November 12, 2015

Rubio, Cruz's Camp Bicker Over Stances on Immigration Policy

Sen. Marco Rubio says his positions on immigration policy aren't "dramatically different" from those of Sen. Ted Cruz, according to CNN, an assertion countered by Cruz's campaign. "Ted is a supporter of legalizing people that are in this country illegally," Rubio says in South Carolina of one of his rivals in battle for GOP presidential nomination "In fact, when the Senate bill was proposed he proposed legalizing people that were here illegally -- he proposed giving them work permits," Rubio say

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French Ambassador Calls 'Discrimination' Against Israel 'Positive'

The French ambassador has come under fire from Twitter users for tweeting, and then deleting, a message that called European Union boycotts of Israel "positive."

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Clinton To 'Reign In' Financial Initiations Based On Her Own Definition Of 'Risk' [VIDEO]

'If they are too big to manage, that's a risk, and they should not continue'

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DHS Awards Multimillion-Dollar Contract to Outfit TSA, Coast Guard and Border Patrol With Portable Radiation Sensors

"Identify the source of radiation and allow personnel to take appropriate action."

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White Advocate for Black Lives Matter Tears Confederate Flag Sticker From Pickup Truck and Replaces It With Something Else

"I don't care if it's your 'heritage.' Racism is nothing to be proud of."

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Google Improves Comic Book Reading Experience In Play Books For Android

Scroll_2 Google launched an upgrade to its Google Play Books store for Android today that will make it easier to read comics on your phone and tablet. The company also today introduced personalized comic recommendations to make it easier for find similar series, as well as a set of curated series pages for comics in the Play store. Read More

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The Only Trigger Warning Colleges Need

(Steven Hayward) The sensible Jonathan Rauch, writing yesterday in the New York Daily News, offers the only "trigger warning" that any self-respecting college should ever use: So it is only fair to warn students and their parents that higher education is not a Disney cruise. Tell them in advance so they can prepare. Not, however, with multiple trigger warnings festooning syllabi. One will suffice: "Warning: Although this university values and encourages civil

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Donald Trump Weighs In On Hillary's Wig

trump-hillary-wig--575x415Donald Trump brought up Hillary Clinton's "shocking" new hairdo during his appearance on the Mark Levin show Wednesday night. Levin asked Trump what Clinton's appeal to voters is. "Well, she has a new hairdo," Trump said. "Did you notice that today?" Levin pointed out that Hillary's hair is actually a wig. "Is that a wig?" ...More

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Failed Co-Op Under Investigation Used $280K in Taxpayer Dollars For Lobbying

A failed co-op currently under investigation for underreporting its financial situation used hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars for lobbying, according to Senate lobbying disclosure records.

Health Republic Insurance of New York, a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act, began paying Alston & Bird, LLP in the second quarter of 2014 and continued through the third quarter of 2015, around the time the co-op announced that it was going out of business, according to the lobbying database.

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US Rep. Pittenger seeks ethics probe of company he founded

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Republican U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his relationship to the real estate company he founded.

The congressman released a statement Thursday saying that he's seeking the investigation to show that he's complied with the law and House rules.

Pittenger ...

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FBI Allegedly Issued Staggering $1 Million Bounty To Break Into Internet's Toughest Lockbox

And someone might have won it

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Fourth Grader's 'Love Notes' May Result in Sexual Harassment Charges

"He's nine."

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The Creative Way Gov't Officials Stood Up to Atheist-Led Nativity Ban Didn't Stop This Judge's Stunning Ruling

"Nativity scenes are only appropriate for private property."

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Facebook Unleashes VR-style 360 Videos For Ads And iOS

facebook-360-video Zuck says VR is the future and Facebook is wasting no time building it into the News Feed and starting to make money off it. By embracing the format, Facebook can stay fresh for consumers by offering the most vivid way to connect with places you can't go. Meanwhile, attracting organic VR videos will provide cover so it can slip VmaRketing into the feed. After bringing 360 video… Read More

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Yale Leftists INTERRUPT and SPIT ON Conservatives Attending Free Speech Conference

Yale University students and faculty rally to demand that Yale University become more inclusive to all students on Cross Campus in New Haven on Monday, Nov. 9, 2015. The Yale students interrupted and spat on participants at a free speech forum last Friday. The conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. Program held conference on free speech, days after a screaming protesters contested the university's stance on offensive Halloween costumes. Silliman College Associate Master Erika Christakis sent out an email defending the right to wear costumes ...More

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FBI Expands Probe of Hillary Clinton Emails, Explores Criminal Code

The FBI has expanded its probe into Hillary Clinton's emails and launched an independent classification review, according to intelligence sources.

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Oklahoma Democrats file ethics complaint against Gov. Fallin

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, alleging several actions taken by Republican Gov. Mary Fallin are potential violations of state ethics rules.

Party Chairman Mark Hammons submitted the complaint Thursday over the governor's trip with her husband in June ...

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Dems Broke House Rules For Anti-Redskin Indian Who Also Went In 'Blackface' On Halloween

Apache leaders says Redskins name is racist

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How Many Honor Killings Unfold in America Each Year?

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Obama Awards Medal of Honor to Hero Army Captain — This Is His Incredible Story

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Iowa Begins Public Hearings on Crude Pipeline Sanders Opposes

Opponents, advocates of Energy Transfer's proposed Dakota Access crude pipeline begin debate at Iowa Utilities Board public hearing over the 1,134 mi. (1,825 km) conduit, which has gained natl political attention. Opponents cite risk of spills, say state won't benefit since refined crude will be shipped to other markets Supporters including construction-union members say $3.7b project will provide jobs, say crude shipped-by-rail has higher risk of spill pipeline NOTE: Dakota Access, also known a

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All Mac Store Apps Stopped Working Due To Expired Security Certificate

CTmm_68UcAAul3T Oops! A number of users have been reporting error messages and other issues with software downloaded from the Mac App Store that prevented them from using their apps. The warnings prompted them to delete and then re-install their apps, but this was not necessarily correcting the problem, customers found. The issue, as it turned out, was related to Apple's failure to renew… Read More

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Nativity Scene Won't Be Displayed in Minnesota City Park After Threat from Atheist Group

A Nativity Scene displayed for years in the small city of Wadena, Minn., will not be exhibited in a city park this year after the threat of a lawsuit by an atheist group.

