October 2, 2016

'I Wasn't Really Surprised To Be Contacted By The FBI': Inside The Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

'I'm a Democrat and supporter of Hillary for president, but I was deeply resentful...'

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WTF is a mirrorless camera?

mirrorless-exploded2x Digital cameras today tend to fall under one of two categories: SLR or mirrorless. What's the difference? Why does it matter? To find out, let's take a quick trip through the history of the medium. It turns out that many of the changes to how cameras work have been attempts to solve a simple problem: how do you show what's in front of the lens to both the user and… Read More

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Gambia refuses to accept 2,000 people the U.S. trying to deport

The Gambia has refused to accept nearly 2,000 people the U.S. is trying to deport, forcing the Obama administration to pull the trigger and refuse to grant visas to some Gambians hoping to visit the U.S., the State Department said this weekend.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson took the decisive ...

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State Department-Funded Nonprofit That John Kerry Had 'No Role' In Was Founded In His Home

State Department gave $9 million to the nonprofit

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What makes IoT ransomware a different and more dangerous threat?

ransomware-iot Ransomware has already managed to carve itself a niche as one of the main cybersecurity threats of 2016. As individuals, organizations and government agencies, we're taking precautionary steps to protect ourselves against malware that can encrypt files beyond our reach. What we're ignoring though, is the next wave of ransomware attacks, which will not target our files, but rather… Read More

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WikiLeaks Cancels Major Clinton Revelation Amid 'Security Concerns'

Assange to give video press briefing in Berlin Tuesday

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We are all responsible for closing the gender gap

peggy-quits-compressor In the United States, we are on the eve of potentially electing our first female president. Yet as much progress as we've made, we still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity – especially in business. It's likely that a woman reading this today will soon be passed over for a deserved promotion or miss out on funding for a game-changing idea.  The state of women in… Read More

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From the education apocalypse

(Scott Johnson) It's not possible to satirize the reign of political correctness on campus. Today's satire is tomorrow's diktat. John Leo takes note of the latest dispatch from the education apocalypse at Princeton and mischievously gets in the spirit: One of the feminists who used to write angry letters to the editor in the 1960s about sexist words such as "fireman," "chairman," and "mankind" has apparently come to power at Princeton and

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Bernie Sanders has a big book ready

Former White House hopeful and fierce independent Sen. Bernard Sanders has a strategically timed book waiting in the wings. "Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In" will be released exactly one week after the presidential election.

It is a big work, weighing in at 464 pages, recounting the Vermont lawmaker's ...

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Colombia REJECTS Peace Deal With FARC Terrorists, Votes To Continue War

It is unclear what is next for Colombia

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Easter Won't Be Canceled: Peeps Candy Workers End Strike

Workers, Company trade jabs in recent lawsuit

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Stanford, MIT lead in graduating funded startup founders

Stanford_Arches2.tif Certain universities are known to produce a high number of funded startup founders. These schools tend to share certain qualities: prestige, large STEM programs, research prowess and proximity to concentrations of investor capital.   At CrunchBase, we set out to quantify the comparative track records of such institutions. We started with a list of top U.S. research universities. Using… Read More

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EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Wants To Take Over Twitter In The Next Debate. Here's How He's Doing It.

Will this work?

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Meet Evan McMullin, The Conservative Independent Running For President

Wants a chance to debate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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98 Percent Of Hungarians Vote To Ignore EU's Refugee Policy, Low Voter Turnout Makes It Invalid

Voter turnout below 45 percent makes it invalid

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HBO's Westworld is the robotic cowboy headtrip that you didn't know you were waiting for

westworld Expectations are ridiculously high as Westworld rides onto HBO tonight. The first season cost a reported $100 million to make, and it's being pitched in some quarters as the new Game of Thrones. When you've got any TV show with that much hype, some disappointment seems inevitable, but judging from the first two episodes, Westworld is even better than anticipated. Based on a 1973… Read More

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The Latest: Three-strikes bill advances in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - The Latest on a special legislative session in New Mexico (all times local):

12:50 a.m.

A proposal to expand the list of crimes requiring a mandatory life sentence after a third conviction has been approved by the New Mexico House of Representatives.

The House approved ...

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A Federal Judge Just Let Obama Give Away The Internet

States lose fight to stop transfer

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Tech companies and the global rise of e-sports

esports The latest sports phenomenon sweeping the globe wasn't represented at the Olympic Games in Rio; it doesn't require an intense physical training regimen or even traditional sports equipment. We're talking about e-sports — competitive video gaming — and the opportunities for huge windfalls for players and advertisers are immense. But the real money up for grabs here… Read More

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Clinton in Charlotte Calls for Action to Bridge Racial Divide

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called for unity and action to bridge the divide between minority communities and those who police them as she visited Charlotte, the North Carolina city rocked by riots following the recent killing of a black man by a police officer.

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This day in baseball history — The Dodgers win pennant on final day

(Paul Mirengoff) When we last looked in on the 1966 pennant race, it was mid-September. The Los Angeles Dodgers had overcome a mediocre August and moved into first place, two and half games ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates and three ahead of the San Francisco Giants. In the second half of September, the Dodgers maintained their lead, but couldn't shake the competition. When Sandy Koufax beat the St. Louis Cardinals 2-1 on

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How We Found Hacked Audio Rocking the Clinton Campaign

The email containing an audio file that has rocked the Clinton campaign since last week when it was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon was one of thousands to and from a Clinton volunteer posted on a website believed to have ties to the Russian government.

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Expert: Wind Farm's 'Violent Fluctuations' Left 1.7 Million Without Electricity

A complete power blackout

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Watch: Marc Andreessen on Twitter, secondary sales, pulling the plug, and more

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-8-22-49-pm On Thursday night, at an insider event I'd organized in my second but closely related life as the founder of StrictlyVC, I interviewed famed entrepreneur-investor Marc Andreessen, whose most recent headline-grabbing maneuver (intentionally or not) was to take a Twitter break one week ago. I talked with Andreessen about why he has had enough of the social media platform for now, along with… Read More

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