September 2, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Needs To Hear This Speech About Race [VIDEO]

Colin Kaepernick should especially listen

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Crunch Report | SpaceX Hyperloop Test Track

We take a look at Sanbot's robot, which serves and protects, Hyperloop test track has been spotted being built in LA, Mercedes-Benz is working on an 'in-car office,' Google sets out to prove machines aren't very good at fashion design, and Google is set to debut Echo competitor and a VR headset in October. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Trump Closes Gap in Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Race Now 'Effective Tie'

Donald Trump has erased an 8 ppt deficit in just more than a week of the Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll, pulling the two candidates into an "effective tie" in the survey, Reuters reports.

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Obama's Asian pivot leaves closer ties, new challenges

BEIJING (AP) - As Barack Obama embarks on what is likely to be his final trip to Asia as president, attention is returning to what is known as the U.S. "pivot" to the continent launched during his first term.

The policy adjustment aimed to reinforce alliances and shift military assets ...

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FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Collected Donations, Then US Missile Tech Shipped To China

A history of pay-to-play?

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Clinton Left Politically Exposed by FBI Report on E-Mail Habits

The FBI report on its investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail use gives Donald Trump and other Republicans a new opportunity and more tools to chip away at the Democratic nominee's core argument to voters: competence and experience.

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Photos Of Sandra Fluke Have Surfaced — You Won't Believe What She Looks Like Now

She is barely recognizable...

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The invisible @apple tweet

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.46.46 PM Here's a silly thing because it is the ass end of a Friday. Apple just started using the Twitter account — @apple — that they've had since 2011. And they're using it to send out an 'invisible' tweet. Read More

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Fox & Friends Rip Kaine for Not Coming on Show, Say He Was Afraid of Tough Questions

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Eric Trump questions Clintons' enormous wealth: 'What product were they selling?'

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's son Eric Trump questioned Friday how Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton became enormously wealthy running a charity, which has become the focus of the campaign's allegation of pay-to-play corruption while she was secretary of state.

"The question I always ask is, ...

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This Week In Gun News: Obama Frees Gun Criminals, Hillary Finds One More Angle For Gun Control, More Lunacy In CA

You might start to think that democrats exist to break laws they say they want enforced

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Wacom's Intuos 3D package bundles a pen tablet with 3D design software

Intuos 3D In-use Wacom's IFA announcements thus far have centered around the company's consumer-facing Bamboo line. Earlier this week, the tablet maker showed off two new versions of its sketchpad digitizer, in keeping with what's been something of a broader trend at this year's show. Unveiled this morning, the Intuos 3D is a bit closer to the company's root's. The offering… Read More

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Holt, Quijano, Raddatz, Cooper, Wallace Named Debate Moderators

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt will moderate first presidential debate on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Commission on Presidential Debates says in statement.

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Brzezinski: I Wish Biden Was Running for President

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NBA star Dwyane Wade: Chicago needs tougher gun laws

Dwyane Wade has lashed out against his hometown of Chicago's gun laws, calling them weak and saying he's already urged city officials to enact changes to help both citizens and police.

Wade also said his children are afraid of police officers the same way that he was when he was ...

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Mother Teresa A 'Troubled Individual,' CNN Reports

'Hell's Angel'

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Here's a first look at the SpaceX Hyperloop test track

spacex-hyperloop1 While Elon Musk isn't building a Hyperloop transportation system himself (he clearly has a lot on his plate already), SpaceX is building a test track for Hyperloop pods from others. SpaceX is hosting a Hyperloop Pod Design Competition for student and engineering teams, and 23 winners were selected earlier this year to build their pod prototypes and race them on the test track, a 1-mile… Read More

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SHOCKING: Watch the Bill Clinton Illegal Alien Speech Hillary wants to hide (VIDEO)

clintonsotu1996BCracking down hard on illegal aliens. Bill?

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Shultz Says No Time Left for Trump to Win Endorsement: Politico

"No," Republican former Secretary of State George Shultz says about whether there's still time for Donald Trump to earn his endorsement, Politico reports.

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Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll reflects on her own HABITS, MOSTLY BAD. She writes: Of course, things like brushing your teeth and always fastening seat belts are also habits. But our discussion today will be about my struggles with some less helpful habits. DRINKING COFFEE – A REPRIEVE Every few years, the same people who assured us for 25 years that margarine was much healthier for us than butter would cluck their teeth

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Clinton Raised $143 Million in August

Hillary Clinton raised a hefty $143 million dollars in the month of August for her campaign and other Democratic candidates, the New York Times reports.

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Hillary Clinton offers plan to prevent 'excessive' drug price hikes

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Following the public outcry over steep increases in price for an emergency allergy treatment, Hillary Clinton is pledging to better protect patients from such costs.

Clinton is rolling out a plan Friday designed to give the federal government more power to push back against what ...

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Nintendo's NX console said to ditch discs and go back to cartridges

Nintendo block Nintendo wants to harken back to its heydays with the new, unreleased Nintendo NX console in more ways than one: A new WSJ report says it'll use cartridges in place of discs, which have been standard on the game company's home consoles since the introduction of the GameCube in 2001. Cartridges are still in common use elsewhere in the Nintendo console lineup – it's… Read More

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Clinton to Propose Penalties for 'Unjustified' Drug Price Hikes

Hillary Clinton to announce plan for "dedicated consumer oversight" of drug pricing that would "determine an unjustified, outlier price increase" and issue fines, penalties to drugmakers, according to campaign factsheet.

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LG's Amazon Echo competitor will get Alexa functionality

lg-smartthinq-hub-640x0 LG's SmartThinQ Hub looks a lot like the Amazon Echo. It's the first that occurred to me when it was announced right around CES of this year, and it was probably the first thing that occurred to you, too. And like the Echo, LG's tall black speaker tower connects to various smart home devices, streams music and offers up notifications. When it was announced, it appeared that… Read More

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Judge rules Atlanta Botanical Garden can ban guns

ATLANTA (AP) - A judge has ruled that the Atlanta Botanical Garden has the right to bar its visitors from bringing in firearms, even though the garden operates on public property.

News outlets report that Fulton County Judge Gail Tusan ruled Thursday that despite the public ownership of the land, ...

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Rocket Internet lost $690M in first half of 2016, thanks mainly to its fashion business

burning money Rocket Internet is gearing up for its upcoming results day on September 22 with a warning: its financials aren't going to be pretty. Read More

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