August 3, 2016

In D.C., Metro police officer accused of helping ISIS

(Paul Mirengoff) Until today when he was fired, Nicholas Young was a transit police officer for Washington, D.C.'s Metro system which operates the city's subway system. Today, Young was arrested and charged with providing material support to ISIS. He is said to the first police officer in the United States arrested and charged with supporting ISIS. Young's involvement with foreign terrorists extends back to at least 2010. According to CNN: Young has

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DC Officials Throw Bus Ads At Rampant School Fraud

District of Columbia government is spending tax dollars on anti-residency fraud PR.

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Crunch Report | First private company to go to the Moon

Moon Express is the first private company to get permission from the U.S. government to go to the moon, Facebook shows us its "Area 404" hardware lab, Tesla delivers 14,402 vehicles in Q2 2016, Time Warner takes a 10% stake in Hulu, and bitcoin value drops 20 percent after $70 million worth stolen from Bitfinex. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Republicans Stuck With Trump Despite Fears That He'll Destroy Them

Some in the party believe the GOP is facing an electoral wipeout.

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Tea party pushed to the side by Trump juggernaut

The tea party movement, which dominated Republican elections in 2010 and 2012 and forced Congress to move to the right policywise, has hit a rough patch.

House Tea Party Caucus Chairman Tim Huelskamp lost his primary this week, meaning one of the movement's leading voices on Capitol Hill will go ...

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British Police To Investigate Fatal Knife Attack As Possibile Terrorism

'Terrorism is one possibility being explored at this stage'

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Splice launches rent-to-own pricing model for software synths

Serum One by one, most software has succumbed to the cloud; Designers have Adobe, gamers have Steam, programmers have GitHub and now musicians have Splice. Splice is launching a rent-to-own pricing model for software synths. Starting today, musicians will be able to use Serum from X for Records, to their hearts content without any upfront fees.  The company likes to call their service a rental,… Read More

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Commentary: Hillary Clinton Wants You To Die Violently On Your Knees

amanda killedHillary wants you to die on your knees

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Inside the Beltway: On message: Mike Pence earns his keep

He has graciously assumed the role of Donald Trump's running mate. Gov. Mike Pence is blazing down the campaign trail and countering the melodramatic, often imaginative media narratives about Mr. Trump — which are both caustic and plentiful.

Chuck Todd, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," insisted during an appearance ...

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Female Political Consultant Calls Trump 'A D*ck' On CNN

You can't accuse her of being timid.

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How the microbiome will lead a revolution in the consumerization of personalized medicine and diet

DNA lab The human microbiome — meaning all of our microbes' genes — will reshape the consumerization of personalized medicine and diet. Following the human genome project, technological advancements have brought us much closer to acute precision in disease diagnosis and treatment. The microbiome has the potential to change the way we diagnose and treat the most critical diseases of… Read More

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (08/03/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by Marc Racicot, former governor of Montana, Mike Duncan, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Gene Sperling, economic adviser to the Clinton campaign, Mindy Tucker Fletcher, a Republican communications strategist, Matt Bennett, senior vice president for Third Way, NBC News' Kasie Hunt and Katy Tur on "With All Due Respect."

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Obama's ransom payment (3)

(Paul Mirengoff) The Obama administration's denial that the $400 million cash payment to Iran — a payment that coincided to the day with the release of hostages — was a ransom would be hilarious, but for the fact that the money went to a regime whose motto is "death to America." To my knowledge, the administration does not dispute the fact that without the payment, the hostages wouldn't have been released. That's

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Intel shows off mystery depth-sensing virtual reality accessory

An Intel engineer just tweeted out a photo of a new VR sensor prototype and suggested that VR would play a large role in the company's developer conference late this month. In the since-deleted tweet, Dimitri Diakopoulos, a senior prototyping engineer at Intel, showed off what he referred to as a depth-sensing prototype attachment for the HTC Vive. At least visually, the sensor… Read More

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Republican Rep. Kinzinger Says He Won't Vote for Trump: CNN

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., cites Donald Trump's "unbelievable spat" with the Khan family as one reason he won't vote for him in Nov., he says in interview with CNN. Says he went to Republican convention with intention to endorse Trump by end of week; Trump's subsequent comments on NATO during RNC, followed by his dispute with Khan family made him pause "Donald Trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable in politics" "I don't see how I get there any more," he says

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Trump: Clinton's 'Far Left' SCOTUS Picks Would Make U.S. Like Venezuela

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Donald Trump's tax returns key Hillary Clinton campaign focus

Democrats on Wednesday kept the heat on Donald Trump for refusing to release his tax returns, charging that the New York billionaire must have something to hide and arguing that his reluctance to divulge the financial information should lead voters to question his honesty.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign surrogates ...

