May 27, 2015

Interviewer Can't Stop Laughing When Charles Johnson Talks About Porn

It's not an easy subject.

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Restaurant Owner Saw a Man Digging Through the Trash. When He Returned, a Note Was Waiting for Him

"To the person going through our trash…"

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Left-Wing Writer Max Blumenthal Helped Craft Hillary's 'Youtube Video' Benghazi Explanation

'Anti-Muslim Film'

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After Cops Discover What 'Homeless' Man Had in Pockets, They Made an Example Out of Him on Facebook

"Transients, also known as beggars or homeless, are often a hot topic of debate…"

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Score another one for Iran: Shiite militias fill void left by Obama

(Paul Mirengoff) The Washington Post reports that Iraq's Shiite militias have launched an offensive intended to put a stranglehold on ISIS fighters in Ramadi by cutting off ISIS supply lines and besieging the city. The Shiite militias in question are heavily influenced, if not dominated by Iran. The Badr Organization mentioned in the Post's report, with its close ties to Iran's elite Quds Force, is a good example. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi

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Tracy Morgan Settles Lawsuit Over Deadly Accident With Walmart

It's been almost a year since an 18-wheeler hit his limo, killing his friend

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Dana Loesch Goes Off on Media Over This 'Completely False' Headline About Her Scott Walker Interview

"This is why I hate media."

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Austin Animal Center Put Out Call for Help After Flooding — and Texans Responded in an 'AMAZING' Way

"We are so humbled by the outpouring of support…"

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'Child Abuse': Palestinian Kindergarten Teachers Dress Kids as Terrorists With Toy Machine Gun Props

"They blow up so quickly."

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Civil War-Era Photo Collection Returned to Rightful Owner Five Years After Being Stolen

"I thought it was gone forever."

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'Really?': Al Sharpton Shocks With Question About Flooding in Texas


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Behind Science Fraud, Chapter 4

(Steven Hayward) Richard Horton, the editor of The Lancet, the pre-eminent medical journal that was stung by one of the worst science frauds of the last decade (Andrew Wakefield's phony vaccine-autism link paper), has a fascinating note reporting on the conversations at a recent conference of scientists in the UK about the problems of scientific review. A few of his statements are genuinely eye-popping: "A lot of what is published is incorrect." I'm

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Politico Quotes Scott Walker Wildly Out Of Context To Invent Abortion Attack

'This is one of the worst misquotes I've ever read.'

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One Solution to Tame the Supreme Court Without Passing a Law or Constitutional Amendment

"It is irresponsible for one person to have such an extreme position of power for 50 years."

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It's Not in Plain View, But Hidden on Rick Santorum's Website Is a Stinging Jab at Hillary Clinton

"Okay, I will give him kudos for that."

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Here's The Legal Explanation For Why The Cleveland Police Officer Wasn't Convicted

He jumped on the hood and fired 15 shots into the car

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Rick Santorum Ditches Sweater Vest, Absent From Campaign Store

What could replace it?

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Rick Santorum Enters Race For White House With Pitch To 'American Workers'

'Today is the day we're going to begin to fight back'

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Hillary Clinton is Running For President By Praising the President

Make no mistake: In South Carolina, Obama and his policies are on Hillary Clinton's ballot.

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7-Year-Old Boston Boy Shot as He Rode His Bike to Buy a Bottle of Water. Video Captures Mother's Horror as She Finds Him Bleeding on the Sidewalk.

"I thought I was going to lose my son."

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Hillary Clinton Returns to the Scene of Her Most Divisive Primary Battle

The former secretary of state begins campaigning in South Carolina this week, where she lost to Barack Obama by nearly 29 points in 2008.

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U.S. Intelligence: Iran Sending More Fighters to Yemen

Iran has dispatched additional paramilitary forces to Yemen to aid pro-Tehran rebels seeking to take control of the strategic southern Arabian state, according to recent U.S. intelligence reports.

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US authorities say FIFA vice presidents Webb, Figueredo among 14 indicted in corruption probe

ZURICH (AP) - US authorities say FIFA vice presidents Webb, Figueredo among 14 indicted in corruption probe.

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Dunwoody hosting citizenship ceremony on Independence Day

DUNWOODY, Ga. (AP) - About 25 immigrants will formally become U.S. citizens during an Independence Day ceremony in Dunwoody.

Morris News Service reports the event is being organized by Bob Dallas and Alfredo Trujillo, both immigrants from Cuba who are now U.S. citizens.

The organizers say 18-year-olds in the town ...

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We've got a unicorn situation: With no M&A activity and stagnant IPO market, exits have become rare

It seems that the grazing in the magical rainbow pastures of Unicorn Valley is a bit too good these days. So good in fact, that none of the private companies with $1 billion valuations seems to want to leave anytime soon. And why would they with ample amounts of cash being thrown at companies doing "private IPOs"? The rich (private equity, mutual funds, and VCs with extra-large funds) are […]

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Beware iPhone Users: If You Get This Text Message, Your Phone Will Likely Turn Off Immediately

"Clearly the work of the devil."

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Chicago Police Superintendent Responds to 'Disgusting' Photo: 'No Place in Our Police Department'

"[T]he despicable actions of these two former officers have no place in our police department or our society."

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Texas House OKs stricter ethics rules, dark money disclosure

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas House has passed a sweeping package of stricter ethics rules for state lawmakers and other elected officials - including mandating more financial disclosure for "dark money" groups.

Gov. Greg Abbott has championed ethics overhauls, and the measure already passed the Senate. But top House ...

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Swiss Police Detain Soccer Officials Ahead of FIFA Congress

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Pamela Geller Brings Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Ads To Washington, D.C.

Free-speech firebrand Pamela Geller has submitted an ad featuring the winning image from the "Draw Muhammad" cartoon contest held earlier this month in Garland, Texas to the Washington, D.C. transit authority. "Drawing Muhammad is not illegal under American law, but only under Islamic law," Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said in a ...More

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Concealed handguns in college gets major boost in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas took a giant step closer to allowing concealed handguns in public college classrooms late Tuesday, with House lawmakers giving their preliminary approval, barely beating a midnight deadline.

A final vote as early as Wednesday would send the measure - one of the session's major gun ...

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Bristol Palin Addresses 'Elephant-in-the-Room,' Opens Up About Wedding That 'Didn't Happen'

"I feel like I need to address the elephant-in-the-room on this blog…"

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Hillary's old friend, Sid Vicious

(Paul Mirengoff) Hillary Clinton doesn't talk much to reporters and when she does, she reveals as little as possible. But she revealed plenty when she described Sidney Blumenthal as "an old friend." It's hardly surprising Blumenthal is a friend of Hillary's. For her, his combination of viciousness and weakness for conspiracy theories must be irresistible. What's interesting is that Clinton admits to the friendship. I've heard it said that Blumenthal's legendary viciousness

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Adventures in Bernieland: Meet the People Who Think Sanders Can Save America

The Vermont senator whips up the populist excitement.

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Obama's Forthcoming Executive Action Could Impact Your Property

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