July 13, 2016

Opportunity Lives Features Dallas Community Leaders in New Documentary

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Anti-Trump forces move to defy RNC, free delegates to vote their 'conscience'

CLEVELAND — It is nearing time for the dump-Trump forces to put up or shut up, as they prepare for a final showdown this week on trying to free delegates to the Republican Convention to vote against presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Party leaders, and a growing number of rank-and-file ...

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Politico Reporter Visits Titty City, Italy

He decides to have fun with a statue's breast.

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A modern-day Renaissance: APIs fuel a cultural shift in businesses

hamsterwheel As software proliferates every corner of a business, IT is being crushed by demands from users who require applications and data to be always available and always connected. IT can no longer meet the demand by simply running faster on the hamster wheel. The new operating model requires IT to build reusable, self-service assets and infrastructure to avoid reinventing the wheel every time a… Read More

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Seth Leibsohn and Me, on Black Lives Matter

(John Hinderaker) Seth Leibsohn is a friend of ours who once produced Bill Bennett's radio show and now has his own top-notch show in Phoenix. I have been on Seth's show a number of times, as have other members of the PL crew. Yesterday afternoon, Seth and I talked about my post Victims of a Misapprehension of Fact and related matters of race, policing and violence. It was an interesting conversation, I

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Opioid bill breezes through Senate after Democrats abandon spending demands

A long-awaited bill to combat the prescription painkiller and heroin epidemic breezed through the Senate Wednesday, clearing the way for President Obama to sign it into law.

Senators approved the bipartisan opioids package, 92-2, after months of negotiations that hinged on Democratic demands for hundreds of millions in new spending ...

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Never Trump PAC Urges RNC Rules Committee Members To Unbind Delegates

'At one point, the site was so highly-trafficked that it crashed'

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Made In Space plans to create a superior optical fiber in microgravity

greenfiber Made in Space, the company that owns and operates a 3D printer on the International Space Station, has announced their next big project: growing optical fiber in microgravity. The company is scheduled to send a new manufacturing product to the ISS in the first quarter of 2017. If initial tests are successful, the company could begin producing higher quality optical fiber for applications here… Read More

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Trump Cites Clinton Aide Case to Keep Video Testimony Off TV

Donald Trump is betting the case of Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff Cheryl Mills will help keep his under-oath testimony in the Trump University lawsuits off television and out of attack ads.

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Carlos Beruff's Businesses Donated to Charlie Crist Over 30 Times

Corporations tied to U.S. Senate candidate Carlos Beruff donated to ex-Republican Charlie Crist more than 30 times, according to records with the Florida Department of State.

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Activist plans another Phoenix protest over police shootings

PHOENIX (AP) - An activist who led a protest march through downtown Phoenix that resulted in a brief standoff with police last week is planning another demonstration.

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin says a sit-in is planned for Friday as part of a Black Lives Matter demonstration. He says the protest ...

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These 2 Marines Downloaded Pokemon Go, But They Didn't Count On Catching This

'At this point I'm running across the street'

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The US women's Olympic volleyball team is using a wearable by Vert to monitor jumps

US' Foluke Akinradewo (L) spikes during the Women's quarterfinal volleyball match between the USA and the Dominican Republic in the 2012 London Olympic Games in London on August 7, 2012. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/GettyImages) The road to the Rio Olympics for the U.S. women's volleyball team has included grueling, six-hour practice sessions, sparking the need for players to train smart — not just hard. After all, one critical injury could derail the team's chances of a successful showing on the world stage. That's where a tiny wearable by Vert comes into play. Read More

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Where in the World Is the GOP Convention Schedule?

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss concerns over the lack of organization, logistics and security surrounding the Republican National Convention on "With All Due Respect."

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Islamic State Says 'Minister of War' Shishani Killed

Abu Omar al-Shishani, who the Pentagon described as Islamic State's "minister of war," was killed in combat in the Iraqi city of Shirqat, south of Mosul, a news agency that supports the militant group said on Wednesday.

