December 1, 2016

Tom Price Confident Republicans Will Hold His District In Special Election

'We'll be fine'

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Trump Appoints Gen. Mattis as Defense Secretary

(John Hinderaker) This has been rumored for a while, but still: Donald Trump continues his winning streak with the appointment of General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense: Mattis, 66, is a Marine Corps general who retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of the U.S. Central Command. His selection raises questions about increased military influence in a job designed to insure civilian control of the armed forces. The concerns revolve

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Hispanic voting bloc proved to be not crucial in Trump win

Hispanics, who for more than a decade insisted they were the key to American politics, are now grappling with a life on the outside — stunned that a Republican managed to capture the White House without winning at least a third of their support.

Immigrant rights advocates insist that Latinos ...

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Trump: I May Not Rescind Every Obama Executive Order

'I don't think we have to rescind.'

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Trump, Clinton Campaign Aides Clash at Harvard Forum

Hillary Clinton's senior campaign strategist did not mince his words Thursday when confronted by top staffers of President-elect Donald Trump: he doesn't have a voter mandate.

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James Mattis to be defense secretary, Trump says

As he kicked off this thank-you tour in Cincinnati, Ohio, President-elect Donald Trump announced — sort of — that he was naming U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis as defense secretary.

But he told the crowd and the TV cameras not to let it out of the room.

"We ...

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Trump Announces Secretary Of Defense Pick And Attacks Media In First Rally Since Election

'These extremely dishonest people'

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Trump to Nominate Gen. James Mattis for Defense Secretary

At a victory tour event in Cincinnati, Ohio, President-Elect Donald Trump said he will nominate retired Marine General James Mattis as Defense secretary. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Congressional panel recommends charges against abortion tissue organizations

Congress' special committee looking into the sale of fetal tissue has recommended prosecutors investigate one Planned Parenthood affiliate and referred a handful of other organizations for criminal or regulatory probes, a panel member revealed Thursday.

Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast violated both Texas and U.S. laws when it sold ...

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Republicans Line Up To Replace Pompeo After CIA Appointment

'I would certainly be interested'

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Facebook quietly tests fake news flagging

Facebook Search Signs of Facebook's much-anticipated war on fake news are bubbling up into the newsfeeds of some users. The fake news flag tests appear to have been around for over a week, though seem to be vanishing as quickly as they appear. That behavior is in line with the way Facebook regularly tests new product features through limited, live rollouts to small swaths of its massive user base.… Read More

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Trump and Congress: Will It Be Love or War?

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss potential issues that could cause discord between Donald Trump's White House and Capitol Hill. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Illegal voting and what to do about it

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump says that illegal voting may have put Hillary Clinton ahead of him in the popular vote. Clinton leads Trump by around 2.5 million votes, so the president-elect's claim seems far-fetched. However, as Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund explain in the Wall Street Journal, we simply don't know the extent of illegal voting in American elections. Moreover, the Obama administration has done everything it can to keep it

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Adam Schiff Praises Trump's Reported Nomination of Mattis for SecDef

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Russian tampering in election gets Obama look

The White House said Thursday that it would review a request by Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to make public new information pointing to Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, but it hasn't changed the administration's view that Donald Trump's victory was free of tampering.

"We'll ...

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The Trumped Media's Stages Of Grief: Acceptance [VIDEO]

He won. Let the healing process begin.

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Victorious Donald Trump Basks in Glow of Carrier Deal

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss Donald Trump's demeanor at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, his first public event since his election victory speech. (Source: Bloomberg)

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The Worst of Nancy Pelosi

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Texas governor vows cutting funds to 'sanctuary' campuses

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he will cut funding to public universities that become what he described as "sanctuary" campuses for immigrant students. The Republican provided no other details.

Abbott tweeted the vow Thursday in response to a story about Texas State University students urging school ...

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These Are The 7 Most Alpha Quotes From Trump's Future Secretary Of Defense

James 'Mad Dog' Mattis gives his thoughts on key subjects

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'Stage Is Being Set' for Genocide in South Sudan Amid Ethnic Cleansing

The United Nations declared on Thursday that the "stage is being set" for a repeat of the Rwandan genocide as ethnic cleansing is being carried out in certain areas of South Sudan.

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Former Wyandotte County engineer accused of taking bribes

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - A former engineer for the Wyandotte County government has been charged with taking more than $17,000 in bribes.

U.S. Attorney Tom Beall says in a news release Thursday that 58-year-old Willie D. Jones was indicted by a federal grand jury in Kansas City, Kansas.

Prosecutors ...

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Kelly Ripa: Search For Live Co-Host Has Taken Another Turn

'What we didn't anticipate'

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Motorola won't release a new smartwatch any time soon, which doesn't bode well for Android Wear

moto 360 Two key things we learned during a Motorola press event in Chicago this week. 1. The company's bullish on modular phones and 2. Not so much with smartwatches. The Lenovo-owned smartphone maker's head of global product development Shakil Barkat told the audience that, "We don't see enough pull from the market at this point to put out a new product," when speaking… Read More

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Trump: It's 'Very Presidential' to Call Business Leaders

President-Elect Donald Trump visited the Carrier plant in Indianapolis on Thursday. In his first major address since winning the 2016 election, he said that he will have no qualms calling business leaders when they say they are thinking about leaving the United States. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Democratic Senator Praises Trump on Carrier

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To move into White House, Trump may have to dump DC hotel

NEW YORK (AP) - Donald Trump may have to give up one property on Pennsylvania Avenue if he wants to move into another down the street.

