March 24, 2016

So Agreeable: Clinton Nods Almost Non-Stop During Roundtable Discussion

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Conservative Utah think tank gets new leader

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A former campaign consultant for Utah Sen. Mike Lee will serve as the new president of the conservative Sutherland Institute, replacing a leader asked to step down two years ago amid disagreements about the organization's future.

The Utah think tank announced Thursday that Boyd Matheson ...

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New York Court Throws Out Case Challenging Cruz's Eligibility

Foiled again

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Spike in investments in classified ad apps could mean the death of Craigslist

searching When you think about the fastest growing areas for startup investments, you probably don't think about classified ads. More likely, your mind wanders to music apps, e-commerce or social platforms. It's understandable; after all, the classified ad industry has barely innovated since Craigslist came to the scene. Read More

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Comedian and Actor Garry Shandling Is Dead at 66

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CNN Anchor Blasts Trump Senior Policy Adviser Over Candidate's Twitter Feud With Cruz Over Their Wives

"Of course I endorse the decision to retweet it."

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Why 'Wheel of Fortune' Is Cashing In on Political Ads

This cycle's campaign spending on airtime during "Wheel of Fortune" will easily exceed the $57 million it earned in 2012, more than any other TV show that election. So far, it's brought in seven times more than at this point in 2012, according to estimates by Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), which tracks political advertising. Bloomberg's Tim Higgins reports on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Pence rejects limits on private college police disclosure

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A bill that would have allowed private college police departments in Indiana to disclose less on-campus crime information than their public counterparts has been vetoed by Gov. Mike Pence.

The bill would have required private colleges to release limited information only if an arrest was made.

Pence ...

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Cruz To Trump: 'You're A Sniveling Coward, Leave Heidi The Hell Alone' [VIDEO]

'Leave Heidi the hell alone'

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Y Combinator gets friendlier by naming Justin Kan as new spokesperson

justin-kan People often misunderstand Y Combinator's accelerator, with its broad range of startups that sometimes pivot before launch. That's in part because YC's president and spokeperson Sam Altman is too busy to tell its stories over and over, and he's more of a techie type than a polished press liaison. So today, Altman handed the spokesperson reins to Justin Kan, one of… Read More

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Rep. Diane Black Fires Back at Planned Parenthood for Characterizing the Little Sisters of the Poor as 'Out-of-Touch Bosses'

"Just when we thought the nation's largest abortion provider couldn't sink any lower, they proved us wrong by picking a fight with the Little Sisters of the Poor." 

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Local News Reporter Arrested While Seeking Public Records in Public Building — Here's How the Incident Unfolded

"We have a right to be here." 

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Biden Trashes 'Biden Rule' as Frankly Ridiculous

In a speech at Georgetown Law School, Vice President Joe Biden called the so-called Biden Rule "frankly ridiculous" and argued that Senate Republicans' decision not to confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court is an "abdication" of their solemn constitutional duty.

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Audit:'s Confidentiality Jeopardized More Than 300 Times's security was potentially jeopardized more than 300 times from October 2013 to March 2015, according to an audit from the Government Accountability Office.

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Manchin, D-WVa., to hold town hall on Supreme Court nominee

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is in West Virginia to hear from his red-state constituents about President Obama's Supreme Court choice.

Thursday's town-hall meeting coincides with TV ads by the conservative Judicial Crisis Network targeting Manchin. They say the nominee, Merrick Garland, threatens coal and gun rights.


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That Woman Obama Tangoed With? She Did A Whole Spread For Playboy [NSFW PHOTOS]


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Trax & Wax is a vinyl subscription service for those craving that fresh, underground dance sound

Record Player Launched this week, London-based startup Trax & Wax is the first vinyl subscription service focused on sub-genres within dance music. It works with the most prominent distributors of dance music including Rush Hour, Clone, Syncrophone and Word & Sound to curate a personalized monthly "box" of 12″ records. Read More

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Biden Lectures GOP on SCOTUS Nominations: 'There Is No Biden Rule. It Doesn't Exist'

"We're watching a Constitutional crisis in the making."

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Dying Man Receives Last Wish After University Holds Daughter's Commencement Two Months Early

"This is beyond my expectations."

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Bush endorses Cruz; what's Rubio waiting for?

(Paul Mirengoff) With the Florida primary in the rear view mirror and Marco Rubio out of the race, Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz for president. The endorsement comes a month after Bush dropped out of the race. By waiting as long as he did, Bush accomplished two things — neither of them noble. First, he avoided endorsing Rubio, who "betrayed" him by running for president, while at the same time avoiding

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Report: Black Lawmakers Boycotting Duckworth Event

Black officials in Illinois are shunning an upcoming "unity" event for Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth saying she has neglected black community issues and is taking their support for granted, according to news reports.

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The Latest: EU to start deportations from Greece April 4

WARSAW, Poland (AP) - The Latest on the flow of migrants into Europe (all times local):

5:45 p.m.

A government official in Greece says deportations of migrants and refugees from Greek islands to Turkey would start on April 4, and would be carried out by the European Union's border protection ...

