February 24, 2016

UN diplomats: US and China agree on new NKorea sanctions

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The United States and China have reached agreement on a U.N. resolution that would impose tougher sanctions on North Korea as punishment for its latest nuclear test and rocket launch, U.N. diplomats said Wednesday.

One Security Council diplomat called the draft resolution "significantly substantive" and expressed ...

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5-Year-Old Golfer Scores a Hole-in-One

"…caught the front of the green, took two hops and went in the cup."

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What Does Nevada Tell Us About Donald Trump's Base?

Willett Advisors Chairman Steve Rattner breaks down the demographic numbers of Presidential candidate Donald Trump's supporters. Rattner speaks on "Bloomberg 'GO'." (Source: Bloomberg)

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WordPress Sites Now Support Google's AMP To Make Mobile Pages Load Much Faster

AMP-WPcom-Screenshots Google has some big plans when it comes to making the web faster on your mobile phone. The company just added AMP-enabled pages in its mobile search results. And one of the first companies supporting the new Instant Article-like format is an important one — Automattic's WordPress. Read More

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MSNBC: Clinton Likely Not Telling Truth About Wall Street Speeches, Should Release Transcripts

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Donald Trump: People have been saying I've hit my ceiling for about six months now

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday downplayed the argument that supporters of candidates who drop out of the race will automatically go to his opponents — something a few of them seem to be counting on as part of their campaign strategies.

"If somebody drops out, I'm going to ...

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15 Of Hailey Clauson's Most Stunning Photos In This Year's Sports Illustrated

She was on the cover for a reason

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Watch Bernie Sanders Release Transcripts of His Paid Speeches to Wall Street

"Here it is, Chris. There ain't none!"

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Ted Cruz Scores Endorsement of Gov. Greg Abbott Ahead of Texas Primary

"Conservative values are at his core."

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When Asked Why He Crashed Glenn Beck's Nevada Caucus Speech, Donald Trump Provided This Blunt Answer

"He's not a very good guy to listen to, frankly."

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Swedish Teen Rescued From Islamic State Gives First Interview Since Being Freed

 "In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there we didn't have anything."

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Still Stealthy, New Insurance Company Lemonade Continues To Impress With New Hire, Dan Ariely

3778965891_91d838db89_o The still-stealthy Lemonade continues to build out an impressive team giving some hope that its new model for insurance (the company's tagline is "Insurance that doesn't suck.") will live up to its promises. Read More

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Senator Mike Lee's Anti-Trump Mission Falls Short

Another example of why Republicans aghast at the idea of Trump as their nominee might be powerless to stop him.

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Donald Trump Tallies Third Win in Nevada

Donald Trump was the winner by a double-digit margin of the Nevada Republican caucus Tuesday night, with Marco Rubio scoring a tight second place finish ahead of Ted Cruz.

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After Donald Trump wins Nevada, Ted Cruz and John Kasich camps go after Marco Rubio

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump notched his third consecutive win in Nevada Tuesday, and the campaigns of two of his rivals quickly started launching attacks at Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who was on track to finish more than 20 points behind Mr. Trump.

"Contrary to what his campaign is ...

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Delivers Fiery Warning About the 'Irony of Today's Liberalism' and the 'Chipping Away' of Constitutional Rights

"You're not going to tell Americans that we can't draw a cartoon because it makes you feel bad."

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'We're Here to Show the Facts': Pro-Life Group Releases New Videos of Medical Animations of Abortion Procedures

"I will debate these videos with them in the media at any time."

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Facebook Enhances Everyone's Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

Facebook Reactions Humanity has been boiled down to six emotions. Today after tests in a few countries, Facebook is rolling out its augmented Like button "Reactions" to all users. This article has been boiled down to six emotions too. Like – Facebook designed Reactions so Liking is still as easy ever. You'll still see the Like button on every post. But now if you tap and hold on it, the… Read More

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What to Know About Super Tuesday, the Biggest Test of 2016 Yet

With the first presidential nominating contests now in the books, the focus of the race is jumping ahead to the biggest prize so far of the 2016 primary season: Super Tuesday.

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After last night

(Scott Johnson) Donald Trump prevailed by an impressive margin over his remaining opponents in the Nevada caucuses last night. Although only a few delegates have been chosen so far, Trump's substantial win in advance of the Super Tuesday primaries next week gives his campaign the appearance of a juggernaut in the making. RealClearPolitics gives Trump the lead in 9 of 13 Super Tuesday states. Trump's candidacy is a byproduct of the Obama

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Deported immigrant admits firearm violation in Mississippi

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) - A deported immigrant has pleaded guilty to a firearm violation.

The Sun Herald reports (http://bit.ly/1Qx27lF) 27-year-old Carlos Efrain Chavez-Alas, from El Salvador, pleaded guilty Monday to possession of a firearm by a person unlawfully present in the United States. The charge is punishable by up to ...

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Jolla Signs African OEM Mi-Fone To Sell Sailfish-Powered Handsets

Jolla antti saarnio Mi-Fone Mobile OS maker Jolla, who with its Android alternative Sailfish has been trying to carve out a niche for a third platform in the smartphone space for the past five years, has announced it's signed a new OEM partner: African OEM Mi-Fone. Read More

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Said to Endorse Ted Cruz Today: CNN

Greg Abbott will formally back Cruz at an event Wednesday in Houston, CNN says, citing unidentified campaign officials.

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Santa Fe archbishop to host immigration forum in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Santa Fe Archbishop John Wester is scheduled to host a forum around the subject of immigration days after traveling to the border to hear Pope Francis.

The immigration symposium is slated Wednesday at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Albuquerque.

The forum comes after Wester heard Pope ...

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BlackBerry Buys UK's Encription Ltd To Kickstart Its New Cybersecurity Consultancy

BlackBerry Classic Rear 03 BlackBerry is not the smartphone powerhouse it used to be, but it's been making a concerted effort to hold on to its position as a go-to place for enterprise customers, specifically in highly secure environments. As part of that strategy, today the company announced that it has acquired Encription Ltd, a cybersecurity consultancy that delivers services globally but operates "from… Read More

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In South Carolina, Clinton Looks to Run Up the Score on Sanders

Clinton is looking to deliver such an embarrassing defeat to Sanders that it's hard for him ever to recover.

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Pacific Command: China Seeking to Control South China Sea

China has completed its land reclamation in the South China Sea and is now putting military facilities on the disputed islands, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command warned Congress on Tuesday.

"I believe China seeks hegemony in East Asia. Simple as that," Adm. Harry Harris told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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Terratalk App Corrects Language Students' English Pronunciation

shutterstock speech bubble Speaking–or at least trying to be comprehensible–is one of the hardest parts of studying a new language. Terratalk, a Japanese startup, wants to help English learners with a new app that promises to correct their pronunciation and grammar. The company just launched its Android app with $1.34 million in funding from Incubate Fund and will have an iOS version ready later this year. Read More

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India's NoBroker Lands $10M To Make Property Agents Obsolete

Screenshot 2016-02-24 14.58.27 Brokers, agents and middleman are the perennial pain the backside when it comes to finding and renting a new house. NoBroker, an India-based startup that operates a peer-to-peer rentals site, has closed a $10 million Series B round to continue its quest to exterminate the property broker. Read More

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