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Surprise! Pokemon Go Is Racist Too

Pokemon Go is a game. If you think it's racist, don't play it… that simple.

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Pokémon Go will soon get ads in the form of sponsored locations

PokemonGo-Bulbasaur After having become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time, Pokémon Go will soon include advertising, according to its developer. In an interview with the Financial Times, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that "sponsored locations" would provide a new revenue stream, in addition to in-app purchases of power-ups and virtual items. In other words, retailers and… Read More

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'Cleveland Rocks' During Convention With Skynyrd, Kid Rock

The home city of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame rolled out a festival lineup of music acts booked by third-parties for the week of the Republican convention including The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock and country music group Big & Rich. Schedule incl.: Sunday: The Doobie Brothers 6:30 p.m. at Jacobs Pavilion sponsored by the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee; Lynyrd Skynyrd, 8 p.m. Sunday, at Jacobs Pavilion, sponsored by Cleveland Rocks Monday: Rascal Flatts 7:30 p.m. at Cleveland

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Maddow on Trump: I've Been Reading a Lot About Hitler as Chancellor

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow told Rolling Stone in a candid interview published Tuesday that she began reading about Adolf Hitler's rise to become German chancellor after Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

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White House won't light up blue to honor Dallas cops

The head of a national law enforcement group said the White House is dealing a "slap in the face" to police by refusing to illuminate the president's house in blue to show support for law enforcement after the assassination of five officers in Dallas.

Nate Catura, president of the Federal ...

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Medical Marijuana Gets Its Day In The Senate

Cannabinoids may be useful medicine for certain indications

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Blockchain-based banking backend Vault OS from ex-Googler emerges from stealth mode

vaultOS_feature Despite holding the vast majority of the world's wealth (or perhaps because of that), banks aren't exactly hotbeds of cutting-edge tech, often relying on decades-old systems for everyday tasks. ThoughtMachine, a company led by ex-Google engineer Paul Taylor, is looking to change that with a modern, fully integrated, blockchain-based banking operating system called Vault OS. Read More

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Some Republicans to Skip Trump Convention by Heading Overseas

At least nine House Republicans are heading overseas next week on taxpayer-funded trips instead of watching Donald Trump accept their party's presidential nomination in Cleveland.

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Straight Talk From Loretta Lynch

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Alton Sterling's Son: 'The Police In Dallas, They Didn't Deserve That' [VIDEO]

'Protest the right way, in peace'

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This AI-powered VC is smarter than your local startup cash dispensary

start your pitch - aivc You don't have to sit through a lot of pitches before your will-to-live-o-meter points to "kill me now." Imagine you're a VC, sitting through your fifteenth pitch that day — are you still going to be enthusiastic? Probably not. So what happens if you could instead feed your pitch deck into a chatbot that gives you feedback, suggestions and eventually invests… Read More

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COMMENTARY: License, Registration and Insurance

Long exposure to capture the full array of police car lights. 12MP camera.Respect the officer...he'll respect you

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Russia Expands Foreign Intelligence Service

Russia has aggressively pursued an expansion of its Foreign Intelligence Service operation over the past decade, according to recent satellite imagery that provides evidence of Moscow's efforts to wage clandestine operations across Europe and in the United States.

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NY to pay citizenship application fee for 2,000 immigrants

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York state will cover the citizenship application fee for an estimated 2,000 low-income immigrants.

The program announced Wednesday will select winners via a lottery. The contest will be open to approximately 160,000 immigrants now living in New York City whose incomes are low but just ...

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White Protesters Shut Down Highway To Demand 'Abolition Of Policing'

'End white supremacy.'

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The future of car ownership that no one is talking about

carsale It has never been more clear that transformational change to one of the world's largest industries is just around the corner. Car ownership is supposed to change — and when it does, it is predicted to be one of the most monumental displacements of wealth the world economy has ever seen. But there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there. What is unequivocal is that there's… Read More

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