One is the newly opened, glittering jewel in the president-elect's hotel empire. The other, of course, is the White House.

Whether he'll need to ...

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Patriots Star Officially A Father After Model Baby Mama Gives Birth

She is smoking hot...

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The Moto Mods ecosystem expands with a car dock and Mophie battery backup

Moto Z At launch, the Moto Z was compatible with three different modular backings (four if you count the shell projector): a Motorola pico projector, a speaker from JBL and an Incipio battery pack. Shortly after launch, the company brought a little camera brand legitimacy to the ecosystem with a Hasselblad back featuring 10x optical zoom. Not a huge number, sure, but it was certainly a more… Read More

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Trita Parsi: Not Pompeo's Job as CIA Chief to 'Formulate Policy' on Iran

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DHS panel recommends gov't keep private immigration jails

WASHINGTON (AP) - A government advisory panel is recommending that the Homeland Security Department continue using private, for-profit jails to house immigrants facing deportation.

The panel, part of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, wrote in its first of 14 recommendations that ICE "will continue" to use private jails. The group ...

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Your Tax Dollars Paid For The Murder Of An American Soldier

Palestinian incitement of and compensation for terrorism has gone on for far too long.

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'Come for the tool, stay for the network' reconsidered

Lines and dots interconnecting, conceptual illustration. For the past few years, "Come for the tool, stay for the network" has been in vogue as a theory of consumer startup product development. Chris Dixon's January 2015 post popularized the idea*, and it's frequently cited in industry discussions and by investors. Why does this idea have so much appeal? There are several reasons: It's much easier to build a good… Read More

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VA Hospital Admits Vets May Have Been Infected With HIV, Hepatitis

Hundreds of patients at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Wisconsin may have been infected with HIV or other diseases as a result of prohibited practices by one of its providers.

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Presidential Election Recount Set to Begin in Wisconsin

The first candidate-driven statewide recount of a presidential election in 16 years was set to begin Thursday in Wisconsin, a state that Donald Trump won by less than a percentage point over Hillary Clinton after polls long predicted a Clinton victory.

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Couric urges court to throw out lawsuit over documentary

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Lawyers for journalist Katie Couric are urging a federal judge to dismiss a $12 million defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia gun rights activists over what they call a misleading documentary edit.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League filed a lawsuit in September over Couric's documentary "Under the ...

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Tracking Trump's Web of Conflicts

Donald Trump's sprawling business ties at home and abroad raise questions about how his personal interests could influence the policies he'll pursue as president.

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Donor calls for 'sanctuary' at Vegas-area schools, colleges

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A Nevada education philanthropist is calling for Las Vegas-area schools and college campuses to declare themselves sanctuaries for undocumented students, staff and family members who might face deportation.

The Rogers Foundation board chairwoman Beverly Rogers said Wednesday that President-elect Donald Trump's pledges to deport immigrants would ...

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Sean Parker is partnering with the Cancer Research Institute to find a cancer vaccine

Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster Inc. and managing partner of the Founders Fund, speaks at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011. The conference brings together 1,000 senior executives entertainment, and the Internet. Photographer: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg via Getty Images Cancerous tumors carry certain genetic markers called neoantigens and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker wants to use algorithms to find them. To do so, the Sean Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will work with more than 30 public and private pharmaceutical, biotech, cancer research nonprofits and academic institutions through a partnership with the Cancer Research Institute to use… Read More

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$500K Taxpayer-Funded Subsidy Directly Benefits Google, Tech Giants

Multi-billion dollar tech giants with close access to President Obama's White House, including Google, are benefitting from a $500,000 taxpayer-funded subsidy that was funneled by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a report released Monday by Sen. James Lankford (R., Okla.).

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Uber rival Grab's newest investor will help its drivers own their vehicle

grabtaxi Grab, the Uber rival in Southeast Asia, has scooped up a strategic investment that could help it expand its pools of drivers to battle rival services. Read More

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Ohio Senate approves bill outlawing bestiality in the state

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Members of the Ohio Senate have unanimously voted to approve a bill that would make having sex with animals a crime in the state.

Senate Bill 195 passed 31-0 on Wednesday and now heads to the Ohio House of Representatives, which must consider the legislation within ...

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Genesis Partners spins out $50 million fund, F2 Capital, to back early-stage startups in Israel

Tel Aviv Skyline Three members of the senior investing team at Genesis Partners, a major Israeli venture firm, are stepping out with a new, early-stage fund of their own called F2 Capital. For the unfamiliar, Genesis Partners' portfolio companies have been acquired by the likes of Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Sapiens over the past decade, and have gone public on the Nasdaq exchange in the U.S. as well.… Read More

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Professor watching

(Paul Mirengoff) Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a conservative organization made up of high school and college students, has compiled a website database of more than 200 professors at universities across the nation who, in the view of the organization, "discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom." The website is called Professor Watchlist. This has outraged the left which, inevitably, complains of "McCarthyism" by TPUSA. Annabel Scott at the

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Tough-on-corruption NY prosecutor tells Trump he will stay

NEW YORK (AP) - Financial cheaters and corrupt politicians beware: One of America's hardest-charging prosecutors isn't going anywhere.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's brief announcement that he has agreed to stay on in the Donald Trump administration signals in at least one way that the president-elect may be serious about ...

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