November 2, 2016

Harnessing mobile technologies will help the next generation vote

vote-glitched-10-6-2016-4-08-04-pm With one of the most controversial and important presidential elections in our country's history –- of which issues important to diverse communities are especially front and center –- it's imperative we encourage millennials to vote. It is safe to say either their participation or inaction will shape this country for decades and influence future generations of Americans. Read More

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GOP Ordered to Provide More Evidence in Poll-Watching Court Case

The Republican National Committee was ordered by a federal judge to provide a broad description of any coordination of so-called ballot security measures with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

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RNC works to fill Trump's Hispanic outreach gap

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine will deliver remarks entirely in Spanish at a rally in Arizona on Thursday, highlighting the growing importance his party places on Hispanics in presidential politics.

The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, is working to fill in what has quite literally been radio silence from Donald ...

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14 Times Charissa Thompson Looked Absolutely Stunning [SLIDESHOW]

She is gorgeous

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To IP or not to IP, that is the question

ip-homer-raph-pika The rise and fall of Pok√©mon GO begs us to ask many questions regarding how to launch a game to position it for success. One specific question it raises is whether branded intellectual property is something game makers should consider prior to launch. Branded IP is one of the most time-tested ways to launch games that go on to become immensely popular. Read More

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Hillary Can't Stop Lying

(John Hinderaker) Hillary Clinton can't help herself. She lies constantly. Some of her lies, the most memorable ones, have a common quality: she is a superhero in her own fantasy world. Named after a famous mountain climber! Landed under sniper fire! Tried to join the Marines! Granddaughter of immigrants who left the White House dead broke! Yesterday she added a new one: she understands terrorism because she was in New York in

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CNN: It's a 'Fair Question' for Americans to Question the Ethics of the Podesta-Kadzik Emails

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Hillary Clinton makes swing state attacks on Trump's character

Hillary Clinton's top surrogates fanned out across key swing states Wednesday to turn attention away from the candidate's latest run-in with the FBI and toward Donald Trump's character, a highly negative campaign strategy with a heavy focus on the Republican's past comments about women and minorities.

The Clinton campaign has ...

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NYU Welcoming Back Deplorable Professor

Michael Rectenwald says WaPo publishing his account

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Adobe previews its next-gen photo editor

adobemax2016-18 At its MAX conference, Adobe today previewed Project Nimbus, a new cloud-native, Lightroom-like photo editor that takes away a lot of the complexity of Adobe's flagship photo-managing and editing application and replaces it with simpler, smarter tools. For now, Adobe is sadly not releasing this tool to the public, but you can expect a beta next year. In recent years, Adobe focused… Read More

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Momentum Shift: Can Donald Trump Be the Comeback Kid?

On "With All Due Respect," Anthony Scaramucci, founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, and Republican strategist David Kochel discuss the state of the race in the closing days

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Doomsday suppliers offer 'Election Armageddon Packages'


We should never doubt American ingenuity and entrepreneurship in times of uncertainty.

"To help Americans survive the increasingly bizarre 2016 presidential election and the chaos it may bring, the U.S. Gold Bureau has partnered with Wise Food Storage Company, an official sponsor of Doomsday Preppers on ...

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GOP Congressmen: Hillary Clinton Could Be Impeached If She Wins

'This investigation will continue whether she wins or not'

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Elgato intros a standalone motion detector for Apple HomeKit

unnamed-1 Setting up a connected home is a piecemeal proposition at the moment. Apple, Google and Amazon all working to push out their respective frameworks as quickly as humanly possible, but for the time being, actually automating the process is a matter of picking up devices here and there. Elgato is offering an interesting take on the space with its Eve series of outlets, switches and sensors,… Read More

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Donald Trump Closes Gap, Faces Tough Electoral Map

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the latest poll numbers and whether there is a plausible electoral path for Donald Trump on "With All Due Respect."

