September 7, 2016

Jim Comey's strange memo to FBI employees

(Paul Mirengoff) Bill and Hillary Clinton have ruined more than a few lives and reputations during their 40 year march to power, wealth, and (in Bill's case) sexual gratification. Is James Comey their latest victim? It's probably too early to tell. But after reading the memo Comey sent to FBI employees, I think it's fair to say that he's not loving life right now. I found the memo defensive, thin-skinned, and a

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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton declare each other unfit to serve as commander in chief

Seeking to paint themselves as eminently qualified and the other's judgment as lacking, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traded barbs Wednesday night over the Iraq War, the Islamic State, U.S. intervention in Libya and other key foreign policy challenges, each telling a hall full of veterans and servicemen and -women ...

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Celebrate The Return Of The NFL With These Great Football Speeches [VIDEO]

It'll give every football fan chills

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Powell Told Clinton He Used Private E-Mail to World Leaders

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell gave Hillary Clinton blunt advice about skirting the rules on using personal e-mail when she started work at the State Department, saying he used a private account on a personal computer to communicate with everyone from friends to foreign leaders.

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Media, Liberal Twitter Melt Down Over Clinton Email Questions

Hillary Clinton allies, reporters and those holding both titles had an enormous sad on Wednesday night over Clinton being asked several questions at NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum about her private email server.

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Donald Trump says illegal immigrants serving in military can stay in U.S.

Donald Trump rode a hard line on illegal immigration to the Republican presidential nominee, calling for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and mass deportations. But he opened a crack in that wall at Wednesday's veteran's issues forum.

When asked by a Democratic-leaning military member whether he would allow an ...

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Clinton Foundation Deceived IRS On Tax Exemption From The Start

Bill and Hillarys political buddies hid their non-profits true purpose from the IRS.

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Trump Says He's Open to Legal Status For Undocumented Vets

"When you serve on the armed forces that's a very special situation and I could see myself working that out, absolutely," Donald Trump says when asked if he'd support letting undocumented immigrants serve in the military and stay in the U.S. legally.

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Lauer Blitzes Clinton Over Email Server: Isn't That Disqualifying?

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IRS refuses to abandon targeting criteria used against tea party, conservative groups

The IRS is refusing to recant the targeting criteria it used to single out tea-party groups for intrusive scrutiny, according to court filings made public Wednesday that show the tax agency still struggling with the fallout from the scandal.

At least three tea-party groups are still awaiting approval from the ...

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Ash Carter: Russia Undermining International Order, Interfering in 'Democratic Processes'

Defense Secretary Ash Carter accused Russia of undermining international order and interfering "with our democratic processes" Wednesday during an address to students at the University of Oxford.

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David Michael Levin, security professional, gets jail time for exposing elections website flaws

A Florida man will serve 20 days in jail for computer hacking after he exploited a security flaw on the Lee County Elections Office website as "a silly political stunt" for a local candidate.

David Michael Levin of Estero, Fla. pleaded guilty in a Fort Myers courtroom Tuesday to a ...

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Dan Bongino, The Mad F-Bomber, Accuses Me Of Being A Clown

Wait until he reads this.

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Announcing the last batch of tickets for the Disrupt SF Hackathon, plus the emcees, judges & API workshops

5747668114_a267f3d4f0_o The Disrupt SF Hackathon kicks off this Saturday, September 9th at noon and you still have a chance to snag a ticket. Also, we're excited to announce the hackmasters, judges and API workshops for the event. Hackmasters Jeffery Bennett and Reshma Khilnani are reprising their roles as Hackmasters and are currently practicing cutting off presentations that go longer than a minute. Judges… Read More

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House Will Hold Vote on Whether to Impeach IRS Chief, Ryan Says

Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday the House will vote on whether to impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, and he indicated members won't be pressured to vote one way or the other.

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Police Hold Two After Car With Gas Cylinders Found in Paris

A car, whose owner is on an intelligence services watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalization, was discovered near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Saturday night with seven gas cylinders inside, police and judicial officials said on Wednesday.

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DSU celebrates first class of 'Opportunity Scholars'

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Thirty-four Delaware State University students have been recognized for being part of a scholarship given to the children of immigrants living in the country without legal permission.

Media outlets report that the students are recipients of TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship, which was established three years ago. DSU ...

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No Pretense Of Restraint On Government In Donor Privacy Ruling

A Clinton-appointed judge did everything possible to play goalie for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's First Amendment violations.

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Parrot announces a dev kit that helps drones see and avoid obstacles

image008 Parrot, the French company that is probably best known for its AR.Drone and Bebop drones, today announced the Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk, a new development kit for helping drones and robots navigate indoors, avoid obstacles and map its surroundings. The S.L.A.M.dunk (I know I'll never tire of typing that out), which the company announced at the annual Interdrone conference in Las Vegas today,… Read More

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House Oversight Cmte Plans Multiple Hearings on Clinton:Cummings

House Oversight and Govt Reform Cmte sets several "hastily-scheduled" hearings on Hillary Clinton e-mail issue, Rep. Elijah Cummings, top Democrat on panel, says in statement.