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The Wrath Of Khan

The media and political class had no choice: They had to produce a victim to make their argument

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Average broadband speed in US rises above 50 megabits for the first time

networking cables Speedtest has released its mid-year broadband speeds report, and there's actually quite a bit of good news in there. Speeds are steadily increasing despite machinations within the industry, and in fact the average in the U.S. just went north of 50 megabits for the first time ever. Read More

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Former RNC Chair Marc Racicot: I Cannot Support Trump

On "With All Due Respect, former Montana Governor Marc Racicot, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, discusses why he won't be voting for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

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Obama Admin Calls for Zika Bill Weeks After Veto Threat

The Obama administration sent a letter to congressional leaders pressing them to pass emergency funding to fight the Zika virus just weeks after the president threatened to veto a $1.1 billion Zika spending measure passed by the House of Representatives.

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Obama says luck helped him to win the presidency

After nearly eight years in office, President Obama is admitting that he owes his rise to power partly to luck.

"When you think about me being president of the United States, it was quite unlikely," Mr. Obama told a group of young African leaders Wednesday in Washington. "Some of it ...

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Venezuelan Narco General Becomes Justice Minister

Promotion comes one day after DOJ unseals indictment on drug trafficking

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Trumponomics and Grains of Truth Help Explain Effective Message

In a Fox Business Network interview with Stuart Varney on Tuesday, Donald Trump spoke about markets and economics. He meandered, pulled numbers out of the air, said things that no major-party candidate for President had said before. It was a Trump interview: Confusing. Inconsistent. And also partly true.

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Mental Floss: Everything You Know Is Wrong

(Steven Hayward) "Everything You Know Is Wrong" is the prospective title of a book I've long wanted to write about why the conventional wisdom about everything almost invariably turns out to be wrong. We're seen it with all manner of diet advice, such as salt, low-fat fads, and so forth. (Turns out there are already a couple of books with this title and similar themes, so I'm late to the party I

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EXCLUSIVE: NBC Adds 'Editor's Note' to Stealth-Edited Andrea Mitchell Report

NBC News has added an "editor's note" to its report in which Andrea Mitchell called Juanita Broaddrick rape claims "discredited," after revelations that the network deleted that word from its video.

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Trump on $400 million U.S. paid Iran: 'We have been humiliated'

Donald Trump on Wednesday slammed President Obama and Hillary Clinton for the secret $400-million payment to Iran in January that coincided with the rogue nation's release of four jailed Americans, saying the United States has been "humiliated."

"We have been humiliated by Press Obama and his policies. We have been ...

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Goldman Sachs Fined Millions For Foul Play With Fed Documents

'Unauthorized use and disclosure of confidential supervisory information'

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Rethinking the customer relationship in medtech

brainpills In light of Dollar Shave Club's recent sale, I started thinking about other industries that haven't yet rethought the customer relationship by leveraging the cloud. A significant majority of FDA-approved medical devices — and their associated business models — should be rethought around the idea that the cloud is a core feature of the product. Read More

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Earnest: It's Possible $400 Million Iran Received Could Fund Terrorism

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Patrick Murphy refuses to debate Alan Grayson amid domestic abuse allegations

Rep. Patrick Murphy says he refuses to debate Rep. Alan Grayson after the Florida Democrat's ex-wife alleged that he physically abused her over a two-decade period.

Mr. Murphy, the Democratic front-runner to unseat Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, said that after speaking with domestic abuse victims, he's decided that he ...

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Will Smith Has Been 'Itching' To Run For Office [VIDEO]

'I have a lot of views and ideas'

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Basis Peak watches recalled, service shutting down due to overheating

Basis Peak Basis Peak, a fitness watch tracking your health and sleep habits, is now being recalled by the company after reports of overheating. The Intel subsidiary first sent a statement about the overheating issues mid-June and is now asking customers to stop wearing their watches and is shutting down service "immediately." "We had hoped to update the software on your watch… Read More

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