July 31, 2016

How HIllary helped U.S. investors fund Russian research for military uses

(Paul Mirengoff) Russia has become a major issue in this year's presidential campaign. It should have been a major issue in the last one, but President Obama countered Mitt Romney's attempt to inject Russia into the debate with his sophomoric quip that "the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back." Whether it's ISIS (aka "the jayvee") or Russia, Obama sure knows how to spot trouble. This year, both

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Hillary Clinton blasts Russia's 'role' in election as Donald Trump denies Putin ties

Russia has emerged as a U.S. presidential campaign issue at a level not seen since Ronald Reagan was running, as Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton accused Republican Donald Trump on Sunday of putting American interest at risk by siding with the former Cold War foe.

Mrs. Clinton said evidence that Russia ...

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The Hillary Recession

Trump knows you can't tax your way into prosperity.

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Paul Ryan Comes Out Against Religious Test To Get Into US

'Many Muslim Americans have served valiantly in our military'

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Pence Says Khan Family 'Should Be Cherished by Every American'

"Donald Trump and I believe that Captain Humayun Khan is an American hero and his family, like all Gold Star families, should be cherished by every American," Trump running mate Mike Pence says in e-mail statement. NOTE: Pence statement comes in wake of backlash over Trump's comments on dead soldier's parents, who spoke at Democratic convention last week in Philadelphia "Captain Khan gave his life to defend our country in the global war on terror. Due to the disastrous decisions of Barack Obama

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Hillary Clinton sold as 'tough,' 'determined' to repair reputation for dishonesty, build trust

PHILADELPHIA — Democrats are banking on a trust bounce for presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after last week's convention in Philadelphia, where a top priority was repairing a reputation for dishonesty and deception that party officials say she doesn't deserve.

Deserved or not, the Clinton campaign and party officials are keenly ...

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'The Simpsons' Hit Trump And Clinton In New Clip [VIDEO]

'Not now I am on Twitter'

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Understanding Hillary Clinton's innovation plan

So what will a Clinton presidency mean to Silicon Valley? And does she actually have a plan on innovation and technology? Read More

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How Trump Should Respond to Khizr Khan

(Steven Hayward) Further to Scott's thoughts this morning about Khizr Khan's attack on Trump, may I suggest that Trump should respond in full William Shatner mode: Sorry. Couldn't help it. (Though perhaps this is a good representation of how Trump is in fact responding.) Now, anyone got new ideas on how we mere voting citizens can solve the Kobayashi-Maru scenario of this election? We know Captain Kirk cheated. But that's a Clinton

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Nick Jonas Turned Down Millions To Perform At RNC Event

'All Lives Matter'

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Inside the Beltway: Vicious: The presidential marketing war

The money spent on advertising and marketing so far in the 2016 presidential race is unprecedented. Consider, for example, that by the time the Democratic National Convention rolled around last week, Hillary Clinton's campaign had already shelled out $220 million on radio and TV ads alone, mostly to blast Republican ...

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'Neo-McCarthyite': Princeton's Top Dog On Russia Calls Clinton Out For Trump 'Smears'

'We're approaching a Cuban Missile Crisis level nuclear confrontation with Russia'

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Stenehjem says Bisbee council broke law with special meeting

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - The North Dakota attorney general says the city council in Bisbee broke the law regarding a meeting with a city employee who was fired.

The council voted at a regular meeting to terminate the employee's contract. Since the employee was not at the meeting, the council ...

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Virtual reality will not replay the 3D debacle

Photo #: 259232 Date Taken: 11-26-1952 Description: 3-D Movie Viewers. Formally-attired audience sporting 3-D glasses during opening night screening of film  In the mid-2000s, everyone was talking about 3D, the "next big thing" in video. It required people to buy expensive new gadgets and wear goofy eyewear, but we were told consumers would flock to this new 3D world. Unless you're James Cameron, you likely missed the entire 3D revolution. So perhaps we should look at the new "next big thing" in video, virtual… Read More

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Skydiver Jumps From Plane At 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute, Lands In A Net [VIDEO]

First person to skydive without a parachute

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Weekend Circuit: North Carolina Voting Law Struck Down, Porn Star Gets Mad

Another week, another loss for voter ID

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Backlash Grows Against Trump's Comments on Dead Muslim Soldier's Parents

Democrat Clinton says it's unacceptable to "scapegoat" on the basis of religion, ethnicity.

