October 7, 2016

Open Meeting Commission scheduled to gather in Aberdeen

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - The South Dakota Attorney General's office says the Open Meeting Commission is gathering in Aberdeen.

The meeting is scheduled for Oct. 14 at Beulah Williams Library. The agenda is set to include oral presentations on a complaint related to the Groton City Council.

The Attorney General's ...

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Determining the worth of your SaaS company

Photo: Ben McLeod/Getty Images The opaque, confusing and highly volatile practice of valuing a private SaaS business is frustrating for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Furthermore, the lack of transparency adds a tremendous amount of friction to a capital raise or the sale of a company. The reality is, it's not all that hard to get a quick read on your SaaS company's valuation. Read More

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State Department Releases 75 Clinton Emails Found by FBI

The State Department released 75 of Hillary Clinton's emails from her private server on Friday, the first batch of the 15,000 that the FBI uncovered during its investigation of Clinton's email practices.

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CNN's Top Correspondents TOTALLY Horrified With Trump Sex Talk

'He is in his own basket of deplorable right now'

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Netflix's theater deal is a small step for subscriber growth and a big leap toward an Oscar

oscar-statuette-moon Netflix announced a new theater distribution deal with iPic Entertainment, a theater chain with 15 locations throughout the country. The deal will put 10 Netflix original films (a substantial portion of Netflix's original films this year) in iPic's New York and Los Angeles theaters. Getting their content into theaters around the country is a smart move by Netflix, for more reasons… Read More

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Clinton Denounces Trump for Remarks About Women in '05 Tape

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton moved quickly to denounce Republican rival Donald Trump as "horrific" after the emergence of a tape of him speaking crudely about women in 2005."We cannot allow this man to become president," she said in a tweet.In the recording, published by The Washington Post, the Republican presidential nominee speaks of trying and failing to seduce a woman during a conversation with Billy Bush, a television host, that took place before they taped a segment for

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Guns > Evil Clowns

People who have menaced others while dressed as clowns have been scared off by guns in two separate occasions this week.

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Trump apologizes for 'locker room banter' after past recordings emerge

Donald Trump played damage control Friday after old video and audio recordings emerged of him boasting about trying to have sex with a married women and how the power of celebrity allows him to grope women around him.

The Washington Post unearthed the recordings, which feature Mr. Trump ...

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WikiLeaks Publishes Two Thousand Emails From Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta

Includes emails to Hillary's personal email account

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Snapchat launches post-roll ads, Story Playlist that loads favorites in bulk

snapchat-ads Snapchat is fighting back against Instagram Stories, which rocketed to 100 million daily users by spotlighting the cloned feature atop the feed. To make Snapchat more "friends first", it's moving friends' Stories above Discover where they used to be to make sure you don't miss people you care about. And to make it easier to watch all your favorites… Read More

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Sanders-McGinty Rally Interfering With Race Benefiting Disabled Children

Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I., Vt.) campaign rally Saturday at Scranton High School in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton and Senate candidate Katie McGinty is interfering with the "Ryan's Run" race benefiting disabled children and the Steamtown Marathon Exposition that benefits a local hospital, the Times-Tribune reports.

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Attorneys demand return of John Doe documents, investigation

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Two attorneys who fought a secret probe of whether Gov. Scott Walker's campaign wants the state Supreme Court to return all documents seized in the case and order an investigation into who leaked them to a newspaper.

Dean Strang and Edward Meyers filed the motion Friday. ...

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US Intelligence Community 'Confident' Russia Is Behind Recent Political Hacks

'These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process'

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New Lab is a new home for hardware startups in Brooklyn's Navy Yard

New Lab New Lab, which co-founder David Belt described as "a collaborative workspace" for companies in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence, officially opened last month. The facility is located in Brooklyn's Navy Yard, in a building that was once used to housed assemble ships. Belt said he wanted to bring the building back as a manufacturing center, except updated… Read More

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Ethics panel: Town can repay mayor for loan for town bill

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The state has approved a contract exemption for a more than $54,000 loan made by Rowlesburg Mayor Barbara Banister to her city that was used to pay a town bill.

Media outlets report the State Ethics Commission granted Rowlesburg the exemption Thursday to allow it to ...

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Dave Matthews Puts On Taxpayer-Funded Show For Dakota Pipeline Protesters

Government program may be departing somewhat from its educational mission

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Bumble bans mirror selfies and other dumb photos from users' profiles

Bumble There are certain kinds of photos users of dating apps tend to loathe, and the suggestive mirror selfie tends to be at the top of that list, somewhere near photos of guys holding a fish and gym selfies. That's why today, the dating app Bumble has taken action to ban selfies of users posing in their underwear, or while wearing swimsuits indoors. In addition, you can no longer upload… Read More

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Trump Again Insists the Exonerated Central Park Five Were Guilty

The Republican nominee stood by his long-held assertion despite their exoneration by DNA evidence, another suspect's confession and a $40 million city settlement.

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Hillary Is Pulling Away

(John Hinderaker) It has taken a while for post-debate polls to accumulate, but the verdict is now in, and it is grim for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has opened up a meaningful lead in almost every national poll, as undecided voters appear to be breaking her way. This is how the polls look today at Real Clear Politics; click to enlarge: Trump's standing reflects not just his debate performance, but also his

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Democratic Congressional Candidate Admits GOP Will Hold the House

The Democratic candidate seeking to oust freshman Rep. Will Hurd (R., Texas) in one of the nation's most competitive races conceded in audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon that his party would fail to flip the House in November.

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New Britain officers suspended over high-speed pursuit

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) - Two New Britain police officers were suspended without pay following a months-long investigation into a high-speed chase with a drug suspect under surveillance by federal authorities.

Chief James Wardwell suspended Officer Brian Shea for 25 days and Officer Brian Solek for two days in September ...

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Record Number Of Immigrants Employed In The United States

Check out the numbers for the 'native born' population

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It takes more than a village

Fish and boat, Saint Louis, Senegal, West Africa, Africa (Photo: Godong / robertharding/Getty Images) Where there is wireless connectivity, there is a way to improve lives. That's why countless mobile-for-development programs designed to address health, education and economic issues have been flooding Africa. Hailed as the "mobile continent," Africa has generated $150 billion through the mobile ecosystem. But not every tech-for-good initiative can be M-PESA, the mobile… Read More

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Trump Warns Immigrants Are Pouring Into the U.S. to Vote

Immigrants are coming over the U.S.-Mexico border to vote in the American election, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Friday.

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If You Don't Listen to Shepard Smith, You Will Die

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Biden mocks Pence's debate performance: 'Never seen anything like that'

Joseph R. Biden had some harsh words Friday for the Republican who wants to replace him as vice president, mocking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's performance in this week's debate as a poor attempt to run away from Donald Trump's record.

Speaking at a campaign rally outside Philadelphia, Mr. Biden marveled ...

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How John Quincy Adams's Wife Got Him Elected

In my own life, I've tried my best to help popularize the Angela Duckworth maxim that you should "choose easy" and "work hard." (Dr. Duckworth authored Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.)  I think this advice applies to our personal lives as much as it does to our careers. In fact, I believe the two directives are […]

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Facebook launches standalone "Events" discovery and calendar app

facebook-events-app 650 million people use Facebook Events — 100 million every day — but it's a smaller sect of hardcore extroverts who discover these parties and meetups, then invite everyone else. Now Facebook is giving its most outgoing users a dedicated app for browsing and searching for stuff going on nearby. And thanks to the Facebook Events app's ability to pull in calendars from… Read More

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