step in Islamic Way to Heal Marriage Is to Hit Your Wife: 'Allah Said…'

"This hitting is a kind of reminder that the love and friendship that Allah commanded is still found between" the couple.

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Delivery Costs Are Devouring Food Startups

pacman Food tech is big these days — Grubhub, Blue Apron, Instacart — but pretty web design and polished communication strategies aren't enough to build a sustainable food business. No company will provide attractive gross margins without creating and executing a sustainable new paradigm for food delivery. It comes down to perishability: Fresh food breaks tried and true delivery… Read More

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Trump and Sanders surge

(Scott Johnson) The big political news this morning comes via Drudge in the new Quinnipiac poll that is posted here. Quinnipiac notes that it conducted its survey over the period February 10-15. Donald Trump's outrageous performance at the South Carolina debate on the evening of February 13 is therefore not fully factored into this poll. As of the dates covered by this poll, Trump continues to surge. Quinnipiac provides this summary of

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TRUMP PUNKS JEB: Try www.JebBush.com And See What Comes Up

jebtrumpThis is so funny.

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Morning Joe Panel Calls Clinton Campaign A 'Trainwreck'

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Texas mayor jailed after disrupting City Council meeting

CRYSTAL CITY, Texas (AP) - A Texas mayor accused of public corruption spent the night in jail after allegedly disrupting a City Council meeting as he fights a recall effort.

Jail records show Crystal City Mayor Ricardo Lopez was being held Wednesday on charges that include hindering a proceeding by ...

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Tennessee Football Player Arrested, Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Charged with four counts of transmission of harmful material

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'Unacceptable': Mayor Calls for Investigation After Resident Notices Treatment of American Flag in Back of City Truck

"I think there's an education that some people just aren't aware of."

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Cop Stops to Talk to Drug-Addicted Homeless Man. It's What Happens Next That Has People Calling Him a 'Hero.'

"I kind of felt like God was telling me, 'He needs this more than you do.'"

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Bloglovin' Embraces Influencer Marketing With Sverve Acquisition

Rohit Vashisht, Giordano Contestabile Bloglovin' is announcing the acquisition of marketing startup Sverve, a move that should the expand monetization options for writers using the Bloglovin' platform. The New York-headquartered company offers an aggregator where consumers can find and follow fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and where those bloggers can reach and stay connected with a new audience. CEO Giordano… Read More

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COMMENTARY: Can Obama Pull It Off? A Double Switch Trick With The Supreme Nominee

President Barack Obama attends a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Jan. 28, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.Only the Senate can stop this

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Apple Opposes Order to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

Apple Inc. rejected a court order to help the Justice Department unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters in a terrorist attack in California, accusing the U.S. government of "overreach" that will set a dangerous precedent.

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Covertly, Israel prepares to fight boycott activists online

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Israel is using its world-leading expertise in cyber security to take on the growing threat of the global pro-Palestinian movement to boycott Israel.

The Israeli government recently allotted nearly $26 million in this year's budget to combat what it sees as worldwide efforts to "delegitimize" ...

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Sierra Club Sues Energy Companies Over Fracking Earthquakes

The Sierra Club offers no actual evidence that the increase in earthquakes is tied to fracking

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New Yorker Loses Wallet at Concert — Weeks Later, He Receives an Envelope With Some of the Missing Items and This Note

"This person is the Walter White of wallet returning."

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Watch How Obama Responds When Reporter Reminds Him That He Tried to Filibuster Alito in 2006

"This has become just one more extension of politics."

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Hands On: Leap Motion's Minority Report-style Gesture Controller Gets Smarter, Faster, And More Accurate

blocked Back in 2012, Leap Motion seemingly came out of nowhere with a crazy hand-sensing gesture controller that looked like something straight out of Minority Report. Alas, the product landed with a bit of a thud. Buggy and inaccurate, the first build just wasn't as good as most had hoped. Within two years, they'd sold just 500,000 units. The product has made a bunch of small steps… Read More

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Georgetown Law Profs Spread Disgust Of Scalia Campuswide

Fall 2011 - Georgetown Law School Campus Photos.Law Profs: Scalia was a bigot!

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Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Apologize for Policies: Neidich

Daniel Neidich, chief executive officer at Dune Partners, discusses Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the 2016 race for the White House. He speaks on "Bloomberg 'GO'." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Black Lives Matter Protester Warns TheBlaze of the Coming 'Race War'

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Video Captures Pope Francis Losing His Temper and Shouting While Greeting Supporters in Mexico: 'Don't Be Selfish!'

The pontiff wasn't happy.

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MindMaze, Maker Of A 'Neural Virtual Reality Platform,' Raises $100M At A $1B Valuation

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.07.34 As consumers and businesses begin to focus on what form the next generation of computing may take beyond our current era of the smartphone, startups developing at the cutting edge of these concepts are attracting some major attention from investors. MindMaze — which is developing both hardware and a software platform that create "human" virtual reality experiences by… Read More

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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders neck-and-neck in Nevada: poll

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont are running neck-and-neck in Nevada ahead of Saturday's caucuses, according to a CNN/ORC poll on the 2016 Democratic presidential race released Wednesday.

Mrs. Clinton had the support of 48 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers and Mr. Sanders was ...

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YouAppi Closes $13.1M Series B To Grow Its Mobile User Acquisition Service In Asia

money cash YouAppi, a US-Israeli startup that helps companies acquire users through mobile ads and analytics, has closed a $13.1 million Series B round to develop its technology and expand its business Asia. Read More

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The Coming War for the Democrats' Caucus Archipelago

Barack Obama showed in 2008 that the path to winning the Democratic nomination runs through places like Idaho, Alaska, Guam, and the Virgin Islands—and the battles there are already heating up.

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On This Day in History: February 17, 2008

Kosovo declared independence, Dwight Howard won the NBA dunk contest while wearing a cape, and Avril Lavigne criticized paparazzi for hounding rival Britney Spears.

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Hillary Clinton to campaign with Sandra Bland's mother in Chicago

CHICAGO (AP) — Hillary Clinton is campaigning with the mother of a black suburban Chicago woman who was found dead in her jail cell following a traffic stop in Texas.

The Democratic presidential candidate will be joined by Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland, for a Wednesday rally in ...

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Singapore-based Cloud Communication Startup Wavecell Scores $1.6M Series A

shutterstock Singapore Wavecell, a Singaporean startup that creates APIs for communication tools, has raised a $1.6 million Series A. The round was led by Qualgro Asean Fund with participation from Wavemaker Pacific, and will be used to grow Wavecell's market presence in Southeast Asia. Read More

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