September 28, 2016

Krueger: Trump's View of U.S. Economy Out of Touch With Reality

Economic policies supported by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump "would be horrific not only for the U.S. but for the world," Alan Krueger, former head of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Barack Obama, says during a panel at Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit in New York. Krueger also says Trump's "understanding of what's affecting the U.S. economy and how it's performing is also out of touch with reality" In response to Trump's criticism of Nafta, Krueger says,

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Hillary Clinton's Private Prison Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton slammed private prisons during Monday's debate, despite lobbying for policies that have led to increased incarceration rates and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from private prison lobbyists this election cycle.

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Clinton, Sanders court millennials with free college plan

Courting a group of voters key to her White House hopes, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday joined with one-time rival Sen. Bernard Sanders in pleading with millennial voters to turn out in November and take a step toward making progressive goals such as debt-free college a reality.

At a campaign event ...

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Apparently, This Harry Potter Mural Represents 'White Power'

A Wisconsin student filed a serious complaint against a mural in a campus dorm

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Aetna will help cover the cost of customers' Apple Watches

Apple Watch Series 2 Aetna just threw in with Apple in a big way. The healthcare provider announced a number of different iOS-only apps aimed at quantifying wellness and streamlining the healthcare management process that are set to arrive early next year. It's also investing a ton in the Apple Watch, providing the wearable for all of its 50,000 or so employees (who are, naturally, enrolled in its own… Read More

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Rep. Waters: Trump Has No Credibility on Black Community

Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, reacts to the U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She speaks during an interview with Bloomberg's Oliver Renick and Vonnie Quinn on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Senate Dem Report Attacking EPA Critics Traced to Green Pressure Group

A Democratic Senator moved to conceal his apparent behind-the-scenes collaboration with an environmentalist pressure group on Wednesday after inquiries into the group's role in crafting a report accusing political opponents of doing the bidding of special interests.

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Ethics panel rebukes W.Va. Rep. McKinley over business name

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Ethics Committee is scolding West Virginia Rep. David McKinley for disregarding House rules by failing to change the name of his self-titled engineering firm after joining Congress.

McKinley, a Republican, owned McKinley & Associates, an engineering and architecture firm in his home state, before his ...

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Janet Yellen — Chair Of The Fed — Has No Idea What The Labor Participation Rate Is [VIDEO]

C'mon man!!!!

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LoftSmart raises $1.7 million for its local rental marketplace for college towns

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-11-39-am My first home-way-from-home was a room in a house with an unrepeatable nickname on West College St. in Oberlin, OH. I lived with 8 other people in a two-story, rambling warren filled with rooms and roomlets that had been created over the years to shelter increasing numbers of people in the same finite amount of space. While increasing numbers of college students are choosing the manicured… Read More

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Michelle Obama: Protest Vote Is a Vote for Trump

First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Wednesday. At a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she warned that voting for a third party candidate or choosing not to vote is helping to elect Clinton's opponent Donald Trump.

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U.S. Designates Italian Rapper as ISIS Terrorist

An Italian rapper who traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State was formally designated as a terrorist by the State Department on Wednesday.

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This Deal Is On 'Necessary Knives And Blades' But I Don't See What's So 'Necessary' About A Tomahawk

You can never have too many...tomahawks?

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The Narrative Clip lifelogging camera is no more

Narrative Clip It's a foregone conclusion that in the near future everything will be captured on camera. Unveiled at SXSW four years back, the Narrative Clip was part of a small contingent of hardware solutions that really leaned into the notion. The square device was designed to sit on the wearer's lapel, taking photos at 30 second intervals, regardless of subject matter or focus. I tried the… Read More

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Moelis: Donald Trump Will Win the Election

Ken Moelis, chairman and chief executive officer at Moelis & Co., explains why he sees Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election. He speaks with Bloomberg's Jeff McCracken from the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit in New York. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Michelle Obama's Ringing Endorsement of Hillary Clinton: There's No 'Perfect Candidate'

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Bozeman pushes for local sales taxes in Montana

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) - The city of Bozeman is hiring a lobbyist to push for local sales taxes during the 2017 legislative session.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports ( ) that local sales taxes are not currently allowed under Montana law but smaller towns or unincorporated entities can collect sales ...