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Rep. Moulton: Trump's Rise Like Hitler's

'I'm not saying that Donald Trump is necessarily Hitler, I'm not saying that'

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Hulu steps into virtual reality with a new app for Samsung Gear VR

vr-pr-image-1024x576 As promised, Hulu has entered the world of VR. The streaming service today announced the launch of an app designed for Samsung's Gear VR powered by Oculus. Now available on the Gear VR Oculus Store, the new app is the first of what the company says will be several VR apps for different platforms, currently in the works. In addition to providing access to Hulu's 2D content library… Read More

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One of U.S. Navy's Greatest Mysteries Is Finally Solved — 95 Years Later

"We hope that this discovery brings the families of its lost crew some measure of closure…"

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'What Makes You So Special?': Driver Confronted on Camera for Parking in Handicapped Space — and Then Things Boil Over in a Hurry

"Record me and I'll break your f***ing phone!"

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Biden Says Republican Blockade on Garland Creates 'Turbulence'

Vice President Joe Biden argued Thursday that Senate Republicans' decision not to confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court is an "abdication" of responsibility that would produce "a patchwork Constitution," as the White House intensified its pressure campaign to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

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Ben Carson Defends Donald Trump: Show Me a Politician Who Doesn't Tell Lies

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The Latest: House OKs rape kit bill, facing off with Senate

ATLANTA (AP) - The Latest on the final day of the Georgia legislature's session (all times local):

12:15 p.m.

The Georgia House has again voted to require that law enforcement expedite processing of rape kits for sexual assault victims.

Rep. Scott Holcomb sponsored a bill requiring law enforcement to pick ...

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The Ladies Of 'The View' Erupt Into Battle Over GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump

Whoopi loses her mind about how much she hates the GOP frontrunner.

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Email is dying among mobile's youngest users

messaging In case there was any doubt that messaging apps were the future of communication in the mobile-first era, a new study released this morning puts some solid numbers behind their traction – and their increasing dominance over email, among today's youngest users. According to a report from App Annie, email is effectively dying among this crowd. Those aged 13 to 24 now spend more than… Read More

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Watch as Whoopi Goldberg Loses It on Ben Carson Over His Support of Donald Trump: 'He's a Racist!'

"Why would you align yourself with that?"

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Emmy Award-Winning Anchor Accused of 'Racism' Over Her Scathing Message on 'Young Black Men' After Five People Are Gunned Down

"You needn't be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday."

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Garland Won't Take Part in Appeals Cases as Nomination Plays Out

Merrick Garland, U.S. appeals court chief judge picked by President Barack Obama to fill Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia's death, won't participate in cases before his court while nomination process plays out. Garland will continue with administrative duties as chief judge, says Mark Langer, clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Obama nominated the former federal prosecutor March 16; Washington-based appellate court began process of replacing Gar

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The Humble Cigar Makers

What good is a Penfolds Grange Cabernet Sauvignon if its bottle is identical to Barefoot? A Rolls Royce without its signature double R and boxy wide grill? Or a handmade Davidoff Churchill cigar without the Prime Minister's silhouette?

After all, too much wine could one day kill you. So can cars. The risks of smoking are well known. Why not make all of life's luxuries—big and small—uniform, mundane, and so indistinguishable that they are, alas, unappealing?

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Obama: U.S. shares some blame for Argentina's 'dirty war'

Visiting a memorial to victims of Argentina's "dirty war," President Obama said Thursday that the U.S. was "slow to speak out for human rights" during the military junta's rule 40 years ago.

"There's been controversy about the policies of the United States early in those dark days," Mr. Obama said ...

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North Carolina Repeals Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

'Government overreach and intrusion'

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Swarm launches new profile pages with front-and-center history search

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.30.17 AM Foursquare has just launched Swarm 4.0, complete with brand new profile pages, updated search capabilities, full-screen photos and a weekly Swarm update from your friends. The most important update to the app comes by way of new individual user profiles. These profiles show a clickable map of all the places you've ever been right at the top, followed by basic information like number… Read More

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Researchers 'Completely Blown Away' by What Happened When They Put This Fish on Aquarium Wall

See for yourself.

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Scary Video: Car Plummets Four Stories, Lands Upside-Down on Sidewalk After Crashing Through Parking Garage Barrier

Police said they are investigating.

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Clinton Leads Trump, Cruz; Would Lose to Kasich in Monmouth Poll

Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump 48% to 38% in general election match-up, according to natl Monmouth University poll of registered voters. Clinton also leads Sen. Ted Cruz 45% to 40%; would lose 36% to 45% against Ohio Gov. John Kasich Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University Polling Institute, says, "Kasich seems to be best positioned to take on Clinton, but the fact that he is a blank slate for one-third of voters means that opinion could swing either way if he became the nominee

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Visit Brussels, You'll Have a Blast

(Steven Hayward) If you want to take in the depths of European denial, check out this two minute video the Belgian tourist promoters put together a few months back saying, "Problem? There's no problem here. It's all the media's fault. . . Don't listen to CNN."

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Obama Admin Indicts Iran in Hack Attacks on U.S. Banks, Dam

The Obama administration on Thursday unsealed a federal indictment charging seven Iranian government-backed hackers of cyber crimes as the result of multiple attacks in recent years on several U.S. banks and a New York dam, according to officials.

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Paul Ryan And Kevin McCarthy Ride Again: Young Guns Morph Into Senior Policy Sharpshooters

A new project to help guide the eventual Republican nominee for president.

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Atlassian's Bitbucket Server gets support for code search

Red Buckets in a Row Bitbucket Server, Atlassian's self-hosted Git version control service, and Bitbucket Data Center are getting a small but potentially very useful feature in preview. The new early access version of Bitbucket now features the ability to search for code in your repositories. With this, you will be able to quickly find a code snippet (or maybe the source of a cryptic error message you… Read More

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