October 29, 2015

Ryan Pledges Change as Speaker of Divided House GOP

Rep. Paul Ryan has been elected as Speaker of the House, inheriting oversight of a fractured Republican party from retiring Speaker John Boehner. Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly reports on Ryan's ascension to the speaker's seat and the legacy of John Boehner. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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The Kasich kritique

(Scott Johnson) In the adjacent post I note that John Kasich is bidding to become the media's favorite candidate. This is not a case of unrequited love; the ardor is reciprocated. At MRCTV, Brittany Hughes highlights Katich's take on the CNBC proceedings (video below): "Kasich: 'I was very appreciative' of CNBC moderators." Now that is funny. Let's just say it makes him something of an outlier in more ways than one.

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Ted Cruz: 'How About A Debate Moderated By Sean Hannity, Mark Levin And Rush Limbaugh?'

TED CRTed Cruz launched a devastating attack on the mainstream media during Wednesday night's GOP debate and mocked CNBC's far-left moderators for their absurd line of questioning. The Texas senator doubled down on his criticism of the media on Fox News after the debate with Sean Hannity. The mainstream media are "the Democrats' cheerleaders," the Texas ...More

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Taylor Swift Would Have to Perform Every Day for Three Years to Pay One Day's Interest on National Debt

Taylor Swift would have to perform at a concert every day for three years just to pay for one day of interest on our nation's debt, according to an analysis from the Daily Signal.

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Review: Bullock entertains as a ruthless campaign operative

They say timing is everything - or at least a whole lot. And on several fronts, the George Clooney-produced "Our Brand is Crisis," starring Sandra Bullock as a damaged, ruthless political consultant, has absolutely perfect timing.

First, it's election season: Enough said! And second, with all the recent discussion about ...

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Meet The JLENS, The $3 Billion, Top Secret Blimp That Ran Amok Across PA

'We just kind of scoffed that he had seen a bird or something...all of a sudden our lights started to flicker and we lost power'

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Rep. Dave Brat Reveals the Reason He Was Unable to Cast Speaker Vote for Paul Ryan — Here Are the 8 Republicans Who Joined Him

A total of nine Republicans defied the GOP majority in the House speaker election.

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He's Not the First Student to Be Told He Can't Wear Patriotic T-Shirt — but He Might Be the First to Receive This Specific Reason

"… we cannot just turn a blind eye to that."

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'Jeb Isn't Going Anywhere,' Bush Adviser Says

"This contest isn't about who is the best debater or who has the best sound bites," Sally Bradshaw, a senior adviser to GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says in e-mail. "Jeb isn't going anywhere. He'll be himself and continue to show Americans a positive path forward with big ideas for the future" NOTE: Bush's communications director Tim Miller earlier today on CNN downplayed last night's debate Related story: Establishment Candidates Strike Back at Colorado's Republican Debate

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Twitch Expands Further Into Creative Content With The Debut Of A New Section For Artists

twitch-creative The Amazon-owned video game streaming site Twitch is doubling down on what the company says has been a rapidly growing source of non-gaming videos on its site: creative content. Yes: like arts and crafts and music. Today, Twitch is launching a dedicated landing page for this type of content, aimed at increasing video views and improving discovery for streams focused on activities like… Read More

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Fiorina: Government Employees 'Watching Porn All Day' Are Treated the Same As Those Doing a Good Job

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Mitt Romney on hand for final leg of Paul Ryan's speaker bid

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be on hand Thursday to watch the likely ascension of his 2012 running mate, Paul Ryan, to the top constitutional post in Congress.

Mr. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, will be joined by his wife Ann and round out a large entourage ...

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US Navy Displays Newest Submarine, And It's A Machine Of Absolute Power And Destruction

'The shiniest and coolest thing I've ever seen in my military career'

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College Dean Accuses Texas Officers of Stopping Her for 'Walking While Black' — Police Claim Dashcam Video Tells a Different Story

"Do I look like a criminal?"

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Lesbian Couple Accuses Officer of Arresting Them for Kissing in Store

"Take it somewhere else." 

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Touting A New Strategy, Frazier Healthcare Partners Closes A $262 Million New Fund

Bio_Jamie_Topper Frazier Healthcare Partners, a 24-year-old venture firm that invests only in healthcare and has offices in both Seattle and Menlo Park, Ca., has just closed its eighth fund with $262 million from mostly earlier backers. While a coup, the pool is much smaller than Frazier's predecessor fund, a $375 million vehicle raised in 2013. Yesterday, to find out why, we talked with general… Read More

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Kansas Tax Patches Fail as Tea-Party Experiment Riles Residents

"Kansas lawmakers in June approved the largest revenue increase in state history thinking they'd closed a $400 million hole created by income-tax cuts Republican Governor Sam Brownback pushed through three years earlier. They hadn't," our colleague Tim Jones reports for Bloomberg Business. "The state took in $66 million less than expected in the three months ending Sept. 30, and the turmoil is expected to worsen next week when a panel of economists issues its annual projections. They are likely

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Marco Rubio: Many in mainstream media think they're smarter than candidates, want to show off

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said Thursday that many people in the mainstream media privately think they're smarter than political candidates and can't wait for their chance to show it off.