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Manafort: President Clinton And Secretary Obama Caused ISIS To Rise

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Court supports developer's right to keep hikers off his land

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Activists vow to keep fighting after a court sided with a developer who has tried for years to keep hikers from using a trail that cuts across scenic property he owns in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reports Sunday (http://lat.ms/2aGTmNR) that an appellate court last ...

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When You Type 'Muslim Dad' In Google, Some Pretty Brutal Autocomplete Results Pop Up

'Muslim dad kills daughters'

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Gillmor Gang: Not Insane

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Frank Radice, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, July 29, 2016. In 1972, the Firesign Theatre documented the National Surrealist Light Peoples Party convention for president. George Papoon's campaign rallying cry, Not Insane, has never been more appropriate. Plus, G3 w/ Kristie Wells, Elisa Camahort Page, Francine Hardaway,… Read More

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Minimum Wage, Maximum Ignorance (2)

(Steven Hayward) Regarding my item last Friday about the "expected" poor results from the higher minimum wage in Seattle, a perceptive reader offers the observation that the minimum wage should be better understood as a government ban on low-paying jobs: The term "minimum wage" does not serve us well. Only an employer can decide on a true "minimum wage," in the sense of a determination to pay no less than some level.

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Clinton: I Can Understand Why People Still Have Questions About Me

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Lawyers start search for jury to hear Christie bridge case

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Even before federal prosecutors indicted two former aides to Gov. Chris Christie in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal last year, the case had already received more than a year of intense media coverage as each new detail emerged about the alleged conspiracy.

This week, attorneys ...

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Every American Should Own A Pocket Constitution

This should be a no-brainer

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Here's what your boring app would look like as a conversation

speech bubble vector background In years to come, conversations will breathe new life into software — particularly the boring enterprise tools millions of knowledge workers begrudgingly use every day. Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) work because of our familiarity with messaging. Even the most technically complex interactions can look as simple as getting an SMS text when presented as a conversation. Read More

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Trump Accuses Clinton Of Hiding Behind Debate Schedule

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New Hampshire praised for health care cost transparency

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - New Hampshire is once again being praised for helping people make educated choices about health care, and now it has some company.

Last year, New Hampshire was the only state to receive an "A'' rating from two groups, the Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Health ...

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Trump Fires Back At Fallen Muslim Soldier's Parents For Convention Speech

'Mr. Khan who has never met me, has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution'

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BBC: And then we strapped a helicopter rig to an elephant

20160726-Elephant Rig Imagine being part of the BBC's natural history unit, traveling the world to create some of the world's most beautiful documentaries. Sounds like a dream job, right? I sat down with Huw Cordey, the producer on a ton of the Beeb's best-loved shows, to find out more about the technology and gadgets the team deploys to capture the beasties in action. Read More

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Trump Says He Has No Relationship With Russia's Putin

Donald Trump backtracked on claims that he's had a "relationship" with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid questions about his embrace of a traditional U.S. adversary at a time Russia's been implicated in hacking Democratic Party computers.

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Tim Kaine, Democratic vice-presidential nominee, says he's pro-life at home, pro-choice at work

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine drew a sharp line between his Catholic faith and his pro-choice political stance, as he defended himself against criticism from the party's left that he is too conservative.

The Virginia Democrat said that he has "always supported Roe v. Wade," the U.S. Supreme Court ...

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The New York Post Publishes A NUDE PHOTO Of Melania Trump On Front Page

They think this will hurt Trump...