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Nearly 5,000 Nurses Still On Strike In Minnesota

The two sides met Tuesday for the first time since Labor Day

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Twitter finally lets everyone create their own "Moments"

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-12-45-04-pm Finally, finally, Twitter has rolled out a version of its storytelling feature called Moments that it should have released at launch. Today, the company says that it's opening up the Moments platform so anyone can create their own stories using tweets and photos uploaded to the service. We already knew this day was coming: in August, Twitter expanded access to Moments beyond its own… Read More

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Fudge Denies Trump Leading Clinton in Ohio: 'They're Not Polling My People'

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Board doesn't want wrongfully convicted man to be exonerated

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The Tennessee Board of Parole says the governor should not formally exonerate a man who spent 31 years in prison but was released after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime.

News organizations report that the board heard the case of Lawrence McKinney on Tuesday and ...

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Cops Arrest Suspect Involved In Brutal Charlotte Parking Garage Attack

The black mob stripped and beat the struggling white victim

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b8ta, a physical store for tech gadgets, raises $7 million Series A round

b8ta b8ta, the retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets, recently raised a $7 million Series A round led by TriplePoint Ventures with participation from Khosla Ventures, Fifth Wall Ventures, Macerich and Eniac Ventures. b8ta also received $8 million in debt funding and previously raised a $4.5 million seed round. b8ta launched its first store in Palo Alto last December. Since then, things have… Read More

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The Ferguson effect in Ferguson

(Paul Mirengoff) Newly released figures show that murders increased by 11 percent in the U.S. in 2015. 1,532 more people were murdered last year than the year before. The murder rate (murders per 100,000 population) rose by 10 percent. According to Kent Scheidegger of the Crime and Consequences blog, only twice in more than a half century has the rate jumped double digits in one year. In one other year, the increase

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Chris Christie to Lester Holt: 'You're an Idiot'

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Pro-Assad Syrian pleads guilty in US to role in hacking

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - A Syrian national has pleaded guilty to federal charges for his role in hacking computers and targeting what he perceived to be enemies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Peter Romar, who was living in Germany when he was arrested earlier this year, entered the plea Wednesday ...

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The More North Korea Protests New US Missile Shield, The Faster It Becomes A Reality

THAAD coming 'as soon as possible'

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Large CPGs are under attack by startups… and consumers are winning

still life portrait group of product packaging Consumer packaged goods are big business — valued at more than $2 trillion — with much of that market share dominated by CPG powerhouses like Unilever, P&G and NestlĂ©. These CPG leaders know a lot about packaged goods — a lot about how to manufacture and market and sell at scale. But, as is becoming more and more apparent, they don't really know very much at all… Read More

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FBI Won't Re-Open Investigation Into Clinton E-Mails: Comey

FBI Director James Comey fends off criticism from Republicans that FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail system wasn't thorough, including a suggestion that agency re-open the probe. "This looks like an ordinary investigative process to me," Comey tells House Judiciary Cmte during hearing in Washington "I'm very proud of the way this was done" Comey's answers didn't satisfy some Republicans "I think the American public is entitled to answers on this, particularly sin

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New McCain Ad Shows Kirkpatrick Turning Back on Constituents Amid Obamacare Trouble

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Leaders see 'progress' in spending fight as government shutdown looms

Congressional leaders said Wednesday a House bid to authorize money for the Flint lead-poisoning crisis could break an impasse over a stopgap funding bill needed to stave off a government shutdown this weekend.

Senate Democrats are filibustering the bill to fund federal agencies through Dec. 9 and combat the Zika ...

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Madonna Thinks Her Topless Photo Will Encourage People To Vote For Hillary Clinton

She just posted it online for the world to see

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Google's search app now sports an incognito mode

google-app-ios Looking to surf the mobile web privately, but generally prefer the Google Search app over standalone browsers like Safari or Chrome? Then you'll appreciate the latest update to the Google Search app for iOS, which now introduces an "incognito mode" that you can further protect using Touch ID, along with a host of other changes. While private browsing has long been an option… Read More

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