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Clinton Team Kept Tabs on Bill's Sex Stories

Close aides to Hillary Clinton frequently flagged articles about her husband's sexual misdeeds, recently released hacked emails reveal.

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Obama slams Sen. Richard Burr for joking about violence against Clinton

President Obama worked over incumbent Republican Sen. Richard Burr in his home state Wednesday for joking about violence against Hillary Clinton and for promising to block any of her Supreme Court nominees.

At a Democratic rally at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Mr. Obama said Mr. Burr ...

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Gawker Settles With Hulk Hogan: 'The Saga Is Over'

'After four years of litigation'

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Phil Schiller justifies the compromises of the MacBook Pro

macbookproports In an interview with The Independent, Apple's SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller looked back at last week's Apple event and justified some of the decisions behind the new MacBook Pro. Let's go through the new information in this interview. Schiller is saying that the MacBook Pro is the fastest selling pro laptop from Apple. "And we are proud to tell you that so… Read More

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Schumer Says He Lost Confidence in FBI's Comey Over E-Mail Probe

Senate Democratic leader-in-waiting Chuck Schumer said Wednesday he's lost confidence in FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the most recent disclosure in the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation -- a tough rebuke to a man Schumer has long admired.

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Could Trump Win Minnesota?

(John Hinderaker) Before anyone gets excited, I should say that my answer to that question is No. However, there are some intriguing signs of life for Donald Trump. As I noted yesterday, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have begun running television advertising in Minnesota, so presumably their own polling shows the race as reasonably close. An interesting data point came this morning from the Minnesota Secretary of State's office: over 77,000

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Human Rights Group Evicted From Moscow Office

Human rights group Amnesty International was evicted from its office in Moscow on Wednesday morning by city authorities.

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Clinton leads in Pa., Trump up in Ohio, while Florida, N.C. close: Quinnipiac

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania, while Mr. Trump leads in Ohio and the two candidates are locked in close contests in Florida and North Carolina, according to Quinnipiac University polling released Thursday.

Mrs. Clinton led Mr. Trump by 5 points in Pennsylvania, while ...

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Elizabeth Hurley Just Shared A New Amazing Bikini Photo [PHOTOS]

Holy smokes

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Ticketing's distributed future is not only good for fans, it's already happening

Mobile Boarding pass on a smart phone and ticket scanner at the airport. Photo: Thomas Winz/Lonely Planet Images Since the dawn of consumer history, tickets have been a product defined by scarcity and lack of accessibility. The result is an abysmal category user experience that's most often talked about with undertones of anger, skepticism and distrust. For evidence of scarcity in action, look no further than the World Series between the Cubs and Indians, which is the most expensive we've… Read More

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Hillary Clinton Lashes Out at Protester at Florida Speech

At a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton voiced frustration at a protester who chanted, "Bill Clinton is a rapist!" She told the crowd she was "tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior" of Donald Trump supporters.

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Feds Spend $199,942 to Get Latina Transgender Women Who Have Sex With Men to Use Condoms

The National Institutes of Health is spending roughly $200,000 in an effort to get Latina transgender women who have sex with men to use condoms.

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Documents show Michigan inmate asked for help before death

YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) - The Michigan Department of Corrections says it mishandled the death of a 25-year-old female inmate.

A department spokesman tells MLive it should've quickly notified Michigan State Police of the November 2015 death of Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility inmate Janika Edmond, who killed herself.

Police reports ...

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Secret Service Knew About And Helped Manage Clinton's Private Server In 2011

Clintons repurposed Secret Service guard to work on hacking situation

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Here's Apple's new iPhone ad for Game 7 of the World Series

apple-ad Apple just released a new video ad just in time for Game 7 of the World Series (that's baseball and it's not really a "world" cup). And this is a good one. Like previous ads, Apple is focusing on just one new feature in the iPhone 7. All of my friends have been asking me what's new in the iPhone 7. After so many iterations, it's hard to keep up with new… Read More

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