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The other pipeline

other-pipeline-main Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal never thought he would end up in prison, let alone the tech industry. What he did envision, he tells me, was dying before the age of 25 or 30. "I saw so many people around me dying at such a young age that my long-term vision just wasn't in focus," Leal tells me. "I was just focused on what was right in front me." Read More

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Clinton Says Trump's Remarks About Putin Show He's Unfit

Hillary Clinton said Republican Donald Trump's repeated praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his reaction to the hack of Democratic Party computer systems, including hacking tied to Russia, raises national security issues and show he's unfit to be president.

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Palestinian Father Tries to Get Son Killed

(John Hinderaker) In this video of a weekly demonstration near Modiin Illit, shot yesterday, you see a Palestinian father urging his young son toward a group of IDF soldiers, yelling at them to shoot him, as explained here. What greater honor for a four-year-old boy than to be on the evening news as a "martyr"? The soldiers don't take the bait; I interpret their reaction as one of disbelief. One of them

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Donald Trump says Bernie Sanders showed 'buyers remorse' after endorsing Hillary Clinton

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said in an interview aired Sunday that his Democratic rival is the one with a party unity problem.

He pointed to the raucous resistance to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by supporters of far-left candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders, who endorsed Mrs. Clinton at the party convention ...

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5 Problems With Hillary's Energy Platform That Could Leave You In The Dark

It totally overturns the Democrat's previous platform

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Khizr Khan Tells NBC Republican Leaders Have Reached Out to Him

Father of fallen Muslim soldier declines to say whom on "Meet the Press" Sunday. Khan says reaction from strangers to his speech at Democratic Natl Convention last week shows the "goodness of this country" Khan says strangers have e-mailed him, hugged him, come up and shook his hand Khan comments contained in transcript of "Meet the Press"

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Trump: American Muslim Soldier Who Died In Iraq Is A 'Hero'

'The real problem here are the radical Islamic terrorists who killed him'

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COMMENTARY: Inside The Mind Of Hillary

Hillary8The pantsuits say more than you think

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Black Lives supporters seek backing from other minorities

NEW YORK (AP) - The latest deaths of black people at the hands of police led Jaime Sunwoo to undertake something she had always struggled with - a conversation with her parents about race.

After two much-publicized deaths in July, the 23-year-old Korean-American from Brooklyn showed her parents a crowd-sourced ...

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'All Lives Matter' Gets Texas Student Suspended, Sent To Diversity Workshop

Also ordered to write apology letter ... or else

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Hillary Clinton Leads Trump 43% to 40% Post-DNC: Morning Consult

Clinton's support reflects a 7ppt swing from poll taken after Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Morning Consult says. About 17% of voters remain undecided. The Democratic nominee led Republican Donald Trump 43% to 42% among men in latest poll, reversing an 8ppt deficit among men in previous survey The youngest voters back Clinton by a wide margin while voters over 65 favor Trump Clinton's favorables among voters rose to 43% to 37% after the Democratic National Convention while Trump's

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Unfriendly Harbor

With the unanimous assent of his cabinet, the recently inaugurated Thomas Jefferson decided in May, 1801 to send a naval squadron to Tripoli, albeit with limited, defensive objectives: to provide safe convoy for American shipping, and to enhance the professionalization of the Navy with what amounted to cost-effective, on-the-job training in the Mediterranean.

Command of the small, first Mediterranean squadron—the frigates President, Philadelphia, and Essex, and the schooner Enterprise—fell to Commodore Richard Dale, one of the original six frigate captains. Shortly after reaching Gibraltar on July 1, 1801, Dale learned that the bashaw had months previously cut down the flagpole standing before the U.S. consulate in Tripoli, signaling the commencement of war.

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Key coalition partner rejects Merkel's stance on refugees

(Paul Mirengoff) Undeterred by recent murders committed by Muslim refugees, Angela Merkel stands fully behind her decision to admit more than 1 million Syrian refugees. She made this clear in a recent press conference the theme of which was "we can still do this." But Merkel's key coalition partner, Horst Seehofer the premier of Bavaria, today rejected this view. "'We can do this' – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this

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Billionaire Koch Says Politicians Offering 'Frightening' Ideas

Billionaire political activist Charles Koch says he's growing more and more disillusioned with politics.

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