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The Oslo disaster

(Scott Johnson) It is a remarkable fact that Israel has never held a public accounting for the utter disaster that was Oslo. Israel's then Foreign Minister President Shimon Peres of course won a Nobel Peace Prize (with Prime Minister Rabin and the terrorist butcher Yasser Arafat) for his involvement in the Oslo Accords that resulted in the return of Arafat from his Tunisian exile to rule over the Arabs on the West

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Obama Admin Confirms U.S. Transferred an Additional 1.3 Billion in Cash to Iran

The Obama administration acknowledged Tuesday night that the United States transferred an additional $1.3 billion in cash to Iran using foreign currency days after paying Tehran an initial $400 million.

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Nancy Pelosi asks Paul Ryan to ban GOP from using hacked documents

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged Republican leadership Tuesday to denounce using leaked documents for campaigning purposes ahead of the general election.

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, made the request in a letter sent this week to Speaker Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, as hackers widely believed to be working on behalf ...

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DC Metro Now Wants To Shut Down System Before Midnight

'People will have to quit'

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Live from Apple's iPhone 7 announcement

IMG_0032 It's become something of a ritual: September comes around, and Apple sends out its ever-mysterious invite to a few dozen outlets. We all head for San Francisco, and a new iPhone is unveiled. It's September. We've got our invite, and we're live in SF. As we have for nearly a decade now, we'll be liveblogging the event as it happens, bringing second-by-second… Read More

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Blinken: Cash Payment to Iran Could Fund Terrorism

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Assange Points Out A HUGE Lie In Hillary's Email Defense — 'We Have Thousands…' [VIDEO]

'Absolutely incredible'

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Tesla brings its Design Studio to you with Model X SUVs towing Airstreams

teslaexplores_2120720 Tesla may have a range of vehicle showrooms across North America, but those can't cover everyone, and it's even more difficult for the average potential Tesla buyer to get to the company's primary design studio in Hawthorne, so the automaker's new 'Tesla Explores' initiative is aiming to bring a taste of the design studio to you. The program is a… Read More

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Clinton, Trump and the Politics of Global Trade

Steve Rattner, chairman at Willet Advisors, examines the positions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on global trade, and the economics and politics of past trade agreements. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Bloomberg 'GO'." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Team USA Hockey Coach: Anyone Who Sits for National Anthem Gets Benched

The hockey coach for Team USA said that any of his players who didn't stand for the national anthem at the World Cup this month would find themselves on the bench for the rest of the game.

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Donald Trump would have exited Air Force One 'with dignity,' Mike Pence insists

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence on Wednesday said Donald Trump would have essentially strong-armed the Chinese into providing him with an adequate exit from Air Force One, saying the recent tarmac flap involving President Obama demonstrates a lack of respect from the rest of the world.

"The way we ...

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Ted Cruz Is Furious That Obama Defended Colin Kaepernick 'Exercising His Constitutional Right'

'The president...'

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Magazino's TORU inventory-grabbing robot rolls into major German logistics center

toru-mit-roman-im-gang If you work in any kind of storage facility or warehouse, there's a better chance every day that you're going to be working alongside robots. Magazino's TORU is a good example of the latest generation: navigating by sight, safe around humans, and simple to put to work. Read More

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Wall Street Puts Faith in U.S. Prolonging Political Gridlock

The U.S. presidential election is nine weeks away, but Wall Street has already chosen a winner: itself.

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Donald Trump faces national security test with speeches, forum

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Republican Donald Trump is unveiling a plan for a major increase in defense spending as he works to convince skeptics in both parties that he's ready to lead the world's most powerful military.

The New York businessman, who has struggled at times to demonstrate a command of ...

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Trump Pulls Ahead In Poll, Clinton Scrambles For More Supporter Cash

'If we don't step up today, it could be veering rapidly in Trump's favor'

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Camarilla, like Path but better, lets you share with up to 15 friends

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-7-51-46-am Remember Path? Even though targeting early tech adopters was potentially the wrong 'path' for that company, the idea of a close-friends-only social network isn't a bad one at all. Enter Camarilla. Camarilla is a social network that lets you share photos with only 15 people at a time. Moreover, those posts are not public, but are rather sent as a direct message to each… Read More

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Haass: A Much Cruder Public Discourse in Politics

Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, talks about policy discussions in the U.S. presidential race, discourse on the campaign trail, and the tightening of the race in national polls. He speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Mercedes Benz and Matternet unveil vans that launch delivery drones

Mercedes Benz and Matternet's Vision Vans launch drones for last-mile delivery of goods. Mercedes-Benz Vans and Matternet, the drone tech startup, have created something of a concept car, or as they're calling it, a Vision Van, that could change the way small packages are delivered across short distances. The Vision Van's rooftop serves as a launch and landing pad for Matternet's new, Matternet 2 drones. The Matternet 2 drones, which are autonomous, can pick up… Read More

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