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Source: Washington Free Beacon alert gives rare nod to Obamacare penalty

The administration is warning customers to make sure they log onto the Obamacare website and get covered so they don't face a stiff penalty for lacking health insurance next year.

An email blast to people with Web accounts on the federal portal says going without coverage next ...

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Ron White Is Running President — And He's Completely Serious [VIDEO]

Run, Ron, run

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Sen. Mike Lee: 'Congress Needs to Put on Its Big-Boy Pants'

"We need to bring Uber-level disruption to Congress." 

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Look Closely. Can You Spot Some of the Surprising Messages Written on the 'Free Speech Wall' Erected at Mizzou?

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How A College President Should Respond

(Steven Hayward) The Wall Street Journal yesterday noted this passage from a 2005 interview with the late John Silber, who served as president and later chancellor of Boston University, about how he responded to student protests on campus in the 1970s and 1980s: Then they put up the shacks. I told the police, "Go ask them three questions: Do you have a title to the property? (They built them on our property,

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Airbnb Announces New "Business Travel Ready" Badge, Host Tools

IMG_24551285E59C-E168-4ABA-B84D-08E545B194F1 Today at its big Airbnb Open conference, Airbnb announced a few new tools to help hosts. The company tackles every step when it comes to becoming a host, from pricing to making sure your guests have everything they need. Read More

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Fox: FBI Expanding Clinton Emails Investigation To Possible Violation Of Criminal Code

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Chris Christie to Black Lives Matter: 'Don't call me for a meeting'

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie made it clear Wednesday that he would never "dignify" the Black Lives Matter movement by holding a meeting with the activists as his Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has.

Speaking at a town hall event in Bettendorf, Iowa, the New Jersey governor was asked how ...

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Black Sports Writer Calls The Missouri Protests 'Bullsh*t'

'Lies stacked on top of lies'

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Ben Carson Would 'Absolutely' Shoot Down Russian MiGs Violating a U.S. 'No Fly Zone' in Syria

"Whatever happens next we will deal with it."

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Why Harvard Has Toenail Clippings From Over 100,000 People Stored in Freezers

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Product Hunt Redesigns The Homepage To Aid Discovery Beyond Tech

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.07.14 PM It's been two years since the launch of Product Hunt as a listicle for discovering tech products. Today the site gets a brand new design to reflect the addition of games, podcasts, books, collections and live categories since that time. Product Hunt added the games category earlier this year and has since expanded to up-voted lists for books, podcasts and the live section – a… Read More

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CNN Questions Hillary Clinton's 'Unusual' Story About Trying to Join the Marines

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Former Missouri lawmaker wants pension after conviction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A former Missouri state lawmaker is battling the state over whether a federal conviction should affect his qualification for a state pension.

Ray Salva, who is 68, served in the Missouri House for about seven years beginning in 2003. The Kansas City Star reports ( ...

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Police Report Describes The Crazy Details Of NBA Player Gerald Green's Hospitalization

He was found with bloody hands

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NFL Star's Four-Word Response When Asked for the Solution to Ongoing Racial Tensions

"Whether they're a police officer, whether they're black, whether they're white, whether they're Arab, Jewish — whatever."

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Candidate Hair Controversy? SNL Releases the Trump Hair Sketch 'Cut for Time'

"We're Navy SEALs, not Vidal Sassoon."

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Here's What Is Next For Windows 10

A Windows 10 sign on Microsoft's campus. Microsoft has a big Windows 10 boost out today. The company is calling it the "first major update" to Windows 10 for both normal PCs, and tablets. At its most basic, Microsoft wants to better position Windows 10 — its new operating system — for both consumers and enterprise clients. If it fails to find adoption with either, the success of the recently released code… Read More

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AP Says Carson Business Partner Faces 10-Year Prison Term

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has business ties with a Pittsburgh dentist who pleaded guilty to health care fraud, Associated Press reports. Dr. Alfonso A. Costa, who served on the board of Carson's charity and continues to lead some fundraising efforts, faces 10 years in federal prison Carson had invested in real estate deals with Costa "I will confirm they are best friends and that they do hold business investments together," Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts told AP; Costa d

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Former SC lawmaker Viers appeals federal prison sentence

FLORENCE, S.C. (AP) - Former South Carolina state Rep. Thad Viers is appealing his 3-year federal prison sentence for money laundering.

Court documents show that Viers' attorneys filed the appeal this week.

The former representative from Horry County pleaded guilty in April to helping a construction company owner hide assets ...

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Will The GOP Become America's 'National Front' Party?

America is exceptional, as Tocqueville observed. There are many reasons for this, but among them is the fact that we are a nation of immigrants. On the other hand, human nature is universal. And eventually, European trends often do tend to influence us. So how special are we…really? This question has taken on new significance as we contemplate the […]

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NASA Using Old-Fashioned Method to Get to Remote Places in Washington to Conduct Science

"Lets us connect the dots."

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Graph with arrow pointing up. It's challenging for a fast-growing small business to offer great customer service, while continuing to increase sales at a rapid rate. It would probably go more smoothly if the two departments had access to a common set of information, but making that happen for a small business has been a difficult and expensive undertaking. wants to change that and today it… Read More

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