"I don't think it's atypical from what you see among most people in the mainstream media, which is, you ...

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Ted Cruz Rejects The Media's Premise

Presidential debates just got a little less futile, thanks to the senator from Texas. Steve Guest reports: Ted Cruz blasted CNBC's moderators for their questions during the GOP debate Wednesday night. Cruz criticized the crew for asking the very questions that "illustrate why the American people don't trust the media." "How about talking about the […]

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China Ends Controversial One-Child Policy to 'Improve the Balanced Development of Population' — Parents Can Now Have Two Kids

"It's better late than never."

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Watch Live: House Speaker Election

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Blippar AR Platform Acquires Binocular To Dive Into The Virtual Try-On

blippar-binocular Blippar, the ad platform that delivers AR content through real-world tags, has today announced the acquisition of Binocular. Binocular is an Austin, TX-based company that creates augmented reality applications for brands, with a specialty in the virtual try-on. The company created the Glasses.com app for Luxotica, which manufactures 75 percent of the world's sunglasses, letting users try… Read More

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Rubio Camp Said to Be Pursuing Bush Bundlers After Debate

GOP presidental candidate Marco Rubio's campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, and bundlers Wayne Berman and George Seay have been calling and e-mailing rival Jeb Bush's bundlers since Wednesday's debate trying to convert them, according to two people familiar with the talks. According to one of the people, the Rubio camp is finding open minds, some anger over Bush going negative; some Bush bundlers are saying they need a "decent interval"; Rubio camp is casting the discussions as base-touching rathe

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After last night

(Scott Johnson) After sleeping on last night's Republican presidential candidates' debate event, I offer a few notes and queries. Jeb Bush's decision to go after Marco Rubio in last was stupid in so many ways I wonder what he was thinking. This is what I was thinking: your campaign is so over. And I doubt I was alone. For the record, let it be noted that Bush took up the fantasy football

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Hillary Clinton: I feel 'a little bit sorry' for Republicans

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said it must be difficult for Republicans to prepare for presidential debates since things are so much better under Democratic presidents, and that the 2016 GOP field is competing to "insult each other."

"I think we have a pretty good idea what to ...

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Gobble Raises $10.75M For Its 10-Minute Dinner Kits

Gobble Food delivery startup Gobble is announcing that it has raised $10.75 million in Series A funding. Gobble does the measuring, chopping, mixing and (to a certain extent) cooking for its customers. So when you get a dinner kit, you should be able to turn it into a fully-cooked meal in 10 minutes, using a single pan. The company says it currently serves 1 million customers in California, so the… Read More

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Bush Campaign Downplays Impact of Debate Performance

Tim Miller, communications director for Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, says on CNN the race is a "decathalon" that "isn't going to be won and lost by debates in October." "I think that he did the most important thing that he could do, which is talk about his record and talk about what he's going to do to help people rise up," Miller says In response to questions about why Bush didn't appear on network himself, as other candidates are scheduled to do, Miller says Bush is "flying to N

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Two Men Firing Rounds From Inside a WWII-Era Tank Are Killed in Explosion

"Testing some armor plate."

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'For the Record' Special Report: Journey to the Front Line

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Grab Your Tickets To The Disrupt London 2015 Hackathon

Disrupt London Hackathon Want to participate in the Disrupt London Hackathon but missed out on the first ticket release? Great news. Today we're releasing the second wave of Hackathon tickets to the general public, and you can grab your tickets to the event right now. Read More

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The Media-Bashing Republican Debate by the Numbers

Candidates attack the CNBC moderators and "mainstream media" at least 14 times

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New Mexico driver's license status unclear after fed move

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The federal government's move to deny New Mexico an extension from tougher federal requirements on state driver's licenses is posing uncertainties.

The decision means New Mexico driver's licenses won't be accepted at federal facilities like military bases starting Jan. 10.

How will contractors in New Mexico ...

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Chat App Firm Line Focuses On Services After Adding Just 1M MAUs In 3 Months

Line Creators Market Line, one of Asia's top messaging app companies, got back to positive financial growth after recovering its first quarterly revenue drop. The Japanese company said its messaging app service grossed 32.2 billion JPY ($267 million) in Q3 2015, up 35 percent on one year ago and up 15 percent on the previous quarter. Read More

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Ted Strickland Nets $170K from Washington Area Donors

Ted Strickland, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Ohio, has raised more than $174,000 in campaign contributions from individuals in the Washington, D.C., metro area in the first three quarters of 2015.

Ted Strickland, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Ohio, has raised more than $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals in the Washington, D.C., metro area in the first three quarters of 2015.

Strickland, who served as governor of Ohio for one term between 2007 and 2011, has accepted thousands from D.C.-area attorneys, consultants, lobbyists, and government workers, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis of campaign finance reports.

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Space Is Running Out In Startup And Hardware Alley At Disrupt London 2015

Disrupt London Startup Alley In a little over a month, dozens of startups from around the world will make their way to London's Copper Box Arena for TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015. Will your company be among them? We still have a handful of tickets available for hardware and software companies looking to display their wares in the Startup or Hardware Alley at the show, and you can secure your company's spot… Read More

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